Mungai Eve claims, “I’m a happy girl, no bad blood,” on her split from Director Trevor

Mungai Eve recently celebrated her 24th birthday in Dubai, where she’s been indulging in her dream vacation and sharing envy-inducing pictures of her adventures. In an interview with CEO Wycliffe TV, she expressed her gratitude for the amazing experience, including meeting fans, interacting with others, and enjoying a yacht party.


Mungai Eve Reveals Whether She’s Ready To Date Again After Breaking-Up With Director Trevor

Reflecting on her journey, Mungai credited hard work, mentorship, and faith in God for her growth as a YouTuber. Despite facing challenges in the past, such as dropping out of her Journalism and Mass Communication course due to financial constraints in 2020, she has now found a balance and plans to return to complete her degree.

“I feel like right now I am in a position to balance, plan my life compared to previously,” she shared.


Director Trevor Reveals Qualities He Seeks In A New Partner After Breaking Up With Mungai Eve

Looking ahead, Mungai intends to re-engage fully with her Kenyan audience and continue pursuing her passion for content creation. Regarding her past relationship and any fallout, she maintained a positive outlook, emphasizing that everything happens for a reason and expressing gratitude for her current happiness.

“I don’t have any bad blood; I wish them all the very best,” she stated. “Having grudges is too much to handle; I have so much on my plate.”

As for her dating status, Mungai remained coy but hinted at being open to sharing that aspect of her life with her online family when the time is right.

As Stephen Bhingi professes his crush on Mungai Eve, Mungai Eve laughed

Reggae enthusiast Stephen Bhingi shared a heartwarming moment with Mungai Eve while expressing his affection for her.

During a recent interview with Mungai, Bhingi playfully admitted to having a crush on her, eliciting laughter from the YouTuber.

With a light-hearted tone, Bhingi reassured Mungai that his height shouldn’t be a deterrent, emphasizing his intention to fulfill their purpose in the world.

“Ni kugonga upate mtoto. Jah alitucreate akasema tufulfill the world. So we should fulfill the world, Kujaza kujaza dunia,” he expressed.

Their interaction took a humorous turn when Bhingi likened Mungai to his ex-girlfriend, prompting laughter from both of them.

“You know, you’re short,” she remarked, to which Bhingi replied, “as long as we ni mrasta, we unacheza na rada, juu ukicheza na rada, si unajua as long as we huna pressure …”

Bhingi, known for his rasta-inspired lifestyle, has amassed a large following on TikTok, where he shares snippets of his life.

In a recent post, he captioned his content with a message of gratitude to the Most High JAH.

Bhingi made headlines recently for his meeting with President Ruto, sparking curiosity among Kenyans about their discussion.

He was among the guests invited to witness the announcement of content monetization on Facebook, Reels, and Instagram during the President’s meeting with the Facebook Management Team at State House, Nairobi.

Mungai Eve Reveals Whether She’s Ready To Date Again After Breaking-Up With Director Trevor

Popular digital creator Mungai Eve is open to dating after her public split with ex-boyfriend Director Trevor.

The YouTuber started her own YouTube Channel after Trevor took ownership of the YouTube channel he opened while they were working together.

For the most part, Trevor seemed to be on the winning end as Mungai had to start all over again; but with a brand built with her name.

That being said, Mungai Eve is already up with her plan as she embarks on garnering more & more subs on her channel.

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Recently, she interviewed reggae fanatic Steve Bhingi, who openly declared his love for the damsel. He further gushed over her beauty and brains.

”Kama ni maumbile tungekuwa tunaangalia mimi ningekuuliza kama uko single tunaeza mingle. Wewe umeumbwa ukaumbika. Ukona common sense,” bhingi stated

Bhingi continued to pose a question to Mungai Eve, probing her to answer whether she’s single or not.

”Bado natafuta. Na natafutwa,” Mungai replied.

While Mungai Eve seemingly dodged answeting the question directly, she clearly meant it from her expression.

‘Being A Single Mum Isn’t New’- Jackie Matubia Claims She Has Already Moved On From Her Baby Daddies

Both Trevor and Mungai Eve claimed that they had a different path after their break-up. But a section of netizens still believe there’s a spark between them and they might re-kindle it soon enough. Only time will tell whether they’ll be getting back together.

Watch the full interview below;

After their breakup, director Trevor reveals why he was unable to collaborate with Eve Mungai

Trevor emphasized that, despite the split, they maintained a professional relationship as agreed upon in discussions with Eve’s parents.

“We didn’t break up yesterday as many people assume, or to split up. The parents are aware, we’ve already had a meeting with Eve’s parent, and we agreed that we are not in a relationship but we still work together, and it’s been fine, and we even agreed on how we’ll run the business,” he explained.

However, the collaboration came to an abrupt end when Eve breached their 50/50 agreement regarding revenue distribution from their joint brand, covering platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and others.

Trevor alleged that Eve sought a larger share of the profits, citing her role as the face of the brand.

“We had a 50/50 agreement… (but) Eve felt she does not deserve 50 per cent yet she is the image and the whatever of the brand, so she wanted more,” Trevor recalled.

The breaking point occurred when Eve, who managed the brand’s Instagram account, argued that the platform generated the majority of their revenue in 2023, implying she should have greater control over profit distribution.

Trevor believed that Eve overlooked the collective effort behind the brand, reducing it to individual platforms.

“For me, I felt she was forgetting the fact that… this (brand) is something we both built… and there is a way we should treat it as a business,” he stated.

Trevor also disclosed that Eve suggested buying him out of the brand, a proposal he found infuriating given his integral role in its creation and development.

He dismissed Eve’s offer, questioning her ability to afford a buyout, especially considering the brand’s substantial monthly earnings.

“I wouldn’t even want to hear her offer because I know she cannot afford it. How much would she be willing to pay me for a brand that generates approximately Ksh2 million a month? You cannot buy something from me when you don’t know its value,” Trevor emphasized.

Mungai Eve Celebrates Surpassing 100K Subscribers In Less Than A Week

Mungai Eve, a popular Kenyan content creator, is celebrating a major achievement on her new YouTube channel. Just five days after launching, the channel has surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

Eve took to Instagram on Thursday to express her gratitude to fans for their support. This milestone comes after a public dispute with her former boyfriend, Director Trevor, who allegedly fired her and took control of their previous channel with over 700,000 subscribers.

“Thank you so much guys for the love you have shown me,” Eve said in her post.

“As we speak we’re already at 100K subscribers… Thank you so much for making this possible for us.”

Looking ahead, Eve set a new target of 500,000 subscribers, aiming to “make history” on her new platform. She also promised to continue delivering fresh, inspiring, and empowering content to keep her audience engaged.

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s relationship was rocked by domestic violence

Content creator Mungai Eve and her former partner, Director Trevor (Bonventure Monyancha Kebati), have recently addressed allegations of violence leveled against each other.

In an interview with the Iko Nini Podcast, Director Trevor responded to screenshots circulating online accusing him of assaulting Mungai Eve. Trevor denied the allegations, claiming they were false and alleging that Eve had shared misinformation with Edgar Obare.

Trevor recounted an incident where Eve had attacked him with a cooking stick, causing injury to his face. He emphasized that he did not beat her and suggested that Eve went to Edgar Obare to make him look bad.

“It was just a petty story. It was during those days we were not living together. I was living with my friends as well as Eve, and we would go to our house just to change clothes and all that,” Trevor explained.

Nairobi News reached out to Eve for comment regarding the fight allegations. Eve refuted Trevor’s claims, asserting that he was lying and emphasizing that she would share her side of the story in due course.

“That was self-defense; he was beating me badly; he is lying! I will only share my story when ready, kindly give me time,” she stated.

Trevor and Mungai Eve officially announced their breakup in February 2024, ending their relationship that began in 2023. Eve cited various reasons for the split, noting that it was inevitable and mentioning that there were many issues.

“I was prepared for it; I sensed it was coming. Perhaps he did it to ease his own feelings, I’m not sure,” Eve said on her new YouTube channel when reflecting on her reaction to trending following their separation and Trevor’s statement implying that her services were no longer needed.

Hakunilipa; Kibe on his decision to interview Mungai Eve rather than Trevor

Kenyan Content Creator Andrew Kibe has clarified the reason behind choosing to do an interview with Mungai Eve instead of Director Trevor.

Kibe’s decision raised questions and criticisms from some netizens, as it appeared contrary to his perceived advocacy for the “boy child.”

During the launch of his comedy show in Nairobi, Kibe explained that Mungai Eve compensated him generously for the interview, while Director Trevor did not.

“Trevor alikua anilipe hakunilipa, so why would I give an interview for free? But for real, he never asked for the interview, but Mungai Eve asked for the interview,” responded Andrew Kibe to the inquiry.

Andrew Kibe recently appeared on Mungai Eve’s newly launched YouTube channel, ‘Mungai Eve Media,’ following her departure from Director Trevor’s channel. Kibe was the first guest, engaging in an hour-long session covering various topics, including his career and Mungai Eve’s past relationship with Director Trevor.

Director Trevor Sends Message To Mungai Eve As She Opens Her YouTube Channel

Director Trevor, formerly associated with the YouTube channel “Mungai Eve”, has extended well wishes to Youtuber Eve Mungai on the launch of her new channel “Mungai Eve Media”.

Trevor’s Message

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Trevor posted a message on behalf of “Kenya Online Media (KOM)”, wishing Eve Mungai all the best in her new venture.

“From Kenya Online Media (KOM) we wish Mungai Eve all the best in her new journey,” Trevor wrote.

Eve Mungai’s New Channel

Eve Mungai has launched her own channel, “Mungai Eve Media”, with the motto “Empowering lives, one story at a time”.

In February 2024, Trevor announced changes to the previously shared YouTube channel “Mungai Eve”. The channel was rebranded as “Kenya Online Media (KOM)” and Trevor stated that Eve Mungai would no longer be contributing to the channel.

Mungai Eve Speaks On Cheating Allegations Amid Break-Up With Director Trevor

Content creator Mungai Eve has now opened up about her relationship with Director Trevor, her ex-boyfriend, answering inquiries about infidelity.

When Eve hosted Andrew Kibe on her new show on her You Tube channel, she addressed the issue.

Kibe arrived prepared with inquiries that offered the public a firsthand look of Mungai Eve’s perspective.

Who was cheating was it you or him…I suspect you must be the one who was cheating,” Kibe asked.

“You might be wrong or right” Eve responded without delving into the details and clarifying whether cheating may have contributed to the relationship’s end.
Kibe further asked Eve whether she was completely done with Trevor
“Are you completely done with Trevor?” Kibe asked.
Mungain Eve responded confidently
“yeah, I mean we are.”

The diva talked on how she felt when she became popular after their breakup and Trevor said that Eve’s skills wouldn’t be needed. She said that she was prepared for it because she knew it was inevitable.

“Well I wouldn’t want to talk much about it but it is a whole lot of many things and it was meant to come to an end.” Eve explained.

The two were amoung the youngest celebrity couples making it big in the entertainment industry. And manner in which they shared their love online wouldnt suggest their relationship wouldn’t last. Either way, Kibe had predicted their demise while they were together.


Mungai Eve finally directly addresses getting fired by Director Trevor

Content creator and YouTuber Mungai Eve, who faced public attention following her separation from boyfriend Trevor, recently shared a cryptic message addressing the fallout.

The news of their split intrigued fans, sparking curiosity about the reasons behind it. Despite maintaining a low profile, on February 26, Mungai Eve took to her Instagram Stories to offer a subtle response to the public’s anticipation of her statement.

In a cryptic message, she indirectly conveyed her stance, suggesting that some matters are better left unspoken. She expressed a learning experience about not addressing certain issues online, stating, “As bad as you wanna address it. Some things are better off left unsaid. I’m learning.”

Eve further hinted that she was prioritizing personal growth and moving forward without engaging in public discussions about her relationship. She emphasized living her best life and finding closure without the need for public statements: “Sometimes the only closure you need is closing your mouth, moving on, and living your best life.”

The couple, known for their entertaining and informative content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram covering lifestyle, fashion, comedy, and social issues, had built a significant fan base over the years. The breakup was announced in February 2024, with director Trevor revealing plans to rebrand the YouTube channel and take over their shared social media pages.

Mungai Eve Chooses Privacy Amidst Break-Up With Trevor

Following the news of their separation, social media has been abuzz with speculation surrounding the reasons behind Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s breakup.F Having been seen as a long-standing symbol of relationship goals for many, their split has naturally sparked public curiosity.

Mungai Eve Chooses Privacy Amidst Speculation:

Mungi Eve, currently abroad, has opted to maintain a low profile since Director Trevor publicly announced the separation. While Trevor provided details, including their split in February 2023 and Eve’s departure from their shared YouTube channel, Eve has chosen not to address the matter directly.

Mungai Eve subtly addressed the public’s anticipation of her statement through an Instagram story on February 26th. Her message suggested that certain issues are best left unspoken, indicating a preference for personal reflection and growth.

Through social media posts, Eve appears to prioritize personal growth and moving forward without engaging in public discussions about the relationship. Her message emphasizes the importance of letting go and focusing on a positive future.

Director Trevor and Mungai Eve’s relationship, which began in 2018 and inspired many within the creative industry, has closed the curtain. While their journey together has earned them a special place in their fans’ hearts, both individuals appear to be navigating this new chapter with distinct approaches.

Rael Wangari Credits Mungai Eve For Selection As Her Replacement

Following the recent changes within Director Trevor’s team, Rael Wangari has been introduced as a new member.

Rael emphasizes her unique identity, stating:

“I am not here to replace Mungai Eve; she is Mungai Eve and I am Rael Wangari.”

Transition and Support

Rael acknowledges experiencing initial nervousness but appreciates the encouragement and guidance provided by Mungai Eve during their virtual meeting. This support helped ease her transition into the new role.

“We had a virtual meeting the day we were drafting how I would work for Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, and I was very overwhelmed and nervous, and she encouraged me to be calm and pointed out what she wanted,” she told presenter Ali in an interview.

“A lot of people thought it’s the first time, but I have been working for Mungai Eve Media since last year and it has been a great experience to work with them, I have learnt a lot from Mungai Eve,” she revealed.

Clarifying Timeline

Contrary to speculation, Rael clarifies that her collaboration with Director Trevor and Mungai Eve began in August of the previous year, predating the news of their split.

How Mungai Eve was motivated by Trevor to create content

News surrounding the breakup of digital content creator Mungai Eve and her former boyfriend Director Trevor is currently the talk of the local entertainment scene. However, their compelling humble beginnings in content creation, a skill that propelled them to fame in a classic rags-to-riches fashion, are not widely known, at least from Eve’s perspective.

In a July 2022 interview on their now-defunct Mungai Eve YouTube channel, where fellow content creator Celestine Ndinda, also known as ‘Wakavinye,’ played host, Eve recounted the story of how she met Trevor and got inspired to create content.

The journey commenced in September 2019 when Eve, then 20 years old, traveled to Nairobi to attend college in Juja for a journalism course. Director Trevor, a fourth-year student at JKUAT at the time, was instrumental in their connection.

Eve, born and raised in Murang’a, described herself as ambitious and revealed that it was her first time in Nairobi. She had initially come to school, but life took a turn. After studying only the first semester, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, disrupting learning. She returned to Murang’a while Trevor, whom she had met in early 2019 during a photoshoot, went to Kisii.

After a six-month stint at home, Eve returned to Nairobi in September 2020 upon Trevor’s invitation. Trevor, who had secured a job at the national broadcaster, thought it wise for her to join him in the city to figure things out together.

Eve, with a touch of deception, informed her mother that they had been recalled to school. She decided not to return home, expressing her struggles with overthinking and the difficulty of staying idle at home. Trevor, the only person she knew would accommodate her, became her refuge. At the time, they were both in relationships with their high school partners, but it wasn’t making sense.

Eve shared that her father wanted her to pursue teaching, but her heart was in media. Trevor, with his knowledge of media-related aspects, became her guide. They started as good friends, and as both of their relationships became shaky, they found solace in each other.

Trevor noticed Eve’s potential and suggested that she could do something meaningful. Initially hesitant, Eve eventually embraced the idea of opening a YouTube channel, guided by Trevor’s expertise. Despite being camera-shy initially, their first video, covering the Gengetone Festival, marked the beginning of their content creation journey. The video’s success prompted them to ride on the hype surrounding the rap group Mbogi Genje, leading to interviews and content that catapulted them to stardom.

The channel’s name, Mungai Eve, was coined by Trevor, who insisted on it despite Eve’s initial reservations. The rest became history, and by the time of the rebrand, the channel had amassed over 750,000 subscribers.

Following their split, Trevor rebranded the channel to Kenya Online Media and introduced Rael Wangare as Eve’s replacement on Wednesday.

Director Trevor announces the fresh faces that will replace Mungai Eve

Director Trevor’s YouTube channel, previously known as the ‘Mungai Eve Show’ and now rebranded as ‘Kenya Online Media (KOM),’ has experienced a robust start with the release of more than four videos shortly after the separation and departure of Mungai Eve.

Heading the ‘KOM’ channel, Trevor has formed a new team of reporters, including Captain Nyota, Rael Wangari, and other undisclosed individuals.

In an introductory video, Rael Wangari expressed her enthusiasm for this new chapter in the channel’s journey.

“We are ushering in a new era; what you have known as Mungai Eve Media for so long now has a new identity, Kenya Online Media. That stands as Kenya’s premier online media,” Wangari announced.

The recent videos provide insights into the details of the breakup between the former couple and co-workers, Eve Mungai and Trevor.

Trevor revealed that his romantic relationship with Eve Mungai had ended a year ago, contrary to the public perception of a harmonious romance.

Captain Nyota clarified the situation, stating that they had mutually chosen to keep their breakup confidential and continue working together to safeguard the brand.

“We collaborated professionally last year even after our romantic relationship had concluded. It was only in February this year that we officially decided to go our separate ways,” Trevor disclosed through Nyota.

Insider discusses Mungai Eve and Director Trevor’s separation with a tease

The separation between Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, a prominent YouTube duo in the digital content creation scene, is capturing attention.

Director Trevor, whose real name is Bonventure Monyancha Kebati, has publicly confirmed the dissolution of their professional partnership. Responding to a fan inquiry about potential future collaborations with Eve, Trevor unequivocally stated that their collaboration had ended, and he no longer required her services.

“Her services are no longer needed,” Trevor wrote in a social media post.

Additionally, Trevor announced the removal of Mungai Eve from their management roles across various online platforms, including the Insta Fame YouTube channel, which boasts over 100,000 subscribers, and a Facebook page with an impressive 847,000 followers.

The “Mungai Eve” YouTube channel, established on January 2, 2020, has garnered a significant following of over 750,000 subscribers, featuring an extensive library of 2,353 videos.

Sources close to the couple revealed to Nairobi News that this recent development follows Trevor moving out of their shared residence in Kileleshwa. While residing in the same house, the source mentioned that the former couple had been occupying separate bedrooms. However, Trevor recently relocated to a rented apartment in Kileleshwa.

“It became evident that the relationship had ended long ago, but they chose to remain silent about it,” disclosed an insider familiar with the situation.

The duo has recently unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed any photos of them together from their respective platforms, sparking further speculation and curiosity among their followers.

Unverified rumors have also circulated indicating that the romantic relationship between the two individuals soured due to alleged infidelity in late 2023.

Mungai Eve is currently vacationing in Dubai as fans eagerly anticipate her response to the ongoing situation. This isn’t the first time the duo has faced breakup rumors. In the past, Mungai Eve stated they would never publicly announce a breakup.

Mungai Eve Explains Why She’s Going Private With Her Relationship

Kenyan social media is abuzz with speculation about the status of YouTube couple Mungai Eve and Director Trevor after they seemingly eliminated each other’s photos from their Instagram profiles.

While they still follow each other, the absence of their shared pictures fuels whispers of a potential breakup. Trevor’s profile reveals solo shots only, further intensifying the rumors.

Speculation escalated following reports that Trevor attended a recent New Year’s event without Eve at his side. Netizens eagerly await any official statement from the couple to clarify the situation.

Previous Denials and Eve’s Stance on Public Breakups

This isn’t the first time the couple has faced breakup rumors, which they have consistently denied.

Interestingly, an older video resurfaced during the current buzz, featuring Eve discussing their relationship dynamics. In the interview, she expressed bewilderment at the recurring breakup rumors, acknowledging that they navigate challenges like any other couple.

However, Eve firmly defended their decision to keep their personal matters private, believing they don’t belong in the online spotlight.

Trevor and Mungai Eve Prioritize Love and Planning before Parenthood

YouTube stars Trevor and Mungai Eve have built a devoted following due to their genuine connection, dedication to each other, and shared dream of starting a family. For five years, they’ve cultivated a relationship marked by love, commitment, and thoughtful planning.

Their desire to expand their family has attracted significant attention, with fans often inquiring about their timeline. Though societal expectations frequently play a role in family planning decisions, Trevor and Eve have chosen a different path, opting to prioritize their readiness before taking the leap into parenthood.

While some praise their deliberate approach, others express unwavering curiosity, repeatedly asking about potential baby announcements. Recently, Trevor openly mentioned his dream of adopting a baby boy, a decision that defies conventional expectations surrounding parenthood, especially for celebrities.

The couple has chosen to openly communicate their future plans. They envision welcoming their first child in January 2026, with Eve intending to get pregnant in 2025. This timeframe allows them to further prepare for parenthood and ensure they can provide the best possible environment for their future child.

Eve, in particular, champions the right to make personal decisions about family planning without succumbing to external pressures. They believe the responsibility of parenthood is immense and shouldn’t be rushed into based on external expectations.

Wedding plans are another topic of fan interest. While they haven’t set a date, Trevor appreciates the curiosity and shares their excitement for the future. They remain committed to sharing news about their wedding when they feel ready, highlighting the importance of respecting their own pace and priorities.

In a world obsessed with immediate declarations of family expansion, Trevor and Mungai Eve offer a refreshing perspective. They prioritize their relationship, personal growth, and well-being before taking on the significant responsibility of parenthood. Their approach, fueled by love and careful planning, resonates with many who understand the importance of being fully prepared before welcoming a child.

Mungai Eve & Boyfriend Trevor Share Their YouTube Earnings Worth Millions

Mungai Eve’s boyfriend, Director Trevor, has left fans in shock after revealing the amount of money they make from YouTube.

In a question and answer session with fans on social media, Trevor said that they made Ksh 13.6 Million from YouTube last year. He also revealed that he and Mungai Eve each receive a monthly salary of Ksh 800K from Eve Media, which is generated through YouTube in-stream ads and Facebook.

Trevor dismissed the claim that Mungai Eve makes more money than him, saying that they are both equals and that he wouldn’t mind even if she did since they believe in supporting each other.

Mungai Eve is one of the most successful content creators and YouTubers in Kenya. She has over 742,000 subscribers on her channel, which has millions of views.

Eve started her channel in 2020 after dropping out of journalism school and meeting her boyfriend Trevor during the lockdown. In a previous interview, she revealed that Trevor was the one who inspired her to start her channel.

Mungai Eve has been able to achieve a lot in a short period of time. She has also brought to the limelight many people who are now celebrities.

Trevor and Eve’s story is an inspiration to many young people who are looking to make a living from content creation. It shows that it is possible to achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication.

Mungai Eve discusses dream wedding with Trevor Mungai

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, a celebrity couple, are planning a private and luxurious wedding that could take place outside of Kenya.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the YouTuber Mungai Eve described her dream wedding. She said she wants an intimate ceremony with only the people closest to her and who have supported her and Trevor throughout their relationship. She also dreams of saying “I do” in a luxurious setting outside of Kenya.

When asked about the timing of the wedding, Mungai Eve deferred to Trevor, suggesting that the decision is ultimately up to him.

The couple has been together since 2019, and Mungai Eve credits Trevor for his patience and influence on her temperament. She admits to being outspoken and quick to voice her opinions, but Trevor’s calm nature has taught her the value of patience and composure.

“He is very patient with me because I am very outspoken, and sometimes you will find me speaking my mind anywhere,” she said. “He has taught me how to be very patient. I used to be very temperamental, but Trevor has really helped me to be composed.”

Despite the cyberbullying they have faced at times, Mungai Eve insists that the negativity has not affected their relationship. She recalls instances of false rumors, including claims that she was pregnant when she was simply unwell, and acknowledges that these moments have weighed on them.

“The only thing that used to affect our relationship was the trolls, people saying I was pregnant when maybe I was just sick,” she said. “We would be so low knowing that we were fighting something.”

Despite the challenges they have faced, Mungai Eve and Trevor are committed to their relationship and are excited to celebrate their love with a dream wedding.

Director Trevor Showers Mungai Eve With Praise on Instagram

Director Trevor has taken to Instagram to shower his girlfriend, Mungai Eve, with praise. In a post, he called her his “wife” and said that he was proud of her hard work and dedication.

“Dear Wife, I am So Proud of You & Your Hard Work! Your Dedication Has Brought Us So Far. Keep Shining and Always Remember that I am Here to Support You Every Step of the Way! ????????@mungai_eve,” he wrote.

Eve was quick to respond, thanking her man for his support.

“Aaaaw this is so sweet????❤️❤️❤️ thankyou babe for always supporting me in everything i do???? i Love you❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote.

The couple’s public display of affection has been met with many positive reactions from fans. “This is so sweet! You two are goals,” one fan commented.

“I love how supportive you are of each other,” another fan wrote.

It is clear that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve are very much in love and that they support each other through thick and thin. Their relationship is an inspiration to many, and it is clear that they are meant to be together.

Mungai Eve Celebrates 23rd Birthday With An Exquisite Photoshoot (Photos)

Digital content creator Mungai Eve has just turned 23. At such a young age, the YouTuber has been able to surpass what her fellow agemates have achieved through her immense hard work & consistency in content creation.

To celebrate her birthday, Mungai took to her Instagram to flaunt exquisite photos she has taken on her birthday.

She penned a note to self as she celebrated her wins;

”Chapter 23????❤️
I am a year older on this beautiful day????❤️❤️ i am thankful to God for the far He has brought me,looking back i never knew I would be where i am today but He had carefully crafted my existence and knows me better than anyone does,On this day i pray for wisdom ,good health ,happiness and success upon my life????.
Dear self i am very proud of you ,the world is your stage and you’ve played diligently so far, may you always shine brighter.
To everyone who has been part of my journey i will be forever grateful and i love you so much????❤️.
Cheers to myself for surviving another year????????. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! ”

Mungai Eve’s growing YouTube channel has immensely changed her life. She’s currently among the youngins in the country making it big through YouTube.

Mungai Eve Should Admit She’s Having Baby Fever

YouTuber Mungai Eve has been rumoured to be pregnant one too many times because her belly is often mistaken for a baby bump. The content creator has constantly been coming out to clarify that she is not pregnant every time a rumor started that she was expectant.

She has on several occasions been forced to address the rumors.

Seeing this Mungai Eve has yet again clarified that she is not pregnant and that her bloated stomach has nothing to do with a pregnancy. She went on to ask her fans to stop praying for her a blessing she is not ready for yet.

Mungai Eve pregnant?

They have been with Trevor for over 2 years and despite being denigrated heavily by netizens, they are thriving in their relationship.

However, Mungai recently posted on her social media a meme that suggested she’s actually having baby fever.

And to be honest, with all the wealth they’ve accumulated, they should definitely have a kid by now.

Mungai Eve Bashes Prophets Of ‘Mtaachana Tu’ As She Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Boyfriend

Mungai Eve and her boyfriend have had to undergo numerous scrutiny from the public about their relationship for several years after they came into the limelight. They’ve not only thrived through them; but have also showed the importance of commitment while they were in their relationship.

The two lovebirds are now celebrating 5 years of love without drama scrutinizing their relationship.

Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

Eve took to her social media to celebrate the love of her life; bashing the prophets of ‘mtaachana’ with a minimum of fuss. Through her Instragram, she wrote;

”Today we mark 5 yrs together and all i can say is thankyou to God for the far we’ve come.Happy anniversary to the man i want beside me forever in my life @director_trevor .Thankyou for being a blessing in my life and offering me a friendship that i have always needed my whole life????❤️ we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve stood the test of time, i pray for love that lasts a lifetime and friendship that never ends????❤️. I always thank God for bringing you in my life,you’re such a blessing and my most outstanding achievement, thankyou for always supporting me, believing in me and pushing me so hard to be the best version of myself ????❤️ i will love you to day and forever ????❤️. We’ve had dreams and witnessed them come to pass and I believe more is yet to come , may the lord always guide us❤️????. I love you so much babe
Happy 5th Anniversary to us!
5yrs sounds like a looong time but it has happened so fast lol???????? nasema tano tena✌️✌️????????online aunties najua tumewaeka sana lakini itabidi mvumilie????sisi ndio tuko!”

And it’s only a matter of time before we know if it’ll end like an happily ever after or not.

Mungai Eve Celebrates Success As She Reminisces Having 121 YouTube Subscribers

Mungai Eve has made a fortune out of content creation. And her heartthrob boyfriend Director Trevor should receive an accolade for the immense support he has been showing Mungai Eve from her tarmacking days.
The two lovebirds are now making millions from their YouTube channel: but Mungai’s memories are still fresh on how she began her journey.

Living The Dream

At her early 20’s, Mungai is living the dream. She’s now among the youngins who are smelting millions and living a lavish lifestyle.
Anyway, Mungai hasn’t had a smooth transition from poverty to richness: and it’s all due to fan support and her hardwork.
She shared via her Instagram Reminiscing how far she has come from: with 121 YouTube subs to now over 600K subs:

”I was going through my archives and came accross this????, this was mungai eve channel in October 2020,seeing the far God has brought me and @director_trevor all i can say is God is so faithful! To anyone doing something right now trust the process, never give up always push harder and never be afraid to take risks!

She continued to thank her fans for the immense support;

”A BIG THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR BELIEVING IN MUNGAI EVE BRAND AND SUPPORTING US SINCE DAY ONE???????? i wish i can HUG all of you! May the lord fulfill all your dreams Nawapenda sana????♥️♥️.
To our amazing director @director_trevor always know you are appreciated and thankyou so much for always ensuring we’re giving out great content ????♥️”

The two lovebirds have made a fortune for themselves; already owning a sleek ride and a sumptuous house.

Mungai Eve congratulates Andrew Kibe for major win (Video)

For the longest time Andrew Kibe has always picked on 22 year old Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Trevor; something we may have assumed bothered the couple – but like the saying goes – if you have haters, theres something youre doing right – which explains Mungai Eves latest YT post.

Well, unlike people who hold grudges to a point of dragging it to their business – Mungai Eve knows how to handle work and personal feelings. Just like she features other celebrities on her YT videos, Mungai Eve’s team recently shared a detailed video congratulating Andrew Kibe who just bought himself a brand new Mercedes S550.

From the video we understand the luxurios car cost between Ksh 14M to 18M and if you think thats enough….he wven got a customized plate with his name.

Kibe flaunts customized plates for his Mercedes

Back on his feet after suffering loses

In 2021 Andrew Kibe shared a video opening up about the troubles he faced in 2020 after losing his job at Kiss FM; something that saw him lose his car and house leaving him homeless for a while.

With no savings and genuine friends to turn to, he then pulled himself up and started his Rogue Radio project after relocating to the US.

I was homeless. I thought I would make it the next day after quitting my job, but no. That journey is long. 2020 messed up with me big time but rewarded me at the same time. I am proud of my Rogue Radio project. With this radio, I am going somewhere.

And today….the same.fella is driving one of the funniest cars in the market.

Mungai Eve to take legal action against GSU officer claiming he sponsored her lifestyle before the fame & money

Mungai Eve says she has no option buy to sue a certain comtent creator who poses as a cop on TikTok and allegedly his latest post was mainly trageted at Mungai Eve….simply because he knew this would create good attention or rather numbers on his end.

Man claiming to have sponsored Mungai Eve

So it all started after the alleged cop shared a video exposing Mungai Eve for allegedly udinf and dumping him after her career picked; and she became the internet sensation. According to the guy, back then when he thought he was in a relationship with Mungai Eve – he would apparently cover all her bills and even buy lunch for her interviewees.

Mungai Eve pregnant?

siseme. Nataka gharama yangu I remember buying lunch for those guys you used to interview walikataa shuguli yako kabisaa juu hukua na anything so nowadays you are outside huko hiyo unatembea social media nakumbuka nyumba nilikua nakulipia na caretaker niko na number take hapa and now that I am calling you unanizimia simu.

Receipts for proof

Just when you think everyone is doing the most on social media to get more fans...look at Vera’s alleged flat booty…then Stevo Simple boy’s engagement etc…it’s all a joke.

But as for tbe cop – I guess he over played himself by claiming he has receipts to support his allegations against Mungai Eve saying;

Mungai Eve on 22nd birthday

You know how much I struggled to make sure you recorded your first 30 videos, in fact this is the phone we used Tecno pop four and I am not afraid of reporting that.

And just like that he landed himself a lawsuit that Mungai Eve says will not drop considering the damage caused.

My lawyer is handling the matter he has reached out to the guy and by today morning, he had pulled down the video and had also gone live saying he was sorry he was just clout chasing and you see the damage has been done and everyone is trying to believe it especially when you are a celebrity mimi sijawahi muona ata I have never come across his page. I think he was trying to get views.