The rot inside Nairobi Diaries reality TV show exposed, call made for Ezekiel Mutua to ban the show (Video)

Controversial details of Kenya’s popular reality TV show Nairobi Diaries have emerged after a recent ugly expose by its former socialites.

The show’s former actress Black Cinderella featured Chacha and Mwarnicky who recently dramatically left the reality show after payment arrears and consistent torment from their ‘evil spirited’ producer Janet Mwaluda.

Nairobi Diaries cast

The three decided to spill the beans on what had been going on behind the scenes in a show they thought would see them get productive and put their talent to work only to be shocked by the kind of dirty work that went on behind the curtains.

According to the girls, Janet was very corrupt, would steal money from their handbags during shoots, pay them peanuts and even sleep with the socialites husbands.

I am very hurt by your actions Janet. I hate you so much! Why are you misusing innocent children? You bring them to your show, drive them crazy, make them look like cheap wh*res, simply because you want money and for your show to fly high. We can’t even pay rent, angrily bashed Chacha.

Screenshot by Ghafla

Janet allegedly went to the extent of drawing enmity between cast members, spreading all sorts of lies among them and threatening their lives. Chacha declared she was taking this matter before the Court of Law to seek justice.

You are so old yet so cursed. You are barren and very stupid outside there, spoiling young innocent girls  but it shall never be well with you! Pendo came in as a petty thief and left as a cocaine addict. Nobody has left that show better, myself I left the show psychologically tortured, jumped in Black Cinderella.

Mwarnicky accused the female producer for sexually harassing her and making advances on her, promising her more than her man could give her.

You almost raped me and you had not paid me!


The actresses warned young Kenyans looking for business in the show that it was rotten and not worthy the sweat or blood.

Ezekiel Mutua please shut down this Nairobi Diaries show! There is nothing going on there, screamed Mwarnicky.

Chacha closed in;

You are such an animal! You will kill people very soon on that show because of your evil lies. You are selling us to you brothers and rich sponsors as prostitutes. Kenyans please listen, this show is scripted and malicious.

Black Cinderella further accused Janet of killing her dad, sleeping with young boys, her lawyers, production team and even the bouncers. Watch the drama unfold:

Former Nairobi Diaries actress denies she’s a miraa addict: I have used it like four times only

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Maya is currently fighting hard to clear her image following a scene in the reality show that had her chewing Miraa.

According to the actress, who is now a business woman, she has only used the drug several times, unlike how the show portrayed she was an addict.

“I have used miraa four times only, but I was never an addict,” Maya said in an interview

“I am a businesswoman now and I have people who want to partner and expand my business with me, but because of the history and the picture that was painted about me, some fear.”

Peer pressure

The actress confessed that she ended up using the drug after pear pressure from friends during a night out.

“Out of curiosity, I asked them why they were using it. They said it helped them feel better after drinking alcohol. That is when I took miraa for the first time,” she said.


“I have used it like four times and the last time I took it was when I had a shoot at night. I called a friend who brought it to me,” she said, adding that she has friends who are in the corporate world but still use miraa.

“Ngojea round 3 yangu” Singer Pendo threats to teach Noti Flow a lesson

It’s been a while since Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo was caught in a fight. In fact she publicly announced that she was done fighting. Judging from the past episodes, the lady has not beaten anyone.

However this is about to change as the lady promises to fight Noti Flow. The two ladies have been having issues for months now and surprisingly they only fought once.

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In a post shared by Aliiptisam after beating up Noti Flow, Pendo is seen promising to give the rap queen a 3rd beat down that might go down on the reunion.

Pendo promises Noti Flow a fight

Not quite sure why Pendo suddenly feels like she needs to settle her score with Noti Flow, but one things is for sure; the reunion might need extra bouncers this time around.

Mishi Dora steps out in a see-through dress leaving no room for imagination

Controversial city socialite cum actress Mishi Dora is planning to the end the year in style. About a week ago she celebrated her 20 or 30 something birthday and boy did she make it a memorable day.

Through her Instagram page the lady shared a coupe of photos to mark her special day. The lovely photos caught most of her fans attention as they rushed to wish her a happy birthday while others could not keep their eyes off her goods.

Mishi Dora
Nairobi Diaries fights; Mishi Dora in action

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Mishi Dora is seen dressed in a pink sheer like dress that displayed her body/skin for the world to see. Looking at the photo we can agree that the lady left no room for imagination but since she likes it this way, I bet this made her happy.

Fans react to the photos

Apart from appreciating her lovely dark skin, fans could not hold back from thirsting over the actress. Below are the photos that have been giving some team mafisi members sleepless nights.

Nyota Ndogo: Nairobi Diaries makes me feel my English is better

Nyota Ndogo admits she can’t speak the Queen’s language fluently like Miguna Miguna or Eugene Wamalwa. But she’s relieved knowing that her English is way better than what Nairobi Diaries actors speak.

The ‘Watu na Viatu’ songbird was born and raised in the former Coast province. Traditionally most people from Coast prefer Swahili over English. Most Coasterians speak fluent Swahili.

Nairobi Diaries’ broken English

Nyota Ndogo thought her English was poor until she watched Nairobi Diaries. One particular actress – Sasha Diva is notorious for speaking broken English on the show.

Nairobi Diaries Sasha Diva

Nyota Ndogo says Nairobi Diaries reminds her that her English is way better. She challenges critics to watch the show if they think her English is poor.

“If you think my English is poor,just watch Nairobi diaries. It gives me hope. Thank me later,” wrote Nyota Ndogo.


“Hope she grows up to be nothing like you” Fan goes ham on Mishi Dora after sharing her daughter’s photo on social media

Mishi Dorah seems to be attracting negative energy on her social media even when she wants to be good. Most of her followers who keep up with Nairobi Diaries often leave comments on her photos but this time around one of her fans seemed to have crossed the boundaries after leaving a comment that angered Dora.

This is after the lady shared a photo of her daughter dressed up in her graduation attire and just like any mother, the lady wanted to celebrate her baby just to prove haters wrong especially those who think she is a bad mother. Mishi Dora captioned the photo saying:

Mishi's daughter graduates
Mishi’s daughter graduates

To say that I’m proud of you is understatement…. thank you for choosing me to be your mum… I thank God for you each and everyday of my life… you make me grind hard and go Against all odds just to make you happy my babies…you my only reason of living this life… congrats on your graduation and coming first in your class… I literally live for you my babies…. I keep on praying And asking God to protect you for me …. Mum I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and the babies… you such an incredible woman with such a beautiful and golden heart that I’ve never seen anywhere and I know I’ll never come across even in my next life…your reward is just in heaven… you took care and me and made me who iam today… I know thank you is not enough.. to-date, I owe you my life…but all I can say from the deepest part of my heart is a very big thank you… bless you mama… #proudmother

However, one fan who seems not to agree with Mishi Dorah’s character commented under the photo saying that she was hoping the young girl would not grow up to be like the mother whose behavior is not fit for any normal mother.

Mishi Dora on the other hand went on to engage with the fan saying:


Nairobi Diaries actress drops new gospel song that sparks uproar on earth and probably heaven and hell

Nairobi Diaries actress Sasha Diva has dropped an annoyingly terrible gospel song. Kenyans couldn’t hide their frustrations when the song was released.

Sasha Diva is probably a case where friend lied to her that she could sing. Judge Ian Mbugua would personally drag her out if she had auditioned for Tusker Project Fame.

Sasha Diva

The Nairobi Diaries actress sparked uproar when she dropped a gospel song dubbed ‘My Father’. The song was released early this year but it’s only recently that Kenyans seem to have discovered Sasha had a terrible song.

Reactions from Kenyans

No words can best describe how bad ‘Sasha’ song is, see some of the reactions from Kenyans below:

Risper Angel: Fire your producer gal.

Sally Atieno:  only you father

Nerea Dee: girl you are so pretty. but singing ain’t for you

Kariuki Kamau: khai shut up!???

Steve Ochieng: If this the kinda music they’ll be playing in heaven..Then hell looks like a better option

Davoy Entertainment: Wacha kelele weuwe this is baaaaaad

Ledifan Biz: Your producer is the greatest ripoff after public likes??

Watch Sasha Diva’s song in the video below:


Nairobi Diaries founder Janet Mwaluda reveals how much it costs her to produce each episode of the reality show

Nairobi Diaries is one of the most watched local shows in Kenya; apparently it costs lot of money to produce an episode of the controversial socialites’ show.

Nairobi Diaries founder and executive producer Janet Mwaluda revealed how much it costs to produce the each episode of the reality show.

Speaking during an interview with Parents Magazine, Janet disclosed that each episode costs her between 450,000 to 500,000 to produce. (New episodes are produced weekly)

Nairobi Diaries Season 1 cast

“It costs a lot. It costs an arm and a leg. About 450-500 thousand. And you can never predict about the costs. It’s variable and can easily change,” Janet Mwaluda said.

Janet also disputed claims that Nairobi Diaries is scripted, she explained that the shooting flows naturally without blackboards or autocues.

Janet Mwaluda

“No one reads anywhere. We don’t have blackboards in our office or autocues. At the point where we are getting to the confessionals, it’s always a one-on-one with me or my assistant. It’s always real, they don’t read from anywhere. When you are a talent and you’ve joined the show and abide by my contracts, what happens is that, we construct a production schedule within the story we are telling. At the end of the day, we are telling a story,” said Janet.


Nairobi Diaries members involved in a road accident in Mombasa (Photos)

Luwi popularly known from reality TV show Nairobi Diaries was involved in a road accident while in Mombasa as reported by several news outlets. This was also confirmed by his on and off girlfriend Pendo who assured fans that the fella was in a stable condition though he is in a coma.

Luwi hospitalized after road accident

Details of the accident have not been disclosed by his friends and family but all we know is that he did not suffer any major injuries and is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Mombasa.

Mustafa who is also part of Nairobi Diaries was also traveling in the same car but he managed to escape without any injuries as revealed on his social media pages. He wrote saying:

Thank God for giving me another chance

We wish Luwi a quick recovery!

“Bridget Achieng sit down, Vera Sidika is on a different level” Fans troll Nairobi Diaries actress for comparing herself to queen Vee

The Nairobi Diaries show keeps getting better with time and from the latest episodes let us just say that not many can keep up with the heat in the kitchen.

This time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in trouble for after she came out strong calling out Vera Sidika old and an expired product for the type of business these Nairobi girls run.

However Vera Sidika’s fans could hear none of this and decided to fire shots back at Bridget Achieng as most asked her to humble herself as she was still an amateur in the game.

This comes a few months after Bridget Achieng was spotted spending her birthday with Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend – then moments later she went on an Instagram rant claiming to be just friends with Yomy…but fans could not believe this some they now understand how these ladies move. I mean the guy lives in Burj Khalid’s…isn’t it obvious?

Anyway, Bridget Achieng touched a live wire after she compared herself with Vera Sidika in the latest Nairobi Diaries aired a few days ago. This however did not turn out so great as fans had this to tell Bridget Achieng.

“I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose” Michelle Yola talks about her break up with Prezzo

A few months ago reality TV show star Michelle Yola called off her wedding with rapper Prezzo following some issues the two were facing in their relationship.

It however did not seem tough on Yola and this is because she choose to move on with her life. But, this is not the case! For the first time Michelle Yolao opened up to reveal that she went through a hard time to get over Prezzo – something very few people knew.

Speaking to Shaffie and Adelle this morning, the actress said that the 2 first months were the toughest and she not only distanced her self from her friends but also her family.

At that time I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose I was just from the longest relationship I ever had…I didn’t feel like I connected with anyone so I disconnected with everyone from my producer,my family and people I worked with, my friends I didn’t want to hear from anybody…

But luckily she met someone knew who walked her through the process of healing and now she is dating him. Michelle Yola admits that moving on was not easy since her relationship with Prezzo was the longest she had ever been in.


Mishi Dora steps out with no make up, but this is not what we expected!

It takes a lot to pull off a make up free face especially if used to wearing make up. So far we have the likes of Maureen from Elani show off her natural beauty and yes, she needs no make up to look beautiful.

Mishi Dorah
Mishi Dorah

Nairobi Diaries star Mishi Dora also decided to do the same but I can comfortably say that it is not what we expected. This happened after the lady shared a short video on her social media pages and since people can take screenshots, we managed to get a few of the photos.

There is nothing to be ashamed about the photos but it is good to note that Mishi Dora wears too much make up – which makes her look totally different.

She is however not the only one who does this as it is something many women seem to be specializing in. Anyway, it is good to see that she has not bleached her skin. Below are the few photos:

The incredible mega mansion Risper and her fiancé are planning to move into right after their wedding

Their is no doubt that Risper is not like the average socialites we have seen in the past few years. Judging from how she moves, one can see that is smart, hardworking and a go getter.

Risper Faith
Risper Faith

Though the lass has had her bad days in the past, she continues to set paces most ladies are out to achieve.

Anyway, now that she met the perfect man, her life has completely changed and all we see her do is make business plans and build with her fiancé, Brian. Everyone by now knows that the couple is building a house in one of Nairobi’s finest suburbs but as much as the two try to show off their upcoming mansion… all I can say is that this is not any average building.

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

From the photo shared online it is evident to see that they spent millions to build their home and they are not planning to slow down anytime soon now that it is almost done.

This specific house will soon be turned to their home once they are married as revealed by Risper on Nairobi Diaries.

Below is a photo of the mega mansion:

“You are a pathological liar!” The Nairobi Diaries cast members call out Mishi Dorah

There has been tears, drama and lots of fight that will not come to an end anytime soon. Anyway, besides all these things seems that all Nairobi Diaries cast members have come to an agreement that Mishi Dorah is a woman who should not be trusted as she never speaks anything true from her mouth.

During the reunion that was aired yesterday night, Miami Dora was publicly embarrassed by everyone even her new friend, Pendo who told her that they could not be friends due to the lies Mishi likes telling.

Risper Faith also went ham on the lady as she called her a pathological liar. Well, this comes a few weeks after Mishi Dora went on National TV to say that Risper’s fiancé was chasing her. Some of the things she revealed cannot be discussed here however if you keep up with the show you might know what I am talking about.

Anyway…we are now left wondering whether she also lied about her pregnancy since this is something she seems to be perfect at. With this drama fans are now demanding that she should be thrown out of the show as she has nothing to offer apart from lies and fights which are by the irritating.

As we wait for the new season…let us see how things work out for her.

Video of a lady twerking on Bridget Achieng’s face raises eyebrows, when did it all get ratchet?

Nairobi Diaries has opened our eyes on some of the events that go down right below our noses. If it’s learning something something I can say that we have learnt on how hard these socialites struggle to get where they are and that they all love picking unnecessary fights just to get the attention they crave for.

Well, on the positive side…let us say they educating young girls on the importance of hard to get that good stress-free life but this only happens once in a while.

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Fans have however left wondering how ratchet the show keeps getting after a short clip of the latest episode was uploaded on the Nairobi Diaries official Instagram page. The lovely Bridget Achieng is seen getting a lap dance at a renown club in Nairobi and judging from how the dancer was putting her ‘assets’ on the ladies face one can’t help but question the type of content the show is now putting on our television sets.

Though there are some who enjoy such things, I am not sure whether this is what we want to be promoting judging from the number of under age kids who stay up watching television with no supervision. Anyway, checkout the video below courtesy of the lady who was getting the lap dance on her face, Bridget Achieng.


A post shared by Lovelybridget (@bridgetachieng) on May 16, 2017 at 12:52am PDT