Naiboi drops highly-anticipated debut EP “OTERO”

2in1 hitmaker Naiboi can’t keep calm after dropping his highly-anticipated debut EP Otero; and yes, it was definitely worth the wait judging from his line up.

The singer who recently opened revealing why he hasn’t released any new music in 2 years; has now left fans and critics buzzing over his new project as it continues to get recognition by online fans.

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Back with a bang, Naiboi set to release Otero EP

So far we understand that the 10- track was EP produced by Bass Man and Naiboi with additional production by jazzybass beats; and hamado features some of the best talents in East Africa: Nyashinski, AY, Femi One,truth254 and Dairro from Jamaica included.

To celebrate the career milestone, Naiboi opens up saying;

“For the love of music I sing, for the love of the game, I rap”.

Featuring Top known artistes

As y’all already know, the EP has featured some top artistes who brought in different flavors to this anticipated album.


‘Mkono Kwa Wall’ featuring Dairo is an up beat that will get you grooving and bumping to the beat whenever it comes up.

‘Ready’ featuring Tanzania’s star AY will bring you that feel-good mood with the energy driven

‘Tender Love’, on the other hand, crafted poetically, officially introduces the love feel to the album as ‘Mali’ and Monicah are all about beautiful women; the kind that one cannot afford to loose and has Naiboi going above and beyond.

While ‘Mali’ stresses the standards that have Naiboi working extra to have her, Monicah expresses the joys of being with her and loving the feel.

With such a lineup; it’s obvious to see that Naiboi put in some good effort to recover the 2 years he has been MIA in the music scene.