Sauti Sol prove international record labels cannot work in Africa

Sauti Sol are the latest victim of international record labels and greed. Greed on their part and the simple, observable fact that international record labels just do not work well for African artists. What do you mean? I can almost hear you asking so let’s explore that statement.

Naiboi is a life lesson for Kenyans looking for international record labels

Unlike with most other acts that opt to sign with an international record label, our favourite boy band had it all. They already have the status (they are literal superstars) and they have the money. However, for some reason, they convinced themselves that international record labels had the silver bullet they seem so desperate for.

Perhaps we can chalk this down to some level of fatigue having hit them: they have been doing the work for so long, yet they have not achieved the level of success they truly crave. That Burna Boy and Wizkid level of success and fame. Yet, Lord can attest to the fact they have the talent!

“Don’t be blinded by politics” Ezekiel Mutua speaks after Sauti Sol loses 2k YouTube subscribers

So they were approached by a record label that boasts an international roster of talents and some rather established megastars and they decided that this particular company had what it takes to get them to the next level. So they parted ways with they douchebag manager Marek and decided to sign with the company.

Sauti Sol

Problem is, they have discovered just as Wizkid did, just as Naiboi did, that they aren’t too big to be shelved by the company. Sauti Sol also discovered, much to their chagrin that the company now dictates how they put out music and projects.

Sauti Sol Threaten To Sue Raila Odinga Over Copyright Of Their Music (Statement)

I will concede that this wasn’t entirely a bad thing as they wound up managing to push out some solo projects but that is probably because they were signed on as a group and not individuals -smart business on their part. But the main vehicle is Sauti Sol as a group so they needed to feed their fans a steady supply of music.

Sauti Sol

But I would say to Sauti Sol the same thing I did when I discussed this very topic with regard to Naiboi which is:

Don’t Judge Him- Sauti Sol’s Savara Defends Chimano Against Online H@te After Coming Out As A Member Of LGBTQ

“In this day and age, any Kenyan artist should know that they are entirely capable of doing more for themselves than these record companies can. Naiboi was at the top of his game. He could call on his Kenyan peers and even if he wanted a continental collaboration, nothing stopped him from reaching out. He was in charge of his branding aswell as how he marketed himself. He is in charge of how he distributes his music and he will own all his masters. While that seems like Greek for today’s artists, it will become a huge deal in years to come as our entertainment scene blows up even more.”

The record labels, unless negotiated otherwise often own your masters into perpetuity. And that is a steep price to pay for the few millions they put into your pocket directly. I would rather have seen the boys continue to invest in themselves and keep working with the same squad that made them the stars they are. Yes, even with their manager.

Sure it would have taken a lot more effort but they would have finally gotten to the level of success they are destined for a lot sooner than taking the detour that is an international record label that doesn’t know what to do with African artists beyond shelving them and introducing an American entertainment business model for a market that is already thriving with it’s own market rules and economy at play.

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Naiboi is a life lesson for Kenyans looking for international record labels

Naiboi has finally freed himself from what he considered a shitty record deal that he signed with Universal Music Group and he is ecstatic about the fact that he can now release as much music as his creativity allows him to generate.

“Finally free” Naiboi celebrates freedom after 3-year hostage situation

He is one of many Kenyan celebrities who signed with an international record company only for their careers to be stifled and completely frozen. The others include guys like Sailors, Redsan, Xtatic, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and in TZ there was Ali Kiba.

But why do Kenyan artists continue to seek out and engage international record labels even though they have been shown to be deleterious to most careers? Why did Naiboi decide to sign with them and what can we learn from this latest debacle?

Naiboi drops highly-anticipated debut EP “OTERO”

For starters, we can get the question of why he signed out of the way; money. He was probably given a big cheque that made his head spin around. That is why he signed the contract without going through it with his lawyer. Why do I say this with all certainty? Because they would have warned him that the contract stipulated that the record company controlled (among other things) how and when he would be allowed to release music. And if they felt that the market was saturated by his content, they would put it on the back burner. And if they felt that his latest songs didn’t meet their standards or wouldn’t make a splash, they would simply shelf them.

Kenyan artists need to look to West Africa to see just how badly these deals have impacted some of the biggest stars in Africa and the world. The likes of Wizkid found themselves in a similar situation to Naiboi to the point he started putting out music under the name “Star Boy” just as a workaround.

Naiboi is ahead of his time

Signing with a big label can be exciting because you get to say you work with the biggest names in entertainment and in theory, you really do. You can claim to have the capacity to call on one of your fellow label mates for collaborations. Hell, you can also potentially get tapped to participate in some of their bigger projects like providing soundtracks for movies but that is a mirage. A myth that they use to ensnare you.


In this day and age, any Kenyan artist should know that they are entirely capable of doing more for themselves than these record companies can. Naiboi was at the top of his game. He could call on his Kenyan peers and even if he wanted a continental collaboration, nothing stopped him from reaching out. He was in charge of his branding aswell as how he marketed himself. He is in charge of how he distributes his music and he will own all his masters. While that seems like Greek for today’s artists, it will become a huge deal in years to come as our entertainment scene blows up even more.

Is Naiboi’s new jam ‘Makasiriko’ a diss track to Avril Nyambura? (Audio)

Naiboi should have continued to bet on himself. He left off while riding a wave but now he has to start again from scratch. Granted, he has done this before when he rebranded from rapdamu but no one wants to always feel like they have taken one step back for every two steps they took forward.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

Young artists need to learn to keep their heads down and focus on their craft. International record companies do not know what to do with African content. They want to surf the wave we have created but do not know how to add to the math. All they do is approach us with a rather arrogant attitude, demanding we kowtow to their way of doing things because they have done it all before and they did it best.

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Naiboi created a new Kenyan anthem! Sondeka Part 3 out featuring gospel artists

When he first release the Part 1 version of Sondeka, we did not know that it would be such a big hit. Well, I am talking about Naiboi who in my opinion has become a master of class in music.

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Weeks after he realeased Sondeka part 2 that he featured most of Kenyan music stars it is obvious that Naiboi  created a new  Kenyan anthem. How?

Also read: Naiboi is back with ‘Sondeka’ 2 featuring All Stars

This time Naiboi brings us Sondeka part 3- Gospel version. In it he has featured various gospel artists including Jabidi, Didiman, Ben Cyco, Maluda and  David Wonder.

didman, Jabidii and Ben Cyco

Sondeka part 3

For what it’s worth they all did a good job. In song that is calling out on societal miss fits this should be  the ideal “gospel”. Now let’s do some breakdown.

Sondeka is slung for fixing. Naiboi and gospel artists in this song are highlighting the misfits of the real gospel.




Jabidii starts of with the the social ills of  how gospel artists  are unappreciated.

He says, “Unagive it all your all alafu unalipwa na  God Bless you, you are going far Tunasondeka, learn ku appreciate  Alafu hukua number tutakeep in touch.”

In other words, promoters should realize that gospel artists are also in business despite the preaching.

Further on , he goes out to call on pretenders in the name of the gospel.

” Unapatana na mshirika ameshika kishash Pastor kwa bash na peddy kwa church”. Smh!!It hits right at home.

Then after, Didi man comes in with his verse that he calls out on pretenders in the name of friends. He says”….. Ati uko na kigonyi utadharau mafan Na mamorio hawakuoni toka Dec hadi Jan…”

The say they are tired of such and tunasondeka-nobody needs such.

In addition,  Ben Cyco joins in with a verse that criticizes celebrities that are in music for show off. Well, I won’t go mentioning names but thus this time tunasondeka.

Maluda in my opinion played a major role here, his rap skill was beautifully embraced, he calls out on the antics that are put out by Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism.


Not forgetting to mention how the gospel artists are criticized but keen to mention that they won’t relent. And of course Willy Paul’s name had to be mentioned. Well Willy the gospel industry is still welcoming.

David Wonder in his part pointed out the fixing of infidelities and infatuations. Instead he asks people to stay away from sin.


This was a RIXX production under  Pacho Entertainment  of  Naiboi Worldwide . The Video was done by  Dolls.

For one we appreciate the tune and to Naiboi good job. For rating I will go with 7/10.What do you think ? Watch and give us your opinion.

Naiboi is back with ‘Sondeka’ 2 featuring All Stars

Naiboi is back with Sondeka part 2 featuring All Stars. Those featured in this jam are ExRay, Kristoff, Fena, Benzema, Femi One, Mordecai, V6 and Khaligraph Jones. Sondeka part 2 is introduced by Dj Shitti a comedian and an actor. It is a great collabo where all those mentioned have performed a stanza.

Also, Sondeka part 2 is a continuation of Sondeka part 1. In this jam Naiboi is talking about correcting certain behavior in human beings.

Sondeka Part 2 is all about what?

To start with, you’ll notice that these artists are also talking about MCSK. This is in line with the recent payments they made to the musicians and angered them.

They say that they are correcting that. It says that tabia ya kukali wasanii na MCSK tunasondeka.  Also, they talk of how people are jealousy when they see one with a big car.

Naiboi is very talented and the way he also performs his lines is just good.

To add on they go ahead to talk about how people should stop lying. Khaligraph Jones talks of how one is telling them she is in Dubai and in real sense she is in a matatu ya Mwangi.. This is crazy. Also he goes ahead to add on how MCSK sent him Ksh 2530.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

Whatever the thing they want to correct seems to have  affected them so much. I like how Khaligraph says that someone talks of Uhuru being their relative whereas the only person who knows then is Dj Shitti.

Niaboi is very creative in this Sondeka jam. The fact that he has brought a couple of artists on board shows team work. Sondeka has been produced by Rixx. The video is super good and quality.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

It is a combination of great voices and this has come up with something good. Actually the song will leave you laughing at some point. Naiboi needs to be congratulated on this one.

In conclusion, Sondeka part 2 by Naiboi is a cool jam and you should listen to it. It gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Gilad and Naiboi get all sentimental in new jam “Nisamehe”

Gilad is known for his RnB music that at surprisingly most Kenyans love. Over the years he has enjoyed proper receivership just like most Kenyan musicians.

This time he teams up with Naiboi to bring as a beautiful jam titled “Nisamehe”.

Don’t forget it was just the other day that Naiboi did another song titled Sondeka.That was with an intent to fix social I’ll in society.

Also read: Naiboi resurfaces with new jam “Sondeka”


Nisamehe, is typical love song.However its all about forgiveness for a love gone wrong. The man in the relationship is seeking forgiveness from his fiancee who he admits to have hurt.

Gilad starts of with,

“Mrembo wangu wee, nimekuumiza roho I know This time, lets take it slow Mrembo wangu wee, nimekuumiza roho its true This time, its me and you”

This, a clear depiction of today’s love scene in Kenya.Further for this they bring out a not so obvious characteristic of men. I mean men never admit their mistakes in relationships.

In fact its not easy for a typical African bread man to fight for love. However, Nisamehe is just one of such characters.

Naiboi struggles to fight for the love of his life as he says,” You know you make me better Without you sioni kitu better This time natwanga kupepeta My beiby, hakuna kuteleza, kuchelewa”

Ladies am sure this is any woman’s dream, a man that owns up to his mistakes.

Gilad in his part played a major  role  with his beautiful vocals at the song’s Bridge and Chorus.

In essence the message was easily and well put out, love wins in all situations.


The song was written by both Gilad and Naiboi. The audio was done by the very fast rising super producer  Magix enga who clearly played well in his part.

The video was directed by Mushking Fx production. For one we needed such kind of music to spread the love message.

For rating purposes I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Naiboi of Digi Digi;Takes the crown of Music Kingdom

Michael Kennedy Claver, better known as Naiboi or as formaly known Rapdamu, is  a  Kenyan record producer, singer-songwriter, musician, founder and current CEO of Pacho Entertainment.

Naiboi developed a passion for music at a young age and later on decided to pursue it.

At the same time, pursuing music proved to be an expensive venture so he decided to start his own studio and that gave birth to Pacho Records.


A little is know about his birth place and date. However ,he has a family that he is proud of.

He is married to Mariam Ahmed, who works with an event management company. The two  have a son, Junaid Claver.

As a proud man he shares the beautiful moments of him and  his family on their social media pages especially Instagram.

Music Career

Naiboi has been in the music industry since 2003. However it was not until 2014 that Naiboi came to limelight with the famed ‘Welle welle’ song that he featured Timmy T Dat.

Well,It was in this period that Timmy too became a household name.

Under Pacho entertainment, the Gudi Gudi hit maker can proudly stand among veterans like a king as he has produced many of the big artists in the industry.

These artists include,Roberto, Kaka, Avril, Sanipei Tande, Frasha, Kenrazy, Timmy T-Dat, and Wyre just to mention a few.


He won awards in his past years but those that acted  as  pushers for Naiboi. How?

In 2016  Naiboi  bagged  awards for both Breakthrough Video and New Artist category at the PMVAs for Gudi Gudi and Tingika songs.

Since then he has become a force to reckon with in the industry.This was proved last year when his biggest jam 2in1 topped the charts in East Africa.

Naiboi is now among the most sought after artist for collaborations.

Songs done so far…..

  • Cheza Chini ft Vivian and Savara
  • Somaga
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Gonga
  • Munde
  • Too Much
  • Problem
  • 4mulla
  • I Wanna Be
  • Tingika
  • Dinda
  • Kidege
  • Usipime Mwanaume
  • 2 ni 1
  • Si Unajua
  • Pacho
  • Eish Boss
  • Naidai
  • Niki Kuona
  • Friday Fever
  • Nipe Nafasi
  • Noticed
  • Good Life
  • Ahead All Day

When asked how it felt to get the recognition he is getting now, he breaks into an infectious smile that spreads to his eyes and says: “Kwani boss iko nini? It’s about time!”


Below is one of his many songs enjoy.




I couldn’t bother getting my hair and makeup done to record a selfie for a music video after giving birth- Avril continues shredding Naiboi 

Nakuru’s finest Avril Nyambura has come out to explain further why she blue-ticked singer Naiboi after he requested her to make a cameo in his video, but never did the same to Otile Brown.

Naiboi wanted the singer to be in the viral song hit song “2 in 1” which artists basically sent a selfie video that was included in the song.

Naiboi went into his feelings after Avril failed to reply his message. Avril stated that she was in the hospital at the time when the singer requested after giving birth to her first born.

“Watched the video and you rocked! But you refused to do the 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” a fan asked her on Instagram.

“Yer I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital…didn’t feel like getting into it with him… Let people do what they gotta do,” responded Avril.


Speaking to Kiss FM, Avril gave a deeper explanation on why sending the video was such a hustle for her.

“Nothing much to elaborate really goes without saying that I was postpartum and readjusting to my new life. It’s sad that a couple of men, and unfortunately some women, wouldn’t understand that once a woman gives birth she needs some time to herself and her child, away from work, stress, pressure,” she said. 

“I was in that state at the time. Yes, I could not honestly be bothered to get my hair/makeup done to record a selfie for a music video while my entire being (emotional and physical) was trying to readjust. I found his comments to be in bad taste especially being in the state I was in so I just chose to block his negativity and not respond. Again goes without saying, I had someone more important who needed my attention.



Meet Naiboi’s beautiful wife and family that he has managed to keep under the wraps 

“Two in one” singer Naiboi has come a long way from just another artist to dominating the music industry.

The singer started his career around 2008 while calling himself Rapdamu and even managed to start Pacho Entertainment that has also produced top songs in Kenya.

Not much is known about Naiboi’s private life since he has chosen to keep his family matters away from the public.


He has however shared photos of his family once in a while on Instagram especially during special occasion and he has one beautiful team.

Here are photos of his wife and kid that Kenyans haven’t’ seen before.


Naiboi: I paid other celebs zero shillings to appear in my video

Singer Naiboi has come out to reveal that he didn’t spend much when shooting the new video for his viral song 2in1. 

According to Naiboi who also owns Pacho Records, he didn’t have a budget for his new song. Most of the clips in the video were done with phones and sent via email and WhatsApp. He also didn’t pay a shilling for the editing unlike other music videos.

“There was no budget. Most of the videos were sent to me via phone or email, and even for the editor, I just bought him lunch. I would say it was a zero budget song.” he said.


The video has gone on to impress Kenyans and is currently doing so well on YouTube. In a week, it’s approaching 300K views. Naiboi said that creativity always plays a huge factor in music.

The video has celebrities such as Nyashinksi, Bigpin, Eric Omondi, radio presenters Cate and Shaffie making a cameo.

“I respect those artistes who put up a budget on making a video because I do the same. But they should not forget that creativity comes a long way eventually,” he said. 

Wasafi’s former fashion guru Qboy Msafi drops Karorero remix featuring Kenya’s Naiboi

Wasafi Records former fashion guru now,singer Qboy Msafi, has dropped a remix to his smash hit Karorero featuring Kenya’s Naiboi.

Qboy Msafi was recently in the country for a media tour and other collaborations with Kenyan artists.

After leaving WCB under unclear circumstances,he is moving forward quick,focusing on making himself the next big name in the region, musically and fashion wise.

Speaking to Ghafla, he says, bigger things are in the pipeline and his fans should only expect the very best from him. He further thanked them for the support they’ve shown, in his journey so far.

Karorero remix was produced by Mr. T-Touch, renowned Tanzanian hit-maker and our very own Naiboi who is featured in the song for Pacho Entertainment. The video is shot and directed by Dr. Eddie of the Dreamland Music Entertainment in Kenya.

Just like the original song, Karorero will be a club banger,Check it out below: