Stephen Kasolo drops new track “Pito Langu” a feel of worship in this tough times

The much-needed encouragement during this world-wide crisis is here. Stephen Kasolo has just dropped his new single ‘Pito’.

The 8 minute long song bears resemblance to the Tanzanian gospel songs by artists such as Bahati Bukuku, Christina shusho, Christopher Mwahangila among others.

Perhaps this has rubbed off on him since he has done collabos with Rose Muhando and Martha Mwaipaja from Tanzania.

Besides his collabos, Kasolo has several singles to his name most of which are in his native Kikamba language as well as Swahili.

Some of his songs include: Kyaa Kya Ngai, Kitole. Nitilaa Kivutha, Mapenzi ya Kweli, Natiiwe Naku, Yamekuwa machungu and many more.

The Video

Its mostly a lyric video featuring a slide show of pictures that depict the challenging lifestyle of the common mwananchi in different places such as the villages, urban slums areas, and some marginalized communities up country.

The pictures are enough to compliment the song in a perfect manner.


This song come at a time of self reflection amid the deadly pandemic. Kasolo could not have dropped this jam at any other time.

Pito langu limefanya nikupende Zaidi bwana

Pito langu limenifunza mengi mungu

He states how trying times have taught him to love God and has taught him various life lessons. We all have our stories to tell.

Kila jambo hutendeka kwa kuleta wema mama

Jambo hili unalopitia litaleta wema kwako.

The lengthy song gives one time to ponder about the challenges they are going trough before they get encouraged and assured one that it is for their good in the end.

Stephen mentions daily struggles like how friends flee whenever one needs them the most. Also, how we get second chances in life long after everyone gives up and on us and there’s no hope left.

Fans have flooded the comment section on YouTube stating how much the song has encouraged and inspired them to keep pushing.

Many of them have thanked and wished him well in his musical career as they await even more encouraging songs from him. Well watch and tell us what you think.

Rating 8/10

Nigeria’s Korede Bello drips with new look as he drops an amazing love song “Sun Momi”

Nigerian musician Korede Bello has excited netizens with his new jam and looks as he drops new jam dubbed “Sun Momi”.

The Mavin Records artiste has come out with this jam as proof that he is the romantic guy. As many celebrate the month of love this guy is the ultimate drool now,

I mean days after deleting all his past pictures on Instagram, he pops up with this songs cover photo. My oh my!!! The boy is all grown to what some of us call dzaddy!!!!!

Sun Momi

According to the Guardian life, Sun Momi is a Yoruba word that means “come closer to me” and has Korede Bello singing to his lady about wanting to be with her first thing in the morning.

As the month of love proceeds to its end we can say love should be long term thing.

Korede Bello

As Korede starts off a fresh, the change in hair cut tells you he is now all grown and no longer the little boy we used to see during “God win”.

The “sun momi” lyrics are well done a mix of Yoruba and pidgin English gives this song the thrill and sensuality that it has.

Korede asks his girl to get closer because she is the only one he can love despite everything. Ths boy is clear proof that true love still exists.

As we expect the video we will appreciate that Nigeria artiste also understands their musical market.

The best part is that Korede Bello’s new move and wave is also being promoted by fellow artistes like Don jazzy. He took to Instagram and posted a link of this jam on his bio.

For what its worth this new Korede is worth to watch out for musically if not just crush on and life goes on. However, we hope for more music “Mr. Romantic”.

Enjoy the jam below and give us your thoughts.

Susumila features Wasafi’s Mbosso in new love ballad dubbed “Sonona” its breathtaking

Remember that time you first fell in love and thought that person and you were meant to be together forever? Well, Kenyan Mombasa based artists Susumila has featured one of Wasafi’s best  Mbosso in a new love ballad dubbed  “Sonona”.

A day after Mbosso had just dropped another beautiful song with his boss’s baby mama Tanasha Dona he now is working with Susumila.

Is he warming himself to our hearts? For me whichever way it’s still okay because the lad can sing and also write.

At the same time, we cannot dismiss Sususmila’s effort in the music industry of Kenya especially coming from the coast of Kenya. Being a veteran in the industry, Susumila has proven that consistency pays.


This is a  song that elicits all sorts of emotions, down from memories to fantasies. Susumila seems to be on a spree to give us juicy music by all means and well the spice is Mbosso and that we appreciate.

Mbosso and Susumila

Sonona is a song that revolves around a man so in love that he sings out his fantasies. Well, we all have our fantasies.

The passion in the song is so emotive that it rekindles the love feelings from the word go.

The best thing about the Mocco produced jam is that the artist understood what they were delivering to their audience.


Looking at the lyrics the song starts with Mbosso describing how he feels about the woman he once loved.

Especially when he says, Siku moja moja ,Ukipata nafasi tukumbukane, Nitalipa bodaboda,Acha na mwendo kasi usijibanebane. I know you are also getting all a giddy remembering how it feels.

He pours his heart out on how much he loves his girl, and that without her he feels sad “Sonona”. With the little Swahili I remember Sonona is sadness.

After all the emotional shares, Susumila comes in the second verse with caution in being in love. Susumila asks his woman to take care of his heart he begs her metaphorically not to play with his heart.

He says,”…..Hakuna asiyejua,Matatizo ya moyo ukipenda, Unanifanya mwanasesere,Kunichezesha…..” Its a beautiful rendition that should work for valentines day.


The song was produced by Mocco Genius in conjunction with 001 Music, WCB Wasafi records.Lest we forget the visuals to the song were also beautifully done. Clearly we’d want more. Your take?

For rating I will go with 8/10.

Teni from Nigeria is dreaming the “Billioniare” dream in new jam its worth your time(Video)

When we thought Nigerian music was slowly fading , we were mistaken. Nigeria’s 2018 break out star Teniola Apata alias Teni is back on the entertainment scene with new jam dubbed “Billionaire”. 

According to OkayAfrica, the once comic entertainer and Case hit maker  has proven that she did not come to play.

Teni has had a successful track record in music and production. More so she has been able to create her own niche in the entertainment industry.



In the new jam “Billionaire”, Teni sings of her aspirations to be a one and what she will do with that kind of money.

The Dr Dolor Entertainment,  song is one among those in her EP that goes with the songs tittle “Billionaire.”

For one, she has been keen to highlight her desire which I believe can resonate with most people on the globe.

Furthermore the song was Produced by Pheelz, who put in a feel good vibe that gives you reason to dance to it.


On the other hand, the song stands out with  her use of bits of comedy in her delivery. In her quest to be a billionaire she goes to a Television show and plays a game.

The host asks her who can be trusted to answer a questions for a chance to win 1 billion and she calls one who eventually answers correctly.

It was later determined that she had won money and was a billionaire. I mean who doesn’t need money?

The joy in  the people on the video was a representation of family and friends that were happy for her victory.

Teni is definitely a force that has not been fully embraced but worth every dime of attention.


Teni’s new music video for “Billionaire” is directed by TG Omori, who we published  as the director breathing new life into Nigerian videos.

As she enjoys the bliss in the video production we hope she gets to the Billionaire cup. In the meantime we dance to the tune.

For rating I will go with 7/10.Tell us what you think.