“Don’t start what you can’t finish” Mishi Dora warns Shakilla & Eric Omondi

Shakilla is back to working with Eric Omondi momyhs after she blasted him for being poor in bed. Back then she not only confirmed to have bedded the 40 year old comedian but went on to regret the deed since….you know she didn’t enjoy it.

Must admit it was demeaning and kinda childish for the 20 year old to shame a man she once admired and was hoping would help mold her career.

Shakilla back with Divalicious

Anyway couple of months later and the two have a new skit where they both picked on Mishi Dora – with Shakilla referring to her a cockroach; right after Eric Omondi included the actress’ name among top socialites in the country (remember it was planned.)

Shakilla who was doing the talking hit out at Eric sarcastically asking;

 Stop mentioning her in this show. Who is Mishi Dorah?

A statement Eric Omondi tried to brush off by claiming Mishi Dora is one of his good friends saying;

 She is my longtime friend. Yaani Mishi Dorah ni Mende?

But Shakilla wouldn’t have none of that and went on saying;

She is everything bad, everything about her is bad.

And her reason for saying this is because she feels that the actress’ time in the entertainment industry is done.

She is gone, we left her, we are in the current, we are in the era of Amber Ray, Shakila and Divalicious, so let’s forget about her

Mishi responds

Having come across the clip shared widely online…the former socialite advised the two to focus on themselves; or else – they’d have to face her. Not her exact words but clearly this is what she meant when she wrote;

Don’t start what you cannot finish…remember you cannot teach an old cat how to dance

Mishi Dora’s post


Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves and ovens…they are like shadrach, Meshach and Abednego??? Be very careful with insects….its small but mighty…it can survive anything and anywhere.

And just like that…there’s new beef in town.

“I thought the drinks were free” Mishi Dora explains how she left Ksh 152,000 bill

Weuh. Just let me say wueh because I’m literally tired after watching Mishi Dora’s interview with Dr Ofweneke where she explains how she was left with 152k bill for both top shelf drinks and some food at popular club along Mombasa road.

Apparently what Mishi Dora says is that the club played her by having her arrested for a bill she was not supposed to pay for.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

According to Mishi, she’d previously agreed with the clubs management on how they would her pay her for hosting a gig at their club; and since this is more of marketing the venue they agreed to giving her free drinks and transport for both her and Nigerian guests.

Naive or a don’t care?

Okay so from what she says is that the club was to give her guests free drinks, which they did; only for them to present her with the jaw dropping bill a few days later. But again, as a mother of 3 or is it two….why would you agree to such a deal when you have bills to pay?

I know this is something many celebrities are used to…barter trade but with how bad the economy is, tell me why a mum or just anyone  would prefer alcohol over cash? Doesn’t matter how much – but as long as it can pay bills why not insist on getting the money?

  Actually what happened is apart from acting I host gigs so usually when you host gigs you have to a deal with the club, they pay you and they give you free alcohol on top of that. So I had a deal with golden ice but they told me that they can’t pay me, they don’t pay artists so the deal we had was for them to provide us with alcohol. I’m like I have guests so then I picked my producer she came from Nigeria, I picked her from the airport and I remember I got stranded in the car that we were supposed to use to pick the producer at the airport haikufika mapema and golden ice had already promised me two Mercedes Benz.

Mishi Dora


so I contacted them and I’m like I’m stranded at the airport and they said no we are supposed to pick you up from your venue of the event, (not from the airport) so I had to improvise and then we had an event and they eventually came with their two Mercedes Benz. And they picked us up and we went for our after party and we had fun it was actually more than what I expected or more than what I bargained for.

Messy publicity?

However after a week since the weekend, Mishi says she received a DM requesting her to pay up for the pending bill left at Golden Bistro….and this is how she ended up getting arrested.

Is it me Ama Pombe ya bure huwa tricky sana…actually – I’m wondering didn’t Mishi feel that this deal was too good to be true? Drinks worth Ksh 152000? Are you trying to put them out of business or something?

But as you can see….nothing is ever free in this world of sin. Again…how is she partying with the kids still stuck somewhere at an orphanage? Must be misplaced priorities, yes I said it. Iris whaar iris.

Anyway watch the full interview below.

Mishi Dora spends night partying after sponsor clears her debt

Mishi Dora is finally off the hook after her sponza allegedly cleared the ksh 152k she owed popular club, Golden Bistro located along Mombasa Road.

From what we heard is that Mishi and her friends enjoyed both expensive foods and drinks but when it came down to paying – actress Mishi Dora said her ATM card wasn’t functioning well.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

This saw her get 40 days in police custody and after paying part of it – Mishi was finally allowed to go home but had a case in court to answer. After attending court on Friday, the actress then spent her weekend clubbing and now we understand that its because her sponsor came through with the money.

Freedom at last

Although the actress is yet to share her side of the story – all we know is that her friends left in the frying pan by not helping out with the said bill.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

However thanks to her sponser…she’s out and must have learnt a good lesson on fake friendships. Anyway to caption one of posts while parting with fellow actress Dorea Chege, Mishi bragged saying;

Sponyo made sure the bill was paid.

Again – were not sure whether the said sponser paid her bill for that night or whether he settled her Golden Bistro debt.


Far from over: Mishi Dora back in court over unpaid bar bill

Mishi Dora had been arrested over unsettled Ksh 1520000 bill accumulated at the Golden Bistro lounge where she had invited a few of her friends to celebrate the release of a Nigerian film she’d been featured on.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

The after math is however the problem as Mishi Dora couldn’t settle the bill. From what the club’s management says is that she tried running them in circles until they gave up leaving the police to handle the matter.

Well as already revealed, Mishi Dora spent close to 4 weeks behind police custody as she couldn’t raise the Ksh 100 bail. However  now that she is out means she’s already found a way to payback the Golden Bistro Lounge but before that – she still has an ongoing case.


With a case in court, Mishi Dora earlier this morning shared a post revealing that she hasn’t been sleeping of late; and I’m thinking…..mmmh ni ile 150k ya Pombe inampea sleepless nights.

Anyway her post read;

Can’t sleep ????….insomnia. Early morning court

Although she hasn’t opened up on what really happened, Mishi Dora says she’ll only speak with media houses who have reached out to her management for exclusive interviews.

And so far, looks like most are just waiting on her to speak through her social media pages….I mean, we have a few presidential debates to catch up with.

Mishi Dora finally released from police custody weeks after she was arrested for unpaid drinks

Mishi Dora is finally out almost a month after she was arrested for Ksh 152,550 unpaid bill at a certain local join in Nairobi. From what we heard is that she’d invited close friends to celebrate one of her Nigerian films that had been released.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

With all the excitement, the former socialite may have been carried away hence ordering some expensive champagne, food and water leaving with her with some crazy debt Hathaway saw her spend a month behind bars.

What’s more surprising is that those who attended her event did not seem bothered by the fact that she’d been arrested or even tried getting her out.

The likes of Nicah the Queen and others have since maintained their silence while former Nairobi Diaries cast, Risper Faith openly told Mishi to carry her own cross when asked to contribute for the bail cash.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

Back and better?

However 4 weeks later and Mishi Dora is back to enjoying her freedom which means she either paid off the debt is out in bail with a pending case.

Being one who enjoys the attention – after her release, Mishi Dora quickly rushed to her Instagram giving fans a QnA opportunity to ask whatever they wanted answered. Well, not everyone has this kind of energy but clearly Mishi Dora haogopi!

Reactions from fans after Mishi Dora asks Kenyans to help her settle Ksh 152k debt at popular club

Celebrities out here are doing the most to prove a point and I’m guessing some like Mishi Dora are even willing to pile up debts – just to maintain a certain lifestyle but in the end…the truth always comes out.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

Anyway, about two weeks ago Mishi Dora was arraigned in court following failure to pay up Ksh 152k which she owes popular club, Golden Ice Bistro. From what we’ve learnt is that the bill piled up to that amount after ordering ordered two chicken breasts valued at Sh3,000, one cocktail drink valued at Sh2,000, two bottles of 300ml coke valued at Sh500, a one litre bottle of mineral water valued at Sh400 and three bottles of Redbull energy drink valued at Sh1,650.

If you thought that’s too much, you haven’t heard half of it yet. Well, Mishi is said to have also allegedly ordered six bottles of Belaire Luxe 750ml valued at Sh75,000and seven Hennessy VS 750ml valued at Sh70,000 which she shared with the invited guests at her event.

Time to pay up

However when asked to pay up, word has it Mishi Dora started playing cat and mouse games – camas she claimed her bank card had issues; hence asking the Ice Bistro manager to accompany her to her apartment where she had stored some cash for raining days….knowing very well she didn’t have any cash.

Anyway unfortunately for her, this time around she did not get away with the bill just because she is famous. Her celebrity status are actually the reason she remains behind bars and is now asking fans to step in on her behalf by raising some money.

Well – I know it doesn’t sound right – but come on Mishi Dora….mchango ya Pombe? Anyway having seen Pendo’s post – netizens on the other hand had this to say about the fundraising appeal requested for Mishi.


Mishi Dora arraigned in court after failing to settle Ksh 152,000 bill at popular club

Y’all remember that time Mishi Dora shared a 200k club bill just to show off how much a friend had spent during a night out?

Well, seems like she pulled the same stunt but problem – unlike her friend who had money to settle the bill at the end of the night – Mishi didn’t. This was revealed recently after she was arraigned in court following failure to pay Ksh 152,000 which she owes Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa.

Mishi exposed for dodging Ksh 152,000 club bill

Word making rounds online is that Mishi Dora held a small celebration a Golden Ice Bistro at Nextegn Mall along Mombasa road; to mark the release of Olaedo, a Nigerian film she appeared in.

The actress apparently ordered 6 bottles of Belaire Luxe at KSh 75,000, 7 Hennessey bottles at KSh 70,000, two chicken breasts, energy drinks and water which amounted to the said bill.

Photos from the event

Judging from photos shared after the event (on May 26th), we could tell that Mishi had gone all out to impress her guests. She not only invited the likes of Nicah the Queen but other low key socialite and for the night – Mishi stepped out in an Yvonne Forest attire and we all know this didn’t come cheap.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden ice Bistro

However turns out that despite balling this hard, Mishi Dora allegedly didn’t have the money to settle her bill hence the cat and mouse games she started pulling on Golden Ice Bistro’s management.

Mishi arraigned in court

Apparently when time came to pay up, Mishi started making excuses that her ATM wasn’t working; and instead Mishi then requested that the club’s manager Dennis Munyasia and the marketing manager to pick the money from her apartment – knowing very well she didn’t have it.

With the mind games getting old – Mishi allegedly requested to be given a few days to which she would then settle the bill. 4 days later (since May 26th) – the socialite was then arrested for dodging calls and refusing to respond to the clubs management on the pending bill.

Mishi aka Diana Clara Ojenger was taken Akila police station before she was arraigned in court where they released her on KSh 50,000 cash bail and an alternative bond of KSh 200,000.

From how this is going looks like the socialite has no option but to pay up since dodging the court will just make her life harder.


‘The Bill is as fake as her daughter’s death’ Socialite exposes actress Mishi Dora as a serial liar

This past weekend Mishi Dora almost brought social media to a standstill after sharing a receipt; flaunting Ksh 204, 250 bill paid from a night out, and from how she captioned the post – fans quickly assumed she was bragging about the money she owns.

With this post, Mishi Dora confirmed that she has enemies and haters all around – that is judging from the reactions received after posting the bill online. There are those who quickly dismissed her stunt while saying there like Black Cinderella who came in guns blazing to tell fans of how broke Mishi Dora is.

As seen on a now deleted post shared on Black Cinderella’s posts, the lady for no apparent reason started exposing Mishi Dora on her page; and to make things worse – chose to dig up old stories from Nairobi Diaries 2018 just to prove that Mishi Dora lies with every breath she takes. In a now deleted post, socialite Black Cinderella wrote;

Watu wanateseka huku nje kama hii suruali ya Malaya. Musiwaone is hivyo wameamua wakaze mattercore tu. I just saved souls from going to follow bad examples.

She ‘killed’ her own kid – Black Cinderella

Well apart from the alleged faked lifestyle, Black Cinderella went on to remind fans about 2018; the year Mishi Dora asked one of her friends, Glamour Pamm  to announce that she had lost a child – to which Pamm blindly agreed to and went on to post;

 Please pray and support Mishi, who has lost his beautiful child. No one can explain or understand the pain she is going through. It’s good with God!

Something Mishi Dora later regretted doing. However according to black Cinderella, Mishi pulled this stunt while drunk. She exposed the former socialite saying;

You all forgot 2018 alikunywa kaikai from enugu akatuambia wake amededi na kumbe ni uongo. Wachaneni na huyo mtu.

Mishi Dora exposed

Which now leaves us wondering whether the socialite pulled this stunt to get more fame; or isn’t it just sickening to think a mother would stoop that low?

The rot inside Nairobi Diaries reality TV show exposed, call made for Ezekiel Mutua to ban the show (Video)

Controversial details of Kenya’s popular reality TV show Nairobi Diaries have emerged after a recent ugly expose by its former socialites.

The show’s former actress Black Cinderella featured Chacha and Mwarnicky who recently dramatically left the reality show after payment arrears and consistent torment from their ‘evil spirited’ producer Janet Mwaluda.

Nairobi Diaries cast

The three decided to spill the beans on what had been going on behind the scenes in a show they thought would see them get productive and put their talent to work only to be shocked by the kind of dirty work that went on behind the curtains.

According to the girls, Janet was very corrupt, would steal money from their handbags during shoots, pay them peanuts and even sleep with the socialites husbands.

I am very hurt by your actions Janet. I hate you so much! Why are you misusing innocent children? You bring them to your show, drive them crazy, make them look like cheap wh*res, simply because you want money and for your show to fly high. We can’t even pay rent, angrily bashed Chacha.

Screenshot by Ghafla

Janet allegedly went to the extent of drawing enmity between cast members, spreading all sorts of lies among them and threatening their lives. Chacha declared she was taking this matter before the Court of Law to seek justice.

You are so old yet so cursed. You are barren and very stupid outside there, spoiling young innocent girls  but it shall never be well with you! Pendo came in as a petty thief and left as a cocaine addict. Nobody has left that show better, myself I left the show psychologically tortured, jumped in Black Cinderella.

Mwarnicky accused the female producer for sexually harassing her and making advances on her, promising her more than her man could give her.

You almost raped me and you had not paid me!


The actresses warned young Kenyans looking for business in the show that it was rotten and not worthy the sweat or blood.

Ezekiel Mutua please shut down this Nairobi Diaries show! There is nothing going on there, screamed Mwarnicky.

Chacha closed in;

You are such an animal! You will kill people very soon on that show because of your evil lies. You are selling us to you brothers and rich sponsors as prostitutes. Kenyans please listen, this show is scripted and malicious.

Black Cinderella further accused Janet of killing her dad, sleeping with young boys, her lawyers, production team and even the bouncers. Watch the drama unfold:

“Enda gym!” Fan tells retired socialite Mishi Dora after leaving no room for imagination with her swimming suit! (Photo)

Former Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora appears to have added some extra pounds judging from the latest photo shared on her social media pages.

The socialite who was popularly known for her fights and drama in Nairobi Diaries has been laying low for months; but thanks to her latest post shared on Instagram, the lady is now back to making headlines on most tabloids!

From her captions it’s obvious to see that Mishi Dora is quite comfortable with her body; and despite the weight gain, she still finds it okay to post revealing photos since she cares less about what people say about her.

As seen on her gram, Mishi has lately been appreciating the woman she has since become after the fame and money. Rumor has it that she also changed her religion and the lady is now a Muslim; but her dress code doesn’t really match with this, but who am I to judge?

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

Her swimsuit photo that left no room for imagination has however left fans with mixed feelings as some appreciated her for the confidence; while another fan identified as Chikiruasimwe couldn’t help but ask Mishi to hit the gym since her weight was getting out of hand.

Ms Chikiruasimwe wrote;

Wende gym, muonekano siyo biro

To which Mishi Dora harshly told of the lady asking her to mind her own business; instead of worrying about other people’s lives. Mishi wrote;

Wewe ukishaenda tosha. Yakwangu yasikupe uzito mama

Fan bashes Mishi

Mother and hustler!

Apart from being a celebrity in Nairobi Mishi also happens to be a mother of 2 beautiful children.

In 2018 she however suffered a miscarriage after getting pregnant for singer Rayvanny who she was said to be involved with!

Since then, Mishi has been laying low but now that word has it that Nairobi Diaries may be gracing our screens soon; she has found another reason to keep her fans talking!

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora shares tips on how women can keep ‘Nunu’ fresh and clean!

Mishi Dora has come out to warn women against inserting the so called ‘tightening p*ss* pills’ that most women tend to run for in order to repair their private parts.

Mishi Dora

In a question and answer session on her Instagram page; Mishi Dora got an opportunity to answer a few questions – from women inquiring on tips to tighten and clean their privates.

One of her fans went on to ask whether Mishi uses pills to tighten her private parts. The fan wrote asking;

Mishi Dorah
Mishi Dorah

Do you use pills to tighten your Nunu?

To which Mishi Dora responded saying;

No I don’t sis… but if its too wide and bothers you or denies you pleasure then I advise start exercising it (Kegel) wachana na Nunu Pills Zitakuumiza bure

Mishi Dora

Fresh Nunu

Another fan went on to inquire whether there are ways to keep Nunu smelling fresh all day wrote asking Mishi;

Si you tell me how to have a fresh scented Nunu….just DM please.

To which the socialite went on to respond saying;

Wash your pussy good sis…also check if your partner’s sperms are fresh that is you having unprotected sex….also stick to one partner….also book appointments work your gynecologist.


Nairobi Diaries

After leaving Nairobi Diaries reality socialite show, Ms Mishi Dora has lately been maintaining a low profile.

Unlike before the lady lately enjoys meeting fans during her live sessions without all her drama as seen on the TV show back then. But I bet this is part of the growth that comes with new age, right?

Mishi Dora admitted to hospital due to an enlarged heart condition

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora is currently  admitted at the Nairobi Women Hospital after falling sick while at work just recently.

Mishi Dora

According to a detailed post shared by the actress, Mishi says she has been sick for years but got worse recently and was rushed to hospital by her colleague when she couldn’t breath.

Mishi Dora

Mishi Dora’s condition

Mishi Dora goes on to add that she is suffering from an enlarged heart and inflammation around her left lung. She wrote saying;

Hello fam… I come to you to plead with you to help me get back on my feet…. I’ve been sick for years now but on Monday it got worse and I got rushed to the Nairobi women’s hospital by my colleague @wangeci_sabrina (thank you so much babe.. God bless you)coz I couldn’t breath well… I was completely off… And when we got here I was taken straight to an emergency room and got helped… When I was stable I was brought to HDU where I’m currently recuperating from an enlarged heart and some inflammation around my left lung…. It has taken me alot of courage to come out and ask for help since the people I trust and call my friends and family haven’t come through for me… (It’s a lesson) I’ve been really going through alot and still is…forget what you see on the media.. I’m just a strong woman.. even now I still smile on this bed… I need urgent help to continue getting the treatment that Is needed and pay the bills… Currently the bill is 147,000ksh still increasing as days goes by and they need 100k as a deposit… I can’t do this by myself as things are really not good on my side right now… Whatever you contribute shall go along way please… It’s really urgent.. so we haven’t been able to get a paybill number … You can channel your contributios to my number or to the hospital’s paybill number (of which they advice it should be sent ones not in bits).. Thank you and God bless you all… Much love Mishi x

My phone number is

Or you can use the hospital’s account which is

Paybill 504301

If you use paybill then kindly forward the message to me for confirmation… Thank you once again


“He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body!” Mishi Dora laughs off at Kakamega MCA who tried to kill her

A while back Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora exposed MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma as the man who tried to kill her back in 2014 over Ksh 5000.

The guy who is the MCA for Mayoni ward in Kakamega County apparently ran over Mishi with his car without caring whether she would survive or not.

The socialite narrated the story on her Instagram saying;

Mishi in hospital

“My name is Mishi Dorah as you all know me… and I’m one hell of a strong woman… I’m not voiceless and I’m a fighter… this has been my journey since 2014…. I’ve tried getting this off my head for the longest time… but I keep having flashbacks and nightmares of what was done to me on that day… this man was out here to kill me… he shot at me… ran me over by a car and drove off leaving me for dead…with multiple pelvic bone fractures ..Torn ligament and a broken left hip bone….tried killing me again at the hospital and I ended up in an ICU…been to court since December 2014… but until now no justice has been served… in 2015… He approached me with a bribe of Sh.500,000 so we can settle the matter out of court… which I turned down and even had to relocate coz my life and my baby’s was at risk…those that know me know the scars I have all over my body”

Justice served?

Anyway earlier this morning Mishi Dora shared a new post thanking her God for enabling her to get the justice she deserved.

MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma Paralyzed

Well, call it karma or whatever but the same MCA who tried to kill Mishi back in 2014 was recently electrocuted and is now paralyzed.

The excited actress went on to share the news on her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma

Karma is the most patient gangster ever????????????????.. fam please fight your battles on your knees and leave the rest to God… This is the same guy that shot at me with his gun and run me over with his car and left me for the dead… I was on a wheelchair for like a year … Got crippled and have scars that hasn’t gone away to-date… Some are even covered in tattoos… Sometime back I cried for justice coz he bought his freedom and my case died like that before the magistrates…. Today he is PARALYSED…. He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body… God I thank you… JUSTICE CAN BE DELAYED BUT CANNOT BE DENIED…. Have a good weekend sweethearts ????


Mishi Dora exposes the man that tried to kill her (Photo)

Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora shocked many after revealing that she almost died in 2014 after a man she knew shot and ran her over with a car.

The actress went on to narrate the life threatening story on her Instagram hoping to get justice as the man, Libinus Oduor is still free.

Mishi in hospital

Through her Instagram page, Mishi Dora went on to add that she already had a case against the man in court but nothing has been done yet.

This was after the lass ran into him on Saturday night and according to her; the fella has been bad mouthing her around and even claims she is the one to blame.

Unveils the man’s face

However the lady did not expose his face until earlier today when she shared a photo of the guy adding that it was time people knew him.

Mishi Dora captioned the photo saying;

Libinus Oduor


Threats usually don’t go well with me… I started this…and I must finish it… The little scared gal that I used to be died on that road and died again recently….this is a new me… I stand for myself…and I speak for myself and those that are voiceless… Libinus Oduor… I have a voice… and I’m here to tell you that I’m no longer scared… all I want is justice…nothing more…you can ahead and do your worst… IM NO LONGER SCARED


Nairobi Diaries opens up about life threatening experience with an ex lover who shot and ran her over!

Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora has left many shocked after opening up about a life threatening situation she experienced back in 2014.

Mishi Dora in hospital

Through her social media page, the lady for the very first time revealed that she almost lost her life after an unnamed man tried to kill her.

Judging from her post it’s evident that Mishi knew the man quite well and never in her wildest dreams did she imagine he would try to end her life.

Mishi’s shocking confession

However in her latest post, Mishi Dora narrates how the man shot her and even ran her over with his car leaving her with multiple pelvic bone fractures, torn ligament and a broken left hip bone.

Mishi in hospital

Luckily for her she walked out alive and was hospitalized for a couple of months. Thanks to her family and close relatives the actress filed a case against him but is yet to get justice since 2014.


Well, the memories continue to stay fresh in her mind especially after Mishi happened to run into him on Saturday night.

According to the lady, the man who tried to kill her is still roaming around freely but after hearing how he talks about her…. Mishi now demands for justice! Read her detailed post below.



Trouble in paradise! Mishi Dora reveals her plans to expose ex boyfriend for his cheating ways, but this is what he thinks!

Nairobi Diaries drama queen Mishi Dora seems to have broken up with her latest man, Ciggie just recently.

She actually confirmed this through an Instagram live chat where she blamed Pendo for trying to steal or rather having an affair with her man. Judging from the tears shed during the session, it was clear to see that Mishi Dora was heart broken to a point where she wanted to quit Nairobi Diaries.

Also read: Mishi Dora’s advice to ladies dating men who can’t lift them up

According to her, she was not planning to star in the same show as Ciggie and for this reason was opting to call it quits. However, since she was the one who had introduced the fella to the show…. she expected him to quit but the of course it wouldn’t happen!

Not going anywhere

Anyway after fans waited for hours to see how Mishi would expose Pendo and Ciggie, the socialite shared the message below saying;

Life is not about who’s real to your face. it’s about who’s really behind your back. Did I say that today I’m crushing on my ladies??? Haiya… tell me about how you have been betrayed by the people you loved most and how did you recover from it???.. ..please share your experiences in short sentences .. I’ll pick the 3 most touching and motivating stories and give them free tickets for @nairobidiaries reunion.

She went on to add;


Ciggie responds

The fella accused of cheating went on to post saying;

IS he hitting back at Mishi?

Go well my love! Mishi Dora cries as her father is finally laid to rest

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has shared a photo from her father’s funeral. Judging from when she shared the photo seems that the ceremony is currently ongoing at her rural home.

Mishi has however not had a chance to mourn her dad in peace as has currently been battling a law suit after insulting Pierra Makena.

In a recent interview, Mishi revealed that she would only apologize when it’s proven that DJ Makena had nothing to do with the WhatsApp group fat shaming her.

As for now she has joined her family and friends to give her father his final journey.

Fans and friends send their condolences

Having made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, Mishi Dora has been receiving messages of condolences from her fans.

This being a tough time for her and the family, we from the Ghafla team our heartfelt condolences to the actress’s family.

Mishi Dora: I will apologize after it is confirmed that Pierra Makena was not the one abusing me

Mishi Dora is not willing to go down without a fight. After Pierra Makena’s legal team released a statement demanding an apology from the Nairobi Diaries actress for abusing the female DJ.

In the lengthy legal statement, Mishi Dora was given 7 days to issue a written and verbal apology.

Mishi refutes to apologize

However speaking to Mpasho the lady has come out to demand people to give her peace. She revealed that she is currently in mourning and needs peace to remember her late dad.

First of all, I am mourning my father and I don’t want all these negative fights around me.

Lawyer handling the case

Mishi went on to add that her lawyers are handling the case and she will not apologize unless it’s not proven that Pierra Makena was the one insulting her.

I have a lawyer, he is handling all that and my management team is handling that issue. like I said I am not going to apologize until Pierra confirms to me that it was not her who was insulting me on that WhatsApp group.

She concluded by saying;

I am willing to apologize if it is confirmed that it wasn’t her using that number. If not then I am not going to apologize. But if it not her then I am going to apologize. That is all I can say right now.

Things get thick for Mishi Dora as Pierra Makena’s legal team demands an apology in 7 days

Pierra Makena’s legal team is not playing around with Mishi Dora’s attitude. After insulting the female DJ on Instagram in a long post the Mishi apparently claims that she will not apologize.

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This is after Pierra Makena exposed the imposter using her name in the WhatsApp group. The lady Beverlyne Michira says the only reason she used Pierra Makena’s name is because she is a big fan of the DJ.

Pierra Makena’s legal team

Anyway, even with this Pierra Makena still demands a written and Oral apology from the Nairobi Diaries actress. According to a legal statement from her legal team they have given Mishi 7 days to administer the apology or she faces the consequences.

Will Mishi Dorah really apologize? Let’s watch and see.

Is Pierra Makena joining Nairobi Diaries? She responds

About a week ago Mishi Dorah went out screaming insults at Pierra Makena who allegedly fat shamed her on a whatsApp group.

However, turns out that this was just another misunderstanding or rather mistaken identity. The lady referring to herself as Pierra Makena is just a die hard fan who sadly insulted Mishi Dora in the group.

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Anyway, Pierra legal team finally managed to get hold of the lady who has now cleared the air. Pierra on the other hand is still pressing charge against Mishi since the Nairobi Diaries actress refused to apologize.

Is this a plan to introduce the lady to Nairobi Diaries

Due to the scandal, people are claiming to thatthis could be a plan to introduce the lady to the show.

Responding to the accusations, Pierra denied the story saying;

Back when Mishi Dora was stilll a hustler dining at vibanda’s only

Mishi Dora sometime back knew nothing about expensive hotels, outfits and even wigs. She was just another simple ordinary lady used to dining at Vibandas without a care in the world.

Well, we have learnt this after photos from her past we’re shared online by an unknown source. Thanks to the pictures, fans can now get a good glimpse of the old Mishi Dora being simple and probably lovable.

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In the photos she is seen dining with a friend or companion who definitely did not mind eating at the local joint. Not quite sure when the photos were taken but the truth is, Mishi has not changed much in terms of looks.

The lady graduates to a socialite

Life has definitely changed for Mishi Dora who now enjoys it on the first lane. The socialite also seems to have upgraded her socialite circle and only hangs out with people who are in her ‘class.’

Mishi Dora steps out in a see-through dress leaving no room for imagination

Controversial city socialite cum actress Mishi Dora is planning to the end the year in style. About a week ago she celebrated her 20 or 30 something birthday and boy did she make it a memorable day.

Through her Instagram page the lady shared a coupe of photos to mark her special day. The lovely photos caught most of her fans attention as they rushed to wish her a happy birthday while others could not keep their eyes off her goods.

Mishi Dora
Nairobi Diaries fights; Mishi Dora in action

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Mishi Dora is seen dressed in a pink sheer like dress that displayed her body/skin for the world to see. Looking at the photo we can agree that the lady left no room for imagination but since she likes it this way, I bet this made her happy.

Fans react to the photos

Apart from appreciating her lovely dark skin, fans could not hold back from thirsting over the actress. Below are the photos that have been giving some team mafisi members sleepless nights.

“Nilikojolea nywele yake” Mishi Dora confesses after her fight with Bridget Achieng

But what is wrong with Nairobi diaries cast? I will not say that some of these ladies are ratchet. But, judging from some of the things they say, it is fair to think they are.

In the new episode of the reality show aired on Monday night, Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng finally smack each other. The ladies for a while now have not been in good terms and turns out that they are ready to do anything to bring each other down.

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They have been rumored to seek hep from witch doctors leaving their fans shocked. Yes, Nairobi Diaries has the craziest cast and this is why most Kenyans cannot stop keeping up with the show.

Mishi Dora reveals she peed on Bridget’s wig

According to Mishi Dora she took a pee on Bridget Achieng’s wig after their fight. The two ladies had apparently met up for a meeting before things escalated for the worst.

In the confession room, Mishi Dora went on to say that she urinated on the hair the same day she had stomach upsets which made her diarrhea….eeew!

Anyway watch the confession below:


Mishi Dora opens up about losing her unborn baby

Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has finally answered a question many have been asking. Speaking to Dr Ofweneke on hi Talk show, Mishi for the first time admitted that she was no longer pregnant.

The lass went on to talk about how she lost her pregnancy stating that it was not an abortion. According to her she carried the pregnancy until the second trimester before she lost it.

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Mishi Dora went on to add that she her pregnancy had issues and so did her body. This is because of an accident she was involved in – and the fights on Nairobi Diaries did not make it any easier for her.

Though the video shared by Ebru TV is not audible, one can hear some of the things she is talking about.

The baby’s father

Mishi Dora is still convinced that Rayvanny was responsible for her pregnancy. However, the two no longer talk as he does not understand why the lady got rid of the pregnancy.

Watch the video below for more details:

“She uses mkorogo” Mishi Dora reveals where Bridget Achieng buys her bleaching creams and how much she pays for them

The hatred between Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng from Nairobi diaries keeps escalating each passing day. After being friends for years, the two parted ways after Mishi Dora joined the reality show and started exposing the fake lifestyle these ladies live.

For now, she does not get along with not only Bridget Achieng, Risper Faith Faith and Pendo but with almost lady featured in the reality show. Her presence in the show has been felt for months now as she has proven to be stronger than most girls and I hear the ladies have now started watching their backs!

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Anyway just recently Mishi Dora got the opportunity to talk with comedian Dr Ofweneke on his live show where she exposed Bridget Achieng for lying about the amount she apparently paid to bleach her skin. According to Mishi, Bridget Achieng only used 2500 to purchase the cream and 3000 shillings to get the skin toner scrub.

When asked how she knew about all these, the Nairobi Diaries actress responded by saying she once took Bridget Achieng to River Road where she saw her pay for the items.

Fans who however commented below the video claim that Mishi Dora needs to get a life of her own since she seems more interested in what others are doing for themselves.

After Rayvanny, Savara and ‘Mzungu’ man Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora parades her new catch, meet the handsome man (Photos)

Reality show actress Mishi Dora amechafua kweli…not my words but this is what her fans have been saying judging from the number of men she is believed to have been involved since joining Nairobi Diaries.

She first made major headlines after claiming that she was pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby. We saw the baby bump but have not had the chance of seeing the baby.

The lady claims that she got pregnant when she was involved with both the Tanzanian singer and her ‘mzungu’ fiancé making fans wonder who fathered the baby.

During an interview with Ghafla, Mishi also mentioned that she was dating Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi but things did not work out as planned between the two since the fella was not serious with her.

Mishi Dorah and Savara
Mishi Dorah and Savara

Then at some point she said that Risper Faith’s man had been chasing her and before I finishing counting the men….didn’t she also hint that Uncle Muss would also ‘get it?’ Anyway it’s not my place to judge but indeed Mishi has been around the block.

Anyway she now has a new man and from the look of things she is not planning on letting him out of her site. He is a fine Tanzanian actor by the name of Daudi Micheal. However, rumor has it that he is just in for the scripted Nairobi Diaries that paints him as Mishi’s man.

Checkout his photos below: Isn’t he fine!

Mishi with Daudi, her new man