Mustafa Reveals How He’s Going To Use The Millions Donated To Him

Legendary musician Mustafa is over the moon after a couple of celebrities came to his rescue after his viral video doing ‘mjengo’ (manual work) touched the hearts of netizens.

In the video, Mustafa looks like a mess; comparing him to his famous days. According to the rapper, most of his money went to his mum’s chemotherapy as she’s been suffering from cancer.

Either way, well wishers came to the rescue, and have raised over Ksh 1 Million for the rapper.

CAS Jaguar and his close friends fundraised en masse almost Sh1 million for him.

Speaking while handing over the money, CAS Charles Njagua aka Jaguar, told that Mustafa is an old friend.

He told that close to 15 friends got together after hearing about his plight.

“Tumepanga kumpeleka kwa mamake on Tuesday…hawajawahi tutusi, hajawahi kutufanyia madharau kwa hivyo ni mtu kama familia yangu”

Kenyans of goodwill have also contributed over Sh600k after Twitter bigwig Fauz Khalid appealed to KOT.

How He Will Spend The Money

Mustafa has now opened up on how he’s going to spend the money, adding that he already has Big Ted to help him invest the money. He continues to state that whatever amount of money he receives, 50% of it goes to his mum.

Karen Nyamu Offers Legendary Musician Mustafa Help

Legendary musician Mustafa has been on the limelight for a couple of days following his sentiments about being broke & having a sick mum.

A viral video of Mustafa doing ‘Mjengo’ roped in several fans’ reactions; where they questioned the pay of the music industry.

The Kenyan rapper, also known as Daudi Mustafa, seeked financial assistance from his fans after facing financial challenges.

The rapper recently spoke to vlogger Eve Mungai, revealing that he has been struggling to keep up with the medical bills for his mother’s chemotherapy. The situation has taken a toll on his finances, leaving him in need of support from his fans.

During the interview, Mustafa expressed his gratitude to his fans and pleaded with them to support him in any way possible.

He has since received numerous proposals; including from Karen Nyamu. The mother of two took to social media to share his Paybill number as she offered to give him personal support.

”Mustapha is an old friend of mine and seeing him in that state shocked me too

In my absense my team visited Mustapha’s ailing mom and offered my personal support. This is an appeal to his fans who are willing to support the family in the smallest way you can na mbarikiwe”

The rapper had been missing in action in the music industry for several years until recently when he revealed that he was working on a new album. Despite his efforts to make a comeback, the rapper has continued to face financial struggles, making it difficult for him to focus on his music career.

Notiflow Reacts To Viral Video Of Her Ex Mustafa Doing ‘Mjengo’

Musician Mustafa is currently struggling to make ends meet. The singer, who is a renowned artist, recently went viral after his video of doing manual work circulated.


The singer working in a ‘mjengo’ left netizens wondering whether it was a lack of money or it was his construction site Others argued that the singer might be working on a music video and the clip was meant to set the mood for him to drop it.


However, Mustafa confirmed that he’s actually struggling to make ends meet and that his mother is sick.

Read also;My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

Mustafa, who doubles up as Notiflow’s ex-boyfriend, has roped in her reaction. According to Notiflow, Mustafa was a serial cheater while they were still together; and he spent his money on his side-chicks. She claims the latter are reasons why she decided to walk away from the relationship.

Noti decided to take the LGBTQ route after undergoing a couple of tumultuous relationships with men.

Colonel Mustafa reveals his plans of exposing his ex Noti Flow for who she is!

Nairobi Diaries actor Colonel Mustafa recently came out to refute stories claiming he is gay and has been housing his boyfriend in Utawala.

This comes a few days after Noti Flow came out to ‘confirm’ that he is indeed gay after dating him for almost 2 years now.

Noti went on to back up Trap King’s statement stating that her ex lover was indeed bisexual after he refused to perform with her during a recent event since his (Mustafa) boyfriend was angry and wanted to leave.

Mustafa responds

Anyway, Mustafa has finally come out to share his side of the story but he says this will only happen during Nairobi Diaries reunion.

According to Mustafa, his bosses at Nairobi Diaries have been advising him to maintain a low profile until the right time. Through his WhatsApp stories the fella went on to post saying;


“Mustafa was using me like his sugar mummy” Noti Flow continues to expose ex Colonel Mustafa

Noti Flow has definitely given fans something to talk about after confirming that her boyfriend of 3 years – Colonel Mustafa is gay.

The rapper who is known for her controversial lifestyle and bi-sexuality has also added that Colonel Mustafa has been dating a fellow man on the low – without her finding out.

Mustafa turns Noti Flow to a sugar mummy?

Thanks to screenshots of her conversation with Trap King Chrome (who was the first one to expose Mustafa) – Noti Flow has also accused Mustafa of using her for money.

The lady says that Mustafa has been depending on her to pay all their bills yet she is 15 younger than her.

Noti Flow

This has left many talking especially now that uncle Muss (Colonel Mustafa) has deactivated his Instagram page and refused to addressed this issue.

Colonel Mustafa deletes Instagram account after he was accused of being called gay

Colonel Mustafa is no longer on Instagram just a few days after Trap King Chrome went on to accuse him of being gay.

According to Trap King, uncle Mustafa has been living with a man who he (Colonel) is romantically involved with.


This however sparked a lot of assumptions as fans questioned whether this is true since he was dating Noti Flow – while others couldn’t but question why he has not yet settled down like his age-mates.

Noti Flow dumps Mustafa

Despite Noti Flow walking out on Mustafa, the fella has been trying to get her back but it seems that she is done with that phase!

Anyway before deactivating his Instagram page, Mustafa shared the post below to prove that he was still dating Noti – only for the lass to delete all her photos with Mustafa on her gram!


Colonel Mustapha’s shocking response after fan questions his HIV status

Rapper Colonel Mustapha seems to be losing his former built body due to unknown reasons.

It could be age catching up with him but judging from his recent photos; something is really off with the rapper.

His latest appearance left one of his fans questioning whether he could be infected with HIV/AIDS; but apart from his alarming photos on Instagram, his response to is what caught me by surprise.

Ukimwi ni swagga

According to Colonel, having HIV/AIDS is more cooler than having being infected by Ebola. Not quite sure what his intention was but seems like Mustapha did not think his comment through before writing it down.

Anyway checkout his photos below.


Noti Flow reveals why she dumped Mustafa and why she is waiting for Mr Right

Controversial rapper Noti Flow has finally confirmed that she was in a relay with Mustafa but the two are now through.

The lady who also happens to be part of reality show Nairobi Diaries has had her share of men but is now focused on finding herself a serious man who will not play games.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

Noti said this while speaking to the Nairobian where she went on to add that she is ready to settle and has been praying for a good man and hopefully – he will come to her soon. She said,

“I am not saying this with anyone in mind. No, I am not making a prayer with an open eye. I am serious that I want to settle down and I am waiting for my Mr. Right,”

However, with the type of lifestyle she leads one can’t be sure how things will work out for her but we wish her all the best!

Mustafa calls for ceasefire as Prezzo threatens to settle their beef with a gun

Colonel Mustafa has chicken out of earlier plan to get physical with Prezzo after the bad boy rapper opted to take a gun to their fight.

Mustafa and Prezzo have been embroiled in a fierce tussle because of Michelle Yola. Prezzo caught a major one when Yola dumped him and started hanging out with Mustafa.

Prezzo warned Mustafa to stay away from Yola but the thirsty rapper instead played down the warning and insisted that he would take good care of Prezzo’s ex.

Mustafa has since been unnerved by Prezzo’s threat to use deadly firearm to settle their beef. Prezzo has history of gun drama, he has brandished his firearm in public a number of times when he was provoked.

In an interview with Ghafla! Mustafa insisted there was no need to fight with Prezzo and instead urged his nemesis to go back to Nairobi Diaries so that they could settle their beef amicably.

Watch the interview below: