Cartoon Comedian Opens Up About Fall-Out Rumours With Nasra Yusuf

Cartoon Comedian, a Kenyan comedian, has opened up about her friendship with Nasra Yusuf, a Kenyan actress. The two became friends in 2022 and were often seen together, performing comedy skits and posting photos on social media.

At one time, Nasra jokingly said that she would date Cartoon if she was a man

“Ningekuwa chali ningeoa huyu 😩..@cartoon.comedian ❤️chiquitita 😻” she captioned their pictures on IG.

However, their friendship fizzled out after a while, and neither of them spoke about it publicly. In a recent interview, Cartoon Comedian finally addressed the rumors about their falling out.

“She said I have a bad spirit and that I don’t have a husband,” she giggled, referring to what actress Jackie Matubia revealed about her feud with content creator Milly Chebby.

After laughing, she addressed concerns expressed by Kenyans, saying, “I’m playing. We are good. People are good.”

It is unclear what exactly caused the rift between Cartoon Comedian and Nasra Yusuf, but it seems that they are now on good terms, considering their palpable chemistry.

Churchill Comedian attacks Shakilla for saying women expire at 28

Nasra Yusuf, a former Churchill show comic, expressed her disgust with a widely circulated statement made by socialite Shakilla.

Shakilla claimed in an interview that all women pass away at the age of 28, therefore they should be careful with how they spend their 20s.

“Ladies expire faster than men, so if you get an opportunity build yourself a house or even your parents. When a woman reaches 28 or 30 she is done; no matter what you do you are done. The husbands will always look for young people like us so use it well,”

The comment infuriated Nasra, who chose to confront Shakilla, demanding that she be more precise about the group of women who reach menopause between the ages of 28 and 30.

“Nimeskia mahali ati “a ‘woman by 28 and 30 you’re done no matter what you’re doing. Weuh..ati by hii age mtumie opportunities mnapata kujijenga.

I think this only applies to ‘women who use their femininity and their bodies to make it in life. Because if you’re using your femininity it’s true that by 30,hauwezi keep up na mtu wa 19, 20 kuget mwanaume”

She continued by citing several examples of strong women who, despite their advanced age, are still in charge of various industries.

“Beyonce is 41, is she done, Rihanna Is 35, is she done, Oprah Winfrey is 69, is she done? They may not be as energetic as they were before but they’re certainly not done.

Let’s stop misleading women and giving them unnecessary pressure!

Mimi hao nimelist hapo wakikuja Leo waseme as a woman by 30 you’re done, swear I will listen to them and I will consider myself a failure.

But not people that have nothing more to offer than sex appeal,

Why we might never hear Director Rashid’s side of story after ex wife Nasra accused him of cheating & moving on with another woman

Remember that time when Nasra announced she had parted ways with husband, Director Rashid? It was actually way before her miscarriage and i remember that after the announcemenr, the same Nasra came out claiming it was just a silly prank they decided to pull on their fans….but come to think of it – this was smoke from a little fire theyd tried to contain, but marriage ishachomeka.

Nasra announces pregnancy

Okay at the time Nasra was still the one sharing these personal information on social media but looking at director Rashid….he just maintained his silence the whole time and even after he was accused of cheating….Director Rashid just remains mute.

Well, when you see a man acting like Director Rashid has been acting – one has to wonder….was he really in love with her or …’clearly this man is fed up with drama’ hence his silence, right?

Nasra with husband, Director Rashid

Why Rashid maintance silence on divorce rumors

Avoid drama

You see unlike women who overreact and cause drama after a break….men actually prefer sometime off especially if the breakup happens during a heated moment.

This is why you might see Rashid holding back from announcing anything on his pages….simply because, chances are that he might not be done with Nasra….and to avoid looking like an immature man, he chooses to remain silent hence letting Nasra do the damage by oversharing.

Protect mental health

Whats better than to protect your own peace of mind? I dont thing there’s anything better than choosing yourself when things get toxic…and judging from how Nasra has been talking…..we can already tell why maybe Rashid isnt saying anything….more of like kibaya chajitembeza, kizuri cha jiuza…

Moved on already

Another reaaon I believe director Rashid remians silent on the divorce rumors is because he already moved after figuring out the woman he married wasnt what he wanted. Or maybe…because Islam allows a muslim man to marry upto 4 wives….maybe his new alleged woman has been in the picture the whole time but Nasra did not want to share.

Not compatible

Do you know that you can actually get over a person youve been in love with for years, the moment you move in and start living together?

It happens because this time around the fights will be in person and not texts….then you realize hapana, I cant do this and just like that you start wondering why you even rushed into marriage.

“No he is not stupid” Nasra forced to defend husband Rashid after revealing he left her for another woman

Comedian Nasra is doing some damage control on social media after she let her feelings control her hence revealing husband, Rashid is now living with another woman.

It all started with her throwing shade at her husband using breakup songs and with her trying to prove a point – she unfortunately made it too obvious that other fans also noticed.

As if that wasnt enough, the lady went on to hold a QnA and this is where alimwaga mtama yote. Yes, she made it known hubby, Rashid is currently seeing someone new and judging from the tone used on her responses….Nasra is hurting, bitter and yes…still hurt.


Nasra defends bae

Okay….one would say it’s a joke but come to think of it – this is the second time Nasra is coming out to announce a breakup with husband Rashid.

The other time she announced the breakup in a post saying;

 Dear #Nasrashid fans,I’m sorry to disappoint y’all but Rashid and I are nolonger together ????it’s been an exciting yet challenging journey and we both feel like we deserve better..I’ll be filing for my divorce soon because of irreconcilable issues and I’m already adjusting to being single…I take this time to appreciate the support you’ve shown us..asanteni sana..

Anyway havijg let the cat out of the box – one fan criticized (Rashid) for leaving Nasra months after the miscarriage saying;

If its bad forgive. Did he get second wife because of the incident ya miscarrige?

But Nasra being a “good” woman defended him saying;

No he is not stupid. He is just a man.


But then again – aren’t Muslim men allowed to have 4 wives? And would she be defending him if she hadn’t exposed him in the first place?

Oh well…I guess this is something new with comedians….look at Mulamwah and Obinna….now Nasra.

Kwani hamjui jokes! Nasra caught red-handed lying about 59K breakfast

Comedian Nasra has been the talk of town after she shared a receipt showing off how much her ‘breakfast’ cost and of course the bill being in Ksh we obviously fell for it.

For a minute many assumed Nasra and husband Director Rashid must have won some jackpot somewhere…cause honestly with this economy – spending 52k on breakfast (leave alone rent and the other bills) sounds more like a fantasy.

Comedienne Nasra Yusuf

Anyway barely days after she unveiled the receipt online – fans did a little digging only to find out that the receipt originally belongs to Vera Sidika…..which actually makes sense considering her former hustle that made her millions back in the day. But as for Nasra….hapo alitubeba baby kidogo.

Nasra defends herself

Okay…now that everyone knows the truth – Nasra has been downplaying the whole stunt with a dont care attitude….but I am assuming its only because she just learnt that njia ya muongo ni fupi.

As seen on her IG stories, Nasra wrote;

Sasa 59,200 shillings ni kitu ya kuniambia nadanganya surely ( is 59 thousand something id be lying about surely)

And on another one – she wrote;

I have to sue the hotel, why are they giving me a receipt from last year? Why can they not respect their clients?


I’ve been eating from 9am ndio namaliza sahii ju food ya 59k pia haitaki mbio…. anyway tupatane lunch ya 200k in a few.

But come to think of it….if this were a joke, she would have found a better and hilarious way of doing it…but clearly she wanted to make fans believe the receipt belonged to her and unfortunately she didn’t do her research well to realize Vera already flaunted it on social media; cause if she did – we wouldnt be on this topic.

Comedian Nasra and husband expecting first baby together

Comedian Nasra is pregnant with her first child months after walking down the aisle with her best friend who doubles up as her hubby, Director Rashid.

The excited mum to be shared the news through her social media pages, giving her fans another reason to celebrate her and hubby. In a detailed post shared on her gram, the Churchill show comedian wrote;

Nasra announces pregnancy

This is the happiest I have been in a long time ????????I’m in love with a human I haven’t met yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️… can’t wait to meet you my baby????????????????????????????… imagine having a child with the love of your life????????I love you @director_rashid

The news however comes at a time when most of her fans had sort of let go after she pulled a clout chasing stunt that almost cost her career. Or did.

It Was Just A Mis-Understanding- Nasra Yusuf & Rashid Back Together After Weeks Of Separation

If you remember, a few months ago Nasra announced to have parted ways with Rashid – weeks after their wedding; a plan she thought would help get her fans attention….but surprisingly the joke did not settle well with her followers who already had enough of clout chasing stunts hence – lost some of her audience.

Nasra with hubby, Rashid

Baby to the rescue

However now that she is expecting her first child with the same guy she had ‘parted ways with’ comedian Nasra couldn’t help but use this opportunity to revive her career.

But then again, with the way we have seen motherhood slow down some of our female celebrities career – hopefully for Nasra things will work out differently…right?