#IfikieWahu: Fans want to know who took Nameless’ bedroom picture because Wahu is back in Kenya 

Nameless is currently doing his tour in the US, Dallas Texas where he has been joined by Gidigidi, Nonini and Longombas.

Nameless has been showering fans with photos while in Dallas not wanting them to miss a beat. In the process of doing that, may be he might have shared more than he was supposed to.

Are you alone?

A picture of Nameless Ironing his shirt in a bedroom has left Kenyans with questions. Who took the picture?

Kenyans in the comment box asked the question demanding for an explanation since Wahu has been left back in the country.

“Hapa ndio being on Tour imenifikisha, hakuna bibi kukuorganizia hizi maneno… Hapa unajihumble na kujikumbusha bachelor days. #PIGAPASIBUDAAAA! #NamelessinHouston #wasagoodnight #juicepoolGeneral #mwanaumenikusurvive,” said Nameless. 

Using the harsh tag #IfikieWahu, Kenyans commented:

mercy_brown1Tuanze na kuambia @wahukagwi Who took that fun picture lol

ibrah_the_soudyHukusomea boys skul nguo mtu huweka chini ya matress unalalia ukiamka ziko straight kama ruler

judemsella”Wewe kuisha,umejianika”

skg_godschosenWho took the pic???

kaarimukura@wahukagwi count this as a duty relieved off. Akirudi aendelee vivi hivi.@namelesskenyanimekusema

iam_tesh_merAliekupiga picha ni nani?


ladysuekagwathiThis America…hata kama unabibi bado uta iron….????

martodukeHey madam @wahukagwiumeona hii kutoka kwa mzee 

“I now need a son” Nameless talks about adding a new member to his small family

Singer Nameless is grateful to have his wife and two daughters but he also wants a son. He revealed this during an interview where he mentioned that he has been talking to his wife about another baby but he hopes she will bare him a baby boy this time around.

Nameless and Wahu got married in a flashy wedding back in 2005 and will be celebrating their 12th anniversary this September. So far they have been blessed with two girls, Tumiso (11) and Nyakio (4) but now Nameless feels that it is time to add a new family member.

“Hiyo ndio topic ya discussion kwa nyumba, juu tunadiscuss, ‘do you want another one’ Me I’m like ‘yeah I want another one’, but nataka boy, because I love my girls.”

Speaking to Word Is, Nameless happened to reveal how much he is craving for a son since he is already blessed with girls in his family. So to balance the equation the singer hopes he will get a son. He said,

“I need a boy in that house, unajua, unakuwa overpowered! So I’m like, ‘I want another one as long as long as kuna guarantee, ubaya hakuna guarantee. Ama kuna guarantee na sijui. Me natafuta all guarantees in formular, hapo naweza jaribu. I would love to have one. To be honest, I would really love to have a son.”

Well, let’s hope his dream comes true.