It’s time for Miracle Baby and Ex Ray to make peace

Miracle Baby and Exray are on the warpath. The two leading Gengetone artists have been beefing and Exray explained his side of their beef saying Miracle Baby insulted him as he helped him with a shelter for the night. The reason for their beef and the reasoning behind it only shows that they were actually friends prior to all this nonsense.

Ex Ray Vs Miracle Baby, a case of two youngsters confused by fame

Exray and Miracle Baby knew each other well enough to allow them to call each other for help. Let that sink in. According to the narrative, The Sailors frontman found himself up shit creek without a paddle and he needed to find a place to rest his head.
Rather than call his other group members, rather than call his management team, he preferred to reach out to the Boondocks Gang frontman.

Miracle Baby
Miracle Baby

And from there some nonsense went on that saw them falling out and rather than keep things private, they instead decided to play in the mud in front of everyone. And social media is eating it all up. What was once a united front vis a vis Gengeton is now divided with Exray and Miracle Baby.


And if, like me, you’re a fan of both groups, this saddens you because you can see the rift growing and being fed by bullshit. And this the point at which we need some level headed OGs to step forth and put an end to this nonsense. And if this is not possible, let them put their beef on wax. Rather than watching them have a social media spat like a bunch of pansies, let him actually give us some dope music that we can bump to. That is the only win-win scenario here.


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Gengetone Kings Sailors gang back on the scene with another exciting song “Dunda”

‘Cessation or no cessation, Kenyans must Dunda,’ was the thought Sailors Gang had in mind when they did this song. Done to mark the first anniversary of their hit song “Wamlambez” and to also celebrate the birthday of Miracle Baby, one of the gang members

Dunda is sheng for party is surely a party

hit. The song is an awesome banger. Too bad the clubs aren’t operational otherwise this song would have been played in every single club in town.

The gang, widely known for their “Wamlambez” hit song. The song stuck on the minds of many and was trending for a very long time.

They have also done other songs including Jesu ni Mwathani, Wainame, and Pekejeng. They have also done collaborations with artists including Octopizzo, Nadia Mukami, Boondocks Gang, Joeffes.

Further, they are hailed for being among the few brains behind Gengetone music in Kenya.

Despite the controversies that emerged from their songs when they first began their art, the gang has stuck together and are determined to stay in the very competitive industry.


Dunda starts with their trademark screams at the beginning of the song.Sang in Swahili and their trademark language sheng.

Leo kuparty ni dunda

Na madem toka runda

Bibi ya Onjivo dunda amekam kunimunda

The sheng in this song needs a translator my friends.  But that’s beside the point, who needs to understand the lyrics of a song while they are partying. It’s the song one dances to when drunk or sober.

Video or no video the song is complete and is entertainment enough for any normal human being. Their fans are happy with just the audio as it is already trending.

We wish Miracle baby a happy birthday as we wait for more good music from this Gang in the future. For now, LET’S DUNDA!!!But hey remember to wash your hands.

Rating 9/10.

Below is the link enjoy.

Outrage after radio station ranks Miracle baby and Swat as better rappers than Khaligraphs Jones (full list)  

Homeboyz Radio is currently trending for the wrong reasons after compiling a list ranking the best rappers in Kenya.

Through their hip-hop show the Jump off, the station has ranked all the rappers in Kenya and some people are not happy at all.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti


Kenyans wondered why new artists such as Swat of Ethics, Ochungulu Family and Miracle Baby of Sailors were topping the list while respected artists Khaligraph Jones were not even in the top 20. Some wondered even why Timmy Tdat was on the list.

Everything about the list looked wrong but in Kenya, we are now used to it.

“Homeboyzradio This is #THEJUMPOFF Top 50 Kenyan Rappers List officially from Kenya’s Hiphop Authority 
@corineonyango and @jinxlike on @homeboyzradio,” the station posted. 

mickey_the_don_ Joke of the year, Timmy ako kwa list but umeacha Chris kantai, K-Shaka, Wenyeji, Wakamba Wawili, MC Kah, Mashifta, G-rongi, Ukoo Flan Msa the likes of Nguchi P, Chiznbrain, Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi, Labalaa, Dr. Dunga????????????????????

ibrahimovichassla This list is bullshit… ur homework then get back to us

big_16_october Yani OG ako top 10 africa lakini kenya mnamueka chini ya SWAT. Esir?

Miracle Baby of Sailors gang is the miracle of the group

By now am sure most Kenyans are aware  of the Wamlambez regime. This was after the new age music groups cropped and took over the Kenyan music scene.

It all started with the  Wamlambezz song, with an easy to note voice of one of the singers from Sailors gang. Miracle baby was kuspin na mayengs.

Miracle Baby

This guy stands out with the husky voice he posses and the syke he puts in during the music recordings.

From the look of things this is the guy that sells the group. Here is why.

His voice just excites the demons that lie within. Funny enough, am sure you feel it too.

Further with time they brought us Pekejenng I mean look at how the songs bridge is done and we’ll the voice in it is nobody else but Miracle Baby.

At the same time he starts that song and the instances where he starts shouting out of no where but it blends in the song.

Sometimes I just end up laughing instead. These boys are more of the stress killers aside from just being entertainers.

His passion and drive in the music is quite interesting because even when interviewed on TV and radio shows  trust miracle baby to be the one to chime in.

Bottom line is that this guy is the selling factor of this group and If not careful his mates might run away from the group because from social media checks he gets more appraisal.

Further in their latest jam Queen B machine they did Just what their fans were expecting shouts……uuuuuhhh Queen B machine…

In my opinion this trend of music is what Kenyans need. Only problem is that Fans take it too far.

I mean just saw a video on social media that a family in Busia played WAmlambezz and danced around their kin’s grave as symbol of celebration of life. I mean HOW??