Poor boy child! Rapper Naiboi still bitter with Victoria Kimani for snubbing him

You would think that male celebrities don’t get blueticked but it turns out that no boy child is immune to the vagaries of ladies’ attitude.

Rapper Naiboi is still hurting after Victoria Kimani gave him blue-ticks for century, he approached the songbird to appear in his video ‘2 in 1’ but never got a reply.

“I tried to reach out to Avril and Victoria Kimani. For Victoria Kimani, aliniblue-tick WhatsApp na Instagram. Nikasema sawa. Nime hold grudge kwa sababu yeye alinilenga point blank,” Naiboi said in an interview with Word Is.

Avril and Sanaa’s responses

Naiboi says Avril and Sanaipei Tande politely declined his request to appear in his music video, he says that their responses didn’t hurt him.


“Avril told me she was going to send, but I tried calling and my calls went unanswered. For her, I believe she might have not understood the idea, but at least she told me she was going to send, which she didn’t. It was a different case with Victoria. I called Sanaipei and she told me at the moment she can’t be in such a project, unless we have a project together. That makes sense to me, than someone blue-ticking me.

Adding that;

“I’m blaming the person that blue-ticked me. Blue tick means someone read your message na hataki kukupea time ya kuongea na wewe. Ni sawa, tutapatana tu. One day nitatosha mboga.”




Naiboi: “Avril and Victoria Kimani ignored my request to appear on 2 in 1!”

Although his 2 in 1 song is a success; seems that Naiboi also faced a few challenges here and there.

Just recently he revealed that he had no budget for his song and thanks to a few Kenyan celebrities he managed to come up with a catchy video.

So far the song has seen him raise to the top and if I am not wrong, Naiboi might just be the hottest artist in the industry.

Avril and Victoria snubbed me

However this did not give him a free pass when it came to Avril and Victoria Kimani. Speaking to Adele this morning, Naiboi revealed that he reached out to our Kenyan Diva’s Avril and Victoria Kimani who ignored him.

Apparently he tried to get them on his video for support but the two ladies never got back to him. Well, this is not new in the Kenyan music industry and we still ask why our music is lagging behind?

Naiboi: I paid other celebs zero shillings to appear in my video

Singer Naiboi has come out to reveal that he didn’t spend much when shooting the new video for his viral song 2in1. 

According to Naiboi who also owns Pacho Records, he didn’t have a budget for his new song. Most of the clips in the video were done with phones and sent via email and WhatsApp. He also didn’t pay a shilling for the editing unlike other music videos.

“There was no budget. Most of the videos were sent to me via phone or email, and even for the editor, I just bought him lunch. I would say it was a zero budget song.” he said.


The video has gone on to impress Kenyans and is currently doing so well on YouTube. In a week, it’s approaching 300K views. Naiboi said that creativity always plays a huge factor in music.

The video has celebrities such as Nyashinksi, Bigpin, Eric Omondi, radio presenters Cate and Shaffie making a cameo.

“I respect those artistes who put up a budget on making a video because I do the same. But they should not forget that creativity comes a long way eventually,” he said. 

“Let me tell you, I hated this guy Naiboi. In fact I hated his songs” DJ Creme opens up about his repugnance for rapper Naiboi

Kenyan Dj Crème de la Crème has confessed about his intense disgust for Naiboi. The mix master says he used to give the rapper blue ticks for days.

Creme and Naiboi collaborated to drop a new song ‘I Wanna Be’. The duo exclusively released their new jam on Kiss FM on Tuesday.

It was during the interview at Kiss FM that Creme confessed he used to harbor ill feeling towards Naiboi. Creme says he hated everything about the guy including his previous alias ‘Rapdamu’.

L to R: Shaffie Weru, DJ Creme, Naiboi and Adelle Onyango

“Let me tell you, I hated this guy Naiboi. In fact, I hated his songs. I was like, who is Rapdamu? What is Rapdamu? Anarap nini?I had problems with his music. Honestly, I wasn’t picking his calls, its about eight to ten years,” says DJ Creme.

Creme explains that he changed his attitude about Naiboi after realizing what artists go through to drop a song. The DJ says he called Naiboi and even suggested that they should work together.

“I never used to know that artistes have been putting a lot of hard work on their songs. Now, I appreciate because I have an experience of what they go through,” explains Creme.

It’s good Creme realized what we go through

Naiboi says most DJs refuse to play their songs because they are judgemental. He says DJ Creme learnt firsthand what musicians go through when he started dropping his own songs.


“I appreciate that Crème has started having the heat of what we go through, most DJs don’t appreciate us, they’re so judgmental. Once a DJ releases a song and other DJs are not playing it, they’ll understand what I go through. I’m praying for all Kenyan DJs to be artistes, then wasukumiane kwa hao DJs wengine waone kama watacheza,” says Naiboi.

Watch DJ Creme and Naiboi’s ‘I Wanna Be’ in the video below: