“He can get it though!” Avril proves she is ready to squash beef with Naiboi

Singer Avril Nyambura is ready to work things out with Naiboi following their now 2 year beef!

The two singers collided back in 2018 after Naiboi requested Avril to feature in his 2 in 1 hit song; however all did not go well.

Pregnant Avril

Speaking to Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu a few weeks ago, Avril explained that it was impossible for her to help Naiboi back then; since she was on maternity leave and was still nursing the pain of child birth!

Avril proves all is well!

Anyway thanks fo Avril’s new post dedicated to Naiboi, we now believe that she is ready to have a sit down with the male singer and sort things out.

Avril celebrates Naiboi

Several of her and Naiboi’s fans have dropped knowledge in the comments, noting that maybe it’s time for them to hash things out. This might just be another major step that will help take the Kenyan music industry to another level!

Avril planning to drop new projects?

It is no secret that Avril is no longer active in terms of making new music since she is now a full time mum to her baby boy that we are yet to see!

Avril with her son

Anyway as for now, all fans can do – is continue showing support for their local music!

Beef alert! Here is why you might never see a collaboration between Naiboi and Avril!

Naiboi and Avril have been having some ‘bad blood’ for years now and this is all because of hit song ‘2 in 1’ that Avril publicly refused to be part of.

Well, according to a screenshot attached his latest video where he is heard asking Kenyans to suggest a few Kenyan female artists he should work with expect Avril who he refuses to ever put out a project with.

Apparently during his 2 in 1 video shoot, Avril rudely refused to take part in the visuals – despite Naiboi asking her to step in like other fellow artists who came in handy.

Naiboi’s beef with Avril

In the video shared by the singer on his Instagram page, Naiboi goes on to attach a screenshot showing Avril’s response after she was asked why she was not featured on the popular song.

Naiboi’s post

Well, let me not call it pride but her response did not come out as expected…and I bet this is why Naiboi still can’t seem to let this matter go!