Tough life behind Kenyan police cells? Edgar Obare speaks for the first time after being released (Video)

Edgar Obare is finally a free man awaiting trial  for publishing or rather outing Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho’s entanglement.

The popular blogger spent 3 nights at the Gigiri police station and this being the first time he was behind bars Obare also got to experience life as a fugitive…lol!

On Monday, 3 August Mr Obare went on a live session to share his experience with the die hard fans (ladies) who couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

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Well being a soft spoken person fans definitely wanted to know whether he was bullied or harassed in anyway; and if so, how did he handle it!

High school experience

Speaking during his live session, Obare went on to reveal that his experience was not as bad as he would have expected it to be!

Turns out that the Gigiri police station handle things in a professional way; and apart from the cold nights, Edgar says he can’t complain.

He went on to reveal that just like high school, for the 3 days he ate Ugali and Sukuma wiki for lunch and supper; but for breakfast, they served tea (no pun intended) and bread!

Natalie Tewa´s exposé lands Edgar Obare in trouble

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Still growing strong

At some point Edgar also threw shade at baby Katerina for getting him attested for a few days; but at the end of it, he still remains strong!

Not quite sure what Natalie Tewa’s point was…but come on, being famous comes with a price, and Wanjiru Githinji should have known this from the word go. It’s just business at the end of the day!


What Natalie Tewa’s friends need to remind her about her alleged situation

Natalie Tewa has been the topic of conversation for several days now after netizens convinced themselves that it was she whose handbag was spotted on a private jet with Joho and Junet and Edgar Obare confirmed that she had indeed received a visa allowing her to visit Dubai on the corresponding days.

Natalie Tewa responds to rumors linking her to Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho (Photo)

Natalie Tewa became the latest lady linked to Joho and people have been piping up about how she is playing herself or not depending on where they lie on the morality police spectrum.

natalie tewa

It was also very interesting to see people drag in the two men she had entanglements with prior to all this hullabaloo in the form of Rnaze and Muchai and I believe this is to draw a contrast between her past and present.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa quashes rumors of dating photographer, Muchai

The situation Natalie Tewa is currently enjoying at the moment, shitting on private jets and getting to enjoy the best delicacies and options money can buy and we cannot begrudge her for falling for the temptation and allure of the high life is understandable. Most women who are talking about her are simply doing so out of envy for her current position.
Most people hating on her are doing so out of a hatred for their current situation and they feel they would be better suited to be the apple of a powerful man’s eyes.

natalie tewa

However, her friends need to remind Natalie Tewa of the truth that she is an alleged sugar baby and would be wise to remember that even as she plays the position. She needs to be reminded this is a situation that is “transitory”. It will come to an end and that end will have some very humbling realities tied to it.

Betty Kyallo comes clean on buying KSh 7.1 million Porsche as revenge after Hassan Joho repossessed his

Natalie Tewa is in need of a reminder that while she is enjoying the sweetest things life has to offer, a day will come and indeed is already on its way when she will no longer have access to the man who has opened her up to the finest things in life. When that day comes, nothing will satisfy her.

natalie tewa

Natalie Tewa needs to understand that she needs to look at the best possible outcome in all this; being a second wife. That is the only way in which if the situation is confirmed to be more than a simple allegation, that her family will not be dragged through the mud.

Why Joho is the admiration of many Kenyan men

This is the only way after all is said and done, she will meet men who will take her seriously and indeed be focused on starting a family with her. Because the worst of it is that she might end up chasing the dragon and trying to get a hit of the high life from any man who can provide it.

But at the end of the day, beauty is its own reward. However, I for one would give your right arm and both legs to be a fly on the wall during that difficult conversation between Natalie Tewa and her parents when they were sent all these memes.


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Rnaze has been vindicated by Natalie Tewa’s scandal

Rnaze is probably getting his seven chuckles in after months of being seen as the clutz who let go of Natalie Tewa.

Vlogger Natalie Tewa lights new flame months after split with Rnaze?

For those of you who are incapable of remembering more than one year in the past, Rnzae and Natalie Tewa broke up back in 2018. And when that happened, many hearts were broken as Kenyans had decided the handsome couple were “relationship goals”.


When they broke up, first the rumour of the split hit the internet then it was confirmed with Vera Sidika getting herself involved in the mix and then we got a couple break-up video -I kid you not. And I cringed the entire time I watched that pile of bull.

But even as Natalie Tewa and Rnaze came out to claim they were united and will remain friends after the breakup, she was still sneak dissing him. But that is the nature of life and relationships.

Natalie Tewa is having the time of her life while Rnaze is still trying to figure things out (Videos)

However, this weekend has proven to him that indeed, he who laughs last, laughs best. Rnaze was treated to watching his ex get dragged through the mud as Kenyans attack her for allegedly being the lady who had accompanied Joho to visit Raila as he recovers in hospital.

¨We gonna be taking a break¨ Power Couple, Natalie Tewa and Rnaze now part ways after creating a circus online

A hollow victory though it may be because at the end of the day, Joho is indeed t5the mountain of an upgrade. The lass can cry about social media comments from her seat on a private jet.


Rnaze, however, hasn’t exactly been up to much on the same level of exposure as he was before. He has infact killed his social media presence and has preferred to lay low.

I for one hope that he is working at getting better. I hope he has been working on his craft as a photographer and he has been increasing his value as a man and as a professional. That is the only way he will maintain his last laugh because beauty is fleeting, talent is permanent.


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Why Natalie Tewa slash Wanjiku Githinji has captured the imagination of Kenyans

Natalie Tewa has bee the biggest trending topic on social media over the weekend. The reason for that is the fact that Kenyans feel convinced that they have discovered whose handbag it was on the private jet flight with Kenyans.

Can your girlfriend even? 6 times Natalie Tewa stepped out looking a million bucks

The offending handbag was the subject of many a rumour and was at one point linked to a former flame of Mombasa Governor, Joho whom many Kenyans recognize as former K24 media personality Betty Kyallo.

natalie tewa handbag

But after some sleuthing, Kenyans determined that it wasn’t infact Ms Kyallo’s handbag but Instagram influencer Natalie Tewa’s and Kenyans have gone ballistic.

Can your girlfriend even? 6 times Natalie Tewa stepped out looking a million bucks

This is in chief because of the persona she has cultivated online, creating a brand for herself that makes her seem like the Madonna. And the brand is so strong that when she and her ex, np, not the one everyone is targeting called Muchai but Rnaze, the blame for their breakup was apportioned entirely to him.

natalioe tewa
Natalie Tewa looking all glammed up

So now that Kenyans are confronted to the reality that all women have similar behavioural patterns that were evolved to allow humanity to prosper, most minds are breaking or going into cognitive dissonance hard!

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa quashes rumors of dating photographer, Muchai

And really, the problem is that Kenyan men are projecting their damsel in distress fantasies onto her and trying to save her. men are projecting their relationship fantasies onto Natalie Tewa and that is why men are viewing this as a transgression on her part.

natalie tewa
Natalie Tewa outdoor pose

As far as Kenyan women are concerned, they understand why Natalie Tewa would be with Joho. They aren’t exactly judging her harshly -in private. Publicly, they are virtue-signalling the fact that they feel they were betrayed. Apparently, she was the evidence that young women could hustle hard and make enough money to gallivant across the globe in private jets and the revelation that she was flying on Joho’s dime is something that has cut them.

But all in all, Natalie Tewa is living her best life and not hurting anyone so Kenyans really do need to back up off her, let her do her because at the end of the day, the consequences are hers alone to deal with. As for men, yáll should simply enjoy the decline of society.

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