How Nameless and Wahu managed to keep their marriage a success

Nameless and Wahu recently celebrated 20 years of being in the entertainment game aswell as the fact they have remained married and I was so happy to see that they have made it to a landmark anniversary.

Everlasting Love! Nameless Shares Rare Throwback Video With Wahu When They Were Still In Campus (Video)

You see, they are quite the anomaly being the outliers (and a small one at that) who have managed to get into entertainment, be at the pinnacle of that world and still be married and have a healthy relationship that has allowed them to raise their children together in a loving and stable home.

Nameless, Wahu

Nameless and Wahu have not had a relationship that was not rocked by controversy though, they just managed to keep the ship steady and moving forward. And the real reason for their success is privacy.

Nameless Bought Me A Pair Of Shoes Worth Ksh 30,000-Wahu

You see, when they started out, there was no really invasive social media. And the tabloids were toothless dogs so any of their scandals were merely rumours heard by people either attached to entertainment or keen fans who bothered to try and track their every movements.

Nameless, Wahu
Casual photo of Nameless and Wahu on simple date night at local restaurant elicits mixed reactions

That is how privacy helped them. Because the issue was not a lack of scandal. On Nameless part it was the rumoured link to Pinky Ghelani. On Wahu’s part is was the rumoured dalliance with tanzanian star Chege of Wanaume TMK. But they were able to keep things private because social media was not really a thing back in the small 2000s and they were never the ostentatious type so a lot of their tribulations flew under the radar.

Nameless Explains The Importance Of Talking To Teenage Daughters About Sex

Nameless and Wahu fixed their things and did so on the down low and only ever seemed to celebrate their wins and love publicly. They knew that their vows were to each other and only the pair of them could make things work the way they envisioned it.

Nameless, Wahu
Wahu and Nameless having a couples´ spa treatment at the Bamboo Ocean spa, Pride Inn resort

And this is a lesson in and of itself because this is the number one issue a lot of Kenyan couples have faced and it destroyed them.

Watu Hutoka Mbali! Wahu Shares Throwback Photo With Hubby Nameless And Their First Born (Photo)

The second thing that helped Nameless and Wahu become a success story in the area of sustaining a relationship while being celebrities is that they never tried to humiliate each other. We do not know whether one or the other cheated and that is because they respect each other to keep such things private if indeed they happened. And Namelss never took his frustration with his marriage to the press nor did Wahu. they kept their business between them.

Nameless, Wahu
Nameless with wifey, Wahu

The final reason why they are a model couple to emulate is that they remained focused on what they were building. They focused on their young family after they got married and their daughter Tumiso came about. From there, they doubled down on building. Nameless focused on his architecture firm even as he continued to release bangers because he knew he would have to carry the bulk of the financial load and entertainment in Kenya is not where it is at.

I Was In Love With Nameless Even Though Sponsors Wanted Me- Wahu Speaks Out

Wahu on her part is a trained mathematician and entrepreneur who focused on doing what needed to be done to make enough to contribute to their family’s economic placement. She knew she had to be part of her husbands team and team players must carry their own weight.

Meanwhile, your favourite celebrity is busy airing all his relationship issues on Instagram for a few corporate gigs and his reality show to be interesting and putting his relationship at constant risk.

Singer Wahu Opens Up On Why There’s No Scandal Between Her And Hubby Nameless

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Nameless vs Nick Ndeda: Vasectomy reaction

Nameless has intimated that he is interested in undergoing a vasectomy. He did so via a Facebook post that came off as a joke but anyone who understands humour knows there’s always more than a modicum of truth in jest. The way Kenyans responded was rather surprising, no one called him out for wanting to get snipped unlike what we saw when celebrated cuck, Nick Ndeda revealed he had been snipped.

Nameless Set To Undergo Vasectomy, Weeks After Welcoming 3rd Born

At the time of the thespian’s revelation, it came out as he was going through a breakup and divorce from the feminist he had pedestalized and we all congregated to laugh at him for what we assumed was a decision he made to appease his wife. He has since revealed that he chose to have the procedure done on himself without any outside influence but this was something a lot of people still side-eye him about.

Well, what Bout Nameless? Why is his decision different? Frist because we can tell that whether in jest or not, he is the one who came to it independently. Perhaps out of the realisation that he risked siring a fourth, fifth and eventually seventh daughter or perhaps because he realised the health implications this would have on his wife, Wahu. But whatever the reason, he came to it independently.

Nameless, his daughters and the question of legacy

Add to this the fact that his wife hasn’t publicly humiliated him and given us a reason to think this is an outward manifestation of his lack of masculinity. That part I think is the most important aspect of all this. The decision doesn’t seem to be some sort of Freudian slip confirming a long held doubt as to who wore the pants in their household. That was undoubtedly the case with Nick Ndeda.

But the chief reason is the fact that he already has children. Granted, they are all daughter but he has done what he can to secure his legacy and leave his genetic footprint on the earth. His name might eventually be forgotten (unless his daughters and their children marry feminists and other invertebrate men) but he put in the effort to actualise what it is that we as human beings, as an animal and as a species are wired to do.

Nameless responds to fan who asked him to look for a son, days after he welcomed 3rd born daughter

Nick Ndeda seems to have given up long before trying. But there might be a psychological reason he has done so. Not many of you know he had a brother named Saliva Vic. And my mentor told me of him and the fact that his dearly departed brother had sired a lot of children out of wedlock. This in and of itself added to the fact that there is a rumour that his father too factored into the decision might be his attempt to balance his familial karma or something that he has convinced himself.


Ultimately, Nameless and Nick Ndeda are two men who have arrived at the same conclusion but through following different paths and while I am not going to cast judgement and say who I think was right or wrong (I don’t think anyone was right or wrong), I do think there is a logical reason as to why people internalised their decision and reacted differently.

Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

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Nameless, his daughters and the question of legacy

Nameless was recently put on the spot by his fan who asked him whether or not he desired to have a son because as we all know now, he is a father of three daughters with the youngest having been born to him and Wahu on the 12th of October, 2022.

Nameless responds to fan who asked him to look for a son, days after he welcomed 3rd born daughter

During an exchange on a social media post he had made to announce the birth of the wee one, the fan said,

Tafuta Kijana boss…your legacy. We Africans.

And to this, Nameless’ response was virtue signalling,

Dalphine Memba actually I really want my legacy to be a father of three beautiful gals filled with wisdom, humility and compassion. Who will live a responsible life that creates peace and joy for them and for others around them. For them, that is the vision I am working towards.

But the truth is that that fan wasn’t too far off the mark. It is actually a primal urge for men to sire sons and for women to desire the gender of their children to be female. That is why more often than not, when a single father raises a daughter, he socializes her to be more masculine hence tomboys and when a single mother raises a son, she raises him to be effeminate ergo mamas boys.

Why Terence Creative is disappointed with Nameless for unveiling his newborn’s face so early

In all honesty, the best way for him to have handled the situation would have been for him to have kept silent. Why address a comment you suspect is a troll post? But then, the truth is, what is he supposed to do? If, and this is a simple hypothetical, she is saying the truth and he does indeed desire a son, then is he supposed to admit the same to a total stranger and on social media?

What if Nameless doesn’t actually want sons and he is totally fine with only having daughters, does he think his rant does anything to change the minds of most uncomplicated people? No. It only works wonders for the people who control corporate purse strings. The people who can hire him for performance or help him hold a concert.

Wahu Shuns Stereotypes Who Claimed Her Marriage Wouldn’t Last, Celebrates 17 Years With Hubby Nameless

As I said earlier, the truth is that this is a pretty primal instinct in us as human beings. When we have children we want them to be of our gender. So what that woman said to Nameless wasn’t disrespectful, backwards nor unsophisticated. She was literally speaking what many people hold to be true.

Perhaps it is informed by the understanding that when the daughters are grown, they will leave his household and join another. That is where the question of legacy came from. What is Nameless’ legacy? It won’t just be the work he does as an architect nor his body of work as an artist, it should also be his children and from our traditional understanding of life as Africans, sons would be it. But he has no choice so Nameless has to double down and accept that his legacy is his daughters and then act like it is him being a modern man.

Big Ted reveals he had designs on Wahu but Nameless blocked

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Why is Huddah surprised Wahu and other celebrities look down on her?

Huddah is upset that Wahu Kagwi and her husband Nameless allegedly looked down on her when she was on her come up and the only person who is surprised about this development is her.

Huddah unapologetically goes after pregnant Wahu weeks after insulting Yummy Mummy

Think about it, this rather sexy femme fatale has one reputation and it is about how she found her way to economic prosperity and it all stems from her being an alleged heaux.

So help me understand why a woman who is rumoured to be a heaux is shocked that other celebrities and women, in general, wouldn’t look down on her… Better yet, explain that to Huddah.

“You can’t bring me down!” Huddah’s bitter clap back at Murugi Munyi for criticizing her beauty products

You see, when she was on her come-up, by her own admission, she was already a drug addict. That is not the kind of thing Kenyans are accustomed to nor the type of thing Kenyans will tolerate being around.

Wahu has also been married to Nameless for the longest time, of course, she wouldn’t be enthused about her being around her man nor would any man be excited about his woman hanging out with a heaux in case she gets ideas.

Huddah Monroe Explains Why She’d Rather Get Married To A ‘Bad Boy’ Than A Church Person (Screenshots)

Choices and decisions have consequences. And her decision from early on to be a socialite came with a certain level of social stigma. And the fact that she has harboured these feelings even after she became a success with her cosmetic company is something rather telling. Clearly, money isn’t the all-curing elixir a lot of people think it to be because why would she still be upset years on?

And Wahu and her husband have indeed moved on and are now growing their family even larger with a young daughter on the way and they seem to be going from strength to strength. Meanwhile, Huddah remains nursing her grudge against her and other Kenyan celebrities.

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Big Ted reveals he had designs on Wahu but Nameless blocked

Nameless and Wahu’s reality TV show on Showmax has started and the first episode held a hidden gem that was quite the plot twist regarding their first contact that blossomed into their marriage… The first episode of This Love features Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted, who reveals that he actually met Wahu before she met Nameless, and that he would have been “Mr Wahu” had it not been for Nameless standing in his way.

In this episode, we also follow Nameless and Wahu as they take us back to how they first met by visiting their alma mater, the University of Nairobi.

In subsequent episodes, the 13-part series will also see Nameless and Wahu pay tribute to the late legendary rapper E-Sir, who was a close friend of Nameless. The show will also see the couple revisit their famous wedding in 2005 and the elements that threatened to break them apart, as well as how they’ve managed to stay together, and so much more about their past and present, their family life and what it takes to finally make music together.

And just for some background,

This Love, musicians Nameless and Wahu’s new docu-reality series, is now streaming exclusively on Showmax, and it is loaded with some nostalgic moments and revelations.

Created and executive produced by Eugene Mbugua, This Love takes viewers into the lives of Nameless and Wahu, arguably Kenya’s most-admired celebrity couple, as they talk love, life and most of all, their shared passion for music that spans two decades.

While they were initially reluctant about the show when Mbugua first approached them with the idea in 2018, the couple finally agreed because they wanted to share what they had learnt during their 23 years together (and married for 15) which they’ve described as the “midlife” or “the first half of their lives.”

“We’ve been together for 23 years (and married for 15), and we’ve learnt a lot. We’ve gone through the ups and downs… you know how life is. That is what gave us the why, and we wanted to be authentic about this journey,” Nameless says.

With music playing a major part in their lives, Wahu reveals that viewers will also get a chance to see that side of them and how the process has been as they work on their first joint album together, also titled This Love.

“The other thing that we want to do in this docu-reality series, even as we share our story, is to also share our 20-year journey of being musicians. We want viewers to pick a lesson from us (if you’re able to), and there’s no better avenue than This Love,” Wahu says.

And you can catch This Love every Monday and to find out more about that, click here.

Nameless and Wahu to star in their own reality series, “This Love” on Showmax

Nameless and Wahu, Kenya’s most admired celebrity couple, are coming to our screens in a new docu-reality series, This Love, which is set to premiere on Showmax on 24 May 2021.

Married for fifteen years, the power couple is respected by many for their dedication to their marriage and family life, which they have managed to keep out of the public eye over the years. Until now.

Nameless, Wahu

For the first time ever, they are opening up their lives to the audience with This Love, a 13-part docu-reality series that will highlight their timeless love, colourful lives, and legendary history, as well as the lessons they have picked up along the way.

This Love will also follow Nameless and Wahu as they work on their first-ever joint album, a project which they announced at the beginning of April 2021.

“Getting to share our journey as we create our very first album together is exciting to say the least.  We look forward to letting the fans in on this creative process, the challenges and joys of working together, and to introducing the team behind the music,” says Nameless and Wahu.

“Furthermore, as we celebrate twenty years in the music industry, we want to share the lessons we’ve learnt even as we continue to play our part as a couple, parents and business partners. Our vision is to synergize and inspire and empower people through marriage, music and mentorship.”

This Love is a production of Documentary and Reality TV, Eugene Mbugua’s production company that is also behind the likes of Sol Family, Stori Yangu and Our Perfect Wedding, all available on Showmax.

Mbugua, who is the show’s executive producer, reveals that he approached Nameless and Wahu with the idea of the show back in 2018. “We had just come from making our first Kenyan celebrity reality TV show, and to us, they seemed like the next obvious choice. They have a rich history, not just in music, but as a couple as well.”

With music careers spanning twenty years, Nameless and Wahu’s star power is undeniable. They have both released hits after hits and won many awards, including MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Female (2008) for Wahu and Best Male and Listener’s Choice (2009) for Nameless. Theirs is a kind of story that Kenyans will fall in love with, and one that Mbugua and his team couldn’t stay away from.

“Both of them have had perhaps the longest staying power of any musician in the country. You cannot tell the story of Kenyan music without telling the story of Nameless and Wahu,” says Mbugua. “They have reinvented themselves year after year, and they have remained rock stars even after becoming parents. They have a ton of stories that Kenya has not heard yet.”

Like all their other productions, This Love will stay true to Mbugua and his team’s style of storytelling – capturing Nameless and Wahu in their most authentic selves rather than creating controversy. “This Love is loaded with great content both on the reality and the documentary side. It’s solid and vibrant enough and we believe it will captivate the audience without having to court controversy.”

What all men must learn from Nameless as revealed by Wahu

Nameless and Wahu, like every married couple, are learning each other anew with the forced close-quarter self-quarantine imposed by the government as the try to flatten the curve of the spread of the Covid19 pandemic.

How Nameless has managed to remain relevant for over a decade

Proof of the fact is that even Jada Pinkett Smith said she is learning new things about her husband Will Smith and the case is the same for Wahu who in an interview with K24, revealed that she has learned something new about Nameless that has given her a profound respect for her man.
And this is what every Kenyan man needs to learn from Nameless.

nameless and wahu
Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless

During the K24 interview, Wahu said the following:

“I waited for her in Faith” Nameless painfully recounts first date with Wahu

“What the stay-at-home period has taught me about Nameless, is that he is very driven about emotional intelligence and becoming a better human being.
I really appreciate that aspect of him.”

For the sake of this piece, we will focus on the fact that he is focused on self-improvement and being stoic. You see, in their relationship, Nameless is her rock and also the fact that he is focused on a mission, his self-improvement, makes him very attractive.

Nameless and Wahu’s 14 year old daughter shares interesting unknown details about her parents!

In a marriage, most men forego themselves. They drop their mission and focus more on their partner. Or they sacrifice their ambition and decide to try to be more “appealing” to their partners.
Nameless is aware, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, about the concept of enlightened selfishness. Simply put, you can only take care of people after taking care of yourself. You can only help people after helping yourself.

Nameless and Wahu baecation

So what this means is that Nameless is focused on making himself the best possible man he can be and this is an attractive quality to his wife who knows her man will be better tomorrow than he was today.

As for the stoicism, nothing is as attractive as a man who can weather the storm calmly. Why? he becomes a calming effect on his wife. He is the rock the boat of their marriage is moored on as the ocean that is her emotions ebbs and tides due to some new emergency.
More than that, it is masculine.


No woman wants a man who is as emotionally volatile as she is. Especially not as we live through an unprecedented time. So there you have it, the two things Kenyan men need to learn from Nameless.


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How Nameless has managed to remain relevant for over a decade

Nameless has been a household name for well over a decade. We have actually known him for damn near longer than a lot of these new artists popping up have been alive. And he has served as a colossus for the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Nameless Vs Jua Cali: Who made our childhood memorable?

According to legends, Nameless got his start when he jumped on the phone to participate in a Captial FM freestyle competition. During the freestyle, he was asked for his name, fearing his boss finding out, he came up with the name Nameless.

From there going forth, Nameless became his name even as he won the opportunity to record a song with Ogopa Deejays, one of the record labels that soon became a powerhouse in Kenyan then East African entertainment.

Issa TBT: The night shift job that made Nameless whom he is today

While there, he was the beneficiary of the fact that Ogopa Deejays had gone about signing very talented artists to their stable and this alone was a huge factor in how Nameless was moulded as an artist. He got to learn from the likes of Esir and Krupt and this is one of the reasons why his career has had such longevity.


After everything is said and done, the ultimate reason why Nameless has enjoyed an almost Snoop Dogg-esque level of longevity in entertainment is the fact that he refused to lock himself into one specific genre. When everyone was complaining about Ogopa Deejaysputting out the Kapuka sound, with Bamboo even release this diss track aimed at them:

But it turns out this Kapuka genre made it such that Nameless has always had a more Kenyan sound and whenever you think of him, you almost instinctively think of Kenyan music and not, say, Kenyan hip hop or Kenyan pop. Nameless’ sound was not only unique but also lent itself to the crafting of later Kenyan genres.

Hilarious! Fans react after Nameless shares a new photo holding his wife’s booty

He never fixed his sound on the prevalent musical trends and never exactly sounded outdated either. It could also be down to the fact that he is one of the rare breed of artists who know how to craft a relevant sound without pandering to musical fads.


A case in point would be his most recent musical collaboration with Darassa, PAH:

And then compare that sound to his biggest hit to date, Nasinzia Nikukuwaza which was released over 10 years ago:

Both songs still sound fresh aye? Exactly!


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Tanasha Donnah set to rock the East African music curve as she drops new EP

Tanasha Donah, a Kenyan radio girl and music sensation that has clearly clinched her own space in the Kenyan music scene.

A lady who rose to fame after coupling up with Wasafi records boss Diamond Platinumz has proven that she is not there to look pretty and all. She wanted to win!

Tanasha has had her fair share of backlash from both Kenya and Tanzania. Diamond’s fans thought she’d just be another socialite in his life.

However, the lass decided to disapprove the region by venturing into music something that saw her raise the fame bar even further.

Her debut “Radio” with fellow Kenyan Barak Jacuzzi received mixed reactions but luckily she got to over 1 million views.

Well, after the song came the narrative about her faking her age. Netizens could not bottle in the fact that a young person can succeed so fast. Oh well, she had to prove it to the naysayers.

That aside, despite the noise around how she got her fame one thing that stands out about Tanasha is her composure to social media trolls.

She never answers back not unless provoked!! I mean I would too.


Music EP release

It is evident that 2020 will be a good year for Ms Tanasha as she is et to release her first Ep dubbed “Donnatella”.

The EP launch is set for 31st Jan 2020 and a series of Kenya celebrities are set to headline the show.

Being a little economical with details about the party, the mother of one clearly has a big party set for 31st.

Some of the celebrities set to be at the launch include baby daddy Diamond Platinumz who has it all planned in his 2020 tour calendar, Wahu, Nameless, Cate the actress, Nviiri the storyteller, Brenda Wairimu, Khaligraph among others.

Her latest jam “La Vie” that she features Wasafi’s Mbosso was another propel to her music because this girl can sing!

Well, it’s something to wait and see because she has proven herself to her fans.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian’s whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes are the laziest lot in East Africa. Forgive me if you feel offended. To start with, they rarely ask for collaborations form East Africa. It is a good thing to have local collaborations.

One thing that is a fact is that they are too lazy to cross borders. Sometimes one might think it financial but come to think of it.

Only two or three of Kenyan artistes have sought collaborations with big Tanzanian artistes. The rest are so comfortable in their own zone.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, the problem is not that they cannot get these people to work with them but just lazy people who want things to come easy.

I am saddened by the fact that they go to look for Tanzania artistes who are already dead in the music scene. Look at Nameless and Darassa. He ought to have collaborated with the guy when he was still selling in Tanzania.

In music, one should flow with the wave and what is hot. Apart from Akothee, I am yet to see any other Kenyan artiste who has collaborated with Diamond Platinumz.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, it is the only way that they will make a name in Tanzania. Look at the example of Willy Paul, he has made use of Rayvanny, Tanasha has made use of Mbosso.

I feel sad that Kenyan artistes want to rush to these people when they can barely hit in their village. It takes hard work and determination to make it.

Imagine the things the Tanzanian big names are doing. Who bewitched our very own? Why is it so hard to get collaborations in East Africa?

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes should feel challenged considering that this artistes who are making are even taking major events in our country. I doubt there is anyone who will go for a lazy artiste.

In addition, it is time that they took the opportunity and emulated their counterparts. Look for Harmonize, Diamond, Mbosso, Alikiba, Rayvanny and the others.

Stop going for people like Mr Bleu, they can barely make it on their own.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in ‘PAH’

After a long while, Nameless is back with a new tune dubbed PAH.  The Kenyan king has teamed up with Tanzanian singer Darassa.

PAH comes a time when most thought the talented singer had taken a break from the music. It is a tune that has adapted the Kenyan and Tanzanian style of music.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless performs the song in his own style while Darassa goes for his sayings style. Also, PAH is a perfect example tune of Kenya meets Tanzania.

The highly hyped tune is very lit and am sure it will hit in the Kenyan airwaves for as long as it is nameless work.

PAH by Nameless and Darassa is a love song

To start with, we have to understand what this hit is all about. It is more of a love song that has been delivered in a very unique way.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

PAH has been Produced by Bern Mziki. The song narrates some of the things a guy is willing to do to this lady who has swept him off his feet.

Pah has been used symbolically to illustrate how the guy’s heartbeats every time he sees her.

“You make my heart go Pah! You make my heart go Pah! What a strong line in this jam.

Actually, the song is unique as Nameless and Darassa opted to use a male vixen giving PAH a strong lead.

Nameless takes it down with Darassa in 'PAH'

Nameless also takes the opportunity to introduce to his fans to his newly unveiled brand icon.

I would say that the song is relevant to today generation considering that it is well written. In addition, I will be right to say that nameless and Darassa demonstrated a very strong lyrical prowess.

As many would say, the video is very quality and Hascana does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Nameless and Darassa did a good job in PAH giving their fans something to smile for. Last but not least, PAH gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.

Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed ‘Wakilisha’

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film “Wakilisha” featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

The jam is introduced by one Djshiti and it is a very sweet hit.  The comeback of the music Nameless is just one worth ones time.

To add on, this collaboration is just amazing on how the coordination is well done and the message of the song. The Wakilisha is a swahili word that simply means represent.

Also, the vibe and the energy in the song is just awesome. Wakilisha lyrics are brought out so well by the group as each person delivers well.

To add on, Stivo simple boy the mihadarati hit maker is part of the all star in this jam.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

What is Wakilisha all about?

To start with the guys are talking about playing Kenyan music. This is a battle that Kenyan artists have been trying to fight for.

“Me and my friends over here tunawakilisha. Good music, good vibes”. Further into the song, Jegede and his counterparts are also talking about a woman.

Tuko kwenye party, kama kuna joto toa shati. This is a line that the celebrated singer Stevo Simple boy has performed. Ndio manake  his famous phrase is also felt into the song.

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

Actually, we must agree that Jegede and his Allstars team have done a great job in Wakilisha. The audio is well mastered and produced. It doe not clash with the beats and thumbs up to this.

Wakilisha has been directed by Deska Torres, and the audio was produced by Jegede. In addition to the good production, you also realise that Jegede’s lyrical prowess is unmatched and the presentation is also great.

In conclusion, the jam gets a rating of 6/10.

Video Below.

Nameless that became a name in Music-The first of OGs.

Nameless the name…

David Mathenge alias Nameless is an award winning music artist in Kenya. Nameless was born in 1976. He was raised in Ngong  and is the last born of five children in his family.With reference from Nairobi wire, Nameless was playful by nature while growing up.

He got into the music industry in 1999 after his first song “Megarider” that he originally wrote after winning a radio talent search contest by Capital Fm .

The song ‘Megarider” depicted the life of a typical campus boy trying to woo a girl, but the only thing he could offer was the bus ticket for the ‘megarider’.The producer of the song then being  Ted Josiah.

Marriage and Career…

The 43 year old, married fellow artist Wahu on 10th september 2005. Wahu is now a gospel artist and together with Nameless they have two daughters namely Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.

However,as much as the couple have proven that there is hope in marriage,they admit they have have had some shake up in theirs too.

Also read: Nameless speaks about how emotions almost took his marriage down the drain

As he set out in his music career I believe he never knew he would end up being a household name in the Kenyan Music scene.

He however had  goals for his music career. That is as per his youtube Channel bio that reads, “B4iR is basically short for Before I Retire. “It is a kind of bucket list of all the things I want and must do in the music industry, before I retire.It includes 24 solo songs and my 15 dream collaborations with artists I respect and admire all across the world” Nameless.

Thankfully Nameless has stayed relevant in the 20 yrs he has been doing music. At the same time,Nameless juggles music and being an architect.

Music that has put Nameless top in  charts include; ‘Butterfly,Deadly,Coming Home,African Beauty,Letigo, Nasinzia Nikikuwaza, Ng’ang’ana, Maisha, Salary,Magarider, Ninanoki, Moto wa Kuotea Mbali”

Generally, you wouldn’t struggle to understand his music.That is, looking at how successful he has been, it is obvious he knows who and what type of audience he writes his music to.

In the 20yrs of music Nameless can proudly stand  before people and be proud of his journey and with that he did a remix of his first song ‘Megarider’ few days ago featuring Khaligraph Jones for his music anniversary.


He has also managed to keep away from controversy that would crumble him personally and career wise.

If for anything, he is a clear definition of a role model to many people especially the new artists in the music industry.The man who chose to be Nameless 20 yrs ago is now a name to behold.

‘Megarider’ of 20 years ago brought to life by Nameless featuring Kaligraph Jones-The OGs

When Nameless said ‘Respect your Elders, I started singing while you were still in diapers,’in the The Kansouls ‘Moto wa Kuotea mbali ‘, he knew he had a definite stand in Music since long ago.


Nameless is once again on the scene with ‘Megarider remix’ featuring Kaligraph Jones.The production  done by the magic master Cedric Kadenyi alias Cedo and directed by VJ One.

Originally the song Megarider was done in 1999 by Nameless after winning a radio Talent search.The producer of the song then being  Ted Josiah.The song was about a discount bus ticket from the perspective of a Nairobi campus boy.

Lyrical master…

As he drops this new jam, Nameless has proven that in the Music art consistency is important.The song brings out the early 2000s nostalgia of the struggles of using the ‘Megarider‘ for transport.

With this Nameless puts it simply that he is here to stay,

“I started from the bottom, now am here(yeah) Ready to conquer next year with no fear.

Whatever that I have been through,They’ve got no idea but am still here (still am, still am still here)”

Going on,Nameless is basically talking about his journey in Music both the ups and downs that  have obviously defined his success story since 1999 to date.

The video in itself gives you the grove and in the back ground Lydia Ndwiga brings out the luscious taste in the song with ‘Megarider” line and the sultry moves.

The 21st Century self proclaimed OG, Kaligraph Jones in his part did not disappoint in his verses with his rap prowess,

“Men am turnt up no liqour, no tembe Is am all over rocking the airwaves  This time around with Mr. Mathenge Na pita na speaker ka Peter Marende Store ka mluhya pikanga sembe Danger ka mtoi akishikanga wembe Megarider inapita si twende (Raaah!)”

Clearly, after the play Kenyan Music noise, this is the kind of music that has redefined the industry in terms of creativity.

When you thought Kenyan Music had been thrown in the gutters, then the real OGs come out with this banger. The song was released on the 20th anniversary of Nameless’s journey in Music.

As you keep wondering what happens with Kenyan Music.This should change your opinion. I give it a 9/10 rating. Watch, listen and tell us what you think.



Nameless names three important things to note if you want to be a successful musician in Kenya 

Nameless has been in the music industry for close to two decades now. That comes with a lot of experience and the singer recently shared some.

Nameless shared three secrets that have kept him in the business for that long and how he has managed to keep his fire burning.

In an interview he shared that younger artists should know where their strengths lie in terms of talent, discipline and strategy.

“There are three things I always tell young artistes, even when I am mentoring them: There is talent, discipline and strategy. I always say that sometimes a person is strong in some parts, and weaker in others because people are different.There are people who are talented, but they are not disciplined, others are talented and disciplined but do not have a strategy. Maybe you are talented in voice but you do not know how to put those words well, then just get a writer to write for you,” he said in the interview.

SInger Nameless and Wahu

Strengthen that part you are good at. Subconsciously, initially I always tried and strengthened my weak points, but now when I sit down I realise they just revolve in those three angles. In the creative art there is a time that you can be in the mood to create and there are other times you are out of the mood completely. It is not coming at that point you want it to come.

Keep your writing simple

“At that time what do you do because you have to work? So you need to get some support at that situation, even myself I open myself to writers, I have always written my music, my own work. The first song I was helped in writing was Butterfly, which was in Luganda, so I needed to get some assistance in that and I told someone this is what I want, so they did it for me.”

Nameless concluded, “Those three points are what have guided my career over time, every time I am weak, I find a way to strengthen it so that it is a full package.

“I think I am very strategic [have been] ever since I was young. If you want to work on strategy learn how to play chess. Even as kids, I try to get Tomiso to play chess because it helps your mind to be strategic. I try to keep my writing simple, I learnt that in university, that is few words but strong.”


Beautiful: Celebrities join Wahu Kagwi and Nameless as they mark their 12th wedding anniversary

Songbird Wahu Kagwia and her hubby Nameless this past weekend 10th September marked their 12th wedding anniversary through their social media pages where they wrote beautiful messages to show how blessed they feel to have each other.

Wahu and Nameless

Nameless and Wahu got married in a white wedding back in 2005 joining the list of celebrity couples from then. They have however been blessed with two lovely girls, Tumiso and Nyakio who have definitely brought joy to the couple.

Nameless and Wahu with their girls

These two remain as the perfect example of celebrity marriages since they have never been involved in any scandals and if I am not wrong, a testimony that celebrities can also stick to one partner.

Nameless through his gram shared the photo below where he wrote saying;

His wife Wahu Kagwi was also not left behind as she reposted the photo and wrote to say;

However what caught my attention, is that most celebrities including Maina Kageni also joined in to leave special messages to the couple. Read their comments in the posts above.