Nadia Mukami shares realest lesson she’s learnt since becoming a mum

Nadia Mukami is happy to have baby Haseeb Kai out of her womb and into her hands after a whole 9 months journey . She says it wasn’t an easy journey – but, I bet she will be saying the opposite in a few weeks time – when Haseeb Kai starts screaming his lungs out. It’s just been a week, so relax. 

Anyway, with Mukami now understanding how motherhood works – the African Popstar recently shared a detailed post talking about one of things she has learnt since becoming a mum. Love.

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Yes, Ms Nadia Mukami says having her son unlocked levels of she’s never experienced before; hence no regrets whatsoever. In a post shared a few hours ago, she wrote;

Arrowbwoy with girlfriend, Nadia Mukami

They say if a woman’s first child is a girl, she most likely needed maturity. And if it’s a boy she most needed to know the real meaning of love.

The true meaning of love

Well, despite having loved before – Nadia Mukami can’t bring herself to compare that kind of love with the current one she feels for her baby boy, Haseeb.

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To her this kind of love is pure, unexplainable and above all – effortless! It’s the kind that brings the best out of you and has no boundaries nor ultimatums since the boy is hers. Her own baby, a blessing she never knew she needed and now can’t live without.

I definitely can relate to this, I have a baby boy and he’s my first believe me when I tell you this is the love my heart has been waiting on!!


And just like that, Arrow bwoy takes second place in Nadia Mukami’s heart.

New mum in town Nadia Mukami not ready to sacrifice career for motherhood

Singer Nadia Mukami says she is not ready to give up on her successful career just to stay home and play mummy/wifey because society expects this from her.

Well, times have changed and so have women which explains Nadia Mukami’s reasons for not wanting to step down from her musical thrown – just to settle as a mum.

Heavily Pregnant Nadia Mukami

The lady made this known in a new post shared on her gram talking about a new YouTube series based on her pregnancy journey. From what she says is that she refuses to let society push her to becoming something she is not; that is judging from what she seen from female celebrities in the Kenyan music industry.

When you are a female artist, society feels the need to make personal choices on when you need to settle down.

Gender equality still a problem

According to Nadia Mukami, having a child or settling down with man should not be a reason for any woman to quit her career or business. For this reason, Nadia Mukami promised she would not be anything near the likes of Avril, Amani, Marya, Sosuun among others who quit music after starting a family with their spouses.

As woman I want both the career, family & kids. A woman shouldn’t have to choose one, she can have both.I am breaking barriers. No dream should die for the sake of gender.

But apart from that, Nadia says that more than ever – she now appreciates pregnancy or rather the art of motherhood since it’s one of the scariest but at the same bravest experience she has ever had.

Pregnancy is the closest i’ll ever come to magic, the scariest; and bravest experience and a privilege I will cherish forever. #AfricanPopStar