Natalie Githinji Narrates How Her Mother Chips In To Help Her Cope With Endometriosis

Radio personality Natalie Githinji has offered a glimpse into her private battle with Endometriosis in a candid interview on Oga Obinna’s YouTube show. She openly discussed the physical and emotional challenges the condition presents, leaving no room for sugarcoating.

Natalie described the debilitating pain associated with Endometriosis, moments where even basic tasks like washing become impossible without assistance. The emotional toll was equally evident, as she shared the vulnerability of relying on her mother for intimate care during flare-ups.

“It’s not just the pain,” she explained, “it’s the indignity, the dependence. You bleed, you can’t move, and the only person who can help is your mom.”

Despite the hardship, Natalie expressed gratitude for her employer’s understanding and flexibility, allowing her to seek necessary treatment without compromising her career. However, the impact on her personal life, particularly dating, proved more complex.

“Endometriosis becomes a burden you carry into relationships,” she shared. “The pain, the limitations, it can be hard for people to understand, to accept.”

Natalie spoke candidly about the heartache of partners struggling to comprehend the realities of her condition, the misunderstandings leading to isolation and even relationship breakdowns.

“Imagine wanting intimacy, having to endure pain instead,” she shared, highlighting the challenges in maintaining physical relationships. “Then wondering why you’re suddenly alone, realizing it’s all because of your ‘invisible wounds.'”

Through her openness, Natalie shed light on the often-ignored struggles faced by those living with Endometriosis. Her voice aims to raise awareness, foster empathy, and encourage conversations around this misunderstood condition.

Natalie Githinji opens up about Endometreosis has affected her dating life

Anyone who has endometriosis, according to Natalie Githinji, is a burden. The NRG radio host expressed her feelings to Oga Obinna on his YouTube program.

“I think even Njambi Koikai can tell you. We talk, she is strong and she has a family to be there for her. Even me. Imagine you are bleeding, It gets to a time when I can’t move, you have to wash me, and it’s painful, and you are bleeding, and it’s embarrassing, so the only person who does that is my mum.

It affects a lot of things in your life, even your relationship, what man wants to date? Coz you are a burden. Who wants to date someone who has to be washed when she is sick? You have to carry that person, feed them, you can’t even have *e* by the way. You can but you can’t, it’s painful.”

She continued to insinuate that suffering deters men from wanting intimacy, and Obinna sympathized.

“Imagine when he wants and all you are telling him is I am feeling pain! Then you wonder why you have been ghosted. Let me tell you it’s not funny, you wonder why you were ghosted kumbe ni vidonda zako. Ive been left coz of Endo, the guy was like sasa wewe kwani kila time uko na shida/ Sometimes you are okay, sometimes you are not.”

As she expressed her displeasure, she said that she had attempted a variety of solutions, including as taking supplements.

“There is nothing I haven’t tried, you see I have tried not even dating, but it doesn’t work,” she said.

Her finances had been exhausted by the procedure. She gestured left to right with her hands, saying, “It takes your money, hivi, hivi”.

She has been juggling an unpaid medical debt.

“After seeing me, my doctor says you will pay when you recover. I have a debt that has existed for a year. The other day, I made my payment.”

Natalie Githinji Reveals She Provided For His Ex-Boyfriend For 8 Months Since He Had No Job

In a candid conversation with Oga Obinna, NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji opened up about a past relationship where she supported a man financially for 8 months.

Githinji recalled the incident, which occurred during her time on campus, explaining that she had provided the man with accommodation and financial assistance despite his lack of employment. While she didn’t mind his financial situation, she struggled with his poor hygiene and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

“I dated a guy and kept the guy for 8 months,” Githinji revealed. “At the time, he did not have a job. Sadly, he had bad body odor, and his game between the sheets was also bad.”

She emphasized that the body odor was the primary reason for ending the relationship, stating, “I didn’t have a problem with him not having money, but the body odor was too much.”

Githinji explained that she stayed in the relationship for an extended period because she craved emotional support and stability. “I had just wanted a shoulder to lean on,” she admitted. “I had wanted to settle by 20, have kids, and start a family of my own.”

The presenter also disclosed that she had to leave university due to personal struggles, including her battle with endometriosis. “I was in NIBS, but I never completed my exams,” she confessed. “At the time, I was still battling endometriosis. I never told my mum about this.”

Githinji’s honest account of her past relationship highlights the challenges of navigating relationships, particularly when faced with personal and financial struggles. Her story also serves as a reminder of the importance of self-worth and setting boundaries in relationships.

‘I Can Die For You!’ Natalie Githinji’s Heartfelt Message To Her Mum On Her Birthday

One of Kenya’s youngest radio presenters Natalie Githinji is celebrating her mum’s birthday today, 12th July. The 24 year old radio presenter has taken to her gram to write to her lovely mum; thanking her for the tremendous support she has been giving her.

Natalie has been suffering from endometriosis for a long time; and she recently had a laparoscopy surgery; which made her lose a lot of weight.

Natalie Githinji-IG

After a successful surgery, Natalie is now back; and she owes it all to her mum. In an emotional post, she wrote to her mum;

”MY POWER WOMAN, MY LOVE, MY QUEEN…. I celebrate you today… you have been my world ever since i was born….❤️❤️❤️❤️I can die for you na si tafadhali… and i can as well go to jail incase anyone crosses you… i will always protect you with my everything…. ????????????

Today is a blessing to us as a family…. we celebrate you… HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY my second God… and happy RETIREMENT day too…. ???? ???? ???? ???? after serving Nakuru County for 40 yrs…..heh strong woman..

We recognize your efforts and we salute you INSPECTOR…. ???? ???? ????”

Despite all her hardships, Natalie keeps engaging her fans with her hilarious video content.

Her appreciation post is truly one to emulate. How many times do you remember to celebrate your mum’s birthday?

Kenyan radio host draws Tyra Bank’s attention after showcasing their close resemblance

It is believed we all somehow have a look-alike maybe even a twin from a different mother in this universe. It just takes time to discover yours.

Well, for those that already have, it has since been a journey of consistent exploration as they seek to find answers.

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For some, it takes a bit of touch-up to resemble another while for others, it is an all-natural affair.

Natalie Githinji & Tyra Banks close resemblance

The most recent case being of popular, petite NRG radio host, Natalie Githinji who revamped herself to resemble renown American TV personality, Tyra Banks and it clearly did not fail her.

Well, the Kenyan beauty had for a long time established a trend in tomboyish and casual dressing, but this time around, decided to have a complete makeover that has since brought her double blessings.

A revamped Natalie Githinji

Her all-girly look was best complemented with a long, arched bang wig that left her looking exactly like Tyra Banks.

Natalies petite body coupled with the chocolate skin, complete with the stylishly smoked eyes were a win! Because when she looks into the camera, there is no other better match than a dear Tyra Banks.

So Natalie decided to make a collage of herself with the American TV star, humbly captioning;

“Maybe a Kenyan Tyra Banks ????????????”.

Natalie Githinji close resemblance to Tyra Banks raises eyebrows

Because for her, “Tyra is beautiful inside and outside and so is she”.

Casually asking fans to tag the film star on her behalf and went about her hustle only for Tyra to comment on her post, few hours later, twisting it;

“Or I’m an American Natalie. ????”.

Ms Natalie Githinji resembling Tyra Banks

Well, that is one comment that swept a dear Natalie off her feet, disbelieving that it actually worked for her and that indeed word had reached Tyra, who replied soon enough.

Unable to contain the pride that comes with it, an emotional Natalie burst out in tears, replying;

“Wait what…. ????????????????????????I LOVE YOU Tyra Banks damn I’m so happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m screaming rynow….. damn”.

Her post has attracted mixed reactions from fans, some warning her not to get too proud over the comment, while others cheered her on for the brave move.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

King Kalala ‘female Andrew Kibe’ admits to have bedded fellow lady (Video)

Female Andrew Kibe, King Kalala has raised eyebrows on her sexuality after admitting she has gotten intimate with both genders.

During their recent ‘Dirty Secrets Reveal part 3’ with colleague Natalie Githinji, she popped the question whether either of them had bedded a same sex, a female in other words.

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Soon as the question went on air, the babe first walked away, chuckling in the background, a little embarrassed, sparking speculations that she had bedded both sexes, which she eventually admitted to and does not regret either of them.

NRG radio presenter, King Kalala with a friend

The outspoken 20-year old went further to reveal that p*rn is not news to her and did not understand why people bashed it like that anyway.

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Plus, she was not the kind to hide details about her ex to her new lover, telling it as it is on her first date because whether they like it or not, that was her past, it happened and they need to know.

King Kalala

“I must tell you how I got damaged, that I dated trash and they hurt me so bad,” she lashed out.

This episode comes after their previous one ‘part 2’ where the two shed light on little known details about the love lives.

Having just recently admitted during her interview on Shoe Game with Azziad that she has a weakness of cheating and probably why she is currently single but hinted that she would not mind to settle with either a guy or a chick, whoever comes her way.

Have a listen;