“Wacheni ushamba” Celebrity stylist behind Nadia Mukami outfit tells off haters for not appreciating fashion

Melina Gold is angry at the trolls aimed at Nadia Mukami. This is after the singer received heartless trolls for her greenish bodysuit which she wore this past weekend at a concert in Meru.

Of course being a celebrity Nadia Mukami is expected to dress like the star she is in order to keep her die hard fans fully entertained; but sometimes – there are limits to everything. Right?

Nadia Mukami in Meru

Well as seen social media, seems netizens were not impressed by her ‘trashy’ custom this time around; especially since she appeared quite uncomfortable in the custom. At some point walking seemed like a problem; and the corset used to tummy tuck the remaining baby fat from her pregnancy – just looked off.

Knowing how social media works, there were those who applauded mama Kai for jumping right back to work; while most felt embarrassed on her behalf – get this right…not hating but feeling she got played by her stylist.

Celebrity stylist defends fashion sense

Well having come across the mean comments, Stylist Melina Gold; the brain behind the custom shared a detailed post calling out the haters for not understanding fashion.

Actually on one part of the post she wrote asking;

Kwani mlikuwa mnataka avae kama mmama (Did you want her to dress like an old woman)

Melina Gold defends Nadia

And right there – Melina Gold confirmed she didn’t even understand – why fans felt Nadia let herself down. Good outfit but not for Nadia’s current body.

Stylist Melina Gold

Get this, as a stylish Melina Gold was in a position to come up with something trendy, comfortable; and classy for Nadia Mukami  – keeping in mind that she had just had a baby.

So technically – it’s either she did it on purpose  or the artist insisted on wearing despite having been discouraged. Maybe. Maybe not.