Nadia Mukami Explains Why She’s Looking Forward To Have Another Child

Kenyan singer Nadia Mukami has revealed that she is considering having another child after her one-year-old son, Haseeb Kai, has started to feel bored at home.

Mukami shared the news on her Instagram account, where she posted a photo of herself bonding with Kai and wrote,

“Naskia kuongeza mwingine ❤️😩 Kai ameanza kuboeka 😁😂This Love 💕 @haseebkai.”

The singer explained that she believes having another child would help to keep Kai entertained and engaged.

“I think it would be good for him to have a sibling,” she said. “It would give him someone to play with and someone to talk to.”

Mukami and her partner, Arrow Bwoy, welcomed Kai in March 2022. The birth of Kai followed a miscarriage in which the pair lost their unborn child.

The couple have been together for several years and are very much in love. They are also very supportive of each other’s careers.

Mukami is a successful singer and songwriter, while Arrow Bwoy is a popular rapper. They have collaborated on several songs together, including the hit single “Malanga.”

The couple is not yet married, but they are planning to tie the knot in the near future.

Mukami has said that she wants to have a big family, so it is likely that she and Arrow Bwoy will have more children in the future.

Nadia Mukami proves you cannot sell “sexy” without sex appeal

Nadia Mukami had a headlining weekend performance at a concert in Meru and her outfit has been the talk of the town as every internet user has been clamouring to give their 2-cents on her outfit which has unanimously been declared dreadful.

“Wacheni ushamba” Celebrity stylist behind Nadia Mukami outfit tells off haters for not appreciating fashion

Both she and her stylist, a lady who goes by the name Gold Melina have been bashing their fashion critics saying that we need to evolve from being village bumpkins for our standards and tastes in fashion to elevate.

Nadia Mukami in Meru

While I do agree with her and I also did not find the outfit dreadful, its execution and fit were dreadful. The execution was lousy because it was all fluff and no substance. There was nothing daring in the outfit as it didn’t tease anything. On paper it was daring but it really only lived up to the billing of an overhyped one-piece bathing suit with a cape. And the fit? Oh Lord, the fit! Why did they feel the need to cram Nadia Mukami’s rotund body into the outfit?

“Ai hapana, just no!” Nadia Mukami’s weekend outfit ranked as worst wardrobe malfunction ever caught on camera (Video)

You see, she is a very comely singer but she just had a baby and is yet to shed the weight that comes with such a noble endeavour. And in truth, when you’re a celebrity who uses sex appeal for your brand, what you’re selling is your ability to be sexy and whether or not your mother, husband and feminists tell you you’re looking fierce and sexy, if you’re fat, you’re fat and that’s just that.

Nadia Mukami

In truth, this is a very well-known fact in the entertainment business. It is why you see J.Lo and Beyonce actually work out and try to remain sexy. They are selling hopes and dreams and that ultimately means being sexy. And whenever they had children just like Nadia Mukami did, they take a step back from the limelight, do the work and only step back when they are fine as wine. That is part of the reason why they’ve had a career that exemplifies longevity while a lot of other RnB ladies fall off like Nivea.

Nadia Mukami Explains Admirable Qualities That Attracted Her To Arrow Bwoy (Video)

And when they have the weight still on them, they have a team of stylists who understand that this is not the moment to sell sex appeal but rather modesty. And that is what the Kenyan audience is responding with and letting our starlet know but like every other Kenyan celeb, she seems not to understand that her customers are king and they make the rules.

Nadia Mukami stars in a full make up look

You can thrush about like a petulant child and you can roll about on the floor but the fact still remains that this is the ultimate truth. And as such, I would advise Nadia Mukami to actually listen to what the feedback is saying. Then again, what do I know? I am just a guy in my small 20s with alot of opinions.

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Why Masauti and Nadia Mukami were mishandled in Mombasa

Nadia Mukami and Masauti are finding out just how on the money I was when, a couple of weeks ago, I told you all about just how Sauti Sol had fudged up the event organisation and promotion business right?

Sauti Sol have disrupted the concert and events business

In the article shared above, I argued that now, as a result of event organisers being shown that they will have to pay a pretty penny to book Kenyan performers, they would in turn become a lot more mercenarial about how they deal with them.

Think about it, if I have to cough up more money for your services, I am now going to ensure I get a bang for my buck. Additionally, as the prices rise, so too should the level of professionalism.

Nadia Mukami Reacts After Being Chased Off Stage While Performing Alongside Masauti

That means that you start with the soundcheck. With your entire band and if that means a live rehearsal, then so be it. From there, you have to have already sorted out the transport situation well in advance. I am not sure how Nadia Mukami and Masauti thought they would do things but had they done the utmost to be professional, then some of the petty issues that were raised later would have arisen -like why tf did Masauti start complaining about transport to the venue later?!

Issa problem when you have to actually deliver in an industry that barely any standards of professionalism but thems the brakes. This would have also done two things for Masauti and Nadia Mukami, it would have shown the promoters how to treat them (as professionals) as well as ensured word got around that they aren’t to be messed with.

Masauti Shares His Side Of The Story On Being Chased Off Stage While Performing

As for the Mbosso part of the equation, he is the top-billed artist at the performance. He doubtless cost more. He might have either been on some primadonna type of time or the promoters wanted to milk him for all the money they had paid him.

This is not to excuse the promoter for the manner in which he dealt with Masauti and Nadia Mukami but rather to say that with the increased ask for monetary compensation, the ask placed upon them has increased and they have to start carrying themselves professionally so even promoters relearn the rules of engagement. The onus is upon them to renegotiate those terms, not upon the promoters.

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Nadia Mukami has neutered Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami has effectively made her man, Arrow Bwoy a eunuch and I guess they are happy with the situation… Or at least Nadia Mukami is because he has been complaining that he has not gotten to enjoy her company in an intimate fashion for over 6 months.

Nadia Mukami Pens Sweet Message To Celebrate Arrow Bwoy On Men’s Day

When I first read his claims, I laughed. Actually, I was beside myself with laughter. Why would a perfectly normal young man who happens to have tons of social proof seeing as he is a celebrity, choose to willingly become an incel? And not, that is not an ironic question, he has actually agreed to make himself an involuntary celibate because he is complaining about that state of affairs.

Also, why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks would Arrow Bwoy share such a shameful aspect of his relationship with Nadia Mukami publicly? It’s maddening enough to have female celebs share their nonsense on social media but when men too begin to overshare, you have to question their intelligence or their testosterone levels and seeing as Mr Bwoy is jacked…

Arrow Bwoy Reacts To Nadia Mukami’s Post On Getting A Baby Soon- Hujanipea Vitu For 6 Months

Then again, perhaps it is a testament to just the type of mettle Nadia has if she can successfully keep this guy completely enthralled by her even though she has subjected him to 6-months of a Sahara dry dryspell. Or perhaps, just bear with me, someone is fooling the other and if he is not the boob, and she is not the fool, then we the adoring public are.

I say this because I do not believe that any man who has the magnitude of options that present themselves to both superstars would have the willpower to routinely turn down opportunities to stray day-in and day-out. Something’s got to give.

Nipee Mimba Sasa- Nadia Mukami To Lover Arrow Bwoy As She Celebrates 25th Birthday

Or maybe I am just allowing my cynicism to run amok and Arrow Bwoy is not in any females DMs nor is he routinely out and about town cruising for some spring chicken to help him wind down after his shows.

maybe Nadia Mukami has indeed found the answer as to how to keep a man with six-pack abs and glistening muscles to trade in his sensual imperative for a humdrum existence that forces him to either go full-on monk or resort to his hand for release. Doubtful.

But let us say that is the case, it would explain why a man like Arrow would be comfortable revealing to us that he has been forced on a 6-month erotic sabbatical. And maybe as a result we are about to get the awesome music of a late twenties RnB crooner who is frustrated due to all his pent-up energy. Simply put, we are in for some daggering bangers.

Celebrity artiste, Arrow Bwoy

Still, it beggars belief that a man in his prime such as Bwoy would be willing to sacrifice his imperative. He should be thinking about enjoying himself and gaining experience with the ladies even as he focuses on building himself up and continuing to give us bangers. Maybe we should look into what is in the water he drinks because he has effectively been neutered. That portion called love is not a joke.

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The Nadia Mukami love story will need alot of work

Nadia Mukami recently revealed her significant other and the internets went wild for one main reason that most will not admit for fear of being called out for not being politically correct: he is a Kenyan Indian.

It blew my mind because I never would have pictured her to be a swirler. I would have thought her to be more of a girl who goes for the “You Guy My Guy” trope but I was really surprised to see just how wrong I am. She’s gone Bollywood.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami revealed she is in a relationship

But if we are telling the truth, then we have to accept the reason why this is such a shock to many is that it doesn’t look like the type of relationship that will have a “happily ever after” simply because of two reasons:

‘Ukona Akili Ingine Ama Ni Hii Tu?’ Nadia Mukami Bashes Fan Who Tried To Justify Rape On Her Page (Screenshot)

#1. She is a celebrity

#2. Kenyan Indians frown upon their members marrying locals

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami in swimwear

The fact that she is a celebrity is a complex one. You see, she is of high social status than her partner and for a lot of men this ends up becoming an issue because of women’s hypergamous nature. And by definition of her situation, she has access to a lot of high value and high net worth men. Some of them would be willing to simp for her while most would just like a tumble with her.

My Biggest Fear Is Being Famous And Broke- Nadia Mukami

As such, Nadia Mukami would constantly be triggered to try and branch swing to a better option.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami posing at a photoshoot

Besides this, the fact that she is a celebrity means that her fans and haters can make her relationship hell on Earth for her and her partner. She should have kept her affair private until it became more permanent. By that, I mean that the people who mattered know who she is dating and it is none of our business. Why then did she decide to tell the world that she is dating?

Nadia Mukami Becomes The Most Streamed Female Artist In Kenyan History!

While she can handle the pressure of scrutiny, is she sure her beau can? What happens when people find him online and start harassing him? Her decision to reveal him was a blunder if you ask me.

Nadia Mukami
Kenyan popstar, Nadia Mukami

And now for the second reason:

Kenyan Indians aren’t known for their racial integration. It is a simple statement of fact. As such, she is facing an uphill task to ensure his family accepts him. And while I do not know his family dynamic, I highly doubt that it is a nuclear setting because Indians are known to live as one large collective family consisting of uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces.

Nadia Mukami Claims She’s The Best Songwriter And Should Be Rewarded For It

And once Nadia Mukami is accepted by his family at large, what about their community? What will they say? And that is even before we begin to wonder about the question of how complicated life could get if they do end up tying the knot. And while I wish her all the best with her journey in life and love, I just hope she is awake to the reality that hers is a complex scenario.

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Bonita Lilly strikes flawless chemistry with Barnaba Classic to set the artistic scene ablaze with a beautiful ballad, Nimenasa (Video)

There’s a spanking, exciting new release on our music sphere that’s causing ripples. It’s a story of an effortlessly creative Kenyan Diva & Artist…..

Artist: Bonita Lilly

Video: Nimenasa, feat. Barnaba Classic.

The new release, Nimenasa features slow, rhythmic beats. This is a love ballad blended with soft vocals and spiced with a lot of tangible heartache. The plot and style of narration serves and contrasts a generous cocktail of love and unforeseen betrayal – as is nigh becoming relevant in modern relationships.

There’s instances a listener finds an artist whose plot and emotion strokes a buried memory – and, the heart coils and clenches with emotion. Not often, but it happens. This is it.

It doesn’t help that gifted artist Bonita Lilly teams up with an equally talented and ‘beloved’ partner in crime: Barnaba Classic. This duo runs the plot script down to the core, with perfect chemistry on set.

Barnaba Classic is the classic (no pun intended) musician and entertainer. Say, how often have you seen or heard of Barnaba Classic away from music? Well, not much, because, this is an artist not in it for fame, but passion.

Barnaba, unlike his peers, hasn’t featured much in distractive, sidelining drama and self-hyping scandals but has been consistent – impeccable releases, stage performances. That’s a plus.

That Bonita Lilly has found rhythm with soulful Barnaba Classic – deep enough, to produce a flawless love ballad, is a glimpse of how talented she is. The artists connect on an awesome level, and the result is a rare integration of powerful vocals and effortless chemistry in the video.

It’s hard to not love Bonita Lilly.

Bonita is a gifted singer, and a talented dancer. That’s a rare combination.

She’s a serious entity in the list of artists in contention for the region’s top female artist. An industry-soul mate probable, Bonita Lilly would be a perfect feature artist alongside Nadia Mukami, Nandy, up to and including Femi One.

Or, wait for it, vocal artist for a genre-flip production.

A suitable genre-flip for Bonita Lilly would be clashing her smooth, soft vocals, against a rough backdrop – rap, hip hop beats. An ideal genre-flip artist would be Rapper Khaligraph Jones, perhaps. In this case, her dancing prowess would be priceless!

Besides the latest video, Nimenasa, Bonita Lilly has previously released catchy hits like Ikamate and the autonomous club banger, Parte!

Off the stage, Bonita Lilly is an established celebrity fashion and beauty stylist. In Mtwapa, this enigmatic artist is the brains behind Lilly Designs, and Lilly Beauty Spot.

You hardly need to know, but the launch of these outlets was graced by rap icon Khaligraph Jones, Socialite Vera Sidika and Comedian Smart Joker.

Bonita Lilly is set to become an established brand in the industry.

Here’s her latest video, Nimenasa. Watch and listen, and amuse us with your two-cent worth in the comment section below:

Why no male Kenyan celebrity should complain about cyber bullying

Kenyan celebrities have added a new word to their lexicon and my word they are using it to no end and that word is cyberbullying. As such, many Kenyan female celebrities such as Nadia Mukami have cried about cyberbullying. And she is by no means the only one who has done so with Lillian Muli and Lynda Nyangweso too. Even Bahati and Khaligraph Jones have addressed the issue of cyberbullying and here is where I draw the line.

Celebrities Vs KOT: Cyber Bullying being a norm is sending many to depression

That is not to say that Kenyan celebrities arent indeed getting cyberbullied. Afterall a recent study was done on the international digital phenomenon and Kenyans were highlighted as being a particularly nasty part of the puzzle with the way Kenyans on Twitter delight in tearing down anyone who they feel has earned their ire.
We have seen Lynda Nyangweso get attacked for her weight for no reason other than the fact that someone felt her voice didn’t match her size. Such an incident is disposable and should be condemned as it rightfully was.

Nadia mukami a kenyan clebrity

Perhaps the case can be made that Kenyan celebrities merely bear the brunt of Kenyan culture which has bullying entrenched as a form of initiation as form ones (monos) often get hazed and bullied when they join high school.

Bully number One! KOT impressed after one Fridah exposes Mulamwah for online bullying and threatening her life

My focus today, however, isn’t the cultural reason for cyberbullying but to critique the manner in which male Kenyan celebrities belly ache about getting cyberbullied. Perhaps this is an old fashioned, nearly Old Testament approach to masculinity, but I have been raised to believe that we as men must be stoic.

Kenyan celebrity bahati

So it befuddled and boggles the mind to see men decry getting called on social media although they never fully thought through what being a celebrity is all about. This is by no means my telling rappers like Khaligraph Jones not to hit back at the haters because after all, one mustn’t dish out what they cannot take. And rappers such as Eminem and Kanye West have famously lashed out at haters and critics but with one major difference. They did not try to cast themselves in the light of victims. They did not try to cut the image of the defeated. They did indeed acknowledge their underdog status but they opted to fight on rather than bitch out.

Azziad Nasenya speaks up on claims of referring to Diamond Platnumz as ‘a woman eater!’ (Interview)

But Ozymandias, how can you be so sure about this fact? Well, because men are meant to be stoic. Men are meant to be the rocks of society. If a male Kenyan celebrity cannot deal with the unwanted attention that comes hand-in-hand with the love they receive, then the path is clear, quit. Or log off your computer and go outside to the real world. That is always the option they have. Kenyan celebrities need to stop bellyaching and start realizing that they could always simply switch off their comment section and limit access to their DMs.

Think about it. What stops Jimmy Gait from switching off the comments on his Youtube videos? What’s to stop Jimmy Gait from stopping people from commenting on his social media profiles? I really do not understand why he cries about such things. Yes, there are some horrible people in this world. But we all face the unfairness of life and when you can mute it, do so. I shouldn’t have to remind these men that they have elected to let this negativity remain in their lives as they refuse to handle the situation.
Khaligraph Jones is a fantastic example of what Kenyan male celebrities should do when faced with haters; put that angst into music instead of whining. Create music so good, even your haters have no choice but to clap for you.


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Nadia Mukami drops “Maombi” and it gives you a reason to always be thankful(Video)

Nadia Mukami has given us the much-needed break from twa twa with her 8th single: “Maombi.” This is one song that has raised the eyebrows of the ‘Gospel Police.’

Nadia, the fast-rising African pop star started from hosting Saturday Hip Hop Count on Equator FM  while in University.

However, since then Nadia has grown to a notable brand.

She has diligently carved her space into the music industry, beating all odds and making it among the best in the country.

With songs such as African Lover, Ikamate Hiyo, Yule Yule and her first mega-hit Si Rahisi; Mukami has always left her fans satisfied.

Maombi possesses some sense of spirituality and more so thanksgiving.

It seems Kenyan artists understand that its not always about chest-thumping but acknowledging God in their journey.

Maombi By Nadia Mukami


Nadia demonstrates a good mastery of writing lyrics as shown always in her songs and Maombi is no exception.

The song is well written and delivered with ease. It is a thanksgiving song acknowledging God and how He has stood by her.

The song also depicts the negativity that people around us can put in us if we are not careful and focused on what we really want.

“Hao binadamu walinipa wiki, sasa imepita miaka bado wanasubiri.”

“Maneno ya wanadamu yalinilenga kama mishale ,

Ila Mungu hawezikubali uanguke.

Alichoanzisha leo lazima atakamilisha weeh”

Well, it is a song that totally explains the goodness of the Lord and his faithfulness if you keep praying and focusing on what He is doing in your life.

I mean people always talk no matter what you do. Do you!!


This being a thanksgiving song and acknowledging the goodness of the Lord, one would expect to see opulence and affluence in the video. Posh cars, houses, gardens, neighborhood.

Nadia, however, chose the ultimate form of sophistication; simplicity. The mix of color is also a plus for this jam.

It has simple scene settings, no video vixens but just her beautifully delivering the song without much fuss.

This song comes across as a lot better than the songs that are produced with the label ‘Gospel’ attached to them. Some artists in the Gospel industry should see Nadia with a pen and notebook ready to take notes because though simple, she has a lot to offer.

Remember Kazi ya Mungu haina Makosa.

Rating 9/10.Your thoughts?


Singer Nadia Mukami shares how she cried like a little baby after being dumped via phone call   

Singer Nadia Mukami has opened up on how her relationship ended and left her super heartbroken.

Speaking to Mpasho in an interview, the singer revealed that she was young and her life was in a mess and then out of nowhere her boyfriend also decided to cut ties with her.

“When I was having all these court issues I was just young but now I am mature. I feel like I am 30. I was calling him (boyfriend) the whole day and when he did pick he promised to call me back. When he called back he told me we needed to end the relationship. He said the relationship was not working for him. I cried,” she said. 


Nadia is not the only entertainer who has been dumped via a phonecall. Radio host Kameno Goro had a similar but more painfull experience after she was dumped just hours before her wedding day via WhatsApp.

Arrowbwoy will not be edged out easily

Despite the noise about Arrowbwoy having a monotonus sound. I must say he is among the few artists whose music will Still remain relevant for a while.

He makes us dance on the feel good days and even on personal entertainment. For one he is also an underrated music star in Kenya. Once again, Kenyans!!!The little support for his music is really sad.

Arrowbwoy Underated

Just like super producer Musyoka once said that Kenyans do not embrace Arrowbwoy as he deserves.

I mean this is the champion that got his breakthrough through hard work, proper lyrical writing and the prowess of his artistry.

Looking at his track record he is a man that carefully analyses his audience  before releasing a song.That gives him an edge when it comes to music.

Recently when he dido Radio Love featuring the now super talented Nadia Mukami, some people were skeptical about it but they delivered.

Radio love was just among the many stepping stones that Arriowbwoy was enjoying in the limelight.

Further he went on with Good, that was well received especially by the female side of fans. The song was easy to understand and jam to.

If you thought this Baritone gifted man was going anywhere then you were right. He is in the music industry to stay. Long enough to be remembered with the likes of Nameless and the OG himself Khaligraph Jones.

Just before we got enough of the big banger, he brought us Ngeta, a song the celebrates women and their beauty. The production and color of this project is also one to die for.

In conclusion with the pace of 3weeks to a Month of musical releases. I believe Arrowbwoy  Is the man to watch out for. He makes us long for more by the day.

If you thought otherwise then let’s wait and see.


Singer Nadia finally changes hairstyle after social media pressure 

Kenyan Singer Nadia Mukami has finally bowed to online pressure and changed her hairstyle after online trolls.

This is after the singer dyed her hair blonde last month which did not turn out well as people made fun of her look.

Mukami has always been known for her signature hairstyle which is rocking the African puffy afro with some extension sometimes.

Looking better

She returned to this and posted a photo online which Kenyans loved. many commented in the post how better she looks and should avoid the other crazy hairstyles she has been donning lately.

Here’s what fans said:


Now I love this look ☝️????


This should be your look gorgeous


I like your new look more..


@nadia_mukami Seductive looks????????????????


Love this look ????❤️



In love with this look. So ????Gorgeous