Nadia Mukami shares realest lesson she’s learnt since becoming a mum

Nadia Mukami is happy to have baby Haseeb Kai out of her womb and into her hands after a whole 9 months journey . She says it wasn’t an easy journey – but, I bet she will be saying the opposite in a few weeks time – when Haseeb Kai starts screaming his lungs out. It’s just been a week, so relax. 

Anyway, with Mukami now understanding how motherhood works – the African Popstar recently shared a detailed post talking about one of things she has learnt since becoming a mum. Love.

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Yes, Ms Nadia Mukami says having her son unlocked levels of she’s never experienced before; hence no regrets whatsoever. In a post shared a few hours ago, she wrote;

Arrowbwoy with girlfriend, Nadia Mukami

They say if a woman’s first child is a girl, she most likely needed maturity. And if it’s a boy she most needed to know the real meaning of love.

The true meaning of love

Well, despite having loved before – Nadia Mukami can’t bring herself to compare that kind of love with the current one she feels for her baby boy, Haseeb.

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To her this kind of love is pure, unexplainable and above all – effortless! It’s the kind that brings the best out of you and has no boundaries nor ultimatums since the boy is hers. Her own baby, a blessing she never knew she needed and now can’t live without.

I definitely can relate to this, I have a baby boy and he’s my first believe me when I tell you this is the love my heart has been waiting on!!


And just like that, Arrow bwoy takes second place in Nadia Mukami’s heart.

Nadia Mukami comes clean about her rumored romantic relationship with Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami left many disappointed after she was romantically linked to singer Arrow Bwoy sometime back. Rumor has it that the two had been an item and just like most celebrity relationship; the relationship did not last for long.

In 2 months the two were back to making headlines and this time around, the rumors were linked to their break up.

However none of them got to address this issue while on an interview with Bonga na Jalas. Apart from confirming that she is currently single, Nadia opened up adding;

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I am single and working on my business. Arrow Bwoy and I never dated.


Singer Nadia Mukami

Explaining why she never confronted the person responsible for the rumor, Nadia said;

What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it. We used it to push our music

Why single

With all that beauty and brains, Jalang’o could not understand why Nadia still insists on being single; however while responding to this question, the young lady ended up giving valid reasons explaining why she prefers building herself than jumping into a relationship.

Pop star, Nadia Mukami

I feel like my early twenties should be my building years. A relationship right now can be a distraction. When yuh in the music industry sometimes people want to date you for the wrong reasons.

To prove her point, Nadia narrated about an old incident where her male companion asked her to pay for their lunch bill while on the date. Na Nadia concluded her experience with men saying;

It’s hard to find a good guy, people assume I am rich. There is a day we went out on a date and when it was time to pay, the guy gave me the bill and I had to pay.


“Focus on your music and forget the sideshows” Arrow Bwoy responds to Nadia Mukami’s dating reports

Kenyan artistes, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have made headlines about their relationship that died down before anyone could even get wind of it.

Nadia has previously denied dating the artiste especially after the rumors sparked following their ‘Radio Love’ hit release.

Arrow Bwoy on the other hand has never really come out to address the reports.

‘Radio Love’ hitmakers, Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy

Well, it turns out that the two actually dated and broke up behind closed doors. During her interview with NTV’s Anto Neosoul, the pop star stated:

He’s an amazing friend, we tried dating, it didn’t work out.

Arrow Bwoy

Reports that Arrow Bwoy seemed to be uninformed about during his recent interview with NTV’s Amina Abdi Rabar on the 18th of April.

First, the ragga dancehall artiste appeared uninterested with the topic about him dating Nadia.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Second, the topic changed his mood and tone, shifting gears and starting to channel advice Nadia’s way.

I’ll give some advice to Nadia Mukami. She’s one of the vibrant female artists in East Africa. She has so much potential in raising our Kenyan flag high. However, she can only reach these heights once she channels all her energy into her craft.

Ali Yusuf, popularly known as Arrow Bwoy acknowledged Nadia’s prowess in the music craft but insisted that sideshows were not going to take her anywhere.

Aachane to na hizi sideshows, hazileti shangwe yaani. Because the Nadia I know is the one I did a collabo with and I love the fact that she is a go-getter and all I know is that she has so much potential.

Kenyan sweetheart, Nadia Mukami

To Nadia:

Piga tu kazi. I’m your fan. Forget these other sideshows.

Amina tried getting him back on track to answer the question asked: Did he ever date Nadia or not? but Arrow Bwoy responded that Nadia was probably just attracting attention at the time of her interview with Anto Neosoul.

Basing on the fact that she had just released her track, probably she was just drawing traffic to her new jam. That is just not her. I’d advise her to forget the sideshows and focus ahead because her new track was good and she is a hard-hitter.

Nadia Mukami

Wrapping up:

Mi nampenda. I just want her to focus on what’s important – music.

In the end, the singer kept dodging the ‘yes’ or ‘no’  question. Probably, he just never wanted the dating story between him and Nadia out in the public.

Ali Yusuf stage name, Arrow Bwoy

Watch his interview below: