Mishi Dora arraigned in court after failing to settle Ksh 152,000 bill at popular club

Y’all remember that time Mishi Dora shared a 200k club bill just to show off how much a friend had spent during a night out?

Well, seems like she pulled the same stunt but problem – unlike her friend who had money to settle the bill at the end of the night – Mishi didn’t. This was revealed recently after she was arraigned in court following failure to pay Ksh 152,000 which she owes Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa.

Mishi exposed for dodging Ksh 152,000 club bill

Word making rounds online is that Mishi Dora held a small celebration a Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa road; to mark the release of Olaedo, a Nigerian film she appeared in.

The actress apparently ordered 6 bottles of Belaire Luxe at KSh 75,000, 7 Hennessey bottles at KSh 70,000, two chicken breasts, energy drinks and water which amounted to the said bill.

Photos from the event

Judging from photos shared after the event (on May 26th), we could tell that Mishi had gone all out to impress her guests. She not only invited the likes of Nicah the Queen but other low key socialite and for the night – Mishi stepped out in an Yvonne Forest attire and we all know this didn’t come cheap.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden ice Bistro

However turns out that despite balling this hard, Mishi Dora allegedly didn’t have the money to settle her bill hence the cat and mouse games she started pulling on Golden Ice Bistro’s management.

Mishi arraigned in court

Apparently when time came to pay up, Mishi started making excuses that her ATM wasn’t working; and instead Mishi then requested that the club’s manager Dennis Munyasia and the marketing manager to pick the money from her apartment – knowing very well she didn’t have it.

With the mind games getting old – Mishi allegedly requested to be given a few days to which she would then settle the bill. 4 days later (since May 26th) – the socialite was then arrested for dodging calls and refusing to respond to the clubs management on the pending bill.

Mishi aka Diana Clara Ojenger was taken Akila police station before she was arraigned in court where they released her on KSh 50,000 cash bail and an alternative bond of KSh 200,000.

From how this is going looks like the socialite has no option but to pay up since dodging the court will just make her life harder.