Miracle Baby discusses failed attempt at collaboration with Diamond and Harmonize

Peter Miracle Baby of the now-dissolved Sailors Gang has revealed that he tried to collaborate with Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize, but both artists declined.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Miracle Baby said that he reached out to Diamond Platnumz about a collaboration, but the Tanzanian star refused because he wanted too much money. Miracle Baby also said that he tried to get in touch with Harmonize, but he was unable to find his contact information.

Mwalimu Rachel, who was previously the manager of Sailors Gang, has said that managing the group was one of her biggest regrets.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Rachel said that she was “locked up by the police” because of her association with Sailors. She also said that she and her son received online death threats from Sailors fans.

The group has since gone their separate ways, and Miracle Baby and Rachel both say that they have no regrets about their decision to leave.

Miracle Baby said that he is now focused on his solo career, and Rachel said that she is “moving on” with her life.

The fallout between Sailors Gang and their manager was a difficult time for everyone involved. However, it seems that both Miracle Baby and Rachel are now looking to the future and are determined to move on with their lives.

Here are some additional details about the Sailors Gang fallout:

  • In 2019, Sailors Gang’s YouTube channel was blocked. This led to accusations that Mwalimu Rachel had blocked access to the channel.
  • Sailors Gang fans were angry about the channel being blocked, and they started sending death threats to Rachel and her son.
  • Rachel eventually resigned as Sailors Gang’s manager.
  • The group has since gone their separate ways.

The Sailors Gang fallout was a sad and unfortunate event. However, it is important to remember that everyone involved is human, and everyone makes mistakes. It is also important to remember that everyone deserves a second chance.

Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby Plan To Have A Dozen Children

Carol Katrue and Miracle Baby, a Kenyan musician, have revealed that they plan to have a dozen children. Katrue, a content creator, made the announcement on social media, saying that she is “baby number loading” and that she will be getting pregnant for Miracle Baby “until people get shocked.”

The couple’s announcement comes just a few months after they welcomed their first child together, a son named Rhonix. Miracle Baby has previously said that he wants to have 17 children, so it seems that he is well on his way to achieving his goal.

Katrue and Miracle Baby’s decision to have a large family has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised the couple for their commitment to family, while others have questioned their motives. However, the couple has said that they are simply following their hearts and that they are not concerned with what others think.

Only time will tell how many children Katrue and Miracle Baby will eventually have, but one thing is for sure: they are a couple who is not afraid to go against the grain.

The couple’s decision to have a large family is a personal one, and it is important to respect their choices. Some people may not agree with their decision, but that is their prerogative. Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide how many children they want to have.

Miracle Baby explains why Sailors Gang fell apart

The debate over what caused Gengetone to end has been resurrected by Peter Miracle Baby of the former Sailors Gang.

Peter stated that Gengetone is dead in his YouTube video and blamed cartels for his death. However, many Kenyans disagree with the singer.

According to Miracle Baby, the contracts they signed were what first led to their demise as a music group.

“Kuna wasee wanaitwa ma cartels wanajiita sasa Hawa wasee wakakaa chini. Wakiwa huko majuu Kuna time ni genge tuu ilikuwa inaskizwa Kenya.

Sasa kuna hawa wasee kadha wakaungana wakaona eh music yetu tukiwa huku music yetu tukiwa huku kuna place Africa haifiki oh music yetu haifiki Kenya, wakachunguza ni nini inaweza kuwa inafany amusic yetu isiende hadi Kenya. Waka come kunotice ni vijana fklani wametokea mbogi rende inashikana hivo wanapiga mzuka mbaya.

Wanajiita aje? Ati wote wanjiita gengetone. Wakasema wacha tuwaonyeshe. Wakatuma wasee kutoka nahuko Sasa vijana hip time wanataka doh. Huwezi kuwa unajulikana hip time yote na hauna kakitu unanipatra? Wakajua oh nyinyi ni pesa mnataka? Wakasema.

Hao wasee wakakuja Wakaanza kuambia vijana manze tutawapatia hii doh mwisho wa mwezi, tuta kuwa tuna walipia studio na tunawalipia video.

Wanalipai video an audio imeenda? wacha basi tuendelee na shughuli yetu. tukasign. Kila msee was genge toen alisign kwa hiyo na manajua pia saa hii mnaisikianga.

“Tukising mimi niliona tumesign pages mbili agreement wakati ilicome kuisha tuliletewa paper yenye tulisign alafu kuan papers zingine ziko juu ka ishirini na nikajiuliza ngai mwathani sisi tulisgn hizi papers zote?”


Carol Katrue Makes Miracle Baby Drink Her Breast Milk (Video)

Popular Gengetone artist & now Mugithi singer Miracle Baby’s girlfriend Carol Katrue pulled a pranked on him and made him drink breast milk without his knowledge.

Katrue, through their YouTube, shared the prank video, where Miracle Baby is seen enjoying a cup of tea before she reveals that the tea was actually made with her own breast milk.

Miracle almost vomits after learning that the tea was made of breast milk. He shared the video on his Instagram and captioned;

”Kwani naishi na mganga sasa mbona unipikie chai na maziwa ya mtoto surely ????????”

The two lovebirds currently have a month old baby together. The intriguing thing is that they’re expecting another child, barely a month after welcoming their first child together.

Peter Miracle Baby's Girlfriend Carol Katrue Reveals She Is Pregnant Just a Month After Welcoming Her Son

The elated mother of one shared the news with her fans, posting a pregnancy kit with the caption:

“There is fire on the mountain.”

Miracle baby replied to the post with an apology noting that is just three weeks after welcoming their baby and here is more news.

Watch their video here


Oh boy child! Lady said to be Miracle Baby’s 10th baby mama comes out clean – says she was paid to fake pregnancy

Mugithii singer Miracle baby who was gengetone’s Sailors lead singer is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Well, maybe apart from the fact that he can really write and perform good Mugithii music, his other strength is that he makes babies everywhere!

Peter Miracle baby with bae

To many women, having a man with different kids from different baby mamas would be a red flag but not for Carol Katrue. For her, boyfriend Peter Miracle baby is just doing what God asked and that is filling the earth.

Well with this word has it that 24 year old allegedly has about 10kids and according to Katrue – he takes care of all of them. However a while back a certain young girl by the name of Bree (Brenda Wambui) came out to accuse the singer of impregnating her 7 months ago.

Peter Miracle Baby

The circus and its clown

Get this. Apparently, Bree was paid Ksh 3500 to lie about the pregnancy. Yes 3500 which she says was to help her family.

3500 for a clip that will remain online for life? Wait…who is advising these girls???

Anyway speaking during recent interview, the teenager said;

Miracle baby’s alleged baby mama

It was not a lot of money but I had to take it and sell the lie because there are things I wanted to do at home.

She went on to apologize to the singer and his scary girlfriend for tarnishing their name on social media.

According to Bree the people who had paid her advised her stuff clothes underneath her clothes to appear pregnant – and she did. However sadly, the bump didn’t look so real at the time…so fans didn’t really believe the story.

Anyway now that she lied…does that mean the baby mamas have gone down to 9 or are we still counting? Just asking.

ONE ON ONE: Artists who have had crazy moments with their fans during and after their performances

Most of us enjoy attending concerts just to see our favorite artists perform. The good vibes that come from singing along to the music and dancing is way out of this world.

Thing is, people go for these concerts for totally different reasons. Finding a soulmate, stealing, to see if they can to talk to their celebrities, making friends etcetra.

We have witnessed a number of fans doing some crazy things to artists.  During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, some artists shed light on the encounters they went through during or after their performances.


Kristoff shared that his shoes were stolen when he was busy entertaining his fans. He does not remember how it happened but in a blink of an eye, he realized that his expensive kicks were not on his feet.

Miracle Baby also disclosed about one of the experiences he had. “Nilipatana na madem wakanitoa trouser” (I met some ladies and they removed my pants).  The member of the Sailors group recalls running away as he feared for his life.

Miracle Baby

Jasper Mwongera, commonly known as Jasper Murume also revealed that a fan held him tightly on his neck and congratulated him. This left him in turmoil as he did not know the intentions of the man. The comedian thanked the man, did the same thing in return, and threw him on the ground.

Jasper Murume

It is clear that artists go through a lot during concerts but some of the things the fans do are unnecessary.

Watch the full interviews below.




ONE ON ONE: “Wimbo na page ya Shakilla inasaidia bachelors waeze kunyonga!” Miracle Baby responds to Shakilla’s latest song

We all live in a time and age where negative news sell more than the positive ones. People will want to know how much debt you are drowning in, which celebrity is cheating on their wives, who dumped who etcetra.

Just to sum it all up, we all enjoy the drama that we get to see everyday from the internet. Just recently, an upcoming female socialite, Shakilla has been hitting headlines, claiming to have slept with Ringtone, Victor Wanyama, Willy Paul, Masauti, Brown Mauzo, Khaligraph and Mombasa County Governor, Hassan Joho.


She however had to apologize to Khaligraph only and emphasized that that is as far as the apologies went. The 19 year old is not in the best of terms with Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known as Willy Paul. The two seem to be at loggerheads since the Ndovu artist claimed to have warmed his bed.

We have witnessed the Prakata hitmaker claiming that he was behind Shakilla’s arrest for trespassing his residence but she refuted the claims and said that she was set up. At this point, we do not know who is telling the truth.

Shakilla makes comeback at Willy Paul

The teen socialite clapped back at ‘Bwana Mkunaji’ who had recently compared her goodies to that of an elephant. “Bwana Mkunaji better listen, this thing is hotter than your pants. I’m the baddest elephant out here… ndovu…”

She also said that her song is hotter than Pozee’s tool. During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, gave us his views about the Shakilla’s new song.

“At least bachelors wakiangalia page ama wimbo ya Shakilla wanaeza nyonga nazo.” He also told us that he does not mind the song and he thinks that it is nice.

Peter Miracle Baby

Is Willy Paul going to talk about the new diss track? Is he going to also release a song in response to Shakilla’s? In all honesty, I am also curious to see what will happen next.

For now all we can do is sit back and see how the drama will unfold.

Watch the full interview below.


“Mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi?” Krg The Don fires shots at Sailors Gang after they mentioned him in their new jam (Video)

Kenyan dancehall sensation Kimani Karuga, better known as Krg The Don, has renewed his fight with Sailors Gang, which is made up of Miracle Baby, Qoqosjuma, Masilver, Shalkido and Lexxy Yung.

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Krg was not too pleased that the Wamlambez hitmakers had mentioned him in their latest track dubbed Chepukati which features Majirani and was released earlier today.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

In one of the verses, Lexxy Yung says, “Krg uliskia wapi dinga, tunadai ship hamna mzinga.” This was in response to an earlier interview that the dancehall star did where he revealed that Sailors Gang really disturbed him when they were recording their collabo titled Nyandus.

A frustrated Krg further stated that he prefers working with Boondocks Gang to Sailors because the latter have a bad attitude and it would take them 5 years to own a car.

Krg The Don

“They disturbed me. We did not even manage to shoot the video. All of them are dunderheads except Miracle Baby and  Qoqosjuma. Take it from me, you will not go anywhere. Actually, for you guys to own a car, it take you like five years of your career. I have said it,” Krg explained.

As such, it’s understandable why their decision to mention him in their song did not sit well with him. In an exclusive video that was seen by Ghafla, Krg told off Sailors and told them to respect their elders if they want to make it big.

“Ukitaka kuomoka, piga kazi na uheshimu maboss. Nilsikia kwa hiyo wimbo yenyu mpya mlisema mnataka meli, meli gani na mnaishi kwa vumbi? Mtaendesha meli kwa vumbi?” Krg posed.

Watch the video below.


Sailors Gang has really come a long way

A few days ago, I was stalking Sailors Gang on their YouTube channel and it struck me that the group that is made up of Miracle Baby, Qoqosjuma, Masilver, Shalkido and Lexxy Yung has really come a long way.

Also read: Ex Ray Vs Miracle Baby, a case of two youngsters confused by fame

If you compare the song that they broke out in the local music industry with, Wamlambez, and their latest jam titled Weekendy, you’ll realize that they have really grown over the past one year.

Sailors Gang

When we first knew them, they were just some boys who accidentally shot to fame because they released a song that had a lot of sexual innuendo, but now they are regional stars.

From how they put the ‘product’ together to whom they pick to do the video and audio to how it is packaged. Each of these steps is well-thought out. Nothing ever goes amiss.

Sailors Gang has also moved from using risque words in songs, which has largely defined Gengetone, to making jams which are about having a good time and living your life to the fullest.

I actually like their shift. People had gotten tired of dirty songs and to add to that distributing them has become hard after COVID lockdown because clubs played a huge role in popularizing them.

Sailors Gang

There’s a common saying/quote about making lemonade when someone hands you a lemon nothing that embodies this more than Sailors Gangs re-invention.

I’m also glad they they have a good team behind them i.e. Mwalimu Rachel and our friends at Black Market Records. My only wish is that they should not let fame get into their heads.

One of the things that is the top at my to-do list when the president lifts the lockdown is attending a concert by these young chaps because they are really good at what they do.

Watch Weekendy below and tell us what you think.


Sailor’s Miracle baby finally addresses bisexual rumors sparked by Boondock’s Exray!

Miracle Baby aka Peter has taken his time after Exray exposed him for being gay. In a video shared by Exray on his instagram page, the gengetone singer accused Miracle of having relations with a fellow man; and to prove this, he dared Miracle to speak up if he wanted the videos shared on social media.

This topic brought about different reactions from fans and celebrities who advised the two to solve the matter privately! However these two don’t seem to be taking the advice and finally we have a response from Miracle baby.

Speaking to Kartelo on his Rieng Radio show, Miracle baby got to share his side of the story. Although it comes at a time when many assumed he opted to stay quiet following Exray’s threat; atleast we can now hear straight from the horses mouth.

Miracle Baby and Kartelo

Miracle hits back

Well, as expected Miracle baby denied this saying he already has 12 children with different women around; and will soon be adding more children since he is capable of it.

For him, this was just another baseless threat following their beef that has left the gengetone comminuity tensed up; as both these boys continue to escalate the beef.

When asked by Kartelo whether the rumors had any truth to it, Miracle responded by challenging his buddy to lend him his girlfriend for confirmation. He said;


Mimi ata siexplain tena. Wewe leta dame yako atakuambia niko wapi. Kama ukiniletea dame yako tulale na yeye siku mbili atanielezea niko aje.

According to him, the stories were nothing but propaganda. On the issue of being returned back to the village, the Gengetone artist challenged those saying this – to prove they have the power to do that.

Judging from the conversation he often has with Kartelo…its also obvious to see these two fella are good friends; and with the new show, they might just be the next hot thing!


Ex Ray Vs Miracle Baby, a case of two youngsters confused by fame

I have been trying to follow the drama between Ex Ray (Boondocks Gang) and Miracle Baby (Sailors Gang) and I realized that it’s just a case of two youngins who have let fame get into their tiny heads.

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Although I don’t know what caused the fallout that resulted in the name-calling, I believe there are better ways of solving their issues than washing their dirty linen in public.

Miracle Baby

You see, the truth is that once someone starts getting attention from the public, they start feeling that they own the world and no one can tell them anything. This is what others refer to as an ego.

Ex Ray and Miracle Baby have been getting a lot of attention for the last two years or so and as a result, they have both developed massive egos and we can’t really blame them, it comes with the territory.

The fact that they have been in the industry for a short time means that they don’t understand the do’s and dont’s like for instance you can’t just wake up one morning and call another public figure ‘umbwa’.

Ex Ray

They should probably learn from the likes of Khaligraph who have been in the industry for a long time. Although he does not see eye-to-eye with Octopizzo, he can’t just wake up morning and refer to him as a dog.

What he does is to throw low-key shade and in most cases he never mentions his name but if you read between the lines you’ll know that he is talking about Octopizzo. That is how grown ups handle their business.

This is exactly the reason why you need role models. I believe someone like Jimwat would still be relevant today if he had people to guide him and not let fame get into his head.

Ex Ray and Miracle Baby are making the same mistakes in front of our eyes and to be honest there’s little that we can do other than to grab popcorn and follow the drama as it unfolds.

Never seen before photo of Sailors ‘Miracle baby’ as a streetboy!

Sailors singer Miracle baby had it rough in life before the fame and money that has now changed his life for good!

The young man shocked many with his new photo uploaded on his page just a while ago; showing fans how his life on the streets was back in the day.

Miracle Baby

In his caption, Peter who is popularly known as Miracle baby went on to urge fans never to judge a book by its cover; since what’s on the inside is what matters!

Life on the streets

Unlike many who would try to hide their past life, Sailors Miracle baby is actually proud and very much thankful for the life he lived on the streets.

It definitely wasn’t easy but it made him strong and taught him lessons that will remain useful to his life; and probably use it to inspire those who still look down on themselves and others.

Once upon a time nilikuwa chokora. Never judge anyone with his current situation….you never know what the future holds

Sailors Miracle baby

Sailors gang

Among the top celebrated gengetone group in Kenya is Sailors that continues to make a difference in the entertainment industry!

Jesu ni mwathani

Although many are now getting tired of the gengetone music; Sailors continues to show their loyal fans what they can do and trust me, fans love it.

Mwalimu Rachel parades the only balls she squeezes weeks after she allegedly assaulted Miracle Baby’s best-friend

NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel is currently facing robbery with violence charges; after allegedly attacking Miracle Baby’s (From sailors) best friend, Martin Mbugua Njeri.

Miracle Baby
Miracle Baby

According to the assaulted up coming artist and a few witnesses, Mwalimu Rachel apparently beat up Miracle Baby’s friend and even squeezed his balls.

The young singer’s guardian Shadii Gachii added that he personally took Martin to the hospital where he was treated; before they headed to Kinoo police station where they were issued with a P3.

“We later recorded a statement at Kinoo police post and Rachel is yet to go to the police,”

Mwalimu Rachel in court

The popular radio presenter was then forced to appear in at the Kikuyu law court alongside four others for allegedly robbing singer,Martin Mbugua Njeri of valuables worth Sh103,000.

Presenter Mwalimu Rachel

As seen on the charge sheet, Ms Njeru and her accomplices committed the crime on January 17 at Kinoo, Kikuyu sub-county within Kiambu County. The sheet read;

Mwalimu Rachel facing assault charges

On the 17th day of January 2020 at Kinoo 87 area in Kikuyu sub-county in Kiambu county, jointly with four others not in court, she robbed Martin Mbugua Njeri of two silver chains, valued at ksh 65,000, a wristwatch worth Ksh 35,000 and Ksh 3600. All of a total value of Ksh 103,600.”

Radio presenter finally speaks up for the first time

After maintaining her silence for weeks, Mwalimu Rachel finally opened up about the issue on her Instagram. As seen on the post, she claims that she was accused falsely and from the look of things people seem to believe the lies!

Anyway, even with this… Mwalimu Rachel has found a better way to turn her situation into a business idea. Through her Instagram page the lady shared the photo below and captioned it;

The ONLY balls I squeeze. But y’all want to believe the sensational lies out there ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Lol. Business idea loading… #Thanks #TurnLiesToCash #2020IsMyYearLikeItOrNot


Sailors Gang is back with a twerk song titled ‘Wainame’ after Ezekiel Mutua banned ‘Wamlambez’ (Video)

Sailors Gang has dropped a new song exactly a week after KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua banned their hit song Wamlambez from being played in public spaces.

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The new song dubbed Wainame is all about having the time of your life when you are the club or wherever you may deem fit.

Wainame loosely translates to ‘let them bend over’. As the title suggests, this song is clarion call to well-endowed lasses to let their derrieres do the talking.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

I must admit that I was really impressed by the witty rhymes and wordplay by Miracle Baby, Shalkido and Masilver. (Side note: Where the h*ck is Lexxy Yung?)

However, Miracle Baby’s verse was a cut above the rest, especially the part where he is singing in Kikuyu. I kept nodding my head although I could not understand a thing.

This jam also has some mad energy in it, even if you are in low spirits you won’t resist the urge to say, “aaaah we wainame.” Trust me!

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Magix Enga, is also on point. You’ll get instant FOMO once you play the song. But then again, maybe it’s just me.

Interestingly, Magix Enga also shot and directed the video for this song and I think he really tried. Not so bad for a first-timer.

Listen to Wainame here and tell us what you think.


Outrage after radio station ranks Miracle baby and Swat as better rappers than Khaligraphs Jones (full list)  

Homeboyz Radio is currently trending for the wrong reasons after compiling a list ranking the best rappers in Kenya.

Through their hip-hop show the Jump off, the station has ranked all the rappers in Kenya and some people are not happy at all.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti


Kenyans wondered why new artists such as Swat of Ethics, Ochungulu Family and Miracle Baby of Sailors were topping the list while respected artists Khaligraph Jones were not even in the top 20. Some wondered even why Timmy Tdat was on the list.

Everything about the list looked wrong but in Kenya, we are now used to it.

“Homeboyzradio This is #THEJUMPOFF Top 50 Kenyan Rappers List officially from Kenya’s Hiphop Authority 
@corineonyango and @jinxlike on @homeboyzradio,” the station posted. 

mickey_the_don_ Joke of the year, Timmy ako kwa list but umeacha Chris kantai, K-Shaka, Wenyeji, Wakamba Wawili, MC Kah, Mashifta, G-rongi, Ukoo Flan Msa the likes of Nguchi P, Chiznbrain, Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi, Labalaa, Dr. Dunga????????????????????

ibrahimovichassla This list is bullshit…..do ur homework then get back to us

big_16_october Yani OG ako top 10 africa lakini kenya mnamueka chini ya SWAT. Esir?

‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ hit makers have dropped a new jam ‘Queen B’ and it’s getting mad love (Video)

Sailors Gang, the boy group that became a household name after releasing Wamlambez and Pekejeng, is back with a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from local music fans.

Also read: Sailors Gang is back with another fire jam dubbed ‘Pekejeng’ (Video)

Dubbed Queen B, the song praises lasses who are endowed with a bee-like figure i.e. what most people refer to as a Coca Cola shape. Do you get it? I hope you do.

As expected, Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver and Lexy Yung really came through with some dope verses in this jam. Well, you’ll only notice that if you don’t focus on the raunchiness of their lyrics.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

For one reason on the other, I was really impressed by Masilver’s lines. I have a feeling some of you might disagree with me but it is what it is. I feel he did better in Queen B than their two previous releases.

This jam is very infectious. The part where Miracle Baby says, “Kako na Queen B machine sema Queen machine,” and then the others respond “uuuuuh Queen B machine” will stick on your mind the first time you listen to this jam. Dabonge style to the world!

The video, which was directed by Irush, was also on point. They shoot location is a club and they picked some voluptuous vixens who can really twerk afterall that’s what the song is all about.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

I also loved the beat and how it blended with the lyrics. It has a dancehall vibe and at the same time it has a hint of Genge. At some point I almost thought I was listening to Boomba Train. Big up to Kwesh, the producer, he outdid himself.

Watch Queen B here and tell us what you think.

Rekless Vs Nelly The Goon Vs Miracle Baby: Who is the best lyricist?

In the last one year or so, we’ve witnessed the emergence or groups or individuals who’s music approach is different from the norm.

They have treated us to many good songs so much so that you would be right to say that they breathed new life into the local music industry. Didn’t they though?

Out of the many groups of new-age artists, three stand out not for any other reason but because they are made up of super-talented individuals. They are; Ethic Entertianment, Ochunglo Family and Sailors Gang.

If you are keen, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that each of these three groups has an individual who is hailed for his lyrical prowess every time they release a new song. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, the three are; Rekless (Ethic), Nelly The Goon (Ochunglo Family) and Miracle Baby (Sailors Gang).

For starters, let’s agree that all of them are exceptional. However, we’d still like to know who, acccording to you, is the best lyricist among the three.


His verses are always flawless. You can tell that he puts some thought into his each line. He really wowed his fans in Ehic’s latest release dubbed Figa.


Nelly The Goon

His verses are effortless but outstanding. He says random things but the end result is always impeccable. According to many people, he really outdid himself in Ochunglo Family’s latest release dubbed Kaa Na Mama Yako.

Miracle Baby

Although Sailors Gang has only released two songs to date, Miracle Baby has been on everyon’s lips because of his lit verses. He really did a great job in thier latest jam dubbed Pekejeng.



So, who among the three you putting your money on? Who is the best lyricist according to you and what was your favourite verse by him? Tell us below.

The wamlambez wave is unstoppable!

If you are an avid social media user, even if you are not, I’m sure you’ve noticed how people have been going crazy over the debut single by Sailors Gang dubbed Wamlambez in the last few days.

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From apartments, to lecture halls to people in the diaspora, to people walking along the streets everyone is taking on the challenge so much so that if you don’t love the song you’ll just force yourself to. Truth be told, you don’t even have a choice.

The song has turned into an national anthem of sorts, it’s almost equivalent to what Kiasi by Jua Cali or Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax or Mos Mos by E-Sir was about a decade ago. A song that reasonates with people across all ages and it is played wherever you go to, even in the unlikeliest places.

You see, the truth is the Kenyan music revolution is here with us and even if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to embrace it because wishing it away will not help you or anyone.  Think of it along the lines of, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

When Wamlambez came out in April this year, very few people were feeling that vibe. It was not what they had been used to hearing, the music approach was new but we eventually warmed up to it because it’s what’s popular. It’s what is being played heavily on local TV and radio stations.

I really pity people who for one reason or the other dislike the song or Sailors Gang’s music approach because the truth is, this wave is unstoppable, you are likely to be swept away if you stand in it’s way and you would have no one to blame.

Sailors Gang will continue to dominate the charts not for any other reason but because they have a fresh sound which they refer to as Dabonge style i.e. someone speaks and you respond. If you don’t like it then I just don’t know.

Watch Wamlambez by Sailors Gang below.



‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ hit makers are back with with another fire jam dubbed ‘Pekejeng’ (Video)

Maybe you are familiar with the name Sailors, maybe you are not, if you fall in the latter category then maybe its time you knew of these talanted youngins.

So, Sailors or Sailors Gang if you like is a group that is made up of Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma.

You must be wondering who are these? Well, they are the talented artists who treated music fans to the Wamlambez Wamnyonez hit. Forget about the other one, this is the original.


Does this ring a bell? It should because the song is almost clocking 900,000 views on YouTube yet it was released two months (or so) ago.

Some may argue that the song is explicit but if you choose to focus on the creativity you’ll realize that these youngins are super-talented.

They refer to their style of music as Dabonge, which means that someone speaks and you respond i.e. when someone says wamlambez, you say wamnyonyez.

Anyway, let me stop blabbering. I just wanted to give you some background on Sailors Gang. Now that you have an idea of who they are, you’ll probabaly be pleased to know that they have a new jam.

The song dubbed Pekejeng has been getting good reviews since it was released a fortnight ago. One of the things that make this song an instant hit is the mad energy that these youngins have.

As you watch the song, you can’t help but imagine how lit their live performance would be.

They also took shots at Bon Eye for copy pasting Wamlambez Wamnyonez ouch! I can only hope that he’ll learn.

Pekejeng was directed by Kidrays Jr and produced by Kewsh Entertainment.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

Watch the video here and tell us what you think.