Nameless ends Dubai family trip, returns to work looking energetic and jovial

For the better part of last week, veteran singer Nameless has been away in Dubai for a family vacation. The singer took his wife Wahu and their kids to visit the country which has grown into a major tourist destination.

“Honestly, I rarely just do any site seeing and tour activities when on my music tours… I have been to Dubai so many times but inakuanga tu, hotel check-in, soundcheck, radio interviews, maybe some shopping in a mall, club performance, after party then straight back to airport… So this has been a special trip filled with activities I didn’t even know existed and more so sharing this moments with my favorite pipo has be ???!!” said Nameless while on the trip. 

Looking fresh

Now that he’s back, the artists has come back to a series of lined up shows and he’s looking fresher and even jovial.

Nameless is expected to conclude this week with a major performance at the Florida Nightclub where three young guys are hoping they’ll be crowned the next top DJ in Nairobi in the Jamsession Reloaded DJ Battle.

The singer has been on social media trying to hype fans for the event which will go down on Friday and will have DJ Bash on the decks.


Every time I have been in a near death situation, my first reaction is to say No – Nameless reveals brain condition that almost killed him

Singer David Mathenge popularly known as Nameless has opened up about a brain condition that nearly killed him in September last year.

In an interview with KTN, Nameless opened up about  fighting subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is bleeding in the brain.

“I was in a board meeting, it was for PRISK. It was quite an intense board meeting that went on for about five or six hours. Then I started getting weird sensations in my throat. I thought if I drink water or sprite it’ll ease, I felt it creeping into my head. It was like bubbling.

“I started feeling a thumping and people who were in the boardroom were like hey are you ok? I told them I am not feeling good and I need to leave. I walked down the stairs, just in that short time probably like one minute, but by the time I reached the door of my car, I could tell something was totally wrong,” said Nameless.

Almost died

He went on to add that the feeling was followed by intense pain which made feel like he’s going to die in the next second. Luckly, his colleagues at PRISK, Noni and Daddy Owen, rushed him to Nairobi Hospital before he was transferred to Aga Khan University Hospital and admitted at the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

“Every time I have been in a near death situation, my first reaction is to say No! I have been on a car accident and in this case, as I found out later, I was saying No! I am not going now! I can’t! I am not ready to go!


“So, I was holding my head like this because I remember it felt like it was going to explode and I could feel it boiling…I was like No! No! No! I am not going, I can’t go,” he explained.

He went on:

“I was at HDU for 10 days, after the 10 days I was moved to a normal ward. They were like now we have reduced some of the medicine and the blood is reducing. In total, I think I stayed for three weeks.

“The only problem for me, separate from the haemorrhage, is when I lie on the back for long I have intense pain. I have always had an issue with my back.

“Some painkillers were suppressing it and I didn’t realize it but after five days the pain surpassed the one that was already being suppressed. I had to be taken back to theatre. That developed just because of me lying horizontally for too long.”

“I was told by the doctor bro you just almost died, forget about work….Then it sank in, that shifted me to just relax, it was high season, I had bookings, I had to tell them no. Let me just enjoy being alive,” he said. 

Nameless and Queen Atemi finally release their anticipated romantic song

Singer Nameless and Afro Soul Queen Atemi Oyungu have dropped their awaited collabo dubbed “Romantic”. The song, which is all about love, was officially launched in a glamours event at an high-end hotel in Nairobi.

According to the two, the song aims at telling the best African love stories and also will be used in a campaign to celebrate the beauty of Kenya.

Spread love

You say that you’re right and I’m wrong, you say I shouldn’t answer your phone, you see arguments when I’m showing you love, let’s have no regrets only kisses and hugs. I just want some romance love is not just by chance,” sings Atemi.

The song was written by Atemi Oyungu and Nameless, arranged and produced by Ihaji Mixed and mastered by Robert ‘Rkay’ Kamanzi.

Watch the lovely song below:


#IfikieWahu: Fans want to know who took Nameless’ bedroom picture because Wahu is back in Kenya 

Nameless is currently doing his tour in the US, Dallas Texas where he has been joined by Gidigidi, Nonini and Longombas.

Nameless has been showering fans with photos while in Dallas not wanting them to miss a beat. In the process of doing that, may be he might have shared more than he was supposed to.

Are you alone?

A picture of Nameless Ironing his shirt in a bedroom has left Kenyans with questions. Who took the picture?

Kenyans in the comment box asked the question demanding for an explanation since Wahu has been left back in the country.

“Hapa ndio being on Tour imenifikisha, hakuna bibi kukuorganizia hizi maneno… Hapa unajihumble na kujikumbusha bachelor days. #PIGAPASIBUDAAAA! #NamelessinHouston #wasagoodnight #juicepoolGeneral #mwanaumenikusurvive,” said Nameless. 

Using the harsh tag #IfikieWahu, Kenyans commented:

mercy_brown1Tuanze na kuambia @wahukagwi Who took that fun picture lol

ibrah_the_soudyHukusomea boys skul nguo mtu huweka chini ya matress unalalia ukiamka ziko straight kama ruler

judemsella”Wewe kuisha,umejianika”

skg_godschosenWho took the pic???

kaarimukura@wahukagwi count this as a duty relieved off. Akirudi aendelee vivi hivi.@namelesskenyanimekusema

iam_tesh_merAliekupiga picha ni nani?


ladysuekagwathiThis America…hata kama unabibi bado uta iron….????

martodukeHey madam @wahukagwiumeona hii kutoka kwa mzee 

Wahu: My husband spends more on shoes than me

Singers Nameless and Wahu were recently on IG to reveal their financial quagmires as fans followed closely.

According to Wahu, her hubby usually spends so much on shoes. In fact, he spends way more than her.

“Well, this guy here spends a lot of money on shoes. He buys his shoes so expensive. For me I window shop first and bargain before buying anything. I also look at it first before spending a coin on it. For my husband, window shopping is a not a thing for him.” said Wahu.


“He buys shoes that are of the same colors and I am like, you cant spend that amount of money on a shoe and why have ten pairs same colors?”

Men also need to look good

Nameless on the hand defended himself saying that a man needs to stay smart.

 “Mwanaume ni viatu. You better spend on your shoes than even on the clothes you wear adding that men shoes are more expensive than ladies.” he said. 

“We want the situation when our kids do not fear us so much but at the same time respect us. My wife is usually the tough one in bringing up the kids. She is the chief-whip of the family.”

You just cheated on Nameless! Wahu Kisses a giraffe, Kenyans react online

Wahu was just trying to have fan, but it seems Kenyans couldn’t take it and thought she’s just too much.

An innocent giraffe is in the middle of a hot social media tussle after singer Wahu kissed him/her during a recent visit at Giraffe Center in Karen.

Mixed reactions

The viral kiss which happened during the weekend, left Kenyans with mixed reaction as some showed disgust while others hilariously claimed she just cheated on her husband nameless. Others warned her that she just invited a bunch of diseases to her body.

Here are some of the comments

Nameless introduces his gorgeous youthful mum

Nameless recently shared a photo of his mother on his Instagram page and his fans cannot believe how young and beautiful she looks. Her Colgate smile has left many praising her perfect white teeth which are still intact as some went to the extent of asking what her secret was.

Though they both have different skin tones, there is no doubt that Nameless got his looks from his mum and yes..he is proud of it!

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This is however not the first time he is parading his mother to his fans but having been a while it felt like the first time. Through the caption he wrote to say,

Taking a walk with mum..? #Shaggzmanenoz

Some fans also mentioned that the lady seems to resemble Nameless and Wahu’s eldest daughter…checkout her photo below and  be the judge.

Nameless and his mum
Nameless and his mum