“Yes I beat-her-up proper & she deserved it” Mulamwah confesses to violently attacking his baby mama infront of friends and Church pastor

I know mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu and if possible – it’s best to watch from a distance but then again Mulamwah and his ex girlfriend Carrol Sonnie literally force us into it.

These two will never coparent in peace or even try to solve their issues behind closed doors…but they can do is give interviews!

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

If it were me, I’d rather be sitting down with a bunch of old men to advise me; or rather pay a therapist to b!tch my heart out since I have paid for it. Exposing everything online doesn’t resolve anything and if anything – social media doesn’t care – we just follow up for drama since our lives are less dramatic and if their is any drama… believe me it’s low key.

Anyway not that we’re laughing or mocking both Mulamwah and Sonnie but at their age...surely…kila siku mnagombana like cowives? And with the gender equality talk….who shoukd we blame?

Mulamwah running his mouth

All I know is that Mulamwah is letting his masculinity down by how he runs his mouth and we all saw this during his recent interview with Presenter Ali where he opened up about fighting his baby mama’s pastor; then turning to Carrol who he beat up like a drum….actually what he said is sikupata nafasi ya kumtandika vizuri…….and i was damhn is this even real? Wait….hold up is he on drugs?

Is that bitterness speaking? Does he know they have a kid together? Are we still in 1930? Who are his friends? 

And at this point we can confirm its no longer a clout chasing stunt….Mulamwah needs help and if anything there are so many light skinned ladies out here – forcing himself on the one that got away will just keep making him bitter – and although he doesn’t care about anything (sounds like a depressed person) maybe he should love himself for now. Rebounds will only make it worse.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

Guess what! The Mulamwah’s are back with season 3 of their drama and I’m thinking…this guy is friends with Butita, right? Just of think of it this way….what if he redirected his energy and drama to something that would bring in some money for him and ex Sonnie?

I mean – they both want to stay on the lime light so bad that they continue to wash their dirty linen in public…so how about a reality show? No filter…just the way they are. Because at the point – they’re just making noise.

Think I’m joking? Well after Sonnie introduced her answered prayers a few hours ago; looks like Mulamwah came across the post and now is reacting to it. As seen on his page – the fella has exposed the man he believes to be warming his baby mamas bed – and I kept help but think…how is that his business? Well – they’re not together right? So why even care?

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

Mulamwah with the excuses

Okay wait. We also have to think of it this way…what if Mulamwah and sonnie are working together to remain relevant? Don’t forget this is Nairobi where relationships and businesses are considered similar.

But then again – what if it’s genuine beef?

Anyway according to Mulamwah his ex has been running around with old married men promising her a good life. Again…how is this his problem if they’re no longer an item?

But Mulamwah being himself isn’t letting this slide without giving his honest opinion. According to him the guy he just unveiled has been threatening to kill him for a while now; but why can’t help wonder why?

Could Mulamwah be poking his nose into other peoples businesses ata kama ni baby mama hence the threats he is now receiving?

Mmmh, not sure if there’s anything new I can add on these two always fighting despite having broken up and moving on. But below are photos of Sonnie’s alleged Sponza.


Sonnie’s mubaba with wife