Arrow Bwoy Set To Marry Nadia Mukami After Delay

Popular Kenyan singer Arrow Bwoy has proposed to his girlfriend, Nadia Mukami, after a brief delay.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Arrow Bwoy said that he had originally planned to propose to Nadia in 2021, while he was on tour in the United States. He had bought a ring and everything, but he had to return it when he realized that Nadia’s finger was too small.

“I had to return the ring. At the time of delivery, she had already returned to Kenya,” Arrow Bwoy said.

Arrow Bwoy eventually proposed to Nadia in March 2022, after he returned from his tour. He said that he was nervous, but Nadia said yes.

The couple is now planning to get married, but they have put the wedding on hold for now, as they are busy with their careers and their son, Zion.

“We are planning to get married, but we have to put it on hold for now. We are both busy with our careers and our son,” Arrow Bwoy said.

Despite the delay, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia are clearly very much in love. They are a popular couple in Kenya, and their fans are excited to see them get married.


Arrow Bwoy Was Wise Enough To Break-Up With Nadia Mukami

Kenyan musician Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami were enamored of each other during their early months of their relationships. It all seemed like a happily ever after for the two, but it was short-lived.

Nadia announced the break up news via her Insta story. The Kai Wangu crooner said they ended their relationship a while back but chose to keep it under wraps.

However, owing to nagging and requests by interested parties to book them for work together, Nadia explained that she could not continue lying about why that was impossible.

“Just to clarify to the guys to book Arrow Bwoy and I. I have run out of lies. We have been not been together for a while, we broke up,” she wrote.

The mother of one directed anyone looking to book her and Arrow Bwoy to do so through their management.

Career Vs Family

Bearing in mind that Arrow Bwoy is at his peak, choosing his career is wise enough. Nadia Mukami has not been releasing good songs after she gave birth to her first son. It means he’s taking up all her time; which puts her musical career at risk.

For this reason, Arrow Bwoy made a shrewd move to separate himself from Nadia. It will give him ample time to build his musical career further.


Nadia Mukami reveals reason behind her new ‘bald’ look

Nadia Mukami is running and she needs to stop. A few days ago she went online complaining about her body weight (which btw is just baby fat) and being 6 months since she had her baby….she actually looks amazing and beautiful.

Tbt: Nadia Mukami

However having been a size 4 or 6 before pregnancy – you can understand her insecurities now that she has to embrace the new body and weight. But again…its just been 6 months, the body is still healing, hormones still balancing and everything slowly sliding back to its rightful place now that the baby is out of the womb. Gradual steps.

Anyway complaining about her new weight, Nadia wrote;

Nadia Mukami

I am trying to get to 60KGs!it’s so hard losing weight! Don’t get it twisted I love the new thick me exclusive of mummy pouch, double chin, and my wrestling built-like arms. I struggled with my weight, I even don’t post a lot of photos and I had so much client work because I was soo insecure. But Now it’s Nadia’s time! I have been trying to keep fit because of the performances! Let’s say adjusting was so hard for me!! But there are no shortcuts! I have to work on being fit! Let’s go.

Reason behind new bald look

Apart from wanting to shed off the extra weight, Nadia is also exploring a new bald look, which by the way suits her very much especially with the new weight.

However explaining why she shaved her hair, Nadia Mukami said;

So that happened, I shaved my head because of lactation. Whenever I breastfeed my hair falls off. I had lost my hairline so I decided to chop my hair, not because of anything else in particular.


So I am there, I enjoyed it, I feel like a free bird, I really feel good and I am enjoying this process. I hope to lose the 7 kilograms in a few so that I can tell you that I am a success story so pray for me because it is not as easy.


Nadia Mukami fights back at body shaming fan – expertly puts troll in her rightful place!

It has indeed been a tough week for Nadia Mukami following a custom she wore at an event in Meru.

Well judging from how netizens reacted – allow me to say that the internet is one tough place to be especially when it comes to matters of body weight and shapes. So far we’ve seen many women get body shamed for being too small or too big – something Nadia Mukami experienced first hand.

Okay at first many were pointing fingers at the celebrity stylist who styled Nadia Mukami – forgetting that she had just had a baby. Of course her body had changed and her (Marina Gold) should have considered the measurements and Nadia’s new added weight before letting her client step out in the out.

Nadia attacks back

However as the trolls went on – Nadia Mukami started feeling attacked and decided to engage. Okay, I know it must have felt really bad – but again – her reaction just gave the trolls a platform to eat from her insecurities. And they did. They actually managed to get into her head so bad that now we’re still dealing with the same issue.

Ms Nadia Mukami

As seen on a new photo shared on her page, Nadia Mukami used a caption talking about the importance of doing what makes you (her) happy. She wrote;

Being a role model isn’t about showing people how to be like you, it’s about using your FREEDOM to show people it’s perfectly alright to be themselves. Just Be you and do you. Whatever makes you happy. Do not be a slave to society!

With the new photo many applauded her for dressing ‘proper’ not forgetting to complement her new hairstyle; until one fan decided to pick a fight with a comment where she wrote;

Shepu kama Kim kardashian😂😂😂😂😂😂

Seeing this, Nadia in return hit back with a positive response saying;

@chepkordiana I know right🤗God took time with me☺️🤗 he should have done the same with you!!! Sending you hugs



“Wacheni ushamba” Celebrity stylist behind Nadia Mukami outfit tells off haters for not appreciating fashion

Melina Gold is angry at the trolls aimed at Nadia Mukami. This is after the singer received heartless trolls for her greenish bodysuit which she wore this past weekend at a concert in Meru.

Of course being a celebrity Nadia Mukami is expected to dress like the star she is in order to keep her die hard fans fully entertained; but sometimes – there are limits to everything. Right?

Nadia Mukami in Meru

Well as seen social media, seems netizens were not impressed by her ‘trashy’ custom this time around; especially since she appeared quite uncomfortable in the custom. At some point walking seemed like a problem; and the corset used to tummy tuck the remaining baby fat from her pregnancy – just looked off.

Knowing how social media works, there were those who applauded mama Kai for jumping right back to work; while most felt embarrassed on her behalf – get this right…not hating but feeling she got played by her stylist.

Celebrity stylist defends fashion sense

Well having come across the mean comments, Stylist Melina Gold; the brain behind the custom shared a detailed post calling out the haters for not understanding fashion.

Actually on one part of the post she wrote asking;

Kwani mlikuwa mnataka avae kama mmama (Did you want her to dress like an old woman)

Melina Gold defends Nadia

And right there – Melina Gold confirmed she didn’t even understand – why fans felt Nadia let herself down. Good outfit but not for Nadia’s current body.

Stylist Melina Gold

Get this, as a stylish Melina Gold was in a position to come up with something trendy, comfortable; and classy for Nadia Mukami  – keeping in mind that she had just had a baby.

So technically – it’s either she did it on purpose  or the artist insisted on wearing despite having been discouraged. Maybe. Maybe not.


Nadia Mukami speaks on mental health weeks after giving birth, says motherhood is not easy

Singer Nadia Mukami once said she cannot give up on her singing career just because she had a baby. To her, both roles of being a singer and a mum are important –  but 2 months down the line the singer is realizing vitu kwa ground huwa different especially as a first time mum.

We’re not saying that she will quit her career but judging from how she responded to a fan asking about her mental health – we can assure you that Nadia Mukami has not had it easy for the past 8 to 9 weeks.

She made this known while responding to a fan who asked;

How’s your mental health?

And according to Nadia, all she can say is that she’s has tried protecting her mental health but truth is – handling newborns isn’t the easiest job on earth. Ms Mukami went on to mention there are days she could get overwhelmed by everything (I’m guessing sleepless nights and baby crying a lot) and at the same time had to battle with her mind – which kept questioning ‘whether she’s a good mum.’ She wrote;

Eh I have tried to protect it so much. Sometimes I was being overwhelmed and wondering if I am a good mum

Support system

No jokes. With newborns I promise you one not only needs just helping hand but extra pair of hands to help in the house and mind the newborn for the mum to get rest.

Luckily for Nadia Mukami, this is exactly what happened. Although she doesn’t name those who came through for her – we believe  her mum, Arrowbwoy and friends are the ones helping her recover from the baby blues.

But I accepted help as a new mum ndio nisichizi. If you get help from friends and family do not hesitate.


Nadia Mukami shares raw video giving birth to son

Singer Nadia Mukami now known as mama Haseeb Kai has been sharing a lot about her pregnancy journey and life as a new mum. However, she just made things better by literally showing fans how her birthing process went down.

The new mum in town shared a short footage on son’s Instagram account, confirming she underwent a CS surgery to welcome son.

On the video, we can see an anxious Nadia Mukami lying on an OR bed singing nimepata zawadi yangu – right before, you here baby Haseeb’s cry for the first time.

Although the video does not show much the CS surgery process, we’re sure both Nadia and boyfriend, Arrow bwoy had it documented for own personal use.

Pushing new song

Anyway, since the song hadn’t been released before baby Haseeb’s birth – we believe Nadia is now using this particular  footage to help push new song, Zawadi.

Also, we can’t forget that she wrote the song as dedication to her son, who she believes is a blessing especially since he is also a rainbow baby.

Fans on the other hand were quick to joke about the painless birth process ooliskia wapi as others made fun of Mukami’s natural looks….forgetting pregnancy humbles each and every woman, doesn’t matter!

Anyway watch the adorable video courtesy of RFH healthcare.



New mum in town Nadia Mukami not ready to sacrifice career for motherhood

Singer Nadia Mukami says she is not ready to give up on her successful career just to stay home and play mummy/wifey because society expects this from her.

Well, times have changed and so have women which explains Nadia Mukami’s reasons for not wanting to step down from her musical thrown – just to settle as a mum.

Heavily Pregnant Nadia Mukami

The lady made this known in a new post shared on her gram talking about a new YouTube series based on her pregnancy journey. From what she says is that she refuses to let society push her to becoming something she is not; that is judging from what she seen from female celebrities in the Kenyan music industry.

When you are a female artist, society feels the need to make personal choices on when you need to settle down.

Gender equality still a problem

According to Nadia Mukami, having a child or settling down with man should not be a reason for any woman to quit her career or business. For this reason, Nadia Mukami promised she would not be anything near the likes of Avril, Amani, Marya, Sosuun among others who quit music after starting a family with their spouses.

As woman I want both the career, family & kids. A woman shouldn’t have to choose one, she can have both.I am breaking barriers. No dream should die for the sake of gender.

But apart from that, Nadia says that more than ever – she now appreciates pregnancy or rather the art of motherhood since it’s one of the scariest but at the same bravest experience she has ever had.

Pregnancy is the closest i’ll ever come to magic, the scariest; and bravest experience and a privilege I will cherish forever. #AfricanPopStar


Nadia Mukami reveals she’s struggling with ‘mixed emotions’ amid third trimester of pregnancy

Nadia Mukami is officially in the 3rd trimester – meaning she’s about 7 to 8 months pregnant; and boy is she already tired and fed up with this journey that has seen her swell up, vomit and have mood swings for almost 3/4 of a year.

Well, I don’t know if saying this will help out…but oh, I hear pregnancy is just a tip of the iceberg in motherhood; and raising the actual tiny human is where the real thing is.

Heavily Pregnant Nadia Mukami

Anyway a while back, Nadia announced that she was expecting a baby with partner Arrowbwoy; and although we had already known about the this thanks to Jalang’o who outed the secret through Kiss FM morning show – finally Nadia come out on her own accord to confirm she had a baby on the way.

Since then Nadia started sharing more information about her private life with Arrowbwoy; and this is how we came to learn about another pregnancy they lost sometime back – meaning this journey is not so new to her.

Pregnancy Struggles

However, although it’s not the first time she’s been pregnant, Nadia admits that this time around has been quite challenging, particularly in recent weeks.

She opened up about her experience to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, admitting that she is feeling particularly emotional during the third trimester. The pop star revealed this in a post where she wrote;

Thirst trimester is scary sometime I just want a hug😫 and some positive affirmations ❤️

But again – it’s only few more weeks to go before she and Arrowbwoy finally meet their baby boy.


Nadia Mukami details her pregnancy journey, says it’s no joke

The moment a woman lays her eyes on a positive pregnancy test – thats it! It can be received with joy, confusion or is rejected at first site but all that depends on whether or not it was planned for. But all I know is that pregnancy is a journey that helps many women and a few men appreciate and respect what being a mother is; because all in all – motherhood starts the moment you conceive.

Nadia Mukami

Also read: ‘It Was Planned’-Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy Speak On Pregnancy

Anyway Nadia Mukami says her current pregnancy was unplanned for but has no regrets since this is the second time she is carrying a baby in her womb. Thanks to the launch of her Lola and Safari foundation we believe that she may have been expecting twins a while back – but unfortunately lost them.

This journey not only caught her off guard with the morning sickness, cravings and of course the mother of all – Mood swings! And it’s true, most pregnancies are never easy (apart from a few) and Nadia Mukami knows this pretty well. Speaking about her pregnancy, the 23 year old singer said;

Pregnant Nadia Mukami with bae, Arrowbwoy

Pregnancy is not a joke. I have been on this journey. This is my second time. It is not a joke. Let me prepare you, it is no joke mentally physically, financially.

No regrets whatsoever

Despite being at the cusp of adulthood, with added layers of a huge responsibility and a lifelong commitment, the confidence Nadia Mukami’s voice assured she was ready for this task . I mean, motherhood is a blessing – and who wouldn’t want a child of their own?

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Heavily Pregnant Nadia Mukami

Anyway having it unplanned meant she would have to work through out and this is how she ended up facing some tough morning sickness during her music tour in the US.

When I went on the US tour, I was 2 months pregnant. I had morning sickness. Let me tell you, I would vomit na mapua (through the nose) the whole tour.

Nadia says not even her manager knew about the pregnancy – hence having to deal with the unpredictable pregnancy symptoms by herself; cause believe me – it’s not something you can hide.

My tour manager did not know I was pregnant. Sometimes I’m sick but I have no one I can tell. It was really hard.

But having seen how big her baby bump is, let’s just say she is not far from having her newborn; and right there is when life will change completely.


“That was low and disrespectful” Nadia Mukami tells off Jalang’o

Nadia Mukami has also decided to hit back at Jalang’o, for exposing details about her pregnancy to the public without her consent.

Her statement comes just a few hours after Jalas responded to Arrow Bwoy’s ‘gossip monger’ diss; which by the way Jalas says he isn’t sorry for dishing out the information. Unbothered.

Anyway as seen on Nadia Mukami’s page, looks like the young singer confirmed news of her pregnancy; but at the same time blames Jalang’o for being insensitive about her current state. She wrote;

That was low!!! Disrespectful but I guess we don’t have to win all battles! Nimekubali kushimdwa, You win. You – 10 – Nadia and Arrow – 0

Nadia to Jalang’o

In a different post, Nadia accuses Jalango of subjecting them to online criticism and insults; just when she had done everything to protect her peace of mind in 2021. However since he wanted traffic for his show, he then outed her secret. She went on to write;

You have subjected us to insults because you want traffic to your show!!! I have protected my sanity and peace at all cost last year!!! I have carried pain on my chest with Grace!!!!

Not quite sure why fans are insulting her when a baby is a blessing, I mean even Vera Sidika was hated by many – but when it came to her pregnancy – the haters even showed some love. So how is it that Nadia is getting the opposite?


Nadia Mukami Reacts After Being Chased Off Stage While Performing Alongside Masauti

Award winning musician Nadia Mukami has shown resentment after organizers allegedly chased her off stage while she was performing. The 25 year old artist stated that she was denied the chance to perform her last song before being ‘thrown away’ from the stage in order for Tanzanian musician Mbosso to perform.

Similarly, musician Masauti, also found himself in the brink of the mayhem, where he did not perform his songs.

One of the musical stars’ fans wrote to Nairobi Gossip to inform them of the obnoxious event with the organizers prioritizing Tanzanian musician Mbosso.

It was Eric Omondi who reacted and admonished artists to do better in order to avoid such.

”These Kenyan Artists wataendelea tu kuumia na Kudharauliwa mpaka SIKU ile wataniskia…Asiye skia la Mkuu Huvunjika guu…Anyway Plans are underway to BRING UP a TOTALLY NEW BREED of MUSICIANS hawa WASHATUANGUSHA.”

Nadia Mukami Reacts

In response to Eric Omondi’s sentiments, Nadia Mukami stated that the matter was beyond her control and wouldn’t fight the organizers to change what happened .

”@ericomondi ulikuwa unataka mimi na Masauti tupige promoter ndio mjue we are fighting for the industry ama???
There are things that haviitaji kifua!! Tunapambana sana!! You have a valid point ya kupush fighting to protect our industry but the way you are approaching it sometimes it’s just meeeeh!!! Stop making it an Eric Omondi fight!! It’s an industry conversation!!! That needs a lot of systems & structure building”

On the flipside, Masauti has chosen to remain oblivious to everything that happened and hasn’t commented on the same yet. Do you agree Kenyan artists are being belittled?


Nadia Mukami Vows To Go To Court After Her Song Is Unfairly Pulled Down From YouTube

Award winning musician Nadia Mukami is in frenzy of rage after her song from two years ago was pulled down by YouTube as a result of claimed copyright issue. The 25 year old musician’s hit song dubbed ‘Tesa’ featuring Khaligraph Jones and Fena Gitu was removed from YouTube recently; and the culprit is already known by Nadia.

She has promised to take the issue to court; adding that the person will serve as an example to the rest who use unscrupulous means to claim copyrights.

Nadia showed resentment & rage on her Instagram as she vowed not to let the issue slide without taking legal action;

”I am officially going to court !!   I am ready to spend all the money I have! All the coins I have made to ensure that no person in this Kenyan music industry will ever send a malicious copyright strike again!! A song I released 2 years ago has a copyright strike from a song from a year ago!! Those who sent you please make sure they can fund your lawyer fees!! Mark my words, this person will serve as an example to people sending malicious strikes!!! I hope you have a lawyer!!”

Nadia continued to share the song that claimed a copyright, maintaining that all this is for clout.

”This idiot claims his song sounds like TESA. Vitu mnafanya for clout zitawamaliza! For fairness I am moving to court!!”

Nadia Mukami’s ‘Tesa’ had already garnered millions of views; and this is what has ignited Mukami’s rage. It’s only a matter of time before justice is served.



List Of Celebrities Who Graced Nadia Mukami’s 25th Birthday Party (Photos)

African Popstar Nadia Mukami was over the moon yesterday after a surprise birthday party arranged by Arrow Bwoy to celebrate her on her 25th birthday. The shrewd move by the singer drew emotions from Nadia as she admitted she’s never been surprised before on her birthday;

”No one has ever surprised me in my life😀 @arrowbwoy wow babe!! I love you so much 😁😁❤️ Hii wiki ata ukinikosea nakusamehe tu!😁😁😝 Nalegezaaaaaaa👅💦Officially I am the hardest human being to surprise😫😁😂😂 It took a whole day and I was not getting any Hints😁😀😀 Thank you so much na after party nikajiachiaaaaaa eh😁🤣 Then my song, Legeza is doing tooo great!!!
Best Birthday ever !!!! Hii wiki whatever
you want you get😌 @arrowbwoy Thank you so much ❤️”

The colorful surprise birthday party was honored by several artists, including Krg the Don, DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid, Bahati, Naiboi, Kristoff, Iyaani, among others.

Nadia and DK Kwenye Beat- Instagram
Arrow Bwoy, Nadia and Kristoff-Instagram
Arrow Bwoy, Nadia, Iyanii, and Dufla-Instagram

Amid her birthday, Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy disclosed their interest in having a baby soon; with Nadia demanding to get pregnant for Arrow Bwoy.

”I know you want a Koffi Annan Girlfriend lakini sisi World W*r 3 ndio tuko!!! 😁To annoying you till Infinity!!! Mimi ndio niko babe!😌 Mimba sasa chap chap 👅💦

Will Arrow Bwoy heed to Nadia Mukami’s demands?

Below are more photos of celebrities who attended Nadia’s birthday;

Nadia and Naiboi-Instagram
Nadia and Bahati-Instagram
Nadia and HopeKid-Instagram

‘Alikuwa Tu Wa Video’ Nadia Mukami Speaks Out On Indian ‘Boyfriend’ -I’ve Been Arrow Bwoy’s Girlfriend

Singers Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami wowed their fans after sharing a kissing photo while on vacation at the Coast days ago. After the photo, it was speculated that the two were an item. The latter is now true as they have both confirmed they are in love.

Nadia Mukami Dating Priyan

Nadia Mukami had previously been rumored to be dating an Indian by the name Priyan. She introduced him with a suggestive caption on her Instagram;

”Despite everything they have said about me today, you have showered me with love I am just smiling here next to you… Someone who speaks to your soul and you are just that! I should have met you earlier to experience this kind of love but I know it’s not late.
We are from 2 different ethnicities but our Love overcomes that!

According to the caption, it’s needless to say that Nadia was dating him. But this is not the case, at least for now that she has confirmed she’s dating Arrow Bwoy.

The two sweethearts went on Instagram live to confirm they’re an item. Nadia Mukami stated;

”Yes. I’ve been Arrow’s girlfriend… We’ve been together for a longer time… Mhindi alikua tu wa video back in the day…”

With their chemistry in music, they’re definitely going to blend in well.




‘Our Kenyan Men Are Amazing’- Nadia Mukami Gushes Over Bae Arrow Bwoy

The newest couple in town Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy; are setting the pace for couples out here with their steamy and photos and videos. Their latest posts on Instagram confirms that the two are now an item. They aroused netizens on Wednesday, August 4 by sharing on their respective social media pages a steamy photo that went viral.

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami Kissing-IG

Both captioned the photo with sweet words; leaving netizens in awe.

Nadia wrote;

”My hardworking, patient, pure hearted handsome man! Baba Safari Aka Kindu wakwa 🙈 @arrowbwoy”

Her lover Arrow Bwoy captioned;

”Toto Si Toto …
You are my smart, intelligent,boss lady! Mama Safari🙈 @nadia_mukami My Beautiful Thing”

However, most people were still inquisitive about Nadia’s Indian boyfriend Priyan; whom she introduced mid this year.

Nadia Mukami is yet to speak on the previous relationship with Priyan. Did it end in premium tears? Was it a mutual agreement separation?

Going Back To My Roots

Well, what we know for now is that Nadia has been on ‘baecation’ with Arrow Bwoy; where they shared the kiss that has got everyone talking.

Nadia has now praised Kenyan men; to be specific, her man Arrow Bwoy. Posting a cute video on her Instagram, she captioned;

”Our Kenyan Men are just amazing 🙈Sivuki border”

Her lover Arrow Bwoy responded;

”Jamani Kupendwa Raha ❤️”


‘Date People Who Show You Off’ Nadia Mukami’s Relationship Advice

Relationships nowadays are getting harder and harder to maintain. It’s evident that social media has greatly contributed in ruining good relationships. However, despite all this, some are still thriving in their relationships.

Some people tend to keep their love life away from social media; just to avoid critics and such. This concept tends to work, and Kenyan singer and song writer Nadia Mukami has embraced it.

Practice What You Preach

Nadia has been keeping her partner a secret for a very long time; until May this year, where she introduced her Indian boyfriend; which makes us question why she isn’t showing off her partner as she advices.

Nadia Mukami Shows Off Indian Boyfriend, Thanks Him for Not Chasing after Fame and Fortune ▷
Nadia and her boyfriend Priyan-Google

Some speculated that he wasn’t her boyfriend and that he just used him in a music video.

Anyway, Nadia has now taken to Instagram to give a piece of advice on the do’s and don’ts when choosing a partner for a relationship.

I am no relationship expert but:
1. Choosing a good father/ mother for your kids is more important than choosing a husband/wife for yourself
2. Do not settle down with people who are still stuck on their Exes.
3. Ladies, a man who constantly asks you for money but never spoils you and complains he’s broke but lives lavish is a big turn off! AVOID
4. Don’t get pregnant for a man if you don’t know where he lives‼️
5. A man/woman who can’t buy you even a cup of coffee worth sh.100 while dating will never buy you ANY gift when married!
6. Your partner should be the first person to celebrate your wins e.g Graduation, opening a small business, promotion etc. A partner who never celebrates your wins is a red flag!
7. Date people who are proud of you! Date people who show you off! There is a difference between a private relationship & a secret relationship”


Nadia Mukami Finally Unveils Her Handsome Boyfriend (Photo)

Afro pop Singer Nadia Mukami has for a long time kept his boyfriend off social media; a strategy most celebrities have bought. Nadia had plans to keep her lover a secret until after engagement or their wedding; which she did perfectly. Even though she hasn’t disclosed if her boyfriend, by the name Priyan, has already made things official, their photo suggests that they are taking things to the next level.

Nadia showered her lover with words of love and affection on Instagram. She wrote;

”Despite everything they have said about me today, you have showered me with love I am just smiling here next to you. Being in the limelight, you need someone who loves you for you. Someone who sees you outside the fame, money, attention, gossip, redicule and insults. Someone who speaks to your soul and you are just that! I should have met you earlier to experience this kind of love but I know it’s not late.
We are from 2 different ethnicities but our Love overcomes that!

Nadia Mukami’s fans expressed their joy after seeing Nadia’s handsome boyfriend.

Maina Kageni wrote;

”Aaaakiyaooooo!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mapenzi Mapenzi Mapenzi!!!!!”

Mwakideu wrote;

”Aaawweeeee…. Love is a beautiful thing! Enjoy @nadia_mukami and Priyan”

Congratulations to Nadia as she continues with this love journey.



‘Ukona Akili Ingine Ama Ni Hii Tu?’ Nadia Mukami Bashes Fan Who Tried To Justify Rape On Her Page (Screenshot)

Kenyan musician Nadia Mukami is a savage and she’s not hiding it! When one of her fans tried to justify rape on her gram, the 24 year old showed her untamed side with an innocuous response to the fan.

Nadia advocates for women’s rights and strongly shuns rape, as seen on her page. She supported the hash tag #JusticeforVelvine, a girl who, according to reports, was raped and her spinal code broken by a known assailant. Mukami went to the same high school with Velvine.

On her page, she wrote,

”I went to the same highschool with Velvine, Mount Laverna and I will use my space to say
It’s time to shame and End the rape Culture in Kenya! #JusticeforVelvine

A fan replied to this saying,

”She deserves it… Angekua ni mm nimemkatia angenikataa… It should be a lesson to all dependant ladies stop going for dates that are past ur callibar i thought Sharon atieno was a lesson. I doubt if it was rape. Mayb the gal couldn’t withstand the d*k stretching her genitals.”

This culminated the savage response from Mukami as she wrote back,

”Ukona akili ingine umeeka mahali ama ni hii tu!!!??? Mjinga!!”

I totally agree with Mukami. Rape is a criminal offence which should be punished severely.


My Biggest Fear Is Being Famous And Broke- Nadia Mukami

Award winning singer and songwriter Nadia Mukami is one of the youngest successful musicians of this generation. Weeks ago, Nadia claimed she’s one of the best songwriters and she should be awarded for it. Apparently, being famous is one thing, and being rich is another. How many celebrities have we heard about who end up being broke yet they were famous and rich for years? Well, this is one of Nadia Mukami’s fears.

Biography: Nadia Mukami, Family, Boyfriend, Husband, Music and Awards [ARTICLE] - Pulse Live Kenya
Nadia Mukami-Google
 On her Insta story, she wrote;

”My biggest fear is not even whether am number one, two, three, four; my biggest fear is being famous and broke! Please now stream my music on all platforms. Love you Kanadians.”

A few weeks ago, Nadia became one of the most streamed female artists in the country on Boomplay. Her music is one of the most listened to and she’s proud of making it in the industry. She is now planning to do collabos with international artists.

At only 24 years old, Nadia is setting the pace for her fellow musicians. She has made a name for herself with hit after hit on the songs she releases. Her latest song, Kolo, featuring Otile Brown, has fetched over 1.8 million views on YouTube since it’s release a month ago.

Nadia doesn’t need to plead her fans to listen to her music, it’s by our own will. Who doesn’t love good music? We’ll definitely support you Nadia.


Nadia Mukami Becomes The Most Streamed Female Artist In Kenyan History!

Nadia Mukami’s music is touching hearts! She is undoubtedly one of the best at what she does. Considering her age, Nadia is setting the pace for upcoming artists as she has achieved a lot. She is now one of the most streamed female artists on Boomplay in Kenyan history. She is also the youngest Kenyan musician to have achieved such.

24 year old Nadia couldn’t hide her joy for such a triumph.

Nadia Mukami Lyrics, Biography and Albums | AfrikaLyrics

”7 MILLION STREAMS ON @boomplaymusicke
THANK YOU #kaNadians
Most Streamed Female Artist in Kenyan History and 4th Most Streamed KENYAN ARTIST after @otilebrown , @sautisol & @realshinski

Been Silent because an album is on the way!
My EP had the Success of An Album🙏 😭Cant wait for my Album!

Thank you❤️💕”

Her fans congratulated her for such an intriguing achievement. Some push her to take her music to international levels.

”Go Kanadia.. Place us on the Map😂”

Her recent song dubbed ‘Kolo’ featuring Otile Brown, has already been watched over 1.6Million times on YouTube since it’s release 3 weeks ago.

The eloquent singer is yet to do collabos with artists from other countries, but she claims that her plan on this is underway. We can’t wait for more entertaining music from Nadia. Keep soaring to greater heights!


Nadia Mukami Claims She’s The Best Songwriter And Should Be Rewarded For It

Award winning Kenyan singer Nadia Mukami has revealed that her impeccable prowess in the art song writing shouldn’t go un-rewarded. The 23 year old Afro Pop musician claims she is currently the best in writing songs, what she terms as ‘Power of The Pen’. She adds that apart from all other musical rewards, there should be a specific one for song writing.

Fast-rising musician Nadia Mukami causing a buzz with her electric Afro pop single Ikamate Hiyo - People Daily

Power Of The Pen?

Nadia also claims that she discussed the issue with her fellow musicians.

I met up with Sautisol over the weekend and we had a Conversation on Songwriting and the Power of the Pen!!
Let’s Glorify the POWER OF THE PEN!!!!
I just stirred the Pot on Twitter and I won’t run away from it. For a long time songwriters and Lyricists we are overlooked and YES, CONTENT IS KING!!”

Nadia is currently one of the most successful singers. She has already bagged several awards in her career. To begin with, she has already earned her first MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA) Nomination in the Best Fan-Base Award Category. She has several collabos with Kenyan artists. Recently, she revealed her intentions of working with international artists. She says that some have already contacted her for a collabo. Big wins! We can’t wait to see her push Kenyan music to International levels.

But do you think she should wear the crown of the best songwriter?


Nadia Mukami- I Have A Boyfriend Na Lazima Anioe

Singer Nadia Mukami is one of Kenya’s celebrated young talents in the music industry. Her music had drawn most people’s attention and she’s becoming one of the new voices to look out for.

Nadia’s life story and the debut of her singing career significantly impacts the young generation. . The award-winning musician has a unique touch of music to the local music industry. Her natural talent combined with afro-pop rendition is just what you need to have on your playlist.

Image result for Nadia Mukami

After gaining all the attention and social status on the internet, many still wonder who Nadia dates. Talking about her love life, the singer decides to keep it private. However, in an interview, Mukami reveals that she has a boyfriend. She adds that she will not reveal his face until marriage or engagement.

”… Nina boyfriend. Details are not important. Ile siku niko married ndio nitawaonyesha. Siezi enda kwingine. Yaani nilishamwambia by fire by thunder, we are getting married. You are not wasting my time. Lazima anioe…”

Nadia is one of the few celebrities who keep their love life private. This is mostly because they don’t want people to ruin their relationship. The young singer also reveals she is a nominee for the MTV MAMA Awards.

Image result for Nadia Mukami

In addition, Nadia also claims that artists from other countries have been messaging her asking for collabos. She is yet to confirm who she’ll do a collabo with.

We can’t wait to see how her music will flourish in the next couple of months. She is taking Kenya’s music to International levels.


‘I Really Cannot Wait To Show Him Off’ Nadia Mukami Reveals She’s Deeply In Love

African Popstar Queen Nadia Mukami has now revealed she’s in love. The award-winning musician is already recognized as one of the new voices to look out for in the region.

Nadia took to social media to make it clear about her relationship status, owing to the fact that her fans had been inquisitive about the same.

Hongera! Mwihoko's Finest Nadia Mukami lands bET award Nomination - The Sauce

On an Instagram post, Nadia made it clear that even though she is not married, she is already seeing someone. She adds that she can’t wait to show off her man.

”Okay since I have been getting a lot of questions from quite a number of people, I decided to address this issue in my status…..

First of all, am not hiding the fact that I am in a relationship
I didn’t think it was anyone’s business plus I needed some privacy and to protect Him! I really cannot wait to show him off and most of all this Post is stolen sijui ata ni Post ya nani!! Have yourselves a Blessed Night.”

The 24 year old musician has an impressive musical journey. She has brought a spectacular touch of music to the industry.

She released her first song while still in school, and that’s where her musical journey gained momentum. Nadia has done several collabos with Kenyan artists. Her latest song ‘Wangu’ features Sanaipei Tande and has gained over 6.7 Million views on YouTube since it’s release only three months ago.

Nadia is a young and promising talent in the music industry. She’ll definitely take the Kenyan music industry to another level. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see who her new love is. She seems to be excited about him.


Unveiled! Meet the siblings to your favourite celebrities

For majority of celebrities, their family life is hardly let public especially who they spent most of their childhood with.

However, a couple of them have freely flaunted close family to the public but majority would prefer to keep their privacy.

Recently, after much asking and by mere coincidence, a couple of celebrities decided to show off their siblings to the world. Meet them:

Nadia Mukami

The African pop star known for her stunning looks, has introduced her gorgeous baby sister, Liz Valentine, to fans and who apparently was born on Valentines day and sings as well. Her striking resemblance to the music star and charming beauty left fans glued to their screens.

Nadia Mukami’s younger sister Liz Valentine


The multi-talented online comedian also known as Flaqo Raz, popular for his character ‘Mama Otis’ finally agreed to introduce his look-alike brother, Henry Newton, after much persistence from fans. Henry however prefers to keep his life private.

Flaqo’s brother Henry Newton


The Gospel artiste is famous for his Bahati brothers, Kioko & Eric, who are older, taller and sturdier than him. They keep a relatively low profile with Diana recently introducing them as single men.

The Bahati brothers

Saumu Mbuvi

The Nairobi Governor’s daughter, mother of two and businesswoman flaunted the breathtaking genes that run in their family, posing with her younger sister, Sandra, in an all-white affair over the weekend. “My sisters are the best given angels on earth ….” she admitted.

Saumu with her sister Sandra

Diana Marua

Diana has more often talked about her younger sister, who became a mother to twins at barely age 19 but a woman who gives Marua strength and hope of a better tomorrow. According to Diana, her sister is always the go-to person when she is at her lowest.

Diana Marua with sister, Michelle

“Am now ready for marriage,” Nadia Mukami reveals as she turns 24

Songbird Nadia Mukami recently admitted she might never date again after a messed up past relationship but has remained open for marriage.

The beauty who said no to dating after a man asked her to pay the bill just few years back, clarified during her recent interview on Mseto East Africa, that it might take Jesus and the angels for anyone to convince her otherwise.

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“I’m not just ready to date again. I have already been hurt. Yes, I moved on but I haven’t healed,” she opened up.

Marriage doors remain open?

Well, looks like there is some good news for her secret admirers after she opened the stage for those looking to convince her of another trial at love.

Songbird Nadia Mukami

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Monday, November 9, the beauty clocked 24 years. A chapter she hopes will be kind enough for her just like 23 was.

“23 was the best year for me; Made hits and made a little bit of 💰. 24 please be kind and grant me more 💰, happiness, Hits,” she prayed.

Before dropping the bombshell inviting all concerned parties to the game, penning;

“…and find me a good husband 😘. 🙏 Am ready for marriage 😌. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME❤️.”

African popstar Nadia Mukami

A post that rang a bell of a dear Nadia who had always hoped for marriage, after she finds her place in the music industry and in her career, which are blooming without doubt.

According to the stunning beauty, she needed to keep her promise to her dad – that she will not embarrass him like her female relatives who had to bear children while still young.

A promise she has managed to keep and probably has got her thinking that a trial at marriage would harm no one, for the far she has come.

Happy birthday to her!