Nadia Mukami reveals reason behind her new ‘bald’ look

Nadia Mukami is running and she needs to stop. A few days ago she went online complaining about her body weight (which btw is just baby fat) and being 6 months since she had her baby….she actually looks amazing and beautiful.

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However having been a size 4 or 6 before pregnancy – you can understand her insecurities now that she has to embrace the new body and weight. But again…its just been 6 months, the body is still healing, hormones still balancing and everything slowly sliding back to its rightful place now that the baby is out of the womb. Gradual steps.

Anyway complaining about her new weight, Nadia wrote;

Nadia Mukami

I am trying to get to 60KGs!it’s so hard losing weight! Don’t get it twisted I love the new thick me exclusive of mummy pouch, double chin, and my wrestling built-like arms. I struggled with my weight, I even don’t post a lot of photos and I had so much client work because I was soo insecure. But Now it’s Nadia’s time! I have been trying to keep fit because of the performances! Let’s say adjusting was so hard for me!! But there are no shortcuts! I have to work on being fit! Let’s go.

Reason behind new bald look

Apart from wanting to shed off the extra weight, Nadia is also exploring a new bald look, which by the way suits her very much especially with the new weight.

However explaining why she shaved her hair, Nadia Mukami said;

So that happened, I shaved my head because of lactation. Whenever I breastfeed my hair falls off. I had lost my hairline so I decided to chop my hair, not because of anything else in particular.


So I am there, I enjoyed it, I feel like a free bird, I really feel good and I am enjoying this process. I hope to lose the 7 kilograms in a few so that I can tell you that I am a success story so pray for me because it is not as easy.