Bahati pays 100K in fees for Mueni Bahati

Bahati has a daughter named Mueni. Mueni was born in 2013. Her mother is Yvette Obura. Bahati and Obura were in a relationship, but they broke up in 2017.

Bahati is a loving father to Mueni. He provides for her financially and emotionally. He also makes sure that she gets a good education. Mueni attends the Tender Care Junior Academy in Komarock, Nairobi. The school is a private school, and the annual tuition is over KSh 100,000.

Mueni is a bright and talented child. She is in either grade one or two. She enjoys learning new things, and she is active in extracurricular activities. She is a member of the school’s skating club, chess club, martial arts club, music club, and ballet club.

Bahati is proud of his daughter. He knows that she has a bright future ahead of her. He is committed to providing her with the best possible education and upbringing.

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New stunt? Bahati pours his heart out to first born daughter, drops new song a few hours later

So the other day Bahati left many of his fans admiring how much he has grown in terms of fatherhood when it comes to his first born daughter; and this is after he posted new photos in the company of the young girl and when on to throw an emotional caption which of course caught people’s attention.

Mueni Bahati with daddy

Well since its not everyday he wakes up to share photos of Mueni – this time around fans felt he must have connected with her as a father for the first time; and having not been present the first years of her life – this new found love makes its all up for the lost time.

Pouring his heart out, Bahati went on to appreciate his baby girl and promised never to abandon her now that he adores her with his whole heart; the father of 5 wrote;

Bahati with Mueni

Tô My First- Born Daughter. I will always be here for you. I will always be your Biggest Fan. I Love You with all of My heart ❤ @Mueni_Bahati

Drops new song

For some reason there are fans who feel Bahati may have played his fans by luring them with photos of Mueni and since he rarely shares her photos – what are the chances that he got to her show off a few moments – before dropping a new music video featuring wife and Ssaru….coincidence.

Daddy and daughter moments

But then again, its showbiz and after exhausting most stunts…i bet no one saw this coming. However at the end of the day daddy has got to make money for school fees and upkeep, right?

Striking resemblance between Morgan Bahati and Mueni Bahati leaves many convinced ‘iko kitu’ (Photo)

Mathare MP  Kevin Bahati had many secrets and at this point netizens believe Morgan Bahati could be his biological son; an open secret since he claims to have adopted him a few years back.

TBT; Morgan and Bahati

Well whether he adopted him or not truth is Morgan looks everything like his sister Mueni and younger brother, Majesty; which leaves us wondering….what are the chances, like honestly is there need of DNA really?

Thanks to a new photo shared by Yvette Obura, fans in the comment section couldn’t help but mention the striking resemblance between Mueni and Morgan. Not only do the two share identical dental structure, they have their dads smile to.

Blended family

Well, since they’ll never address this – I guess all we have to do is use our eyes and keep the opinions to ourselves cause clearly….mambo ya familia ni ngumu.

But again, the Bahati’s are making coparenting look so easy especially with how Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua relates with his baby mama, Yvette Obura.

Checkout the photo below.

Bahati’s beautiful family

“I appreciate and respect you,” Bahati pens heartwarming letter to baby mama Yvette

As Diana Marua and Bahatis marriage seemingly sinks, he continues to celebrate the first woman he loved and sired a child with, Yvette Obura on her special day.

2015, the gospel artiste and his then lover, Yvette bore a child, Mueni Bahati, memories brought back as the baby girl beautifully marked her 5th birthday.

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The open letters

Amid breakup speculations with his wife, Diana Marua, Bahati chose to mark his first daughters milestone like she was the only person who meant so much to him at that moment.

Sharing stunning photos of the fast-growing, beautiful baby girl in an open letter penning;

“Watching You Grow Up has been Many things; Joyful, Impactful and even at Times Stressful.”

Mueni Bahati

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But despite it all, believes “it has been one of the most important part of his life.”

At times full of regrets that he does not spend as much quality time with Mueni like he should.

“I always Feel Guilty Whenever I Fail to Give You the Time that You Deserve; I promise to Spend More Time with You. Happy birthday my daughter… Princess Mueni Bahati,” he admits.

Bahati with daughter Mueni

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In yet another beautiful post, this time with a heartwarming photo of his baby mama and their daughter, he sweetly penned;

“This is a Special Shout Out and thank You to You Mama Mueni for Raising My Beautiful Daughter. Were it not for you she Wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank You I do appreciate you and respect You Mama Mueni Bahati.”

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati

Acknowledging her major presence and impact in their daughters life before asking fans;

“Mnaona anafaa anunuliwe gift gani???”

Fans instead diverted their attention to how much treasure Yvette is but he still let go of. However, applauded him for respecting the fact that Ms Obura will forever be the mother to his first child.

Adorable! Bahati showers his daughter with love as she celebrates 4th birthday

Gospel singer Bahati this past weekend celebrated his daughter Mueni in a quite special way as she celebrated her 4th birthday!

Although the singer and Mueni’s mother split just before their daughter was born, the two parents have proven that Co parenting works – only if you put enough effort and love.


So far we it’s not a secret that Bahati has 3 biological children and raises them equally – something that has impressed many.

Daddy’s princess

To mark this special milestone, Bahati did not hold back from showering his daughter with love on her birthday.

He went on to describe her as a blessing as she made his dream of being called a dad – a reality. Through his Instagram page Bahati wrote;

Baby Mueni

To My First Born Daughter #MUENI ❤️ @MUENI_BAHATI First is to WISH you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A Day like this 4 Years ago you gave me the title A FATHER! – No Lie, I treasure you, the Only One that Reminds of My Late Beloved Mother Lucia Mueni. I Love You and I treasure every Small Opportunity I get to Bond with you. Even though I never get enough times as I Wish I Could but I always Pray to God that all will be Seamless someDay. Even with the distance Created by Factors I’m unable to Control at times- Just Know I gat your back as your father and I work harder every day to give you a Life I never had. And yes, Always Remember that You’re entitled to Own whatever I Own! Again I Love you and I Pray that God Full fills all the Dreams and the Desires of Your Heart. Have the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER.
With Love ♥️
From Daddy!

¨You mean Alot to me¨ Bahati emotionally expresses his undying love for daughter, Mueni Bahati

Gospel kid, Bahati is a father of 3 and he gives each a fair share of his time, love and resources. Enough of Baby Majesty and Heaven Bahati, let´s talk about his first born, Mueni Bahati.

A daughter he sired with baby mama, Yvette Obura. The gospel artist has assured the world that Mueni is still in his mind and he loves her equally.

With a series of recent snaps of the two hanging out, Bahati revealed the intention behind his daughter´s name, ¨Mueni¨.

First, he proudly calls himself:

Baba Mueni ❤️ @Mueni_bahati ❤️

And in a beautiful caption, he then confesses:

♥️????♥️ The Reason I named you after My Mother #MUENI Is because You mean Alot to me. Really Amazed by how fast You’re Growing. #GREAT is what I’m Sure You Will Become in JESUS NAME ???????????? @Mueni_bahati

Aww! It is adorable to see that despite having clashed with the mother, Bahati does not take for granted that he has a first born daughter, who keeps his mother´s memories alive.

He blesses her and assures her she will live to conquer.

Gospel singer Bahati with his first born child, Mueni Bahati

That is not all, looks like he is slowly having his kids get close and appreciate each other as siblings of his own blood.

In his most recent post, just yesterday, he shared a photo of Baby Heaven Bahati and Mueni Bahati close together and lost of words, he captions:

CAPTION THIS ????♥️???? @Mueni_bahati & @heavenbahati

Whether this is because Diana and Yvette settled their differences or not, at least we can tell there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And for sure, this is a good sign of what is to come.

Bahati’s daughter falls sick again

Bahati’s firstborn daughter Mueni Bahati has fallen ill again. It’s the second time in a short period that the kid has become sick again.

Mueni fell sick just a while back after her young sister Heaven Bahati was discharged from hospital. It was not clear what was ailing the kid but sure it was a hard time for Bahati whose daughters fell ill within a short interval.

Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati
Bahati with his daughter Mueni Bahati
Keep fighting baby

Mueni’s mother Yvette Obura broke news about her daughter falling ill on social media on Wednesday July 4th. Her words seem to indicate that Mueni is in a critical condition.

“Keep Fighting Baby I Know God Got you and I Got you too, You’ll will be well babyy???…” Wrote Yvette Obura.



“My baby doesn’t call Bahati dad” Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura opens up

Mueni Bahati is having two father figures in her life – her biological father (Bahati) and her mother’s fiancé. Apparently the kid doesn’t even refer Bahati as ‘baba’.

Bahati’s daughter is being raised by her mother Yvette Obura who has moved on with her life since her relationship with Bahati hit rock bottom.

Bahati with her biological daughter – Mueni Bahati

Speaking to Word Is, Yvette Obura stated that her daughter doesn’t call Bahati ‘dad’. She also said that Mueni keeps on asking her where her father is.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!” Yvette said.

Yvette Obura

The lass also disclosed that her fiancé was struggling to cope with the media drama that comes with being Bahati’s baby mama.

“He’s an easy and understanding man. That’s the goodness but he is human. You know, sometimes he’s like, ‘Babe this is too much to handle’ and I feel him, so maybe it’s high time for all this to stop,” said Yvette.


Bahati’s 2 year old daughter trades her ‘lines’ for her daddy’s locks! (Photo)

Mueni Bahati has now joined the list of celebrity babies making headlines in the country. The 2 year old was recently introduced by her daddy who had chosen to keep her a secret since she was born and word had it that the singer was not sure whether the baby was his….oops!

Anyway, after making headlines for weeks…baby Mueni has now started changing her lifestyle and this can be seen through her official Instagram page.

When we first saw her the baby was rocking the normal cornrows but her parents seem to have switched her hairstyle to cute baby locks that look like those of her dads.

I bumped into her latest photos and truth be told – Bahati and his daughter did not need any DNA to confirm that the two are related. With her rocking the baby locks, Mueni looks her daddy’s photocopy.

Though I am not sure whether this is how she will be rocking her hair in the coming years, baby Mueni definitely killed this look.

Below is her cute photo;

“He cheated on me and our relationship fell apart after I got pregnant!” Bahati’s baby mama reveals

The moment Yvette’s friends started attacking Bahati’s new girlfriend on social media we knew things would get ugly and the drama just began.

Well for the first time Yvette who is the mother of Bahati’s 2 year old daughter opened up about their relationship during an interview with the Nairobian where she revealed some of the secrets we didn’t know about Bahati.

According to her…she started dating the singer back in 2011 and since he was not known that much, they kept their relationship on the low. Apparently they dated for 5 years but after learning that she was pregnant things just changed. She says he became different this pushed them apart Howe she chose to keep the baby with or without him by his side.

“I started dating Bahati way before he became a celebrity in 2011 and we were in a serious for 5 years. The relationship was good until when I got pregnant and the things started changing. We did not expect the baby but I decided to keep it. “

Happy Bahati with his girlfriend

Kisha Yvette goes on to add that she was never a groupie as many tend to think. Yvette reveals that the singer also cheated on her but she never thought of aborting like how some women her age do. She went on to add,

” That was when we started to grow apart and the relationship was no longer what it was. He cheated on me. I never aborted and I was never a groupie. Last weekend Bahati picked up Mueni as usual and said they were going for lunch only for me to learn later that my daughter was trending on social media. He never sought my consent. I want his friends and girlfriend Diana Marua to stop posting my daughter’s photos. It is disrespectful.”

Well, I bet this is why she seems protective towards her daughter.

Diana Marua’s feeling about Bahati’s ‘new’ daughter

Bahati has three known children whom he adopted in 2014; a boy and two girls. It now turns out that the young gospel singer has another kid.

Bahati adopted Morgan, Purity and Rose sometimes in 2014; the kids were age  4, 4, and 10 years respectively when Bahati took them in.

Bahati with his adopted kids

Well, the singer has introduced yet another kid he says is his. It’s not clear whether the ‘Nikumbushe’ hit maker is Mueni Bahati’s biological father or he also adopted her.

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Bahati’s sweetheart Diana Marua expressed her feeling about the singer’s ‘new’ daughter that not so many people knew about until a few days ago.

Diana Marua with Bahati’s adopted son Morgan Bahati

Diana revealed she loves Mueni Bahati, she said the little princess was blessed to have Bahati as her father.

“I love this innocent soul, so full of love. You’re blessed to have @bahatikenya as your Daddy. You are too adorable little princess @mueni_bahati ?” Diana Marua wrote.

Diana Marua with Bahati’s daughter Mueni Bahati


“Alafu tunaka kujua mama ya mtoto” fans react after Bahati introduces his biological daughter

If there is a secret that was kept well then it’s Bahati’s biological daughter. After the singer introduced and paraded her all over his social media pages fans now want to know the mother of his 2 year old baby girl.

Well, this was somehow expected as Bahati had never introduced any of his girlfriends before until Diana Marua came his way. For some reason we all know that she is not the mother of Mueni Bahati since the two just started dating recently and for this reason everyone is now interested in knowing Bahati’s ex or rather baby mama.

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Bahati's girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati
Bahati’s girlfriend hanging out with his daughter, Mueni Bahati

From the comments left by fans…others congratulated the singer for acting mature while others couldn’t help but bash him for acting ‘too holy’ when he has been ‘fornicating’ all these years. Anyway below are some of the comments from his fans.

Singer Bahati introduces his 2 year old biological daughter that no one knew anything about child (Photos)

This weekend came with it’s surprises as mtoto wa mama aka Bahati for the first time announced that he has a daughter. Yes, a two year old gorgeous baby girl, Mueni Bahati, a child that many knew nothing about.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared a photo from his recent photoshoot with the toddler. Judging from the photo it is a bit obvious to see how the two resemble each other and the caption he used just confirmed that he was ready to admit to the world that he had a child.

It is however a big surprise as he has managed to keep this as a secret for 2 years now. However, after sitting down with his girlfriend Diana Marua…it looks like she convinced him to make this public announcement.

In the caption he used, the young singer thanks Diana for standing by him all through out and for being the perfect soulmate he could have ever asked for. He wrote saying,

Too many blessings have come my way but 2 years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Love of  of my life #Diana for being there for me in all situations, may God bless you. My lovely fans, you’ve stood with me and supported me since day one…I’ll forever be grateful for that. Allow me to introduce to you the angel that God blessed me with, my first born daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU @Mueni_Bahati.

Below are a few photos of the two.