Seven people killed in three accidents on Naivasha roads following WRC

Three separate accidents on Naivasha roads on Sunday evening claimed the lives of seven people, including two children.

The victims were all on their way home after attending the World Rally Championship that had just ended in Hells Gate National Park.

The first accident occurred near Fai’s Den on the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu route, when a cement-hauling truck collided head-on with a car carrying three men and two children.

The truck was reportedly overtaking a group of vehicles when it collided with the car, which was carrying the rally enthusiasts.

Three of the men in the car died on the spot, while the two children were seriously injured and later died in hospital.

The driver of the truck was arrested and is facing charges of reckless driving.

In the second accident, a teenager who had attended the rally died after falling from a matatu.

The teenager was hanging precariously from the moving matatu when he lost his balance and fell to the ground, hitting his head on the tarmac.

He was rushed to hospital, but he died from his injuries.

The third accident involved a motorbike rider who was killed by a speeding car.

The motorbike rider was on his way home from the rally when he was hit by the car. He died on the spot.

The driver of the car fled the scene, but police are searching for him.

The Naivasha police chief, Benjamin Boen, said that all the victims had been identified and their bodies taken to the Naivasha sub-county hospital.

He said that the driver of the truck would be charged in court, and that police were searching for the driver of the car that killed the motorbike rider.

He urged motorists to be careful on the roads, especially after major events, as there is often a lot of traffic and people are tired.

He also urged people not to hang from moving vehicles, as this is very dangerous.

Two Naivasha pastors arrested trying to resurrect baby dead for weeks

A bizarre occurrence has left Naivasha residents in shock following the arrest of two pastors who were trying to resurrect their daughter who died a few weeks ago.

A woman, whose one year old daughter died last month following an accident, arrived in the village and began exhuming the remains of her child accompanied by two the pastors.

The woman, who was crying and wailing hysterically, attracted a huge crowd which witnessed the whole incident in wonder and shock.


The two pastors then started praying for the baby, who had been dead for a month now, trying to bring it back to life. A resident informed the local chief of what was happening who immediately dashed to the location with police to arrested the woman, her sister and the two pastors.

“The woman is yet to come to terms with the loss of her daughter and some men who claim to be religious leaders have taken advantage of the situation,” said Area chief Samuel Ng’ang’a. 

A villager who spoke to the press said that the woman was suffering from depression after she lost the baby.

“These are some of the churches that are misleading followers that they can even raise someone who has died and this is totally wrong,” he said.

The mother of the baby said that she believes her baby didn’t die but was mistakenly buried.


Only in Naivasha! Akorino man chops off his useless manhood and throws it away before he threw himself a small ‘party’ (Video)

The man dismembered his private part using a razorblade and a kitchen knife, then he gained composure and feasted on bread and soda before police came to his rescue.

Naivasha residents were treated to a bizarre incident after Akorino man chopped off his manhood because his bible instructed him to do so.

The man, who works at a quarry, locked himself in his house before he chopped off his manhood; apparently he used both razorblade and a knife to do the job.

Screams from the house alerted neighbors who called the police. On arrival to the man’s house, the police found him writhing in pain with blood oozing from his private part.

One witness who arrived at the scene before the police said the man had been eating bread and drinking soda after severing his manhood. He only screamed after he was overwhelmed with pain.

His chopped penis was nowhere to be found, police only found a bloody knife and razorblade at his house. Some speculated he could have thrown his private part in the toilet.

“The Akorino man claimed the Bible ordered him to discard any part of this body that might deter him from entering into heaven,” a witness told K24.

Watch the video below: