“That was low and disrespectful” Nadia Mukami tells off Jalang’o

Nadia Mukami has also decided to hit back at Jalang’o, for exposing details about her pregnancy to the public without her consent.

Her statement comes just a few hours after Jalas responded to Arrow Bwoy’s ‘gossip monger’ diss; which by the way Jalas says he isn’t sorry for dishing out the information. Unbothered.

Anyway as seen on Nadia Mukami’s page, looks like the young singer confirmed news of her pregnancy; but at the same time blames Jalang’o for being insensitive about her current state. She wrote;

That was low!!! Disrespectful but I guess we don’t have to win all battles! Nimekubali kushimdwa, You win. You – 10 – Nadia and Arrow – 0

Nadia to Jalang’o

In a different post, Nadia accuses Jalango of subjecting them to online criticism and insults; just when she had done everything to protect her peace of mind in 2021. However since he wanted traffic for his show, he then outed her secret. She went on to write;

You have subjected us to insults because you want traffic to your show!!! I have protected my sanity and peace at all cost last year!!! I have carried pain on my chest with Grace!!!!

Not quite sure why fans are insulting her when a baby is a blessing, I mean even Vera Sidika was hated by many – but when it came to her pregnancy – the haters even showed some love. So how is it that Nadia is getting the opposite?