Veteran Bongo rapper Mwana FA survives horrific car crash

Back in the day when Bongo music was legit, we used to have the likes of Professor Jay; TmK wanaume, Juma Nature, Chege and Mwana FA among others.

Of course by now they’ve all retired (not so sure about Chege) but with how Bongo music has changes; none of the guys named above has been able to compete with the likes of Diamond Platnumz, King Kiba and the rest.

Mwana Fa declared the new Muheza MP

As for Professor Jay and Mwana FA they both ventured into politics where they’ve both been doing well. However things havent been so smooth for Mwana FA who is presently serving as the Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s Member of Parliament for Muheza constituency.

In 2020 Mwana FA was allegedly hooked to life support machines after contracting Covid 19; which almost robbed him off his life.

Mwana FA hospitalized

Horrific accident in 2021

Well having survived the pandemic in 2020; it appears that Mwana FA will also live to remember 2021 for the rest of his life.

This is after he survived a horrific car crash that has left his car probably written off; but what has surprised many is how he managed to walk out alive and with minor injuries. Announcing about the accident, Mwana FA through his page wrote;

Acheni Mungu aitwe Mungu.. Alhamdulillah!

Mwana FA car after crash
Mwana FA survives road accident
Politician survives road crash

Major wins as WCB’s Babu Tale and Mwana FA bag top parliamentary seats in Tanzania elections

The Wasafi family has bagged double blessings after two of its top members clinched parliamentary seats in the just concluded Tanzania elections.

Diamond Platnumz’ long-time manager, Babu Tale who lost his wife Shamsa Kombo Tale on the morning of June 28, 2020, might finally have something to be proud of, of the dark year.

Their wins

Babu Tale has been declared the new Morogoro South East constituency legislator after going unopposed.

WCB’s Babu Tale declared the new Morogoro South East MP

Meanwhile, popular Wasafi records rapper, Hamis Mwinjuma aka Mwana Fa has been declared the new Muheza constituency legislator.

The two Bongo celebrities vied for their parliamentary seats on the ruling CCM party tickets.

Babu Tale, Mwana Fa clinch parliamentary seats in Tanzania elections

Mwana Fa was among the few lucky CCM members who successfully sought the party’s approval from a pool of 10,367 against 264 parliamentary seats, in August 2020. 

The party’s publicity secretary, Humphrey Polepole, explained that they carefully selected political aspirants “who will protect the wider interests of the people, the party and the nation as a whole”.

WCB’s Mwana Fa declared the new Muheza MP

Babu Tale on the other hand clinched the coveted Morogoro parliamentary seat after flooring Tanzania’s assistant Agricultural minister Omary Mgumbe who was the incumbent.

Barely 3 months ago while declaring his bid for the MP seat, Hamisi Shaban Taletale received massive support from the Wasafi family.

Who expressed strong belief that he could duly deliver both to the political party and the constituents ahead of the October elections.

Wasafi family wins big in the just concluded Tanzania parliamentary elections

The two newest celebrity MPs in town, could not contain their excitement following the mega announcements.

Mwana FA reveals how he beat Coronavirus after testing positive 8 times!

After fans started questioning about Mwana FA’s where abouts; the Bongo singer surfaced yesterday to reveal that he was doing fine and is now coronavirus free!

According to Mwana FA who had an interview on Clouds FM, he went on to reveal that it took him 28 days in isolation for him to recover!

The singer went on to add that things got worse for him after he forced to take several Coronavirus tests; and unfortunately it took him 8 tests for him to test negative.

Mwana FA hospitalized

Speaking to Clouds, Mwana FA went on to add that a test was only carried after 72 hours, which forced him to stay longer in isolation.

Nimekaa siku 28 kwenye isolation, nimepimwa mara 8 hadi kupatikana negative, mara zote nilizopimwa nilikuwa napatikana positive na ukipatikana positive wanakaa masaa 72 hadi kukupima tena! Naweza kusema ni kama huyu mdudu alining’ang’ania.

Fully recovered!

However through it all, Mwana FA has finally recovered and is now back to living his normal life! Just recently he was caught on Camera dinning with some of his friends.

Anyway while responding to a question posed by one of the Cloud FM’s presenter, Mwana FA  confirmed that he was now better. He went on to speak saying;

Mwana FA

Nimepona kwa sasa, tena baada ya kupima mara 8, hata ukiniuliza nimefanya mbinu gani hata sijui, kila kitu nilichokuwa naambiwa kwamba kitasaidia nafanya, jifukize kupitia karafuu, tangawizi na limao kwenye maji, nijifukize kwa dk 15 mara tatu 3 kwa siku nafanya, au kuna dawa ya antibiotic nakunywa.

Mwana FA missing

This comes barely 24 hours after fans and a few friends came out questioning where Mwana FA had disappeared to; shortlists after announcing his Coronavirus results on social media.

He is however not the only one who has been maintaining his silence after getting out of Isolation. So far, Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK has also been on the low; but the good thing is that he made it out alive despite the complications!

Where is Mwana FA? Bongo singer disappears from social media weeks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Bongo singer Mwana FA is not known where he is or what happened to him. Before his disappearance from social media; the artist announced that he had been infected by the Coronavirus while jetting back to Tz from South Africa.

According to the singer, he put himself into isolation to avoid infecting his family; and though his case seem mild – a few fans here; and there couldn’t help but troll him for ‘trying to endorse’ the sickness.

Mwana FA hospitalized

However turns out that things were quite serious since he has been missing from social media for about 4 weeks now. Not his Facebook, Twitter nor Instagram have been active for all those weeks a now fans can’t help but question about his whereabouts.

Coronavirus deaths

So far many claims that the government of Tanzania has been hiding the real number of people affected by the virus!

Others claim that the number is higher than what is been being reported and if anything; nothing about virus in Tz is transparent.

Singer MwanaFA

The number of deaths announced also seems quite suspicious and I bet this is why fans now want to know whether Mwana FA is fine.

Mwana FA

Don’t get me wrong, all fans want to know is whether he made it out of the quarantine or not.

Having him disappear from his social media pages has undeniably left some of his fans worried and scared for his family.

And of course being a celebrity, it’s only fair when fans are aware of what is going on in some of these celebs lives. Below are just a few comments from fans questioning about Mwana FA’s current state; now that he seems to have disappeared into thin air weeks after his last post.

“Where is Mwana FA?” fans question

Did Mwana FA lie about his Coronavirus positive status? He speaks!

Mwana FA recently announced that his coronavirus tests came in positive after jetting in to Tz from South Africa; where he had travelled for business.

In his video, the father of two revealed that he was not feeling all well while leaving South Africa; and immediately after arriving in Tz, he went straight to run the coronavirus test just to be sure about his status.

Artist Mwana FA

Fortunately his results came in as soon as possible, a move that helped him protect his loved ones as he did not come into contact with any of children or family members.

Faking sickness

However word on most Tanzanian gossip tabloids is that the rapper lied about his status – just to catch everybody’s attention and of course a pity party of him!

Fans went on to criticize him for acting like the sickness was not dangerous yet they were aware of the cases of deaths back in Europe.

According to most, Mwana FA’s don’t care attitude might have just confirmed that he either lied about his status; or was endorsing the sickness to create awareness around Tz.

Mwana FA

Mwana FA responds

Anyway, through his Instagram page Mwana FA refuted the claims saying;

Siku ya 5;
Ndugu zangu ntaendelea kuwajulisha kinachoendelea sababu najua ni wajibu wangu. Kwa vile nchini kwetu sio watu wengi waliothibitika kuwa na virusi hivi na ni ugonjwa mpya kwa hivyo najua kuna ambao wangependa kujua kinachoendelea kutoka kwa aliyevipata.

Mwana FA

He went on to add;

Poleni kwa waliokwazika nilipouita corona ugonjwa mdogo kulinganisha na Malaria; lakini nilikuwa naelezea nnavyojisikia sasa na nilivyokuwa najisikia mara zote nilizoumwa Malaria. Sio kuudharau. Poleni kwa mkanganyiko ule sikudhamiria itokee namna ilivyotafsiriwa. Ni matumaini yangu mlipata ujumbe mwingine uliokuwa kwenye maandishi yale.

In conclusion Mwana FA said that he just has the normal flu signs; but nothing major to cause an alarm especially now that he has doctors watching him 24/7.

Siku ya 5 kama nilivyosema na homa iliyokuwa dalili ya kwanza iliyonifanya kupimwa haijanirudia,nashukuru,na naomba isinirudie tena. Kichwa changu tu kimebaki kizito,(najiambia labda ni sababu ya kulala sana) na nna vidonda “vya homa” mdomoni.

Zaidi ya hapo nipo sawa tu.
Nawaomba tena mchukue kila tahadhari inayoelekezwa na wataalamu na ukijisikia kuwa na dalili zilizotajwa ama kuona mtu anazo usiache kupiga simu 08001100124 ama 08001100125 kuripoti..itasaidia watu wetu wengi. Tuoshe mikono kama mashindano,na tusipeane hiyo mikono pia. Tusiguse nyuso zetu. Na tukwepe mikusanyiko. Tukidhamiria kwelikweli tutaidhibiti tu Corona.

King Kiba’s message after Diamond Platnumz manager and Mwana FA test positive for coronavirus

Ali Kiba has joined the list of celebrities wishing all coronavirus patients a quick recovery through his Instagram page.

Earlier Friday morning Ali Kiba shared what appeared to be a prayer on his Instagram page; crying out to God not to punish his people with the virus that seems to be making rounds around the world.

Ali Kiba and Ommy Dimpoz
King Kiba with bff, Ommy Dimpoz

According to Ali Kiba the virus seems to have affected even places of worship as people can no longer gather for prayers. Through his Instagram page Alikiba wrote;

Ya Raab, Ya Raab, Ya Raab, tutizame kwa jicho la huruma, tumekosa na sisi ni viumbe dhaifu. Tunakuomba kwa Rehma zako, tuepushie hili janga, tusamehe madhambi yetu.

He went on to add;

Hakuna wakumkimbilia ila ni wewe. Tegemeo letu ni kwako Allah. Usituadhibu kwa kiasi hii, mpaka nyumba yako Tukufu iwe ni shida sisi kuizuru. Kwa Rehma zako, na Imani yako na kwa tegemeo letu kwako wewe In Shaa Allah utatutolea tiba na kurudi kwako. JUMAAA MAQBOOL ????????????????????????????????#Kingkiba

Sallam SK and Mwana FA positive

So far Tanzanian celebrities Mwana FA and Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK have confirmed that they tested positive for the coronavirus; however they remain under the care of well trained doctors for now!

King Kiba

Sallam Sk who is in Europe with the rest of WCB team has been keeping a low profile since confirming he had been infected.

Mwana FA is however in Tanzania where he is quarantined to avoid affecting others especially his family and young daughters!

Mwana FA and Alikiba

However with Alikiba’s Friday prayer, it clearly shows that the singer will continue standing in prayers with the rest of the world as we battle the Coronavirus pandemic!

Alikiba has also been maintaining a low profile  and unlike other celebrities using this to their advantage; King Kiba prefers remaining prayerful!

Tanzanian artist Mwana FA tests positive for Coronavirus

Mwana FA has come out to announce that he recently tested for the coronavirus after a few signs here and there; and the results came out positive.

The artist announced this through his Instagram page where he shared a detailed post explaining himself. According Mwana FA went for the coronavirus body test on Friday following a feverish feeling in his body.

Rapper Mwana FA

Having read and understood the different body changes accompanied by the COVID-19 virus; Mwana FA isolated himself to avoid infecting other people.

Coronavirus results

Anyway after receiving his results today, Mwana FA says they came in positive but he feels better; since he has been receiving treatment.

Mwana FA

He went on to urge fans not to panic as the coronavirus is just a flu that gets worse if not treated in time!

Mwana FA recovering

As of now Mwana FA will continue with the quarantine orders to avoid infecting anyone else!

He is however grateful for the prayers and support he has been receiving so far! In just a few days or weeks the singer will have fully recovered and back to his family!


“Hello” by Ommy Dimpoz and Mwana FA is all about lost love

Ommy Dimpoz seems to be making up for the lost time during the nine months he was sick. Having struggled with  such pain I would say its worth it.

After music  releasing spree with collaborations from various East African artists, Ommy Dimpoz teams up with his fellow superstar and longtime friend rapper and lyrical gifted Mwana fa to bring you “Hello”.


In this song “Hello”,as captioned below the video on Youtube, the  two gentlemen slow in down to describe a lost love. Ommy pleads for his love back, Mwana fa takes on a whole new attitude to express his emotions.

Dimpoz starts of with description of the kind of love he felt for a woman that betrayed him. He says, “Nalikumbuka tabasamu  Ucheshi na upole wake Siamini kama yalikuwa ulaghai…..” Damn!!

He tries to reach her by all means, calls her  but nothing. He goes on to say on voicemail I believe,“Hello! Hello ma, nisikie Hello! Namba yangu ile ile nipigie Hello! Hello ma, nisikie Hello! Sema nikufuate wapi niambie”

Wueeh!Nobody deserves such treatment when it comes to love.

….the rap…..

Mwana Fa of Hello

As the song goes on, celebrated Tanzanian Rapper  takes over with the rap, he talks of how she left without notice.Left him feeling lonely hurt and broken .

Further, there is a point where he says,” Tuliingiana ila sijui aliponyoka Je? Gwanda la buti la kisoja aisee Nafsi na mioyo, akili na mongo Naumia mazima nikimwaza beiby….” . This carries a deep message of hurt and pain in love.

However it does not end there, he goes on to trust that one day the love of his life will one day come back to him.

As they go on they are sure to mention the re-known love story of Rome and Juliet. Come to think of it , was that love?


The song was done under Rockstar Africa Production. Furthermore, giving credit where its due, the graphics in the song were well and the color blending was also well executed.

For this song we say good job boys hope you find your love. For rating purposes I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think. Enjoy!!!

Mwana FA appeals to Basata on behalf of Diamond to have his punishment reduced

Tanzania’s music regulatory body Basata decided to punish Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny and Wasafi label for producing a song ‘Mwanza’ that contravenes acceptable morals standards.

Diamond, Rayvanny and Wasafi were jointly been fined Tsh 9 million or Kes 403,197. Basata said they three were each required to pay Tsh 3 million or Kes 134,399.

But it’s not the money that concerns Mwana FA, the rapper met Basata to appeal on behalf of Diamond to reduce the restrictions on ‘Mwanza’.

“Nimeona nije kuongea na Baraza la Sanaa katika namna ambavyo naweza kuomba kama msanii, adhabu aidha ipunguzwe au iondolewe kwa kiwango kinachowezekana ili kufanya wasanii wasiumie,” Mwana FA said while speaking to the press outside Basata’s office.

Apology letter

MwanaFA advises the whole Wasafi management to write a letter of apology to Basata so that the music regulatory body could ease the restrictions imposed on ‘Mwanza’.

“Uongozi mzima wa Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) na wasanii wao wanapaswa kuandika barua ya kuomba radhi na kuomba kupunguziwa adhabu, halafu hao kama watendaji ndiyo wataamua la kufanya lakini la msingi naamini adhabu haitabaki kama ilivyotolewa siku ya jana.”