Mwalimu Rachel toasts to the demise of Sailors Gang

The popular Kenyan music group Sailors has been at the center of controversy since one of its members, Peter Miracle Baby, alleged that the group’s downfall can be attributed to a record label deal they entered into.

According to Miracle Baby, an international label offered free audio and video production to Gengetone groups in exchange for signing with them. This led Sailors to part ways with their manager, media personality Mwalimu Rachel.

In his revelation, Miracle Baby claims that a group of industry insiders, referred to as “cartels,” noticed the rising popularity of Gengetone music and decided to invest in the genre. They offered financial support for audio and video production to Gengetone artists, including Sailors, as part of a signing deal.

However, the consequences of this decision led to unforeseen challenges and the ultimate demise of the group.

Mwalimu Rachel has denied Miracle Baby’s allegations, stating that she was never involved in any shady dealings. She has also pointed out that she was falsely accused of theft and sabotaging the group’s career.

Despite these accusations, Mwalimu Rachel has remained resilient and focused on clearing her name. She has also spoken out about the difficulties she faced during this period, including threats to her life and her son’s.

The Sailors controversy is a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and betrayal. It is also a reminder that the music industry is not always a fair or just place.

“Because no one will tell my story for me, I will tell it. Stop blaming “cartels” You got greedy. You lacked patience. I warned you. Instead you went out tarnishing my name saying I stole from you 15 million per month. Lol. Sasa kinawaramba. Nilisema one day the truth shall come out. Seems the day is here.”

Mwalimu Rachel Regrets Managing Sailors Gang

Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has opened up about her regrets in managing the gengetone boy band Sailors Gang.

In a recent interview on her YouTube channel, Rachel said that managing Sailors Gang was one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

“I regret ever managing Sailors Gang,” she said. “It was a very toxic experience for me.”

Rachel said that she was initially excited to manage Sailors Gang, as they were one of the most popular gengetone groups in Kenya at the time. However, she soon realized that the group was full of drama and conflict.

“There was always fighting and arguing. “I was constantly having to mediate between the members.”

Rachel said that she also had to deal with the group’s manager, who she said was “very controlling.”

“He was always trying to tell me what to do. “It was very frustrating.”

Rachel said that she eventually decided to quit managing Sailors Gang, as she could no longer handle the stress.

“I was at my wit’s end,” she said. “I had to get out of that situation.”

Rachel continued to state that she hopes her story will serve as a warning to other people who are considering managing a music group.

Rachel is now focusing on her own career as a radio personality and influencer. She said that she is much happier now that she is no longer involved with Sailors Gang.

“I’m finally at peace,” she said. “I can focus on my own thing.”

Is Bensoul dating Mwalimu Rachel? (VIDEO)

Bensoul and Mwalimu Rachel have sparked rumours after a video of them chilling together and his caption too was tailored to set tongues wagging and true to form, his fans have come to agree that he should indeed shoot his shot.

Bensoul’s caption read:

Hapa mkinipea blessings sitawaangusha . Ona Furaha ya Somebody New. @theemwalimurachel ambia @akotheekenya we are next in line.????

His fans took to the comment section of the post to react and this is what they had to say:


  • Nimengojaa kuvutishwa lion of sudah????????❤️????

    See translation
  • magiiosore's profile picture
    Approved, niekwe kwenye line up????????????

Mwalimu Rachel addresses claims she beat up an upcoming artiste and squeezed his b*lls

Social media is one interesting place to visit especially when bored, chilled out or just want to come across something that will either leave you in stitches. For instance do you remember that time Mwalimu Rachel was accused of hurting a certain by squeezing his balls?

I mean, who comes up with such ideas and wait, was he on the ground, standing, pinned against the wall – like seriously I wish I had enough details to paint the picture for you.

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Mwalimu Rachel

Anyway, back in 2020 Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors had a huge scandal following their separation in 2019 and of course this being a business relationship – both parties wanted to benefit from their split.


Apparently Sailors wanted to join the Black Market Label (by force) while Mwalimu Rachel wished to be rewarded for the hard work she had put in the boys and their YouTube channel hence the Ksh 1.5 million charge.

Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors

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Well if you think it went down easy then it’s time to make good use of your google to find out more, but again – this brings us to the squeezed balls narrative that left many men hating on Mwalimu Rachel.

According to reports back then, word has it that Mwalimu Rachel apparently attacked one of Sailors’ close friends and with the help of bouncers – they beat him up and to put the cherry on top of the cake – Mwalimu Rachel went after the young singers balls, squeezing and hurting them. Alaaaaaaa Alaaaaah!

She responds

Well, close to 2 years later Mwalimu Rachel has finally addressed the issue and just like before – the lady maintains her innocence.

She did this through a QnA post seeion where a fan asked;

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During time ya Sailors kuna msee ulifinya balls?

To which Rachel said;

A lie, but y’all will believe anything on social media. I will NEVER defend myself

Okay – not to side with anyone on this one but imagine this….Mwalimu Rachel squeezing this man’s balls.

Man said to have been beaten by Mwalimu Rachel



What Mwalimu Rachel told Sailors after crawling back to her in 2021

Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has finally opened up about her ugly ‘breakup’ with Sailors; a gengetone boy band she had been managing since 2017’ish.

As you already know, Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors became an item in 2019 on 5th April; after the boy band approached her hoping to push their song Wamlambez through her YouTube channel since the song was already a number hit in Kenya.

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In July of the same year, Rachel however says she created another YouTube channel which they would use as they official page.

Tbt: Sailors with Mwalimu Rachel

“I had to convince them that they needed their own channel and in time they would gain even more subscribers than me. They reluctantly agreed. And so I started the channel from scratch, went to Ngomma to have them in charge of collecting royalties and protect their content on YouTube.

Things however took a different turn towards the end of 2019 as they got poached by Black Market Label; which they signed a legal deal to but without Mwalimu Rachel knowing. Speaking about this in early 2020, the NRG presenter revealed;

Sailors, led by Miracle Baby, approached this record company and signed a deal with them. Without my knowledge

The drama and regrets

To cut the story short, looks like Mwalimu Rachel got paid for Equity, Ownership and Return On investment; but Sailors on the other hand started losing their touch with the fans hence their current silence. But oh wait, the pandemic also highly contributed to their fall.

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Anyway about a year later, Mwalimu Rachel says that she was approached by the boys (don’t forget they took her to court and the messy scandal) hoping she would probably take them back.

Although the presenter did not share so much information on why they contacted her in October, 2021; it’s kinda obvious to see why they would crawled back.

Mwalimu Rachel

Speaking during her recent interview, the radio presenter said;

I told them they first talk to their new label so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

I guess it’s just her being cautious after all that drama and like the saying goes, once bitten…..

“I did not kill their careers” Mwalimu Rachel addresses beef between her and Gengetone artists, sailors

It has been a tough journey for Mwalimu Rachel who parted ways with Gengetone boyband,Sailors. From what we gathered back then is that the boys went behind her back and signed a new deal with black market records; and being the one who was managing the group – Mwalimu Rachel felt played.

One thing led to another and finally Mwalimu Rachel finally let Sailors move on after they their paid for her services; not forgetting the YouTube channel she had given them to use for their music. Truth is, things really got ugly during the separation time and to some extend – they even took the matter to court.

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Mwalimu Rachel spends night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

What many don’t know is what happened behind the scenes and thanks to a detailed interview by Mwalimu Rachel; we get to hear her side of the story and how it affected her as a person. Well, according to Mwalimu Rachel, parting ways with the Sailors boys not only affected her – but – her son who received death threats.

The negativity I have found online has really shaken me. My son and I have received death threats from the fans because of the YouTube channel

I did not kill their careers – Mwalimu Rachel

Speaking during a sit down with Cutizen Digital, the media personality made it known that the rumors claiming that she killed the boys career is false; adding that all along she treated them with motherly care.

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I did not kill their career. People think I did and they have gone ahead and asked my bosses to fire me yet they know nothing about the story. Unfortunately, social media is the way it is and nothing can be done about that. I have always kept quiet because I’m not only protecting myself but them also. And they know this. You do not relinquish your motherly care because of turmoil, and that motherly love has always been there.

However since their relationship was based on business terms; Rachel says she did not charge sailors anything – but – the new music label which was now taking over. According to Rachel she only charged them (BML) for her YouTube channel which she says was Ksh 1.5 million back then.

As a business that has not binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over logins? The simple answer is no.” “After all it’s just business, nothing personal, but I know there’s a proper way to do it. I estimated the value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, at Ksh1.5 Million (I’m starting to think I underquoted). I was charging the record label so that they can take the ownership of this channel. I was not charging sailors.”

Mwalimu Rachel breaks down in tears while narrating nasty fall out with Sailors (Video)

Renowned media personality Mwalimu Rachel couldn’t hold back her tears while explaining to Jalang’o how she had helped Sailors Gang grow and how they had chosen to stab her in the back.

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The NRG Radio presenter, who is currently embroiled in a war of words with the Wamlambez hitmakers, revealed that she was first approached by Shalkido who later introduced her to the other members of the group.

Sailors Gang

They then informed her that they had recorded a song dubbed Wamlambez and needed her help popularizing it on radio as well as YouTube. Fortunately, she agreed to help them.

Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors Gang enjoyed a good working relationship and trouble started sometime last year when Miracle Baby met representatives of Black Market Records and signed a deal with them on behalf of the group.

She revealed that the record label promised them many things like paying their rent, giving them money and other good things when they signed a deal with them. However, she was in the dark about all this.

Mwalimu Rachel

“Without my knowledge, Miracle Baby met them and signed a deal. I did not know about it until someone from the label came up to me and told me that it was a done deal,” she explained.

Mwalimu Rachel disclosed that she was really hurt because she had put a her heart and soul into building the group from the ground.

“I was being abused every time when someone felt like they did not like the progress that Sailors was making, they were attacking me not the group. As a human being and a mother, how was I supposed to take it,” she explained amidst tears.

Watch the video below.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal

Radio presenter Mwalimu has not been having an easy time with the Sailors Gang gang especially now that there is beef. This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that she discovered the boys; back when Gengetone had just become a thing in the entertainment industry.

A few months later, the presenter and Sailors Gang gang apparently can’t see eye to eye due to a few reasons here and there. The whole drama however started after Mwalimu Rachel was accused of squeezing one of Sailors gang friend’s balls.

Sailors Gang preforming

Yes, this was more than drama but a real case that saw the presenter present her self in court for the hearing. Since then, nothing has been the same between the former manager and the Gengetone artists.

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Accused of refusing with their YouTube logins

Well, this past weekend rumor spread around claiming that Mwalimu Rachel had refused to hand over Sailors Gang Gang Youtube channel. According to reports, the presenter asked for Ksh1.5 million in order for her to grant them access; now that they are under the Blackmarket record.

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She tweeted;

Smart ladies run businesses. Not their mouths. Nawapemda wote! I shall address the nation later my loves. Mimi sikimbilii maneno. Kwa sasa tuchape kazi.

The presenter went on to add;

Put emotions to the side when running business.

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Mwalimu Rachel speaks

Of course, this makes the NRG presenter look selfish and greedy; but after coming across her latest Tweets, we also understand that this was more of a business for her.

Having the boys walk out on her with no agreement – might be the reason why they now feel that she is taking advantage of the situation. However, truth is one way or another both parties will have to benefit if they decide to head to court.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

Over the weekend, Sailors Gang revealed that they had fallen out with their manager Mwalimu Rachel and that she was demanding a total sum of KSh 1.5 million from them.

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The worst thing about this whole story in my opinion is that she has taken hostage of their YouTube channel so they had to start a new one.

Sailors Gang

This story is saddening especially if you remember that when the Wamlambez hitmakers were starting off, they had to post the music on Mwalimu Rachel’s YouTube channel until the public protested and asked her to allow them to have their own channel.

As we speak, Mwalimu Rachel’s channel is at 126,000 subscribers, which is largely because off Sailors Gang’s effort because her own videos used to get dismal views until she started posting their music.

Interestingly, the channel that the media personality is now holding hostage also has 126,000 subscribers and I believe they could be more if Mwalimu Rachel had allowed them to have their own account from the get-go.

The channel that they have now started only has 1,020 subscribers and this pains me because they have struggled to build both channels and now they have to start over.

Although I don’t know more details about the fall out, I believe that Mwalimu Rachel who was using them is now mistreating them for no apparent reason.

Granted, Sailors Gang approached her when they were starting out but that does not necessarily mean that she made them who they are today.

She may have helped them in one way or another but they got to where they are today not just because they are talented but because they pushed themselves hard.


For some reason, managers feel entitled to a big fraction of artists earnings because they are the ones who do help them plan or open certain doors but this is utterly wrong, the best word that describes this in greed.

We’ve seen many artists falling out with their managers after they become big or have a big hit because of the same greed that I’m talking about.

From the very beginning, artists need to lay out the terms of the agreement between them and the managers if they don’t want to see such ugly scenarios. They should seek the services of a lawyer if necessary.

This sense of entitlement by managers must also stop. If you want to help someone in their career because you think that they are talented, then do so without a hidden agenda. Enough said.

Watch their latest jam dubbed Kulewa Kuchuchuma below and tell us what you think.

Mwalimu Rachel parades the only balls she squeezes weeks after she allegedly assaulted Miracle Baby’s best-friend

NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel is currently facing robbery with violence charges; after allegedly attacking Miracle Baby’s (From sailors) best friend, Martin Mbugua Njeri.

Miracle Baby
Miracle Baby

According to the assaulted up coming artist and a few witnesses, Mwalimu Rachel apparently beat up Miracle Baby’s friend and even squeezed his balls.

The young singer’s guardian Shadii Gachii added that he personally took Martin to the hospital where he was treated; before they headed to Kinoo police station where they were issued with a P3.

“We later recorded a statement at Kinoo police post and Rachel is yet to go to the police,”

Mwalimu Rachel in court

The popular radio presenter was then forced to appear in at the Kikuyu law court alongside four others for allegedly robbing singer,Martin Mbugua Njeri of valuables worth Sh103,000.

Presenter Mwalimu Rachel

As seen on the charge sheet, Ms Njeru and her accomplices committed the crime on January 17 at Kinoo, Kikuyu sub-county within Kiambu County. The sheet read;

Mwalimu Rachel facing assault charges

On the 17th day of January 2020 at Kinoo 87 area in Kikuyu sub-county in Kiambu county, jointly with four others not in court, she robbed Martin Mbugua Njeri of two silver chains, valued at ksh 65,000, a wristwatch worth Ksh 35,000 and Ksh 3600. All of a total value of Ksh 103,600.”

Radio presenter finally speaks up for the first time

After maintaining her silence for weeks, Mwalimu Rachel finally opened up about the issue on her Instagram. As seen on the post, she claims that she was accused falsely and from the look of things people seem to believe the lies!

Anyway, even with this… Mwalimu Rachel has found a better way to turn her situation into a business idea. Through her Instagram page the lady shared the photo below and captioned it;

The ONLY balls I squeeze. But y’all want to believe the sensational lies out there ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Lol. Business idea loading… #Thanks #TurnLiesToCash #2020IsMyYearLikeItOrNot


Kenyan artists should be more creative. Stop proposing on stage- Mwalimu Rachael 

It seems like every Kenyan artist thinking of marrying his girlfriend will just wait when she’s on stage or during a show and then go down on one knee to pop the question.

It happened to singer Vivian, King Kaka did it during his album launch, Bahati did it to wife Diana Marua on the first day of 2019 and a bunch of many other artists have pulled this move.


While this is a nice stunt, NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael believes Kenyan artists should ditch it and be more creative.

She believes that anyone who is doing it now will just look like a copy cat.

“Please do not propose to her on stage. Everyone is now going to say you know what? aii sasa unacopy king kaka vile alifanya.achana nayo get creative there are so many ways to propose to a woman. i hope i don’t sound bitter.” she said. 


Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael recounts running away from home after playing with boys

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael has mentioned once in a while that she started out as a tomboy. The NRG presenter, in her blog, recently confessed how hanging out with boys got her in trouble.

Had to run away

In her blog, the presenter shared that playing basketball with her male friends got her in a lot of trouble and she even had to run away from home.

Here is a post:

“Living in Embu where nothing much happens, and being mostly in doors because being a girl at that age is both a blessing and a curse (fear of getting preggers etc). For some reason, maybe it was hormones, maybe laws of nature, my mother and I just did not get along. Shouting matches were a norm. Poor woman thought I was possessed. I had become this girl who was constantly angry,” she said in the post.

She continued:

“I think I was just upset at the system. That I had to wait so long before attaining the “freedom” I longed for.  I had studied hard for one sole reason- to go to Nairobi. I did not really care which Uni. I just wanted out. Being under lock and key was weighing me down and upsetting me. They didn’t understand me. I was bored out of my BRAIN! I just wanted to change routine and mingle with peers.

So what became my pattern? Going to bed at 3AM, waking up at 2PM doing nothing productive and the cycle continued for some months. At this point maybe my parents had put me on suicide watch I dunno… I was just weird.

I did make an effort to break the cycle though, occasionally playing basketball with some of the guys around our village at the church court but before long, tongues started wagging about this girl who was playing with boys and how inappropriate it was since it is a relatively contact sport.  In trying to defend myself, pastor akaitwa in my honor. Apparently I was being rebellious. Prayers were held to ‘correct me’ and as I result, I hated my parents more and became even more angry.

One day I just snapped. I hatched a plan to “escape” I needed to feel something, anything that wasn’t the kawaida. I needed to feel alive. My lil sis would have to be the decoy. I packed a bag and got the money I had been saving (ok more like been pinching from the change after shopping) and told my sis to distract my mum who was in the backyard. My dad was away somewhere so I had a chance. I called my cousin who lived in Embakasi and told him I needed a place to stay for couple of days till I figured things out. Lol…Sounds so “white” …figure things out. Hahahah!  Things went according to plan and I arrived at my cuzo’s. He didn’t pressure me into going back (bless his soul!) He let me rest, have something to eat and later on asked me if he could call my folks and he would speak to them, re-assure them that I was safe and sound.


I stayed at his place for almost a month if I remember correctly. Man, he really came through for me. When I returned home, my parents handled me a bit differently and listened more. Took time to rebuild our relationship and specially with my mom but in the end, we worked things out. Thank God I went to Uni soon after though! Lol.”


I am the head presenter now! Mwalimu Rachael explains why she had to ditch HBR radio for the new NRG in emotional post 

No one saw it coming. Not her fans, colleagues, not even some of the industry players.

Popular radio presenter, Mwalimu Rachael has now opened up on some of the reasons why she left Homeboyz Radio for the new NRG Radio that has just been launched.

According to the presenter, she was at the top of her game and her show was one of the best at HBR when she left for NRG, a thing that left many confused. In her latest blog, she shared some of the reasons why she had moved to NRG saying that she needed new challenges as a presenter.

Time to use 10 years of experience

Mwalimu Rachael at NRG

She said that the new job kind of scared her but she was very willing to absorb the pressure which will see her successfully use her 10 years of experience.

“I left my former place of work Homeboyz Radio on the 19th of January 2018 and reported to my new home NRG Radio 91.3 FM on the 5th of March 2018 (I write this so y’all can remind me of the anniversary lol),” She said on the post. 

“Why I left HBR at a time I was doing so well?

“This is my new studio and yooo! I love it!

“I am the head presenter at NRG radio and I have to say it comes with some pressure, but the good kind. This is where I get to really use my 10 years experience in the radio industry and help bring in the new crop of presenters. Something I love to do. I’m in a good space. I will also get to explore other areas of the broadcasting business and I can’t wait to challenge myself more!”

Popular radio Mwalimu Rachel announces her exit from Homeboyz

Thee Mwalimu Rachel, a popular radio presenter from HBR will no longer be part of the radio station.

The lady who is popularly known by her Class 124 afternoon session is now hanging her boots. This comes after working for the station for close to a decade now.

She started off as an intern and had to work her way to the top. Mwalimu Rachel is now a brand and after serving her loyal fans, she has decided to give it a rest.

Mwalimu Rachel announces her exit

Through her Instagram page the lady shared a post where she revealed that today’s show will be the final run. Though she did not point out why she was leaving; the comments left by fans show how much effect she had on them.

This comes exactly a month after another HBR presenter, Miss Lily Kamau also exited.