Alikiba’s new protege Tommy flavour enlists him in new love song “Omukwano”

Just days asfter he was unveiled as the new artists under King’s records, Tommy Flavour has dropped his first single “Omukwano”. He features his boss Alikiba.

What’s commendable about the song is the perfect blend of their vocals. The two artists smoothly complement one another.

The transition of voices in the song is smooth, and the mood is kept constant throughout the whole song . Omukwano which is Ugandan word for “my dear”.

As the title suggests, most people would expect the song to have lots of Luganda in it but no, its in simple Swahili and very easy to understand.

Lyrical prowess

For  Tommy Falvour you’d realize he posses some strong RnB vibe thus Omukwano was just a perfect way to start off.

He starts off by telling his girl that she makes him go crazy because of the love he feels for her. Further he says her love her blown him out before he goes down to the chorus.

Tommy sings off about how he enjoys being in love with this girl.Typical right?

Ooh mukwano go, Naenjoy

Penzi lako, Niko hoi

But again everyone deserves some good serenade and the duo did justice to it.

The chorus, simple as it is, passes on the message clearly. The song is very easy to relate to as everyone can relate to love.


Shot in the beautiful beaches in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The video is beautiful and compliments the theme of love that’s full in the video. Just watching it makes one long to visit the beach and if possible, get to take a ride on a yatch under the sweet sunshine.

Tommy flavour, signed by Ali Kiba under Kings Music, comes as a full package as he sings, writes and produces. He has written songs for artists, like Avril, Vanessa Mdee, Wahu, Ommy Dimpoz, Wanje and Nandy among many others. He is also behind the trending song dodo by Ali Kiba as he assisted in writing and performing it. Besides writing good songs for other artists, he has done songs such as Nishzama.

Ali kiba is behind songs like “Dodo” that’s still 6 on trending. This is after it was released a week ago he excited the internet after featuring Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto in the song.

The duo seemingly are to be closely watched as they seem to be resetting the pace for bongo flavour, especially now that Tommy is said to have helped write Ali’s new song.

Rating 8/10

Gengetone Kings Sailors gang back on the scene with another exciting song “Dunda”

‘Cessation or no cessation, Kenyans must Dunda,’ was the thought Sailors Gang had in mind when they did this song. Done to mark the first anniversary of their hit song “Wamlambez” and to also celebrate the birthday of Miracle Baby, one of the gang members

Dunda is sheng for party is surely a party

hit. The song is an awesome banger. Too bad the clubs aren’t operational otherwise this song would have been played in every single club in town.

The gang, widely known for their “Wamlambez” hit song. The song stuck on the minds of many and was trending for a very long time.

They have also done other songs including Jesu ni Mwathani, Wainame, and Pekejeng. They have also done collaborations with artists including Octopizzo, Nadia Mukami, Boondocks Gang, Joeffes.

Further, they are hailed for being among the few brains behind Gengetone music in Kenya.

Despite the controversies that emerged from their songs when they first began their art, the gang has stuck together and are determined to stay in the very competitive industry.


Dunda starts with their trademark screams at the beginning of the song.Sang in Swahili and their trademark language sheng.

Leo kuparty ni dunda

Na madem toka runda

Bibi ya Onjivo dunda amekam kunimunda

The sheng in this song needs a translator my friends.  But that’s beside the point, who needs to understand the lyrics of a song while they are partying. It’s the song one dances to when drunk or sober.

Video or no video the song is complete and is entertainment enough for any normal human being. Their fans are happy with just the audio as it is already trending.

We wish Miracle baby a happy birthday as we wait for more good music from this Gang in the future. For now, LET’S DUNDA!!!But hey remember to wash your hands.

Rating 9/10.

Below is the link enjoy.

Timmy Tdat decides to go to quarantine with “Pengting”an exciting jam for this tough times

“PENGTING” by Timmy T Dat is now out. One to get us through the quarantine season. The audio was done by Vicky Pondis, video shot by Enos Olik is now 42 on trending. “Pengting” in this context describes a beautiful girl including her features.

It has thousands of views already despite being released hours ago. His fans already flooding the comments section with positivism. Most of them noticing that Timmy has upgraded in terms of vixens in his video.

It is purely a feel-good entertainment song. Further, its  Quite ideal for this season when most people are spending time indoors. I mean who doesn’t want some fun?

On the other hand, the video is amazing featuring this vixen visiting Timmy in his house, to  “Quarantine together” as the song suggests. Trust Timmy with such!


However the lyrics to this song are just funny and quite in line with this quarantine season. He sings in Swahili, English and Dholuo his native language. He is one of the artists that have mastered the art of music.

Trikide hit maker thrives on the fact that he does music that is easy to relate to by his fans. He can bring in a comical and naughty touch to whatever he sings.

Time imefika tuingie quarantine

Nina peng-ting ndani ya quarantine

Tako yellow kama school bus

Mimi sijui mapenzi si uni-school bas

Nishafall baby girl si unipull bas

The upbeat song goes to describe what he likes in his woman.

Timmy TDat has grown massively in the industry. He has had massive hits such as Trikide, usinkazie, Kasayole featuring Papa Jones alongside other collabos Otile brown, Kush Tracey, Rosa Ree, Sudi Boy and Spice Diana from Uganda.

While gengetone still takes the airwaves, Timmy has not been left behind. He did Kimangoto featuring boondocks gang

The song that’s in context with the current corona situation qualifies to be awarded part of the 200 Million Shillings set aside for artists this quarantine season.

Rating 8/10

Kidum features in Burundi’s MB Data’s song “Yayaya”a highlight of domestic violence against men

YAYAYA! Not the play  song we did as kids in circles but is the new song by Kidum featuring MB Data. This is a heart break song of struggles of a married faithful man of a drunkard wife.

Kidum has mostly thrived on live music performance as he is one of the best vocalists in the region.

He has a list of songs including: nakupenda, Mapenzi, Nipe Nguvu, Number moia, Kimbia. He has collabos with artists like Lady Jaydee, cedo Bensoul, Mbwira, Sanaipei, Peter Msechu, Alicious

The Burundi based artist MB Data has done a number of songs including: Focus, Kiramutuna,Koma, Kata, Rumata among many others. He has also worked with artist from his country and now with Kidum.

They teamed up for this song when Kidum visited his mother country  some time in March and YAYAYA is the result.


For this jam they take turns to express their frustration and justify their decision to binge drink. They struggle with drunk partners, ladies with sharp tongues and domestic violence.

In this case highlighting what some men fear to talk about domestic violence against men.

Typical struggles in most African families. The vocals of the two artists are just a perfect match.

Raha zako tu ni kunichanganya kichwa mama

Mapenzi si maoenzi ni fujo tu kila siku

Ni kama tu  tunacheza mchezo wa paka na panya

Hebu nikuulize ni kitu gani mami

Unapata ukinitesa baby

Hebu nipe majibu, unasaidikaje kila mara ukiona machozi zangu zikitiririka kama mtoto mdogo

Well, these two have got mega marital issues that they have to deal with especially once they sober up from the drink

Set up in the domestic situation we get a glimpse of the two respective families. Furthermore, it gets even funnier when MB Data is the one who saves Kidum from being beaten black and blue by his wife. Kidum runs off to safety like a child saved from a huge fight.

The video is of good quality and does a good job in helping us relate to the song better.For one we give credit where is due their Swahili bis impeccable.

The song is amazing, evident from the positive comments of the contented fans.

Rating 8/10

Otile Brown shows once again that he is the king of RnB in Kenya as he drops new love song “Vibaya”

Days after Otile Brown was rumored to have gotten a “jungu”- girlfriend he drops a new love track dubbed “Vibaya.”

Otile is one of the few artists in Kenya that can boast of musical consistency.Despite being in many scandals that has never faltered his passion of making good music.

In fact he is one of the artists that Kenyans fall in love with on a daily basis.

“Vibaya” is a love song that clearly depicts how much a man can fall in  love with the right woman.

He goes all in to shower the girl with praises of love who in this case is played by vixen Maddie Jewitt.


Otile Brown’s lyrical prowess can be  likened to the Bongo world. However the difference comes in with how he brings it out.

In the lyrics he adopted the lines from the taarab world that most us used during singing games as kids.

He goes like, “Nacho hitaji moyo ata akili ,haiwezi baini, Cha mtima cha moyo ata  kama kibaya …Nakupenda Kipimo sina,Nakupenda vibaya ,Yaani Vizuri vibaya……Nampenda mpenda mpenda(Nani?)Mschana mmoja,Na jina lake, Nani?

I know you sang that last part too.Well  Otile did justice in the lyrics.This new song is a clear indication that Otile will be Kenya’s RnB sensation for the longest time. Furthermore, him doing music and remaining relevant all  this years is just a presentation of passion and art.



The visuals in the video give a beautiful ambiance of Kenya’s scenery of the Ngong Hills with all the fog/mist.I am not sure of the difference so pick one.Point is the location is beautiful.

The song was produced by Vickypondis  and directed by Deskatores who have clearly done a good job. If for anything am sure Otile has served us all reasons to fall in love over and over again without thinking of the consequences.

For that rating I will give Otile 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think. In the meantime stay safe and wash your hands!


Kristoff proves he is here to stay as he features legendary Bigpin in new track “Move it”

Ladies and gentlemen almost everything Kristoff touches screams good quality. He has done it again. He has released a new jam: “Move It” featuring the legendary Big Pin.

The feel-good song is good enough to make one leave their seat for a little dance. Mixed by Ogopa Deejays and produced by Jack on the Beat, the tune is just right. It is sweet enough to get you entertained this season. Plus, it’s a proper club banger.

Move it for me juu kuna vile umenibamba mbaya

Na umejibeba design ya canter ma’

Wewe ndio my type ile design ya rankadah

 You See that thing you got my baby

Why don’t you move it for me?

The lyrics are persuasive enough to get one off their seat and move it.


The video is lively from beginning to end with active vixens doing the song justice. They take turns to showcase well-choreographed dances that are deeply entertaining and makes one want to dance.

Kristoff has slowly made his way in the industry and has become a household name. known widely for the song Dandia that featured King Kaka and other artists, Kristoff has never let down his fans. It has been hit after hit while working with different artists.

Further, among those that he has worked with is Femi one with their song Tippy Toe dominating the airwaves a while back. He has also worked with Gabu, Kagwe Mungai, Stella Mwangi, Khaligraph Jones and Kelechi Africana.

He was also not left behind in the wave of Gengetone as he did he Rieng’ remix with Boondocks Gang, Rankaddah and VDJ Jones.

On the other hand Big Pin has also been in the industry for a very long while. The Tera Moss hit maker has also done other songs including Natafuta, Ginene, Talk to you featuring Amani, Juu featuring Mayonde and Nairobi Party.

Rating 7/10

Khalighraph Jones treats fans to new jam dubbed “Roll with You”

Khaligraph Jones has just served us a new tune today. If you thought hip hop isn’t romantic, then try listening to this “Roll with You”. I guarantee you will have a change of heart. Roll Wit You is everything you need this quarantine season.


The smooth flow of the well written lyrics is amazing. Done in English, Swahili and of course Dholuo. Its of international standard, entertaining and enjoyable to the ears besides the eyes. It’s a tune that leaves a lady desiring to be in love.

I the self declared OG understands the hip hop culture and he definitely serves it hot.

Ill be everything you need and am never gonna leave

First time I saw you

I knew you were sent for me

Vile unanipenda najua we are meant to be

So ringa ringa kidogo wont you let them see

Usiwahi tense mummy najua we’ll get there eventually

Well with all these, who wouldn’t roll with Papa Jones, the reigning king of rap? The jam goes on as Khaligraph expresses his desire to roll with this amazing lady and even wanting to take her to Bondo, his native home.


Shot in a clean urban set up at the sea-side, every aspect of the video reflects a touch of class. The video features just Papa Jones and one vixen who matches the quality of the sound of this jam. She is everything fine and classic.

It is a tune that puts Khaligraph up in the world map, ready to earn more prestigious awards.

Papa Jones won Best Rap Act-2018 at the AFRIMMA also scooped the Best Hip Hop Act at the Sound City MVP Awards in Lagos Nigeria at the beginning of 2020. The ‘Yes Bana’ hit-maker has been riding high on his quality music. He has thrived on a several hit songs and collabos he has done with other artists. We still ‘Respect the OG’

Rating 9/10

Mbosso from Wasafi proves he is the king of Swahili ballad in new jam “Tamba”

Tanzanian superstar Mbosso has dropped another love ballad dubbed “Tamba”. A song that is clearly a hit already considering the number of views for the audio on YouTube that stands at 230k just a day after release.

For a guy that had given up on music after the dissolution of the 2015 to 2017 Yamoto Band. Mbosso has proven that his talent is impeccable.

Since he joined the Diamond Platinumz own  Wasafi records Mbosso has done well so far and has even been rumored to be the latest favorite of his boss Simba.


Tamba is Swahili that loosely translates to being proud of who you are and have fun. Basically letting the world know who you are.

In the song Mbosso is singing too the woman he loves. He promises her all that life could offer. Trust Mbosso when it comes to using metaphors in his expressions of love.

The “Ate” hitmaker gives you reason to always hope in love in every situation rich or poor. How?He starts of by what seems like a call to his love asking her to prepare hot water for his shower as he is on his way home with a surprise.

He even goes ahead to tell her that she should also be ready to receive him in a special way.This that he even asks her to where her best clothes.


He gets all poetics in the second verse saying,“…Nguru usimtoe chumvi ndio ladha yake, muunge tu nipe na chuzi na nyama yake, eeeh kula ya mbuzi ni kamba yake, ye kingamuzi ni dishi lake….”

Yes I am also trying to get the deeper meaning of that but whatever it means I’d fall in love with him too. Furthermore “Tamba” is descriptive that I hope many men chose for a wedding reception for their brides.

As we wait for the video I believe this going to top the charts for a while. The Lizer Classic mixed track also has a tune of few sampled beats of previous songs and that just shows how he is the genius of music.

Listen and tell us what you think.

Flower boy Rayvanny teams up with Dulla Makabilla to bash gossip monger ” Miss Buza” in new jam

Rayvanny is one musician we can say is overworking when it comes to music creation. This time he teams up with fellow Tanzanian star Dulla Makabila in “Miss Buzza.”

Days after the release of his valentines EP dubbed Flowers we thought he’d take a break, but oh well here we are.

For one this jam is an all self-explanatory as it has this usual Tanzanian when they want to bash someone fro wrongdoings. Something they call kupiga vigodoro.

Dulla Makabilla also worked on this jam and he executed it so well. I mean better than I expected such that I wonder why he is underrated.

For a guy that has been in the industry for so long, he deserves the recognition from East Africa. With what we can call a definitive career in the industry Makabila did a good job in this collaboration.


Miss Buza

Miss Buza is a lady that is always in people’s business despite all the warnings she has gotten. Its time to pass the vigodoro -lash out to her

In this jam, Rayvanny starts off the song by mocking Miss Buza for how she looks physically and I can tell you the words are not good to the ears.

He describes how she bleached her skin to the extent that it’s now messed her skin that she looks like banana peelings, he says the wig on her head is smelly that the stench it can cure Corona Virus!!!!! I mean how?

Whatever Miss Buzza did I think she should apologize for this kind of bile from people is not good.

Basically the musicians are telling people to always mind their business. You know those that are always trying to pull you down no matter what? The snoopers the gossip mongers among others are what Rayvanny and Makabilla are referring to as Miss Buzza.

As we wait for the video we trust it will have the usual dera women doing their thing around a certain character.

However, we expect lots of juice and drama in the video who knows maybe this time Mariah Carey will dance to this jam just like Alicia Keys jammed to Lavalava and Meja Kunta’s Wanga.

Kelechi Africana’s prayer answered as he features Arrowbow in new jam “Hamida”

Few weeks after dropping a lyrical prayer song dubbed “Dear God”, Coast-based artiste Kelechi Africana teams up with Arrow Bwoy for “Hamida”.

In his prior “Dear God” he was a prayer to God seeking for a musical breakthrough. He even went ahead and mentioned how he has struggled to make good music but seems to be hitting the rock by the day.

As he sang through he was just asking for one hit song and he would be forever grateful.

He sought to have it played like fellow artists Arrowbwoy, Nadia Mukami among others.

However, days in Kelechi got the chance to have a collabo with ArrowBwoy as he features in one of the songs of his EP Keep it fleek.



They teamed up for Hamida an all naughty but upbeat song. A song about a guy his girl over for a night of pleasure. We won’t dwell on the lyrical depth because it is fire.

I mean it literally is the sensual kind of music. Especially when Kelechi starts it off you literally what to dance to it without question.

The vocals are so well put for this jam I believe the video and choreography for this will be epic. One thing for sure is that Kelechi African is very underrated in this country.

With music like this why keep shifting for English RnB. Arrowbwoy in his part never disappoints, the lovemaking song had him playing all smooth and suave in his lyrics.

Hamida is clearly a song to look out for. Kenyan artiste’s are no longer holding it back but doing music as Kenyans want it.

A collaboration of this sort deserves all attention. As I write this article it’s on repeat mode for my playlist it surely should be on yours.

Furthermore, Kelechi’s prayer for stardom could have just been answered. I just hope Kenyans can see that this twa twa song is clearly worth your time.

If you don’t believe me listen and tell us what you think.

Rayvanny and Mr. Blue treat fans to raggae love song dubbed “Mama la mama”

One of Wasafi’s finest Rayvanny seems to be on cupid quest in this month of love. Days after releasing another love song he now drops “Mama la mama” and he features rapper Mr. Blue.

Despite having it rocky in his love life with baby mama Fahyma, Rayvanny is out to prove that no matter what love is still worth trying. Or rather at some point in life, we all crave for love.

Mama la mama is another of Rayvanny’s Valentine’s edition production of the Flowers EP. For one we must appreciate the fact the intended purpose for this music was achieved. I mean its the month of love.

Vanny boy

Mama la mama

The title of the song is Swahili that can be translated to mean “Woman among all women”. Atleast that is what I got from looking at lyrics.

In the song, it’s about a guy praising the woman he loves and what she really means to him. Rayvnny starts by showing off his musical prowess.

He goes on to tell us why he chose to be his baby mama, and how she is the perfect wife material. Ahem, are calling out on Fahyma?

I mean they looked good together.

Whether it’s her or not, either way, the description fits. But again the lyrics go on to describe her beauty to detail and yes it’s beautiful.


Later in the song fellow musician, Mr Blue raps in the song with the continued description of why the girl is perfect.

I must say the two did justice to this song with the lyrics and delivery.

The video too is beautifully done and I loved the fact that this time Rayvanny’s model was not as light as those they usually do but darker in complexion.

The video production was done and directed by director Kenny from zoom extra. As we continue to reminisce about love in this month we also appreciate good music.

Watch and give us your thoughts around this song.

EMB’s Denno drops new love song “Nakupenda” on valentines day a dedication to his wife

As the world marked Valentines day, gospel singer Denno dropped another beautiful love song dubbed “Nakupenda”.

For a guy that has struggled to say afloat having financial challenges for his career, Denno boasts of God’s grace.

Few months after EMB records boss came to his rescue Denno is now doing music under the Bahati owned music empire.

Also read: Tear-jerking event as The Bahatis gift Denno his own car

Denno had gone under for some time with very many challenges and for that Bahati’s took it upon themselves to find out about Denno.

Denno had previously had a successful music career in the gospel industry that was suddenly shut down.

However, he came back to the music scene with “Bado” song that he featured Bahati. A song that caught the attention of many Kenyans with many lauding Bahati for the selfless act.


For Valentines day Denno decided to treat his fans to a love song. Talk of timeliness. Nakupenda is a song of a man expressing his feelings to his love.

From the look of this song, Denno is telling his love story. The best part is that in the video he features his beautiful wife.

So in case, you were wondering how the two met then this song has all the details. When I say love is a beautiful thing this is just about it.

He goes on the remind us of the biblical reading from  Mathew 19:6-“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate”.

Denno sings his heart out promising to love his wife to the best way he can and adds that he would do anything to make her happy.

The song’s lyrics are clearly what every girl wants to hear her man say. So think we can now say Denno’s wife is among the luckiest women today.

Denno's wife

Furthermore, from the video you’d see that she is a happy woman and contented.

The ambience in the video is also breathtaking so basically we can give a thumbs up for this.

Watch the video and give us your thoughts.

Arrow Bwoy’s quest to fall in love in new jam “Tujuane” is definitely worth your time

Arrow Bwoy seems to understand his audience by the day. Days after dropping a sensational gospel song he now brings you a new love song dubbed “Tujuane”.

As valentines day approaches a song like this is clearly something we want to listen to. A time of love needs good music too. For one we can say that Arrow Bwoy doesn’t disappoint either.

The 27-year-old has proven that music is a luxury he would not want to lose. His fans too are also a happy lot because of his consistency. After all in Kenya that is what keeps you afloat.


This song is your everyday feel-good love song where a guy is trying to win a girl by telling her he wants “Tujuane”.

Tujuane is Swahili for “Let’s get to know each other”.It is a quest by a guy who has fallen in love with a woman. Trying to win her over and be with her.

Arrow Bwoy Music

This is a situation that many of us face daily falling love with people and trying to know them and be part of their lives.

Basically the song is quite relatable to many. Arrow Bwoy has clearly outdone himself in this jam.

For one I will give a thumbs up for the lyrical creativity he has a way with words and can make you fall in love.

For a guy that has fallen in love, we see him asking to get to know the girl in question. He even goes ahead to ask for her number and a chance to see her again.

The Vicky Pondis and  Trey Juelz produced video is so well done and for a day like valentines day, it can be added on the playlist.

I mean am sure most of you would want to meet again if valentines will be the first date. Maybe this song can help you say those words you are so afraid to put across to that chic or guy you like.

For that good job Arrow Bwoy this is jam is timely.

Your thoughts?

Wambu Katee gets all naughty and daring in new jam “Rambo” she features Eyoo Sevil

The queen of cover songs Wambui Katee has proven that consistency is key. This time she teams up with fellow artist Eyoo Sevil in new jam dubbed “Rambo”.

Having had success at doing cover songs in Kenya, Katee opted to take it a notch higher by taking a dive into the scene with her own music.

Gracious enough the king of radio Mzazi Willy M Tuva sponsored the production of her first debut “Mahabuba”.

The song did averagely well but not as good as her covers.

Likewise, her counterpart Eyoo Sevil is an African hit beat maker. He is commonly known for producing big songs like vimbada, shoot satan, kdf, I surrender, mitumba and other hits.


His songs won 8 categories in the Kenyan awards including productions of the year at the groove awards.

Furthermore, he has been nominated in many awards as a producer of the year. His latest and biggest production Vimbada was performed in the coke studio, Africa.

Further, he is now known as a recording musician too


In this new jam, the duo Eyoo Sevil and Katee decided to drop Rambo that sounds more of a daredevil song/feel happy song.

Basically what I mean is from a keen listen and look at the song, you notice it’s about two people throwing hints at each other.

For one Katee admonishes the boy for flossing on how he is the “Rambo” more like the guy she needs. She goes to tell him not to dare her as she is the best at the game of love.

Wambui Katee

Basically reminding Eyoo who is better at it. But he also flexes of his prowess in the “game” and declaring himself is the Rambo.

As naughty as it sounds I must say the two did a good job both vocally and lyrically. It is a song worth dancing to especially during the “mahaba” moments. Guys msijione Rambo na ukipewa huwezi handle!

As we long for more I will give the production a 7/10 rating. Tell us what you think.

Bahati says “Sakata” in new jam and its all about dancing to God

For a company that has had some shake-up after the exit of his main players, EMB records CEO Bahati has proven that he is not giving up.

As the year comes to a close the blessing of a newborn baby Majesty. He brings us a new jam dubbed “Sakata”.

Sakata loosely translates to Dance.

This seems like a dance song for praise with reference to Davids’s dance in the Bible that helped him acquire his Kingdom. At least that is what I got from the lyrics.


For every person at least we got to give thanks for all the blessing we got. No matter how small the fact that we are alive to this point is a gift.


In this song, Sakata,  Bahati is doing a dance of Praise to God for the blessings all through the year. He says whether its rhumba ama dumba Sakata……

Further he goes on to brag about how blessed he is;

“Napiga selfie niposti nimeokoka Na nasakata hiyo Nina mapozi kijana nimeokoka Na nasakata hiyo,,,”

I mean Kijana Kaokoka. As much as I hold some opinion about this jam, Bahati has every right to brag about his God.

He, however, comes down to throw some shade to his “haters”.

He says, Wanaobonga hawajui nilikotoka Na nasakata hiyo Ni miujiza nione nimeomoka Apewe sifa huyo.
Clearly he still holds some grudges. But oh well, Life goes on.

In the meantime, all we can do is “Sakata.”


In what looks like a promotional video, the dancers in this production can be seen dinning the EMB records Tees and Caps all through the video,

The locations are well selected including the slums. The Young Wallace directed song is good for dance.

However, the lyrical break down I would say is a bit shallow. We appreciate the colour and pomp in the video and the very clear message. But the repetition that carries the bigger part of the song can be annoying at some point.

For rating, I will go with 6/10. Your thoughts.

Nyashisnki’s “Lift Me up” will definitely make you fall in love

For a guy that is celebrating  20 years in the Music industry, Nyashisnki definitely is a force to reckon with. Just as he was a star back in the days of Swing swing he brings us a new love song dubbed “Lift Me Up”.

The jam is all about being in love especially with the person we care about. He plays around with lyrics so well. No wonder every girl goes crazy over him, Me included. The sad story is that he is now engaged or rather married.

I mean Nyash how?? Why ??? But Oh well I wish you well thank you for the good music.

Ok now let’s break down this big tune.

Lift me up

The Bebi Bebi hitmaker makes love sound like that best thing that can happen to anyone. He starts off with bits of praises to the woman he loves.

He says, Every time you’re around me I feel love(Another one for my one and only Another one for my one and only)
Lift me up!


Clearly describing what he feels when with his woman. He feels loved, as though she is his oxygen. We know oxygen is different but we get it!

Further Nyash says she is more of an addiction to him. Ladies, why did he get married again? Oh yeah, she lifts him up. Girl ain’t you lucky!!!

Truth be told Nyashinski is always good at his game. The Lyrics are well done not forgetting the vocals too.


The Cedo produced beat was shot in South Africa, where we are shown lots of oceanic scenes and ambience. This creates a blend with Nyanshiski’s lyrics and musical vibe.

The video too is not too busy, we only see Nyashisnki and the vixen who acts as the song’s subject. That is another unique thing his music it’s not too busy thus easy to watch and enjoy.

We will keep asking for more Nyash in the meantime we will gravitate to “Lift me up.”

Rating I will go with an 9/10. Your thoughts?

Sailors Gang take gengetone to church with new jam “Jesu ni Mwanathani”

Gengetone has dominated the Kenyan airwaves for a while now. Sailors gang have clinched their own space even in international spaces. Now they have dropped an exciting new jam dubbed “Jesu ni Mwathani” for thanksgiving.

They recently received three awards in the just concluded Pulse Music Video Awards a situation they never anticipated for.


Jesu ni Mwathani

This is Kikuyu for “Jesus is Lord” I think I am right with the little I know about Kyuk.

Jesu ni mwathani

But again from the caption below the video it states:

“What a year it has been! Jesu Ni Mwathani is Kikuyu dialect, translated to mean ‘Jesus is Lord’. We have seen God’s favour with our songs going global and winning 4 awards in just 6 months. This is our song of thanksgiving and praise. God ametutoa far na ni far atatupeleka. Aminia in your life as well! Jesu Ni Mwathani.”

With such kind of success who wouldn’t praise God? Trust Sailors to bring out their comic antics in the song.

The video too was well done by MRX media with a sneak peek of the PMVA’s where the team was receiving their award.

At the same time, they were accompanied by Mwalimu Rachel who is said to have played the managerial role since they started off in music. Someone the boys have been so grateful too and clearly respect.


The lyrics are a blend of Swahili and Kikuyu and a bit of the Kenyan slang. If for anything the boys outdid themselves

Furthermore, for thanksgiving, they thank God for their musical journey. For them, music has it has helped them push through life’s hurdles and they can now say they have won.

In the first verse they say,

Toka mashinani amenitoa magizani,Mathena mathena nimeishi mashidani
Sosho akanilea na mashida mingi flani,Nakugoja idhaa yako tuliishi kanisani
Ka ni ka mob justice nimeuma,Vijanaa kuchomwa jo hii huuma
Jesus wept, aminia gathee Kiufogothare……”

The Mavo produced beat is a clear indication that Sailors gang are here to stay.

For rating, I will go with 9/10. Tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Mr Seed features son and wife Nimo in new jam “Lovi lovi” and its all about love

After their controversial exit from  EMB records owned by Bahati, Mr Seed and wife Nimo are clearly thriving on their own.

Few a months after doing a song together dubbed “Superstar”, that did so well, Mr. Seed and Nimo have teamed up again for another song titled “lovi lovi”.

In the song, the couple have finally revealed their son’s face since his birth on 5th March 2019.

For fans that have longed to have a glimpse of the adorable boy Gold Christen then this song has him featured. That boy is adorable!!!!

In what seems like a family affair Mr Seed and Nimo dropped “Lovi lovi” as a way to send love to those who deserve it.

Lovi lovi

From the caption below the video on YouTube, says:

“The song is dedicated to everyone celebrating their loved ones. Also in loving memory of Grace Kagure of Komarock Modern Hospital.”

Well, it is evident that no matter what happens love those that care for you.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

At the same time, they go on to remind us that in life there are people who are always going to work on putting you down except for those that love you.

Seed is keen to thank God for the gift of a family. That including having his son Gold, a verse that was partly done by the wife Nimo.

They go on to even dedicate their son to God as His servant something some fans noted a noble thing to do.

He keeps going especially thanking his wife for sticking around him and carrying their child to the end of the 9 months journey.


As we have seen the mix of colour and was well done.

However, the kind of reaction sent to the receivership of this song is about Nimo’s voice.

Many of the fans in the comment section are excited about her voice and some have even called her out for “sleeping on talent”.

Whether with the use of an autotune or not many feel that Mr. Seed supporting his wife musically puts him at the forefront.

Nadia Mukami drops “Maombi” and it gives you a reason to always be thankful(Video)

Nadia Mukami has given us the much-needed break from twa twa with her 8th single: “Maombi.” This is one song that has raised the eyebrows of the ‘Gospel Police.’

Nadia, the fast-rising African pop star started from hosting Saturday Hip Hop Count on Equator FM  while in University.

However, since then Nadia has grown to a notable brand.

She has diligently carved her space into the music industry, beating all odds and making it among the best in the country.

With songs such as African Lover, Ikamate Hiyo, Yule Yule and her first mega-hit Si Rahisi; Mukami has always left her fans satisfied.

Maombi possesses some sense of spirituality and more so thanksgiving.

It seems Kenyan artists understand that its not always about chest-thumping but acknowledging God in their journey.

Maombi By Nadia Mukami


Nadia demonstrates a good mastery of writing lyrics as shown always in her songs and Maombi is no exception.

The song is well written and delivered with ease. It is a thanksgiving song acknowledging God and how He has stood by her.

The song also depicts the negativity that people around us can put in us if we are not careful and focused on what we really want.

“Hao binadamu walinipa wiki, sasa imepita miaka bado wanasubiri.”

“Maneno ya wanadamu yalinilenga kama mishale ,

Ila Mungu hawezikubali uanguke.

Alichoanzisha leo lazima atakamilisha weeh”

Well, it is a song that totally explains the goodness of the Lord and his faithfulness if you keep praying and focusing on what He is doing in your life.

I mean people always talk no matter what you do. Do you!!


This being a thanksgiving song and acknowledging the goodness of the Lord, one would expect to see opulence and affluence in the video. Posh cars, houses, gardens, neighborhood.

Nadia, however, chose the ultimate form of sophistication; simplicity. The mix of color is also a plus for this jam.

It has simple scene settings, no video vixens but just her beautifully delivering the song without much fuss.

This song comes across as a lot better than the songs that are produced with the label ‘Gospel’ attached to them. Some artists in the Gospel industry should see Nadia with a pen and notebook ready to take notes because though simple, she has a lot to offer.

Remember Kazi ya Mungu haina Makosa.

Rating 9/10.Your thoughts?


It gets raunchy by the day:Kagwe Mungai teams up with Kristoff to bring us “Single” its beautiful(Video)

When you thought you had seen it all from  Vitamin U makers, then you had seen just but a tip of the iceberg. Kagwe Mungai has teamed up with Kristoff  to brings us a new raunchy jam “Single”

Few months ago Kenyans thought that their beloved Kagwe could be a potential artist the Gospel industry after he realised “Ogopa Mungu” ft Mt Seed.

A song that was so well received by fans all over.  However, Kagwe has cleared the air after releasing this new collabo with Kristoff- Single.

The two-Kagwe and Kristoff- have phenomenal track records as artists. Kristoff has done several songs with various artists and has produce unforgettable hit songs.


Among his biggest is   Dundaing ft King Kaka and Magix Enga.

Kagwe on the other end has had massive hits including Creeper, African Lady, Clubbin’ , Party Nation which was a collabo among many others.

However in this new jam “Single “ the two decided it was time to get raunchy and naughty lyrically.


Just like Nishike by Sauti Sol, this video is the real deal. Its one of those videos that will have the “morality cops” up in arms. It gets the viewer hooked from the very beginning to the end.

Kagwe, Kristoff

Let’s start with the fair share of popping melanin that meets our eyes at the beginning of the song.  Kagwe  Mungai and the vixen are in this kind of moment that suggests a deep desire.

Slowly, we see  Mungai going  for the kiss as he sings off his verse.  It is timeless, passionate, sensual not trying to win her over but to create that deep connection.

But the song title and the action in the video do not match. Confusing huh?

Nothing else about the video sticks in my mind more than this passionate moment. The colors in the video too are not bad.


The  Ransom Beatz produced song is properly arranged to the level of an international banger. The blend of Swahili, English and Sheng in this song is smooth and easily goes unnoticed as the skill is just perfect. Not forgetting Kagwe’s voice. Influence from Gengetone kids?Well, will find out .

The irony in these lines strikes real head and gets my ribs cracking

“I got a light skinned girl looking Very Sidika…Very Sidika

I got a dark-skinned girl looking Very Sidika. “


Even more interesting is the Luhya culture that doesn’t go forgotten in this song when Kristoff to send  send greetings from Busia. You can’t us luhyas-hamtuwezi!

This song is lit but the video is FIIRREEEEE!!!!! In the meantime enjoy.

Rating 9/10. Your thoughts?

Mr. Seed features Ndume for new jam “Pepeta” and it is a blessing galore (video)

After a trail scandals in this year, Mr. Seed seems to be redefining his footing in the gospel industry. This time he has teamed up with Ndume to bring us a new jam dubbed “Pepeta”.

This is a gospel dance song that basically talks of Mr. Seed’s journey in the Industry. His highs and lows as he struggled to thrive in the much controversial but contemporary Kenyan gospel scene.

In what he claimed was a witch hunt he managed to stay at the top of his game despite the tainting scam that came his way.

Under his label Starborn Empire, Mr Seed has managed to sign up various new gospel artists and so far he is doing well.

Ndume is one of the artists that are signed under the Starborn Empire. Ndume was signed  in 7 months ago and his first hit was ‘Za Yesu’.


Understandably, it  is said that the two met when Ndume was working for Willy Paul as a Dancer.


Pepeta is a collaboration between the two basically a testimonial of blessed life through God’s own blessings.

Pepeta by Mrs seed ft Ndume

Mr. Seed starts of the song with his testimony stating that he has had his fare share of set backs.

Keen to mention how God has been gracious to him. Especially when he says ,

“Walidai ati nitakufa someday , hizi mashida zitanimada one day, God akacome through, ngoma ya kwanza nikatoa nikiwa form two, hizi mabaraka nazipatapata tu,jina lake nimelichora kama tatoo…”

Then goes to the chorus to say “Huyu Shetani tunampepeta…..”in repetition.

Further on Ndume joins in the emphasize on how shetani anapepetwa-chasing the devil away. Because the grace of God has always been sufficient.


I would dare say they did too little on the lyrical creation compared to the beat. Basically they worked more on the beat for dance.

However, their message was quite easy to relate to especially the audience but they would have done better. The video’s concept a football  pitch  too was good considering their choice of words in the lyrics.

The dancers also adorned in football jerseys gets  thumbs up. Shetani akapepetwa vilivyo. Well, the duo did a good job so Kenyans lets support our own.

This is Starborn Empire Studios production by Bern Muziq. Video By  Twister Black and  Dance By: Eldoret School Of Dance.

For rating I will go with 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


Akothee is all about love in new jam “Rollam”

Kenya’s Akothee nyakadera, jaluo oksechi, self-declared president of all single mothers is once more shining in her element after rekindling the flame of love in our hearts.

Madam boss dropped a new single, Rollam just hours after Eliud Kipchoge’s historical moment. What better way to grace the occasion by a new sensational love song. This comes only 4 months after the hot “Muje” jam.
Rollam will change your mind about love. It will make you want to find bae like almost immediately or fall in love again if you had given up on it. Who wants to miss out on some Rollam fire shake-um?

The flamboyant artist once more is making us leave our seats again to Rollam fire shake-um for our darlings as the song suggests. It is an afro-beat tune that has a touch of Nigerian accent in it.


The video is shot in the plush Weston hotel featuring FBI Dance crew and Nelly Oaks -Akothee’s manager.
There’s love in the air throughout the whole song.

Akothee gets so cozy in bed with Nelly Oaks in a way that makes you want to find bae for a quick cuddle.

The video does not end before Akothee graces us with her magnificent twerking. This is beside the well-choreographed dance moves splendidly done with the help of the FBI dance crew all dressed in white robes.


I must mention the awesome view of the legs displayed in the video(ahem).wanaumeee!!!


The song is purely a love song by a lady, madam boss herself wanting just love, nothing more nothing less.( She has actually spoken the minds of some ladies.)
Darling am not about your money
Sweet darling all I want is your loving
See you be my lover my lover eeh
And I be your lover
Give me your best and ill show you better
From now to forever in any weather.
Who in their right minds wouldn’t fall in love after such sweet charming words.
Such an amazing work from madam boss. Let me get bae for some Rollam-fire-shake-um action.
Rating 9/ and give us your opinion.

Rayvanny finally drops the contested hit “Chuchuma” days after Willy Paul dropped his

Weeks after Wily Paul dropped his much contested single ‘Chuchuma’, Rayvanny of Wasafi Records is also out on the scene with the same title song.

Well, when you thought you had had it with the drama that Willy Paul put with claims of Rayvanny  stealing his song, the two songs are now out.

Compare and contrast? Similarities?

Also read:Bwana Mkunaji ameamua!’Chuchuma” is the new track by Willy Paul 


Chuchuma is a feel good song that celebrates women and dance.  From the look of it  this song was just to quell the thievery allegations. In his part Willy Paul claims that Rayvanny had stolen this song just after they had the  ‘Mhhhh’ song collaboration.

Consequently, this was after Rayvanny released a short clip of the now out song “Chuchuma”. Who is telling the truth that? That we don’t know but we will keep our ears and eyes out and of course we will let you know. In the meantime we can do  some dancing to both.

Further on, Rayvanny in the song clearly enjoys his work. In the video you see a host girls dancing to the words of the song. Basically, the choreography team did their work well.


As methodical and proverbial as they he can get, Rayvanny obviously embraced the metaphorical approach of creation.

Especially when he starts off with, “Chuchumaa kama vile unafua Mama unapika basi nije kupakua Chuchumaa kwenye choo cha mabua Ila chunga mchanga usiingie kitumbua”

In that he is asking the girls to Chuchuma- more like Twerk.In the long end he is asking them to show the world what their waist can do. Be it cooking, dancing and other co-curricular activities in the house. No??Right, you  got it. Here is the point its all naughty , juicy and most of all dance able too.

“Kimbau mbau, tukunyema Pilau lau, nipe supu tena Mashau shau kana sinema Yaani kanakula ndizi bila kumenya”. This doesn’t even need any further translation!


The song’s video was shot and directed by Director Kenny From Zoom Production. The other production clearly done under Wasafi records. As we still ponder on the ownership of the “original  version” we thank both Willy Paul and Rayvanny for both Chuchuma’s.

For now I will give this an 8/10 rating. Watch and tell us what you think.


Stivo Simple Bwoy is all about correction as he brings us a new jam ‘Uhalifu”

After gaining stardom in a snap, Stivo simple bwoy has every reason to stay relevant in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Ever since his interview on Chipukeezy Show Tonight few months  ago, there has been traffic flowing to the Made In Kibera YouTube Channel.

That which so far has over 23k subscribers with Stivo Simple Boy’s song Mihadarati.  Stevo is back  with a new jam dubbed  “Uhalifu.”

This just few months after the second  release of his song, a collaboration of a song “I lift you higher” that he featured Scheneider Shanny.

Funny enough, the duo Stevo and counter part Handsome boy elicited a viral excitement.

Stivo  landed  a deal with the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) to help with the fight against drug abuse in the country.

This came  after he was introduced to the CEO Mr Victor G. Okioma by NACADA Board Member Mr Vincent Mwasia Mutua famously known as Chipukeezy.


Uhalifu” loosely translates to the mean Crime.

Basically Stivo is at it again in the verge of urging young people on the dangers of being involved in crime.

He starts of by highlighting the rate at which young people are plunging themselves on the negatives of life –Uhalifu.

Further on,  he goes to remind the audience that crime kills as depicted in the video.

With clear intent to create a campaign on empowering the Youth Simple Bwoy incorporated the help of his brother Handsome boy in the video.

Above all, from the look at video  you notice the wardrobe change for the lads.

stivo and Hansome bwoy

That is to say,  Stevo and his brother got a new look for their video. Draped in blue suit, the rapper smiles like a man who has just hit the jackpot.

On the other hand, handsome boy who plays the crime victim dressed in crisp brownish suit and he really looks exquisite.

Production and Video

In conclusion the song’s production  was done  by Mkostii, video by Geoffrey Ochieng and
Edward Wafula. This was just but some of the team of the Made in Kibera team that worked on the song.
For rating I will give it a 6/10 because of the content  and concept. We will keep watching.

meanwhile watch and tell us what you think.