King Kaka sets the record straight regarding speculated separation from his wife, Nana Owiti.

King Kaka addressed speculation about his relationship with his wife, Nana Owiti, after fans noticed her absence from his recent Mother’s Day tribute, sparking rumors of marital trouble.

The rumors gained traction when observers noted that Nana Owiti, known for her love of soccer, was spending time in London, while King Kaka was busy promoting his upcoming YouTube series, ‘Monkey Business.’


King Kaka Builds Classy House For His Mother As He Encourages Fans To Pursue Their Dreams

This geographical distance between the couple, who have been married for over a decade, led to speculation about potential issues in their marriage.

Adding to the speculation, King Kaka’s Mother’s Day tribute focused solely on his own mother, without mentioning Nana Owiti, prompting further speculation.

Some speculated that the timing of these events could be a strategic move to generate buzz for King Kaka’s new series.

However, King Kaka vehemently denied these allegations, expressing frustration at the impact the rumors were having on his family.


King Kaka blamed for allegedly ruining his baby mama, Sage Chemutai’s music career – Netizens react

He clarified that Nana Owiti is in the country, and their children are attending school as usual, refuting claims of them being abroad or facing other issues.

King Kaka urged content creators to be more responsible and mindful of the effects of spreading false narratives, emphasizing the distress such rumors could cause to his family.

He stressed the importance of respect towards himself, Nana, and their children, urging people to refrain from spreading baseless rumors that could harm their family life.

Nana Owiti shares tender moment with aunt

Nana Owiti, a former TV host and developer of digital content, has written a lovely and too sentimental letter to her aunt, who not only helped care for her when she was younger but also reared her collectively when her mother went away.

In addition to the letter, Nana gave her aunt a sizable parcel of land as a token of thanks.

Nana insisted that she had chosen land because she wanted the children of her aunt to have a home of their own and a future inheritance of land.

Her aunt burst out into tears following Nana’s moving speech as Nana’s small sister Portia moved in to hug her aunt.

Nana could be seen shaking her uncle’s hand as well as she showed him the title deed. In the background, King Kaka could be heard cheering on as he promised there were more great things to come.


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Nana Owiti celebrates 12 years of marriage to King Kaka!

In honor of their 12th anniversary as a couple, King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti stunned fans by recounting their first date with the Grammy-winning musician.

The TV program host, social media influencer, and developer of digital content uploaded a few old pictures of herself and her partner before gushing over the artist and their evolving love story.

Nana continued by saying that when she first met King Kaka on this date (23 May), 12 years ago, she made jokes about what would have happened if she had played hard and declined to give the musician her number at the time.

“I met you a day like this 12yrs ago and we exchanged numbers. Ningekunyima number aje sasa?

On our first date, we went for a movie(We had a bet and the condition was that should either of us lose the bet then the ‘loser’ would take the other party for a movie and pay for not only the movie but also the snacks)

I saw how competitive you were but you had found your match,” added the mother of 2.

She went on to reveal that she lost however implying that she did it on purpose.

“But on this day I paid for everything… but we both know who lost the bet. Wueh! That was the first time I ever set foot in a theatre, wueh watu wa Nairobi mko na raha, I thought to myself” added Nana Owiti before following it up with;

 “Anyway, I remember what we both wore. Lumbutuku unapiganga mtoto. That will remain one of the best days of my life…

“Our book started here. I’m so glad God allowed our paths to cross even though we were both oblivious to His plans. You are an amazing partner, friend, confidant, and a great dad. I love you. #Hadi tukunje mgongo (till we grow old) #Hii imeenda,”

‘Thank You For Being My Turning Point’-Nana Owiti Celebrates King Kaka’s Birthday With A Heartfelt Message

Legendary musician King Kaka is celebrating his birthday with a sleek getaway, courtesy of his exquisite wife Nana Owiti.

Taking to her gram, Owiti penned a sweet message to show King Kaka gratitude and celebrate him on his D-day.

”Oh my God! Where to start? This is the 12th birthday with you by my side( no I’m not that old ????) Thank you for bracing my life and being my turning point. I pray that I will always shield you in whatever weather. Our kids are blessed to have such a LEADER in our home. We love you, we honor you, we pray for you always. We thank God for you. We thank God for your 2nd life. I may help ground this marriage but babe you give it wings.. Thank you for giving me ample space and time to relearn you as you continue to evolve. I’m not as confused to see you hate when the lights are on in the living room at night and yet you won’t miss a chance to turn the lights on in the bathroom during the day!! ???? ???? You are crazy and I love crazy. Here’s to wishing you an amazing birthday even though I don’t know why I’m wishing you coz I know you’ve definitely enjoyed this????????. I love you babe @thekingkaka and I wish you maaaaany beautiful ones beside me. Happy birthday the LOML ❤️The husband of my youth ❤️❤️”

King Kaka & Owiti are reportedly on ‘baecation’ to celebrate the birthday together.

Nana Owiti gets real about the complications of toxic Co-parenting

Nana Owiti who is married to rapper king Kaka recently shared a moving post on the importance of healthy Co-parenting; schooling parents on why whether in good or bad terms they should always create a healthy environment for their kids.

Well, having seen how some of your favorite celebrities are handling coparenting (Mulamwah, Obinna and the rest) looks like Nana Owiti chose the right time to share her knowledge on this topic.

Nana Owiti with son, prince Iroma and Nanny’s son, Royal

As seen on her detailed long post – the mother of three urged all parents to always put their children first. Nothing else matters if the children you’re raising have to put up with toxic traits in a family. It never leaves them and sad part – they grow and become the people you molded them to become. Toxic.

The BEST gift you will ever give your children will always remain to be a happy marriage/ partnership. Your first obligation as a parent is not to bring chaos into your kid’s lives.


According to Nana Owiti co parenting means sacrifice, dedication, humility and patience. In this case its a matter of giving the kid(s) 100% and ensuring the other parent also has full access; and not dragging them into unnecessary issues;

Nana Owiti with son, Prince Iroma

To those Co-parenting: Every Child has the right to have FULL 100% access to both parents. It’s not about dividing the child’s time among the parents(50/50) it’s about dividing the parent’s time to ensure that the child gets 100% access to both parents all the time regardless of any logistics.

Well I guess she understands what she is talking about especially since we all know hubby, King Kaka had a child on the side with singer Sage; and since we rarely see the kid on family photos means iko kitu. No?

King Kaka’s wife shares jaw-dropping photos after tremendous weight loss (Photos)

Nana Owiti who is wife to rapper King Kaka has never been shy to admit weight loss is one of those things she struggles with. Just like most women, her struggle with weightloss began after she had her first baby, Gweth Ombima.

Howeve, her weight at the time wasn’t as bad as compared to when she had baby number 2, prince Iroma – who she refers to as God’s unanswered prayers.

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Anyway, having had Iroma 3 years after Gweth (not forgetting the pregnancy she lost) Nana’s body combined baby fat from baby number 1 and now baby number 2 – meaning she now needed a miracle if not working overtime at the gym to get her old body back.


Well 5 years later, Nana Owiti has finally achieved her dream body and boy does she look amazing. She recently shared an update on her weight loss journey, flaunting a new hot figure that left her looking younger than most 20 year Olds.

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To caption her post, Nana advised those struggling with weight loss not to give up as everything beautiful takes time and determination to achieve. She wrote:

To someone struggling with weight..
You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow..You choose ❤️

Below are a few before and after photos compiled to show her amazing weightloss journey.



King Kaka sets the record straight after viral family photo stirs controversy

King Kakas family photo with his wife, their house manager and the kids has been praised for its humility and wholesomeness but not until one fan notice something that stood out in the photo.

A beautiful family of 6, that stepped out for a photoshoot, in simple kitenge designs but a photo that tells of a unique family story.

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The couple warmly let in their house manager in the family photo that they labelled ‘complete’. Something very uncommon in majority of households especially of a certain class.

“We Thank God for the gift of family,” he adorably captions.

The King Kaka family photo

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The Twist

It was all fun and games until one question popped up setting off the conversation in a totally different direction.

“The boys look like brothers,” a curious fan posed.

Indirectly implying that the rapper is the father to their house manager’s son, Roy, who has a striking resemblance to King Kaka and his actual son, Prince Iroma.

The King Kaka family photoshoot

Though not brave enough to put it as it is, the comment raised an alarm among fans who eagerly waited for the answer.

Another actually admitting that the two boys look like twins.

This kept the fire burning, others suggesting King Kaka and the house manager must be related.

And after the long guesswork, the ill rapper and his irritated wife finally responded;

“I was tempted to throw a few insults at you, but it is the beginning of the week so I wish you a productive week. Heshima ni kitu muhimu.”

From her end, Nana unapologetically hit back at the troll: “Take your nonsense elsewhere.”

That is where the debate ended.

6 popular Kenyan female celebrities who recently got trolled for their choice of dressing 

Being in the public eye has almost meant living to certain standards, especially when it comes to dressing regardless of whichever day of the month or season it is.

Several female Kenyan celebrities have not been spared the trolls of late, be it for skimpy dressing, over-sized clothes or something fans feel has either been overdone or edited for the public space.

Some of these personalities clapped back with massive comebacks, others ignored that people were even talking while others made fun of the situation and eventually the dust settled. Let’s kick off;

1. Nadia Mukami

The Tesa singer recently decided to get a little skimpy with juicy swimming pool photos of her that turned heads online. Before a section of critics called her out for allegedly photo-shopping her body.

Nadia Mukami publicly parades her goodies

2. Nana Owiti

The mother of two who doubles up as Switch TV’s Chatspot show host, leveled up after bagging the TV role in February 2020, completely switching her wardrobe for a better taste. But she once decided to turn over her fashion sense with in a long, loose shirt dress that did her injustice.

Nana Owiti trolled

3. Betty Kyallo

Betty has been trolled on several occasions recently. One time was her swim wear that had her literally dressed by fans. A second time being when she stepped out in a skimpy dress when rumors were rife she was in an entanglement with a Somali bae.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

4. Mammito

This stands as the most recent cases, after the comedienne stepped out in a funny-looking shouting dress during birthday baecation with Eddie Butita down in Mombasa, that left her looking totally off. Only to savagely clap back at haters.

Eunice Mammito

5. Size 8

Linet Munyali attracted massive backlash with her swimsuit that fans believed showed too much skin for a mother of two, wife and gospel artist like her.

Size 8 looking like the yummiest mum on social media

6. Lilian Muli

The Citizen TV journalist got into a battle with a fan who claimed she used mattress to cushion her chest that seemed strangely too heavy. But had her comeback ready.

Mama boys aka Lilian Muli

12 times Nana Owiti rocked short classy dresses that left her looking younger than her age

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti knows her style, what trends best suit her and what fashion she needs to keep off. However, the curvy babe has never shied away from going the extra mile to try out all sorts of outfits that ended up a big plus for her.

Fortunately enough, the Kamba doll has a body that allows her an almost flat tummy that then allows enough room for her hippy edges just enough, not too much, not too little definitely.

Switch TV show co-host, Nana Owiti

The lass started it off like a joke, initially covering up her short dresses with translucent chiffon and times having it all long to the bottom before she soon cracked the puzzle and discovered her place.

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Knee-length and eventually slightly above the knee became her routine. Let’s run down the list.

1. There was this maroon leather two-piece whose pose hinted of a teenager a bit shy to make that move.

Nana Owiti

2. Then came this outdoor look that had her all covered up apart from the glaring juicy thighs.

Nana Owiti

Also read: King Kaka’s wife makes comeback in tight slim-fit dress days after getting trolled for looking like an old granny (Photo)

3. She soon after went a bit extra with her little floral dress, pretty short and her lean against the table only pronounced her edges against her flat tummy. Pascal Tokodi was in the background to confirm the statement.

Nana Owiti

4. Her tomboy sense of fashion recently saw her get a mix of ladies’ and boy-ish wear, a bit of each but not too much of either. One half was best suited for a classroom outfit, the other half saw her labelled a ‘cowgirl’ for the wild boots.

Nana Owiti

5. Next was this hot look that would have made her easily mistaken for an air hostess.

Nana Owiti

6. With the sun out and the babe finally grabbing that little black dress, Nana looked like a young campus babe who had just started experiencing the ‘good life’.

Nana Owiti

7. The tight dresses were coming in a bit too loud and this particular one spared no one her natural curves and edges.

Nana Owiti

8. It would only be fair to admit that Nana might not have only one ‘little black dress’ but a couple suited for every occasion. This particular one is way more flattering with just enough skin to show.

Nana Owiti

9. Nana decided to give fans a bit of a 3D look with a pose that suggested she was the Queen in reign with her beaded, pointed grey heels to confirm the statement.

Nana Owiti

10. Finally, she let it a bit free with this trendy shirt dress and a nude pair of heels.

Nana Owiti

11. This one a bit more formal and would easily get her mistaken for a bridesmaid.

Nana Owiti

12. It would be an honor to crown her long list of little black dresses with this particular one that sure speaks for itself.

Nana Owiti

Nana Owiti reveals how she ‘wifed herself’ way before rapper, King Kaka even proposed (Video)

Nikubaya! Yes, the ratio between men and women is currently 1:3 and the ladies out here are doing everything possible to settle down before hitting that big 3-0!

To prove times are hard, Nana Owiti who is married to King Kaka recently opened up revealing how she started taking care of King Kaka; way before she knew he would pick her as a lifetime partner.

Unlike the usual slay queens who would have been blinded by his fame and money, Nana took it upon herself to make sure King Kaka was comfortable.

King Kaka and wifey

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From her recent interview Switch Tv’s chatspot,  Nana revealed that washed, cleaned and cooked for her man. According to Nana, her reason for doing this was to see whether she could help build the relationship; by just not love but through actions!

Don’t be fooled

This seems to have worked for her but I can assure you that many have washed, cleaned; and pushed a man to becoming a better person but still ended up single. So somehow this becomes a gamble or bet inachomeka!

Co-parents, King Kaka and Sage

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Anyway three presenters admitted to having served their boyfriends or rather ‘wifed themselves;’ but Nana Owiti seems to be the only one who walked away with the prize!

If you remember well, about 6 years ago King Kaka was said to be involved with singer Sage and Nana Owiti. The two ladies got pregnant the same year and both welcomed baby girls; but through it all, King Kaka decided to settle with long term girlfriend, Nana.

Village fisherman’s promise to marry Nana Owiti and sire 12 children together lights up the Internet

Ever since King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti landed a job at Switch TV, she has been serving us some body goals, making bold statements with her fashion trends.

The Kamba beauty’s humility, natural curves and enchanting smile are undeniably ones to thirst over, one not known to stir controversy despite her man’s public image.

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King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti

Taking a break over the weekend, the TV personality travelled home to Kamba land, paying a visit to her great grandma with memories of her childhood days still alive.

Also read:


Nana decided to drop by River Tana, her hometown, born and bread, drinking from the very same river that also cleaned her clothes daily. Gushing:

I nourished my soul here. I’m a child of this soil and water.. My heart is busting with happiness.

She spent her time in a simple wooden boat puddling by the shallow waters, with the help of the area fishermen and her aunt, some good fun times, late afternoon in a place she felt most safe in because that was her foundation.

The confession

However, things took a different turn after the young fishermen could not help but drool over the Kamba doll from Nairobi – probably even not aware of her fame – but they could tell she was a fine goddess.

One of them openly yet boldly affirmed to King Kaka’s wife that he will marry her, take care for her and grow a family of at least 12 children together.

A baffled Nana Owiti n River Tana

Shocked by the candidness and self-confidence this man had, Nana could only stare and give that smile to show just how impressed his confession had made her.

She however went ahead to reveal she is a married woman therefore such possibilities would be like crying over spilt milk but the man straight up replied:

…hiyo si shida. Si utamuacha tu.

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima alias Rabbit alias King Kaka

Hehe….the courage this man had was just at another level. A shaken Nana gasping:

Weeeeh!!! Huyu sijui ni disciple anatafta Ama watoto ????????????????

Comments trickled in soon after, fans admitting that the courage that man had might just see King Kaka left wifeless.

qeidee That guy has got courage, ????


celineodhiambo Ile quote ya poverty is manufactured in bed imecome in handy leo …ati 12kids ???????????????????????? …..maiyeeee ….???????????? @nanaowiti ..hard small????


jona_le_powerman Weeeeee,,,,????


sylverjemimah Mali safi iende chain ????????????


naomimuuo Even the monkey was surprised????????


nwachukwudavidmmaduabuchi Hahahaha but you can still marry him

I had one school uniform, two blouses and one sweater – Nana Owiti recalls miserable, rusty childhood days

King Kaka´s wifey, Nana Owiti has decided to take us down memory lane, back when in primary, rusty and miserable.

Sharing a throwback photo, the now proud mother of two narrated:

When I look at this picture, I am overwhelmed with emotion. It reminds me of a time in my life when I was a miserable little human, a disheveled young girl with little hopes of making it in life.. But weirdly most of the times so happy inside.


Further talking of uniform struggles, that were eventually overcome.

Like other girls my age in the area, I had short hair because it was easy to maintain. I had one school uniform, two blouses and one sweater. I remember my auntie Nduku washing our uniform mid-week because it was the only set we had and she was still is a clean freak. Thankfully it dried quickly because of the ever scorching sun.

Like it happened to most generations, Nana´s case is typical:

My mom(who I had no idea was my mom until later-story for another day)deliberately bought me an oversize uniform to take me through the remaining years of primary school. My green sweater, had patches on the elbows, of different colours and patterns. It looked like a tie and dye gone wrong.

Bare feet

However, days when donning shoes to school was a luxury, the terrain did zero justice to her feet.

My skin (Esp my legs)were cracked and had visible scales. I had no shoes. I remember now, how desperately I wanted shoes, because of how the terrain had badly ravaged the soles of my feet. Thankfully I had no cracked heels like most of those women in the village.

Looking back, she embraces her past with humor:

Cracks so deep, so intense, that they looked like tributaries of a dried river. We often joked,’Kiangai! Ena mialíka yiania Ing’olo’ meaning the cracks were deep enough for the 5 shilling coin that had 7 sides.


Going into details on how exactly she would duck the overhead sun, going back home from school, Nana recalls:

Anyway,the journey from school was so grueling, because the ground was intensely hot due to the heat from blazing sun. It made me an athlete by default, running back home every evening to escape the effects of the sun. I would run so fast under the few surviving trees,rest my feet abit because Jesus! The Soil was on FIRE ???? I would watch the soil as steam blew off from it(Mirage).

A story that tells ¨of a girl who is holding on to life by a thread¨.

My face tells the story of a difficult upbringing. My eyes speak the language of sadness, of a girl who is holding on to life by a thread. My eyes are puffy, significant of the little hours of sleep I would get every day either because it was too cold, too hot, or because I had slept hungry.

Nana´s story reminded many more – her age – of their pasts that can never be compared to the times of today where children enjoy the luxury of going to school in buses and with brand new shoes yearly.

All in all, they admit that indeed God, kept them well and safe to date – when they can afford the luxury to their own children.


King Kaka´s wife, Nana Owiti takes up new TV role, Kenyans excited

Nana Owiti, wife to legendary Kenyan rapper, King Kaka landed herself a new job on our local TV screens after actress, Jackie Matubia´s untimely exit.

Breaking the news to Kenyans, King Kaka gushed:

Hii maua ndio utaniambia nani alikupea. While wengine wanaitishana change Hapo, The Queen will be hosting ChatSpot on Switch Tv from 5:50 , Tune in , Wacha nichome Pop Corn hapa na strong tea nikingoja. @nanaowiti

From her end, an elated Nana revealed:

Guys!! It’s 2020 and I’m absorbing all the good vibrations. I’m getting way out of my comfort zone this year so get ready for me. Make a Date with me @switchtvke on #ChatSpot. We Tuning in,Yes? Yay! Thank!!!!! See ya ✌️

News she made a week ago but masses thought she was the one being interviewed, only until her hubby revealed that she takes up a role as Switch TV´s popular ´Chat Spot´ show host.

The mother of two will be hosting the evening show alongside Kush Tracey and former KTN presenter, Mary Mwikali.

Nana Owiti (center) now co-hosting Switch TV´s ´Chatspot´ show alongside Kush Tracey (left) and Mary Mwikali (right)

Her days kicked off yesterday, Tuesday, the 14th of January, as at 5:50 pm. Sharing this on social media, the beauty stated:

Back on your screens in the evening today. Yaaaaay! Nitakuwa On #ChatSpot @switchtvke Leo 5:50pm.
Join us tafadhali

Excited fans swarmed the comment section applauding her for the major step, eager to listen to and watch her shows.

Tuned to switch already on wait mode ????????????????????Twendy Twendy is hitting greater heights????????????????


Congratulations nini wa nana


Yaaaaaaay keep winning


Go go go girl ????????????????????… You really looked good on TV, may your star keep on shining ????????????


Can’t miss this ????????


You go Queen????it’s about time????????

“I have never shouted at my man!” King Kaka’s wife opens up about her marriage

Nana Owiti who is married to King Kaka has opened up about a few things people didn’t know about her relationship with the Kenyan rapper.

Unlike most women who like to argue or rather pick fights with their spouses; this lady has revealed that she likes to give her man peace.

In a detailed post Nana Owiti revealed that her marriage is as normal as any other. The rapper’s wife says that they go through both hard and good times but they have learnt how to deal with their issues.

Love and it’s battles

Well, in the post below Nana reveals that she has learnt how to tame her tongue and her husband has also never shouted at her. She went on to reveal saying;

Just the right mix of CHAOS & LOVE
We laugh,we cry,we fight and MOST importantly,we sit and hush things out as adults. I’ve NEVER shouted at this man (Man! I’ve had to learn to tame this tongue ????) He’s NEVER shouted at me and NEVER has he pointed a finger at me, Never has he laid his hand on me. Why? Because we have a unit to protect,Because NO we are NOT couple goals. We are Products of Compromise, Patience, Forgiveness, Love, Honor and RESPECT. I declare Love ❤️ and Respect ✊ for this man Right Here.

King Kaka’s life and music in a glimpse

Kennedy Tarriq Ombima known by his stage King Kaka is a Kenyan rapper who specializes in Hip hop, song writer,video director,executive producer and an entreprenuer.  King Kaka is the C.E.O of Kaka Empire. He was born on 7th May 1987 .  Initially, King Kaka called himself Kaka sungura(Rabbit) a name he does not use today. His journey in the music industry has not been easy.

Family Relationship and Marriage

Although he is successful today, his childhood was not that easy. He was raised by a single mum, Elizabeth after his dad passed on. The mum did odd jobs to sustain the family.  Ombima  has 4 kids 2 with his first love, rapper Chemutai Sage and two with Nana Owiti. He is currently married to Nana Owiti.

King Kaka, wife Nana Owiti and their Children
Music Career

His is a journey worth watching from the time of Kaka Sungura to King Kaka’s time because for sure he is a king. He recorded and released his first album ” Tales of kakasungura”which featured hit singles ‘Niko kwa jam Nakam’ and ‘Dodoma’ ft Harry Kimani.

watch the video below.

He has really done well since then and has released a lot of jams and done a lot collabos. East Africa and the world generally has accepted his work.  Recently he released an album Eastlando Royalty which has seeing him make flights outside Africa. He is really doing good in marketing his songs and I believe this is what keeps him standing.  Some of the songs in the Eastlando royalty Album include, Njia, Poison, dudaing’. The latter has really done well and it is played everywhere in this Country. honestly the first time I heard the song “dudaing'” I felt like king Kaka had really lost it but the masses proved me wrong. This was a collabo with Kristoff & Magix Enga. The song was done in the language of Sheng’ which is commonly used in Nairobi Eastlands.

Below is a link to the song.

King Kaka has gone to attract a large crowd of followers. He has recently done a collabo with Bridget Blue dubbed “Njia” and his recent single “Poison”. Kaka is something to watch because am sure he is not stopping anytime soon.

watch his recent song on the link below.

Kenyan artist will only get to his level when they produce good content and go an extra mile to market it.


Apart from being a musician, Kaka has also ventured in the world of business. In 2012 he launched his first cloth line. In early 2015 he also launched his purified water company known as Kaka Empire’s Majik Water. He has also been seen in campaigns where he has been supporting girl children in getting sanitary towels to keep them in school. Isn’t this good? King Kaka’s and Nana’s daughter is now the brand ambassador for Marini Naturals baby hair products.

King Kaka is a perfect example that Kenyan music can do. Look at the energy he puts in his work. His style of music is great and is influenced by poetry . His lyrics mostly influenced by the current challenges facing the young generation. He remains to be a great rapper. This guy puts the actual feelings in his words giving it that closeness.

The King Kaka Empire under him recently signed in a new artist Bridget Blue and later she did a collabo with King Kaka for the song dubbed “Njia”. A very emotional song.

Watch the video by clicking the link below.





“You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm” King Kaka’s fiancée Nana Owiti fires at Nyakundi

King Kaka proposed to his longtime sweetheart and baby mama Nana Owiti during the launch of his fifth album ‘Eastlando Royalty’ at Uhuru Gardens on Friday November 30th.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi was quick to condemn King Kaka for disappointing the boy child by kneeling while proposing to Nana.

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Nyakundi’s gibe to King Kaka opened the floodgate of insults from his fans, some even DM Nana condemning her for flaunting engagement ring yet she had been staying with the rapper and even have two children together.

Nana responds

King Kaka’s fiancée savagely hit back at Nyakundi and his boy child brigade in a lengthy post on social media. She stressed that King Kaka’s commitment to her far exceeded the value of the piece of metal on her finger.

I said Yes! Wait.. I said Yes a loooong ass time ago. I’m so happy and 8yrs on still in love with my man.Now,I need to rant….I was gonna let this one slide because that’s what I normally do. I hardly ever read comments but some people took it upon themselves to send me screenshots of what people are saying. I realized there are some people who will always have shit to say no matter what you do. Nothing is ever good enough for them.Seriously though,what is wrong with some people? If truly you are happy in life and are making all the right moves, then why should my engagement bother you? Si wewe basi you’ve done everything by the book, why should my life and the way I’ve chosen to live it bother you?I also realized that men are the majority ones in making nasty comments. You are 34 years old, living in your stuffy bedsitter, perusing the internet for cheap porn, instisting to DM girls who never respond to you. Sasa because you have no way of releasing your **** you decide to release your bile on me na hata sikujui?? My brother… You’re nothing but a sore loser, a wasted sperm whose purpose in life is to pick your nose while waiting to win sportpesa… Kijana, are the witches in your village fanning themselves with your picture? Men your age are sealing deals, signing contracts, building empires, providing for their families, wewe tu uko hapa na machungu za maisha ukihangaika kulipa Deni za tala na timiza. And then you have the audacity to dictate how my body should look like,if your mother looks like Jlo after giving birth to you then you can talk, but if not… Keep your ideals to yourself. So you who were born after your parents were married, how is life taking you so far? Have you gotten a promotion ama haulipi tax? Umepunguziwa rent au matatu ban haijakupata huwa unabebwa na chopper Hadi CBD?? Life is not a competition. There are no awards for “married after campus and kids followed after. Marriage is not the ultimate level of a relationship, commitment is. And a relationship is not measured by a piece of paper or a ring. King shows his commitment to me and our family in meaningful ways that far exceed a band of metal around a finger..”,


King Kaka’s shares lovely message to his daughter with singer Sage as she clocks 4 years old 

Rapper King Kaka recently took online to appreciate and celebrate his daughter, Ayanna, who has just turned four years.

In a social media post, Kaka poured his heart out sharing how Ayanna has changed sharing she has even learnt how to play the piano.

Daughter from another relationship

Ayanna was born out of a rather controversial secret relationship King Kaka had with fellow singer Sage. She was born just about the same time King Kaka’s first born, Gweth, who he got with wife Nana Owiti, was born.


“Can’t believe it that it’s been 4 years. You’ve grown into such a beautiful lady , you play piano and you are intelligent. May God grant you all your wishes and just know that Papa is here for you, uko kwa speed dial (kwanza we get you a phone) Happy Birthday Ayanna , I love you,” he posted.

Sage also added:  

“My beautiful flower turned 4years old. 26.03.2018. We have done so much growing up my love. Both of us. 
Me: who loves you more than anything in this world?
Ayanna: You mommy.”

King Kaka’s wife forced to attack fan who asked her to pull down breastfeeding photo 

King Kaka’s wife found herself in some rather unexpected grounds after just another normal day of feeding her months old baby.

Nana Owiti shared a photo on Instagram breastfeeding her baby and some fans were not happy. One even slid in her DM asking her to pull down the post saying it’s offensive.

Message on Instagram

“Someone slid in my DM to ask me to pull down a pic of me nursing my baby, Now,
Here I am Creating the world I want to live in,that’s why I realized I need to nurse anywhere unapologetically. If they don’t see it happening,it won’t be normalized..I won’t be shamed for flipping my breast out so I can feed my hungry, little 
@PrinceIroma..Oh! That feeling of fulfillment as my breast nourishes my baby and my love nourishes his litu soul. How awesome is God? That a baby, can survive solely on this Liquid gold for 6Months or more and gain so much weight. My baby is 8.2kgs today” shared Nana Owiti

Check out King Kaka’s wife parade her huge bare baby bump

King Kaka and his wife,Nana Owiti were recently blessed with a baby boy who they have been keeping off their social media pages for reasons best known to them.

King Kaka's son, Prince Iroma
King Kaka’s son, Prince Iroma

However before announcing the birth of their boy, the couple choose to keep the news about their second born on the low until a month ago when Nana gave birth.

Unlike before – this time around the rapper’s wife  opted not to share photos of her baby bump but now that the baby is here, she has been uploading photos from her achieves to show fans how her journey was.

On her latest photo, she revealed that she had been hitting the gym until a few days to welcoming her baby. Nana also happened to share a never before seen photo flaunting her bare bump which looked like it would pop anytime!

Anyway below is the photo of the rapper’s wife glowing a few days before welcoming her baby.

King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owino