Husband Ama Atu Mkono? Nadia Mukami Shows How Kenyan Men Aren’t Appreciated

About 3 days ago, women gathered to celebrate their men on International Mens’ Day. Unlike women’s day, the day wasn’t as hyped. To be honest, most men weren’t appreciated well enough- considering the stereotype that men shouldn’t be cosseted like women- a man is a man.

For some like musician Nadia Mukami, celebrating her husband was imminent. But the manner in which she celebrated him had a lot to depict. To begin with, the singer did not post her hubby on her socials. Instead, all she did was to thirst trap men with her dance moves. Doesn’t make sense, right? At least post a photo of your husband then appreciate him.

Ms Nadia Mukami

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Her caption read;

”To my baby daddy aka love of my life who’s always helping me take care of the baby Kaai, 22/7. Bruh especially in the morning since I’m not a morning person at all. Thank you!”

Now, from her caption, we can discern that Arrow Bwoy (Nadia’s husband) is merely a baby sitter; and not the ‘man of the house’.

The only thing he appreciates him for is being able to take care of their toddler, and not being the provider et cetera. While some were celebrating their men meticulously, Nadia decided to show her moves and belittle Arrow Bwoy in the masculine space.

In conclusion, these are the struggles that men have to undergo yet they’re not being appreciated enough.

Nadia Mukami sets strict terms and conditions for her forthcoming marriage

Mellow-voiced Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami has said no to dating until she turns 24.

The pop artist revealed this after fans could not stop bagging her with questions about her crumbled relationship to Swahili dancehall sensation, Arrow Bwoy.

The duo´s relationship had been kept so lowkey, fans were actually made aware after their breakup.

The two thereafter seemed hesitant to discuss the issue, probably in a bid to keep whatever they had private.

Ex-lovers, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

Fans have however decided they will not let the issue sit without understanding what really transpired and why it did.

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They took to the songstress´ Instagram to find out whether the duo had plans to rekindle what they previously shared.

Nadia decided to address the issue once and for all, explaining she has now been single for 6 months and she likes it that way because then she can think straight and make progress in her life.

Let me answer this generally as to why I am single! I have been single for 6 months and so many great things have happened in a span of 6 months (upgraded the moment I get in a relationship I swear I always get stuck! Giving myself a one year break!

Kenyan popstar, Nadia Mukami

Targeting to become a financially stable lady and achieving her dreams.

I have some goals I need to attain!! I am an idiot when I am in love! For now I just wanna make money and achieve my dreams!!


Speaking of plans to settle and have a family of her own, the sultry singer clarified she does not do dating for the fun of it but for a prospective marriage partner.

To this she articulated she will not back down on walking the isle because that has always been her desire.

Mellow-voiced Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami

However, this might only happen after she turns 24 which is only months away because for now, it is all about her and her dreams. Periodt!

The next relationship has to lead to marriage I have been telling my friends I wanna settle down wananishangaa! I don´t like games in relationships I have never dated for fun! Am on a one year break!

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To her secret admirers and suitable marriage partners, she wrote:

Immediately I turn 24 all potentials kindly note am ready for marriage kindly note not a relationship but marriage!

We wish her well.

“Yaani you denied me?” A disappointed Nadia questions Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami told off Arrow Bwoy’s diss in his recent interview with The Trend’s Amina Abdi, as an ’embarrassment’.

During her earlier interview with NTV’s Anto Neosoul, the pop star had labeled the ragga dancehall artiste ‘an amazing friend’.

On the 18th of April, speaking to NTV’s The Trend show host, Amina Abdi Rabar, Arrow Bwoy insinuated he does not know Nadia, struggling to recall who she is.

Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy

Additionally distancing himself from any dating reports, urging the songstress to instead ‘focus on her music and forget the sideshows’.

Nadia responds

Well, the African pop star has responded to Arrow Bwoy’s sentiments.

During a night IG Live chat with her followers, a fan asked Nadia when she is planning to walk down the isle.

Nadia Mukami

The Kenyan singer-songwriter first shied off then laughed about it, expressing:

I’m first looking for money, a lot of it. Then I build my own place and then I can start thinking of marriage.

Revealing she has been single for a while now, though failed to precisely disclose for how long now.

I’ve been single for months.

Then came in the question about ArrowBwoy and the blush on her face was so real, like she wasn’t expecting questions around that.

African pop star, Nadia Mukami

She looked down, went silent about it, fumbled for a while, before getting asked to confirm the truth around it.

Nadia openly responded:

Alisema hanijui kwa the Trend. Soo…pia mimi sina kitu ya kusema. [He said he doesn’t know me during his interview on The Trend. Soo…I also have nothing to say]

The two then ignited a heavy belly laugh, as she articulated:

Let me continue with my hustles and spoil my fans to good music. So that I don’t get embarrassed like that again. I can’t handle the embarrassment.

Dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy

For her, she felt like the ‘Jango Love’ singer literally humiliated her.


Addressing her music in the face of an unpredictable Coronavirus pandemic, Nadia promised more music to fans, as her EP hangs on till we return to normalcy.

Nadia Mukami

Speaking of her EP she said her collabos with other artistes are on their way, only hurdle being the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now we can predict nothing about Corona. There are no plans anyone can make for this time being, unless for future plans, which is probably 6 months down the line. Even after the situation is contained, the economy will be on its knees, so return to normalcy will take time. Currently, I have no plans. But the EP is ready.


“Focus on your music and forget the sideshows” Arrow Bwoy responds to Nadia Mukami’s dating reports

Kenyan artistes, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have made headlines about their relationship that died down before anyone could even get wind of it.

Nadia has previously denied dating the artiste especially after the rumors sparked following their ‘Radio Love’ hit release.

Arrow Bwoy on the other hand has never really come out to address the reports.

‘Radio Love’ hitmakers, Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy

Well, it turns out that the two actually dated and broke up behind closed doors. During her interview with NTV’s Anto Neosoul, the pop star stated:

He’s an amazing friend, we tried dating, it didn’t work out.

Arrow Bwoy

Reports that Arrow Bwoy seemed to be uninformed about during his recent interview with NTV’s Amina Abdi Rabar on the 18th of April.

First, the ragga dancehall artiste appeared uninterested with the topic about him dating Nadia.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Second, the topic changed his mood and tone, shifting gears and starting to channel advice Nadia’s way.

I’ll give some advice to Nadia Mukami. She’s one of the vibrant female artists in East Africa. She has so much potential in raising our Kenyan flag high. However, she can only reach these heights once she channels all her energy into her craft.

Ali Yusuf, popularly known as Arrow Bwoy acknowledged Nadia’s prowess in the music craft but insisted that sideshows were not going to take her anywhere.

Aachane to na hizi sideshows, hazileti shangwe yaani. Because the Nadia I know is the one I did a collabo with and I love the fact that she is a go-getter and all I know is that she has so much potential.

Kenyan sweetheart, Nadia Mukami

To Nadia:

Piga tu kazi. I’m your fan. Forget these other sideshows.

Amina tried getting him back on track to answer the question asked: Did he ever date Nadia or not? but Arrow Bwoy responded that Nadia was probably just attracting attention at the time of her interview with Anto Neosoul.

Basing on the fact that she had just released her track, probably she was just drawing traffic to her new jam. That is just not her. I’d advise her to forget the sideshows and focus ahead because her new track was good and she is a hard-hitter.

Nadia Mukami

Wrapping up:

Mi nampenda. I just want her to focus on what’s important – music.

In the end, the singer kept dodging the ‘yes’ or ‘no’  question. Probably, he just never wanted the dating story between him and Nadia out in the public.

Ali Yusuf stage name, Arrow Bwoy

Watch his interview below:


Nadia Mukami talks lesbianism, abortion and dating

Kenyan sweetheart, Nadia Mukami has trashed claims that she terminated Arrow Bwoy’s pregnancy.

Nadia, who has time and again proudly confessed she is a virgin, has not only had fans thinking she has aborted a couple of pregnancies, but that she is also lesbian.

The sensational singer engaged fans in a Q&A session online, claiming she is idle and needs to hear all the gossip that has ever been told about her.

Nadia Mukami

One fan stated:

Ati ulitoa mimba ya arrow bwoy

An awe-struck Nadia came out laughing at the rumor affirming:

Lmao lol

Sijawahi beba mimba

However, she was quick to clarify to her audience that she is no longer dating Dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy.

Ali Yusuf stage name, Arrow Bwoy

J Cole

Though she acknowledged the fact that children are a blessing but hers needs to come from one man, and that is none other than American rapper, J. Cole.

Children are a blessing and I can’t wait for that experience probably in few years prolly with Jcole

There is something about the American idol that has stolen Nadia’s heart and she just can’t get over it.

With critics telling her those dreams are unattainable and that the rapper is pretty on a different level, none of that has deterred the singer’s vision to claim J. Cole.

Sadly though, it seems things in paradise are no longer going well after she confessed ‘Our relationship is on the rocks’.

Disbelieving masses have time and again called out the songstress for hiding her relationship status by using J. Cole as her scapegoat.

A fan articulately noted:

Ur single pretented to be in a relationship

Nadia then bashed:

Stop hating on me and Jcole.


A fan sought to confirm about Nadia’s alleged pregnancy, speculations that started last year after she stepped out with a grown belly.

Nadia Mukami flaunts her protruding belly

But she responded:

With great lyrics.

For her, the only pregnancy she can afford at the moment is channeling good music her fans’ way.

The fast-rising female artist has previously indicated that she has too much on her plate to have children yet.

Children are a blessing but I am focusing on myself and my career as there is so much in store.

Nadia Mukami

Sexual inclination

On another note, fans persistently asked her about her sexual orientation, posing:

Scandal ya lesbian ukiwa highskul

But she responded:

Strictly d**kly

Another insisted:

We ni lele hupendi mjulubeng????

Only to reiterate:

  Strictly d**kly

Nadia Mukami gets naughty in new banger ‘Ikamate Hiyo’ (Video)

Fast-rising singer Nadia Mukami is back with a new jam but it’s quite different from the songs that she has released previously.

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The song dubbed Ikamate Hiyo was released two months after she teamed up with Masauti, alias Kenyan Boy, on Lola.

As the title suggests, this is not a love ballad but a song that lies somewhere between seductive and explicit (You’ll decide after listening to it).

Ikamate hiyo loosely translates to hold that and we all know what is being held here, don’t you? For those of you who are acting like prudes, it’s her waist!

Apart loving Nadia Mukami’s twerk in the video, I also thought the lyrics were dope, albeit simple.

Nadia Mukami

There’s an element of naughtiness in the lyrics like the part where she says ,” Tamu kama embe dodo, nitakupa mpaka uzirahi…njoo niongeze, ikamate usilegeze…come let me give you a  little taste, later me and you participate.”

I really love this song because the truth is that I’ve really longed for the day when we can finally see this side of Nadia Mukami. She wasn’t going to sing about love forever or was she?

Vicky Pon Dis really did justice on the beats. In my opinion, it really blends well with her lyrics and/or voice. It puts you in a party mood instantly.

The video was directed by Dolls and he also did a commendable job. I really loved the smooth scene transitions!

Watch Ikamate Ilivyo below and tell us what you think.

Revealed: Philanthropist Nadia Mukami on dating Arrow Bwoy

Word-on-the-street is that Coke Studio break through artist, Nadia Mukami, is dating dance hall artist, Arrow Bwoy.

Coke Studio break through female artist, Nadia Mukami

However, this might not be the case.

On Switch TV´s ´Happy Hour Show´, the songstress refutes the claims affirming:

He is taken and I don´t want to ruin people´s family!

Dance hall artist, Arrow Bwoy.

According to the petite Kenyan artist, her relationship with Arrow Bwoy is solely professional.

Furthermore, she adds that the two artists are focusing on producing and releasing their new jam ´Radio Love´.

The songstress has not disappointed with her hits including: Kesi, Si Rahisi, African Love and Yule Yule.