Magix Enga teams up with Banzema Ochungulo and Boondocks gang for new track “Foursome”

Kenyan producer and Magix Enga is on a  musical spree as he drops another dope jam dubbed “Foursome.” In the song he features Boondocks Gang and Benzema Ochungulo all known for their amazing contribution to the growth of Gengetone music in Kenya.

Some of the songs they are featured in include Dundaing,Sidonyo, nyoka ya shaba,Dudu among many others.

The song that is very well enjoyed by youths is already 31 on trending. Fans on their part  didn’t shy away from expressing their satisfaction with the work the artists have done.

With most Kenyans having a lot of time in their plate, the song has received a good number of views in the few hours its been on You Tube.


The song done largely in sheng is easy to  relate to by very young Kenyans.

However those who don’t really understand sheng/slang may need a translator.I mean I am also not sure of some lyrics but the sound is totally worth it.

Foursome is a feel good song that excites the listener as Banzema spits out his lyrics without any struggle whatsoever. The only set back in thus song is that it is for a specific group  thus will not be staying for long.  Its just strictly a young generation song about a party that ended well for the dudes who attended it without forgetting the broken bed.

Niko na chuma ya mdosi na doshi pamoja zimeshikana ogopa

Walikuja kwangu kama nimelewa

Na sasa sina kitanda tulivunja

Well its not a song for children either and they even admit to it in their lyrics when they say

Hii ni gengetone hakuna mtoto.

I will also say gengetone especially this one is not for the faint-heart neither is it for the moral police.

As we await the video am really looking forward to seeing the broken bed. Despite this being a rather calm kind of gengetone, someone will try and shake their booty mercilessly in the video.

With each passing day, these artists are gradually convincing us that gengetone is the future of Kenyan music with their amazing hits.

Rating 7/10

Tanzania’s Roma and AB Nabil drop another love sensation “Down low”and its totally worth your time

“Down low”is the latest jam to be released from Tanzania by celebrated artists AB Nabil featuring Roma.

Roma and AB Nabil have dropped this new jam in the middle of a Pandemic creating a form of entertainment for their fans. I mean who wouldn’t want something to dance to in this times?

The two are a good blend vocally have served their fans quite a tune. The song brings a familiar tune “Katika” by Navy Kenzo in the chorus to mind plus Roma sounds a lot like Professor Jay who is now a member of parliament in Tanzania.

Roma  is a  rapper that has clearly stood the the wind of time as he keeps doing good music by the day.


The three minutes song is in Swahili and English and a little of Rwandese.

AB-Nabil takes this first bit of the song

You say you want me to give you dough my money

Baby baby I give you more

Mimi napenda ukijogodo jogodo mama eh

The way you take it down low down low mama eeh

The song is basically a feel-good song.

The video is simple without much dance, from the title of the song one expects that there will be some serious dancing all the way ‘down low’ but surprisingly there is none of that. The vixens could have done better on this. Anyway, the video is rather calm for the title.

AB-Nabil has been in the industry for slightly more than two years and has done several songs including: Mfata, Runyenyeri, Najua unanipenda, Ndagushaka, Monica, Kananipenda, Tulia, Come Close, Sofia, Usichoke among many others.

Roma on the other hand has had a few songs with his greatest hit being “Naitwa Roma.”The artist who has occasionally been accused of running away from Tanzania his home country.

The two artists still have a lot room to build their brand each and do collabos with the many East African artists. With both having a good number of fans who are very supportive within East Africa the two are set and on the right track.

Rating 6/10

Artist Spotlight:King Brown Ayo, the lad that out to pick a place for himself in the music scene

New kid on the block alert! Not so new King Brown has dropped Bene his new afro pop jam. King brown based in Atlanta Georgia, who describes himself as a singer, song writer, Dancer, Actor and Musician on his IG page released his new song hours ago. This comes months after his collabo with Radi Rapper.

Seemingly this is his second song and the young promising artist seems like he is here to claim a seat at the table.

From his instagram he is a guy working hard to find a footing as he is seen posing with African music giants like Diamond Platinumz and Harmonize.

Furthermore, the new song Bene is a touch of Afro beat music that you’d think he is Nigerian.


The song Bene is sang in Swahili and English and Sheng. It’s quite the catch for the Kenyan youth who easily understand this kind of language. In this three-minute video he talks about this girl who’s got bene.

Girl I like your bene

Let me touch your bene

Let me squeeze your bene

Let me tap your bene

But what exactly is bene? I just can’t put a finger on it. Anyway, this girl has got bene which has so much interested King Brown to the point of making a song about it.


The video is lit and very busy with popping bold colours and energetic youth dances. They have these choreographed dancing though the ladies do not maximize their kanga attires.

Once we see ladies in kangas then we expect them to shake the African way. Unfortunately, it’s not the case in this video.

Without a doubt, the artist still has a huge musical journey ahead of him. He still needs to identify his style, whether he is going to stick to afro pop and improve himself or diversify.

He also must build his signature brand in the industry. The good thing with being new to an industry is that there are lots of opportunities to explore. With his kind of energy, he has so far demonstrated, that he has all it takes.

Rating 6/10

Why a collaboration between Octopizzo and Khaligraph might be a big flop

It was just the other day when Khaligraph Jones called out on Octopizzo for a collabo in his new song “Yes Bana”.

In that song that he featured Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza, the self declared OG asks Octo why they ain’t in talking terms.

He goes ahead and says,” Na mi sina beef na Ohanga (Spendii)
Ohanga hunitakii kwa nini? (Yes bana)
Mbona usifanye traki na mimi? (Yes bana)
Tutop hizi chart za mjini (Yes bana)
After that you will be happy amini (Yes bana)

Well, this is the thing these two chaps are incredible Kenyan rappers with two different styles of rap.

I mean we all know how Khali does his thing, fast-paced kind of rap, while Mr. Ohanga is much slower. But that is not the point.


These lads have a diverse audience Khali does music that is more of the street than just any other artists.

Having created a basis on the African scene one can argue that the OG is actually the best right now. Especially after he declared himself the best rapper in Nigeria.The guts!!

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On the other hand, Octopizzo has his style that cleary has that international market target feel. His music seems cannot be put off entirely ideally because he is a Kenyan artist.


But again as they say home is best and I feel he should also try focus home kidogo.

Collaboration flop in the offing?

Now with all that perspective in one place, the duo can do good music, yes but it will not be well received by fans.

In fact, it will only elicit conversations among netizens then that’s it and we will all go back to hoping for better.

A collabo should be sweet and easy for fans to relate with. So for one, this will highly be a disappointment to fans especially if does not top charts as Khaligraph would hope for. However it’s a wait and see thing.

Tiki Tiki by Romantico and Samaki Mkuu is an exciting gengetone dance song

In this new track, Romantico & Samaki Mkuu brings together a cluster of top artists across music, comedy, entertainment and the visual arts to do the Tiki Tiki and leave it all on the dance floor.

Edgar Manuel(Romantico)a former priest that was waiting to be ordained suddenly shifted to genge music. Edgar has been making ripples in the music industry with his Genge sound fused with reggaeton getting quite a following in the much competitive industry.

Then he met Jason Danford(Samaki Mkuu), yes that Danford the retired Kenyan swimmer and they partnered to do music.  A guy that was a little bit sceptical about music but eventually rose to the occasion.

Furthermore, together they managed to blend in the industry by embracing genge music. I mean they sing in Swahili and a mix of sheng’ here and there.

Their songs that have done well so far include,Mkora which was followed by Tai Tai featuring Prince.

Tiki Tiki

Now they dropped new banger that has gengetone feel dubbed Tiki tiki. In this jam, the duo featured a number of Kenyan celebrities that go to spice up the song.

The song is an upbeat and from the look at the lyrics, the two have also taken a dip into the gengetone world.

They start off by praising gengetone and how it has taken over, which is true despite the dwindle. In the video we are able to see notable celebrities like dance guru Bruce Newton, Churchill Show comedians Jasper Murume, Nyakundi, Desagu, Ktn’s Cheroo among others.


Their role in the video not so sure but well we saw you guys, good job for supporting the duo.


The video was produced by Big dreams studios and directed by Collins Mulinge and Slim Director. The audio was produced by producer Rukuz and Producer Gazbo.

In what seems like a big production team apart from showing us the celebrities, the dance choreography I must say was the juice to this jam.

We want more champs as we dance to this big tune.

For rating I will go with 7/10. Your thoughts? Enjoy.

Naiboi created a new Kenyan anthem! Sondeka Part 3 out featuring gospel artists

When he first release the Part 1 version of Sondeka, we did not know that it would be such a big hit. Well, I am talking about Naiboi who in my opinion has become a master of class in music.

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Weeks after he realeased Sondeka part 2 that he featured most of Kenyan music stars it is obvious that Naiboi  created a new  Kenyan anthem. How?

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This time Naiboi brings us Sondeka part 3- Gospel version. In it he has featured various gospel artists including Jabidi, Didiman, Ben Cyco, Maluda and  David Wonder.

didman, Jabidii and Ben Cyco

Sondeka part 3

For what it’s worth they all did a good job. In song that is calling out on societal miss fits this should be  the ideal “gospel”. Now let’s do some breakdown.

Sondeka is slung for fixing. Naiboi and gospel artists in this song are highlighting the misfits of the real gospel.




Jabidii starts of with the the social ills of  how gospel artists  are unappreciated.

He says, “Unagive it all your all alafu unalipwa na  God Bless you, you are going far Tunasondeka, learn ku appreciate  Alafu hukua number tutakeep in touch.”

In other words, promoters should realize that gospel artists are also in business despite the preaching.

Further on , he goes out to call on pretenders in the name of the gospel.

” Unapatana na mshirika ameshika kishash Pastor kwa bash na peddy kwa church”. Smh!!It hits right at home.

Then after, Didi man comes in with his verse that he calls out on pretenders in the name of friends. He says”….. Ati uko na kigonyi utadharau mafan Na mamorio hawakuoni toka Dec hadi Jan…”

The say they are tired of such and tunasondeka-nobody needs such.

In addition,  Ben Cyco joins in with a verse that criticizes celebrities that are in music for show off. Well, I won’t go mentioning names but thus this time tunasondeka.

Maluda in my opinion played a major role here, his rap skill was beautifully embraced, he calls out on the antics that are put out by Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism.


Not forgetting to mention how the gospel artists are criticized but keen to mention that they won’t relent. And of course Willy Paul’s name had to be mentioned. Well Willy the gospel industry is still welcoming.

David Wonder in his part pointed out the fixing of infidelities and infatuations. Instead he asks people to stay away from sin.


This was a RIXX production under  Pacho Entertainment  of  Naiboi Worldwide . The Video was done by  Dolls.

For one we appreciate the tune and to Naiboi good job. For rating I will go with 7/10.What do you think ? Watch and give us your opinion.

Darassa and Jux’s “Juju” is the love for the African woman

There is new “Juju” in town courtesy of Darasa and Jux from Tanzania. The duo, who’s hook up has proven not to be a disappointment.

They  have once again dropped a club banger,  party hit and all names nice for an exquisite afropop song  “Juju”

Once again, they  have proven their worth when it comes to collabo after their previous successful hit ‘Leo’ produced 5 months ago.

As they put it on their caption on Youtube, this single is about how African women are beautiful, it’s set to define the party vibe across East Africa to the World.


Even better, the song is in praise of the indisputably beautiful African woman.

Darasa aka Mr Burudani, drops the words, line by line taking a huge chunk of the song while Jux does the chorus.


“….. Utatamani kuimba na kuitikia kama kinywaji unaongeza, rangi yake mavazi na shape, katikati ya mfupi na mrefu, mi nadhani Mungu aliangalia akaumba Mwanamke aupendezeshe dunia.”

Within first few lines, Darasa brings out the appreciation intended in the song without giving a limited standard of the beauty of an African woman.

Juma Jux in his part played well with his voice in the bridge with ...Ale ale aleeeeee….  however in my opinion he should have had more lines than just that.


The video directed by Hanscana.

It was is shot in a simple exquisite indoor set up with a cool blue.

Then is it’s adorned with the graceful African beauties.

Further on , the  color scheme is good, very little editing has been done giving viewers reals images of the African woman.

Besides,  the indoor set up there is also a nature-forest set up and a beach scene as well.

Some dance in the video would be appreciated but well who knows ?

“muziki bila fujo” it is.

Further more, this is a song you would just sit and listen to. When?

While enjoying the captivating video or one that can make you leave your seat and shake a muscle or two.

Undoubtably the DJ will keep playing this song again and again, its definitely a 9/10 rating.

Nviiri the storytelle goes all sensual in “Overdose” (video)

Sol generation seems to be taking over the Kenyan music scene. Now as one of Sol generation’s talents Nviiri the story story teller is clearly one to watch out for.

After “Pombe Sigara” he now brings us another sensation dubbed “Overdose”.


In this song Nviiri brings out the RnB sensation that clearly  is missing in most Kenyan artists- aside from Ben Sol.

Overdose is a song that the singer describes how much he loves his woman such that he feels it’s an “Overdose”.

In every aspect of romance and out put he did well, especially with the lyrics. He started of all descriptive with the kind of love he feels for his woman. Love is a beautiful thing.

He says, “Overdose hapo nyuma umeoverload Umetosha gari ligi yako ni ya 4 by 4 Zile vitu unafanya home Sitaziongea mi hujionea……”

Nviiri makes most of us rethink the kind of love we have with our so called partners.

Further as he goes on his vocals bring out the sensualism that blends so well with the song’s beats.


Considering he has been the song writer for boy band Sauti Sol, he did justice to his own song. He brings in the song the song the poetic aspect of it as he says , “Sasa nacheza defense Everyone is my witness”.

Not only that, but also the resonance in his voice is priceless. This to tell you that Kenyan artist also know what RnB  music should sound like.

On the other hand trust Nviiri when it comes to being all naughty and metaphorical. Towards the end of the song he goes on to tell us of what his woman does to him.

I am not breaking it down but will let you do the interpreting , lest it gets banned! Smh.

“Nimeonjeshwa mmh hmm(I like it) Umenifanya mmh hmm(I like it) Kwanza unapo mmh hmm(I like it) Unaniwezanga(I like it)”


If for anything I must give it up to the Sol generation team. Why? There is so much creativity put in it. Simple but clear delivery of message. No need to struggle to understand.

The video production and the songs lyrics  blend so well and for  that  thumbs up. Well, some us will be addicted to these song as this is clearly an “overdose“. Nviiri thank you for such music.

The song was written by Nviiri hismself helped by Wuod Omollo and Bienaime Baraza. It was  produced by Wuod Omollo, FancyFingers. Basically it was done by the Sol Generation. Kenyan music to the world.

For rating I will give this 8/10. Watch and tell us what you think.

Abdu Kiba features Christian Bella in new jam “Nalingi Ye”

Tanzanian Music keeps getting better by the day .Now King’s Music front liner , Abdukiba has  united with the gifted artist and music entertainer Christian Bella on his recently released single titled Nalingi Ye.

For one the two artists are among East Africa’s celebrated musicians and for that we expect a touch of class when it comes to vocals and lyrical mastery.


Nalingi Ye is a Congolese phrase  that translates to I love him or her. The song is a serenade that basically expressing love to a woman.

Further Abdu Kiba and Bella sing  to want extent the man is willing to go just for love. Despite the Congolese title the use of Swahili in the lyrical breakdown is magical.

The first stanza is  basically descriptive, where the singer uses a metaphorical approach to show love.

Kwanza rangi yake 

Mfano wa tausi ndege wake

Huku kununa kwake

Akinuna aznidi kuwa mwake……

He goes on to express his sentiments to the love of his life.Stating that he is willing to go through life’s hardships just for her.

Christian Bella


For rhumba and Bongo lovers this song embodies all your needs.It excites and calms you down in both aspects of relaxation.

As Kiba works on getting the woman he loves, the pride he feels to see all the characteristics he wants in a woman is so well put. He even asks at the bridge, Nifanye nini mie? Nakupenda my sweet ooh, baby boo.

King of the best MelodyChristian Bella , sure to come in his stanzas to add the juice to the song asking the woman to fight for their love.

Further tells off the nay Sayers adding,”…… Wasambaze tusiwape ya kusema Chumbani tuuzie jina…….” Got it?That’s just about it.

At the end of it all they pass the general message that love wins no matter the challenges in life. As we wait for the video, we will give them 6/10.

Below is the audio listen and tell us what you think.

Ommy Dimpoz features Petra in new Jam ‘One & Only”

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz is now on a music release spree.Not that we are complaining, we love it.

Considering what he went through the whole of last year, this year is surely shining for him.He returns to the scene with a theme of love in a new song titled “One & Only.” He tapped Petra for a feature.

Petra is a Kenyan rapper and  song writer.How they got to team up to get this new song is s story for another day.

One & Only

This is a feel good love song that clearly explores love from all levels.However, the love between two people is more pronounced

Ommy and Petra move us to the feeling of falling and being in-love. Further, as stated below the video when Tanzania meets Kenya, its a celebration. It’s an East Africa Affair.

In the song  we start of with Petra’s rap,talking about her love for Ommy-her man- and how much she loves him.

Baby I got only

Got love for you

You got me on feelings

Niko juu ya mahaba

  Ooh nilisha wacha  Stori za hawa mabratha du ……..

She goes on reminding us of the ‘bad girl ” once lived that she can now put in the past.A man that treats his women right always gets a woman that can submit very easily.

Ommy Dimpoz and Petra

Further, Ommy comes in after the Chorus stating, “Sitaki kurudi bongo”.The man is super smitten by a Kenyan lady.
Just like you know who,Ben Pol.Mmmmmhhh!!!

Before we get enough of him he says…..“Nimekwama penzi lake ndo mchongo yeah yeah Sitaki kurudi bongo Nimechoka ya zamani longolongo yeah”

Basically they did a good job lyrically.


This is a Rockstar Afrrica production and the video was directed by Kevin Bosco JNR.With success in video and editing we appreciate the other creatives in effects and color.

For rating I give them a 7/10.Below is the video  watch and tell us what you think.

New Boy band ,Jadi,out with a debut ‘Mimi na Wewe”

A month after the launch of  Empire’s Gold  project of new music artists  by  King Kaka’s label, newly signed boy band Jadi have their first song out.

We are totally loving it!

JADI, is a new sensational Boy Band comprising of Vince, Ethan and Brandon signed under Kaka Empire Management.

This is a band that has amazing vocal prowess in emotional songs, basically they are good in RnB.

For first time professionals, you would appreciate their grove and sensual push in the song.


Jadi have beautiful lyrics that are most in Swahili. Easy to understand.The song is a love song, all about a young man’s desire to have this girl despite life’s hurdles.

…..Sema, mtoto mrembo na lace kiunoni ,

Wema, huo wako uliojaza moyoni Tena,

how you love me Siwezi eleza mama, aah

Siwezi eleza mama, aah

Umeniteka ndio maana sitaki kwenda

Ndicho kitu sitaki kutenda

Hela, tupate tukose mi nitakupenda

Umeniweza ndio maana nasemaaaa….”

Jadi Boy Band

In the video the boys are smitten by this girl they meet on different intervals in the same mall.

They throw vibes around on how beautiful she is and how much they want her.

Unfortunately ,she is there for her man-not among them.Ouch!

On the other hand it is evident that, Jadi boy band is up for the task in the Kenyan Music industry.

As we appreciate this first song under Empires Gold we sure are waiting for more music.We hope for other banger songs as they set in to stardom. Some dance too won’t hurt guys.

Clearly, Kenyan Music seems to be changing and growing by the day and Jadi are among the trendsetters.We surely hope that this will be the first of the best from this band.

For rating we give the new lads 7/10.

Below is the song listen and tell us what you think.