Nadia Mukami speaks on mental health weeks after giving birth, says motherhood is not easy

Singer Nadia Mukami once said she cannot give up on her singing career just because she had a baby. To her, both roles of being a singer and a mum are important –  but 2 months down the line the singer is realizing vitu kwa ground huwa different especially as a first time mum.

We’re not saying that she will quit her career but judging from how she responded to a fan asking about her mental health – we can assure you that Nadia Mukami has not had it easy for the past 8 to 9 weeks.

She made this known while responding to a fan who asked;

How’s your mental health?

And according to Nadia, all she can say is that she’s has tried protecting her mental health but truth is – handling newborns isn’t the easiest job on earth. Ms Mukami went on to mention there are days she could get overwhelmed by everything (I’m guessing sleepless nights and baby crying a lot) and at the same time had to battle with her mind – which kept questioning ‘whether she’s a good mum.’ She wrote;

Eh I have tried to protect it so much. Sometimes I was being overwhelmed and wondering if I am a good mum

Support system

No jokes. With newborns I promise you one not only needs just helping hand but extra pair of hands to help in the house and mind the newborn for the mum to get rest.

Luckily for Nadia Mukami, this is exactly what happened. Although she doesn’t name those who came through for her – we believe  her mum, Arrowbwoy and friends are the ones helping her recover from the baby blues.

But I accepted help as a new mum ndio nisichizi. If you get help from friends and family do not hesitate.