Weezdom’s ex girlfriend serving body goals with latest thirst trap photo, leaving no room for imagination

From what I can tell is that there is no much difference between the gospel and secular industry in Kenya. Actually when you think about it, the gospel industry seems to be doing the most in terms of scandals compared to the secular artists.

Anyway I say this because so far we’ve had scandals from Pozee, Bahati, Mr Seed and of course Weezdom who already quit his gospel projects. Before then, many had known him as Bahati’s best friend, then something happened between and Diana Marua Drama; which eventually broke his friendship with mtoto wa mama.

Lovers, Weezdom and Staicey

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Away from that, I’m assuming y’all remember Mylee Staicey the hot thick girlfriend Weezdom was dating a few months ago before parting ways? Well, since her breakup it appears that she has been living life as it should be which explains her latest thirst trap.

Serving Body goals

Lately the lass has been sharing a lot of professional photos on her page but only one caught my attention cause damn; Weezdom may have played himself by leaving her.

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Okay, okay….it’s not that I have forgotten about her alleged relationship with Ezra and his friends; but si waliblame shetani? Anyway despite the cold weather making it hard for most singles out here; I bet Mylee’s body goals photo might just make it feel like summer is already here.

Weezdom’s ex girlfriend, Mylee Staicey

Mylee Staicey confirms relationship with Weezdom ended in premium tears

They say never count your chicks before they hatch – a mistake Mylee did when dating Weezdom.

Back then, the lady was sure that her relationship with the guy would end up in a wedding ceremony; a call she made while boasting – at fans who promised that the relationship wouldn’t last.

Weezdom‘s girlfriend

And just like that, after a few months of dating – Mylee and Weezdom broke up leaving many  asking questions.

The two however maintained their silence until recently when Mylee got to open up about her failed relation.

In a QnA session – the lady confirmed that she and Weezdom were no longer an item like before. She however withheld details about the break – but chances are that someone between   cheated somewhere along the way.

Mylee speaks

Mylee and Ezra involved?

This comes just a few weeks after Mylee was linked to FBI dancer, Ezra. According to Ezra’s girlfriend (Raffi) – Mylee had been bedding the young dancer for a while; but problem is, Ezra and Weezdom happen to be wonderful friends.  Nairobi.

Anyway, responding to the alleged story, Mylee went on to post;

  Girls out here trying to involve me in their cheap stunts. the disrespect kindly keep me off!! I know nothing about that story.

But now that she is no longer with Weezdom – fans can’t help but wonder who she is currently dating because Mylee has been glowing lately and we love it!