Nicah The Queen talks about her potential to date a Ben 10 in the future.

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has resurfaced on her social media platforms after a prolonged absence following her announcement of a breakup several months ago.

In an Instagram Q&A session, the reality TV star addressed her fans, expressing regret for the lack of updates about her life. She candidly revealed that she is currently single.

“Uko na mtu,” one query read, to which she responded, “Sina mtu” (I don’t have anyone).

As fans inquired about her dating status, some expressed their desire to pursue a relationship with her.

“Hey, Nicah, are you single? Some of us are trying to find a Queen like you,” one admirer wrote. Nicah blushed in response to this question, indicating her shyness with an emoji.

“Yes, I am single,” she confirmed.

Another curious follower asked, “Any intention or interest in having a partner?”

Nicah replied, “If God brings him my way, why not! Though I’m not actively searching.”

Someone else seemed quite persistent, asking, “Will I ever get a lunch date?”

Amused by the inquiry, Nicah responded, “And you all love me here, don’t you?” indicating her surprise at the attention.

However, some questions crossed personal boundaries, including inquiries about the color of her undergarments and her most recent intimate moment.

“Mnakuwa too personal eii!!!” she exclaimed, protesting against the intrusive nature of such queries.

Another question asked if she would consider dating someone younger than her, to which she firmly responded, “Nooooo! One has to be at least five years older than me, though I prefer 8 years older and above.”

Despite the personal questions, many fans praised her beauty, prompting Nicah to share details about the type of man she would consider dating in the future, should she decide to enter a relationship again.

Nicah The Queen Explains Why She Won’t Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Nicah The Queen, the Kenyan gospel sensation, has disclosed that she intends to be low key on Valentine’s Day this year because she is “not booed up.”
The singer, who just broke up with her fiancé DJ Slahver, announced on Instagram that she planned to avoid the Valentine’s Day hype.

“Tomorrow switch my data and wifi off! staki reminder Niko single!!” Nicah wrote.

With a mysterious note, Nicah broke the news of their breakup, saying that they had both made the decision to part ways after giving it some serious thought.

“After so much consideration, @slahverdon and I have decided to go our separate ways. Thank you so much for the love you all accorded us!” she shared.

Given that the singer had previously used a breakup stunt on her followers in order to sell her song, some fans expressed their skepticism over the issue.

But the gorgeous singer is currently not seeing someone. I bet this will be a boring Valentine’s to her.

DJ Slahver Claims Breakup with Nicah The Queen was Because He Went Broke

Celebrated DJ Joseph Mwenda, better known as DJ Slahver, has finally shed light on his recent breakup with fiancée Veronica Wanja, alias Nicah The Queen.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, DJ Slahver’s manager revealed that financial strains played a significant role in the couple’s decision to part ways.

“We had broken up three other times in our two years relationship.”

The manager acknowledged that this was not the first time the couple had faced relationship hurdles. However, they chose to keep their previous breakups private to avoid unnecessary attention and potential misinterpretations.

“I do not feel it was the right time to announce because at the end of the day, we do not know what God has planned for tomorrow,”

Highlighting the circumstances surrounding the final breakup, DJ Slahver’s manager recounted an incident involving a late-night meeting with fellow artists.

During the meeting, a disagreement arose when Nicah The Queen expressed concern about an outstanding bill.

The manager further explained that Nicah had already introduced DJ Slahver to her parents, and announcing the breakup prematurely could hinder any potential reconciliation.

DJ Slahver’s revelation comes amidst Nicah The Queen’s recent confession about maintaining celibacy for two years despite being in a relationship with him.

The couple had previously announced plans for a wedding this year and were already in the early stages of preparation.

DJ Slahver and Nicah The Queen got engaged earlier this year.

Nicah calls out Ringtone for thirsting after her in her DMs

Following the breakup between gospel singer Nicah The Queen and her partner DJ Slahver, prospective suitors are DMing and calling her phone in an attempt to woo her.

She does, however, seem to be publicly calling out in a brief rebuttal.

A day after announcing her breakup with her fiancé, the gospel singer used to Instagram to criticise Ringtone for contacting her at odd hours.

“Lakini @ringtoneapoko saa hii ni saa ngapi unanipigia???kwanza na WhatsApp??? Ama unanitaka🤣🤣🤣🤣 eeeeeh saa hii Mimi siwezani na soprano ya mkisii🙄🙄🙄

Fans of her on social media, such as Milly Chebby, don’t believe her narrative and maintain that Nicah is pursuing fame before putting out a song.

According to Milly Chebby: “TOA HII KITU BWANA 😂😂😂

Nicah replied, “@millychebby aki si song wa Mwangi😂😂😂😂,” implying that there was genuine beef.

This may also be the case given that Nicah exposed Emma Jalamo earlier this year in a similar manner.

In January of this year, she came clean and admitted that the Luo Benga singer had been offering her trips and money.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Nicah addressed the Ohangla singer and said that Emma’s relentless pursuit of Slahver had an impact on her life.


‘If You Can’t Afford To Buy Me A House In Runda, Just Leave Me Alone’-Nicah the Queen Tells Men Hitting On Her

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has made a bold statement, declaring that she is not interested in traditional romantic gestures like love letters and flowers. Instead, she seeks tangible expressions of love, specifically a luxurious house in the affluent Runda estate.

Responding to a vague reference made by fellow musician Weezdom, Nicah laid down the challenge, emphasizing that potential suitors must be financially capable of providing her with a Runda residence.

“If a man can’t afford to buy me a house in Runda, he should just leave me alone. No hard feelings,” Nicah declared in a direct message to Weezdom.

This statement comes shortly after Nicah’s public announcement of her breakup with her fiancé, DJ Slahver. The singer vaguely shared the news of their separation, indicating that it was a mutual decision made after careful consideration.

Nicah’s declaration has sparked skepticism among some fans, who recall her previous breakup stunt that turned out to be a promotional tactic for her music. They suspect that this latest breakup announcement might also be a ploy to generate buzz for an upcoming song.

In April 2022, Nicah announced her separation from her publicist, citing the unpredictable nature of love. However, the couple reconciled within the same month.

Given her past actions, some fans remain cautious about interpreting Nicah’s latest statements as genuine. Only time will tell whether her demands for a Runda residence are a genuine expression of her expectations or another publicity stunt.

Nicah the Queen Refutes Claims Of Being Toxic Following Recent Breakup

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja, known professionally as Nicah the Queen, has addressed criticism surrounding her personal life, particularly in light of her recent breakup with DJ Slahver.

On November 28, 2023, Nicah took to social media to announce the end of her relationship with DJ Slahver. While many fans expressed their support, some critics took the opportunity to make negative comments about her personal choices.

Nicah, unfazed by the negativity, responded to her critics with grace and humor. She acknowledged the age-shaming comments and reaffirmed her actual age, stating, “I’m a Christmas Eve baby #Jesusgurl.”

Responding to a comment that labeled her a “toxic woman” due to her past relationships, Nicah clarified that she was never married but engaged. She maintained her composure and avoided engaging in personal attacks or negativity.

Nicah’s response serves as a reminder that personal choices and relationships should not be subjected to public scrutiny or judgment. Individuals have the right to manage their personal lives without unwarranted criticism or speculation.

Nicah’s ability to maintain a positive outlook despite the criticism is commendable. Her response demonstrates maturity and resilience, setting a positive example for others facing similar situations.

Nicah the Queen Announces Break-Up With Hunk Boyfriend DJ Slahver

Kenyan gospel singer Nicah the Queen has revealed that her romantic relationship with Dj Slahver has come to an end. In a social media post, she expressed her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering love and support throughout the relationship.

“After careful consideration, Dj Slahver and I have decided to amicably part ways. We are incredibly grateful for the love and support you have shown us during our time together. Tunawapenda (We love you),” Nicah wrote.

The couple had been engaged since May of this year. Nicah shared the heartwarming proposal on her Instagram page, expressing her heartfelt appreciation to Jesus for bringing them together.

The reasons for their separation remain unclear, but Nicah has requested that her fans respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Gospel Singer Nicah The Queen Announces Breakup with Fiance DJ Slahver

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has revealed that she has ended her engagement to DJ Slahver. In a heartfelt message to her fans, Nicah shared that they had made the difficult decision to go their separate ways.

“After much deliberation and soul-searching, Slahver and I have decided to amicably end our engagement,” Nicah wrote. “We are incredibly grateful for the love and support you have shown us throughout our relationship. Your kindness and encouragement mean the world to us.”

Nicah’s announcement comes as a surprise to many, especially considering her recent birthday message to Slahver, in which she showered him with praise and affection. However, some fans remain skeptical, suggesting that this could be another one of Nicah’s well-known publicity stunts.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the situation, Nicah’s fans have expressed their understanding and support for her decision. They have urged her to focus on her well-being and continue pursuing her musical aspirations.

While the details surrounding the breakup remain unclear, Nicah’s announcement marks a significant change in her personal life. Fans will continue to follow her journey as she navigates this new chapter.

Nicah The Queen Denies Pregnancy After Brief Social Media Hiatus

Nicah The Queen, who recently disappeared from the internet after a brief drama with her baby daddy Dr. Ofweneke over who initiated their breakup, has reappeared on her Instagram stories to deny being pregnant.

The mom of two had been MIA since Ofweneke opened up about their breakup on August 30, saying that he had rediscovered himself and realized that he and Nicah were not perfect for each other. He also said that he had been praying to God about the situation and that God had told him that their marriage was not in his plan for him.

Nicah was offended by Ofweneke’s comments and slammed him. Since then, she has been MIA. This led to rumors that she could be pregnant with her fiance Dj Slahver.

However, Nicah has denied these rumors, saying that she is not pregnant and that she has been MIA because she needed some time to reflect and meditate. She also said that she wanted to focus her energy on her family and business.

Nicah and Slahver have been together for over a year and are engaged. They are both parents to children from previous relationships.

It is unclear why Nicah and Ofweneke broke up, but it seems that they are both moving on with their lives. Nicah is focusing on her family and business, while Ofweneke is focusing on his career.

Nicah The Queen Claims She Can Never Be Dumped, Claims She Dumped By Dr Ofweneke

Gospel artist Nicah the Queen has denied being dumped by her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke. In a post on her Instagram account, Nicah said that she is the one who does the dumping, and that it is crazy how people try to convince themselves of things to feel better.

“Oh boy! Don’t get me started! We both know I don’t get dumped..I do the dumping. It’s crazy what people convince themselves to feel better!” Nicah wrote.

She then went on to say that Dr Ofweneke should not dare her, as she has receipts, and they both know the truth. Nicah also said that her second name should be “an unforgettable ex” because she leaves a mark.

Dr Ofweneke, in an interview with Oga Obinna, claimed that he was the one who initiated the breakup because he had to rediscover himself. He said that they broke up while watching a movie on Netflix, and their children were present, along with other family members.

Ofweneke said that he and Nicah were perfect individuals, but they were not perfect for each other.

The back-and-forth between Nicah and Dr Ofweneke has sparked a debate on social media, with some people siding with Nicah and others siding with Dr Ofweneke. Only time will tell who is telling the truth, but one thing is for sure: this is one breakup that is not going away anytime soon.

Nicah the Queen Exposes Woman Flirting With Her Fiance DJ Slahver

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has taken to social media to expose a woman who allegedly tried to flirt with her fiancé, DJ Slahver. Nicah shared a screenshot of a conversation between Slahver and the woman, in which the woman asks Slahver if she can buy him coffee. Slahver asks the woman why she wants to buy him coffee, and she responds that she likes him.

Nicah was angered by the woman’s advances and felt the need to expose her. She wrote on social media,

“I had to expose this woman because she was trying to flirt with my man. I don’t want anyone else trying to come between us.”

She further stated that she didn’t expect her close friend to do such a thing.

”Life is very funny!! Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako!! This is a very good friend of mine…..a well known Celebrity trying her best shot behind my back on Slahver!! You’ve been pushing for me to bring Slahver over for dinner at your place kumbe unataka kumchukuwa????????????????ukaona I’m not interested ukaslide kwa DM???????????????? Ati I see y’all are ballin??? Ulitaka tuteseke ama?? ???????????????????? weeeh najionea mengi!! Ati bestie bestie ????????????????mkakae na huko mimi sitaki marafiki madem tena!! Sitaki ???????????? @slahverdon wasikuchukuwe hawa watu!”

The woman has since apologized to Nicah and Slahver. She said that she did not mean to cause any harm and that she was simply trying to be friendly. Nicah has accepted the woman’s apology and said that she hopes that this will teach others to respect other people’s relationships.

This incident has sparked a debate on social media about the ethics of exposing people who are trying to flirt with someone who is in a relationship. Some people believe that it is wrong to expose someone who is simply trying to be friendly, while others believe that it is necessary to protect people’s relationships from unwanted advances.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe it is right to expose someone who is trying to flirt with someone who is in a relationship. However, it is important to remember that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their relationship status.

Gospel singer Nicah says self pleasuring keeps you broke

Gospel singer Nicah who is more infamous for being Dr Ofweneke’s ex has decided to share her opinions on matter self-pleasuring… Yaani m@sturbaters and according to her, that is the very reason they are broke.

Dr.Ofweneke finally addresses rumours that he beat up ex-wife Nicah The Queen

She claims that self-pleasure steals some things from you because there is just a “ka-spirit” that steals things from you. It’s spiritual warfare and though you’ll have pleasure for a few minutes, but the ramifications will rob you of finances.

Nicah the Queen

She went on to speak about “spirit ties” and people who sleep around with random people. Nicah claimed that the spirit of fornication too leads to curses from going against God. At this point we would be remiss not to mention that she was once caught in bed with gospel singer Weezdom… So I don’t know, maybe she has 1st hand experience on this subject matter. Do you agree?

Weezdom clinches hard on ¨Nicah the Queen¨

Why is Nicah being body shamed for her god-given assets?

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Nicah The Queen’s New Relationship Won’t Work

Kenyan gospel artist Nicah the Queen is among Kenya’s hotties who have not been able to hold on to relationships. As a matter of fact, she recently just got engaged to a man whom she had announced she was no longer in a romantic relationship with.

Earlier this year, Nicah The Queen recently announced her split from DJ Slahver, a move that shocked fans since the two seemed to be deeply in love with each other.

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Nicah The Queen Set To Get Married

The mother of two wrote an emotional message on her Instagram explaining that people sometimes fall out of love. On the flipside, Slahver responded to Nicah’s post, and he thought it wise not to talk about the breakup until they both recovered from it. But now, the two sweethearts are already engaged.

Nicah the Queen flaunted an engagement ring and captioned;

”I said yes @djslahverdon. You and the babies got me on this one. I’m speechless. Thank you Lord Jesus!”

Nicah expressed her joy upon the engagement.

Why It Won’t Work

Despite Nicah being all curvy and bubbly, she doesn’t fancy relationships as such. Her previous relationship with Dr. Ofweneke had a nasty ending. But the jester already moved on. This time, Nicah and Slahver have been shaky with their relationship. The engagement is quite risky considering Nicah’s response to relationships. Slahver should have taken his time before the engagement.


‘Mimi ni type ya Makena Njeri ?’Nicah The Queen ready to switch sides after breakup with husband number 2

So both Nicah the Queen and husband, DJ Slahver have apparently parted ways following personal reasons that are yet to be revealed. The ex couple confirmed the breakup stories through their social media pages; but fans aren’t fully convinced and feel that they’re chasing clout.

Well, mostly because just a few weeks ago Nicah the Queen revealed that Slahver had already paid her dowry in full;


We are in the process of officiating our marriage. We have done the traditional process. I have paid dowry and so on

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Adding that were now waiting to officiate their union with a small wedding;

Even if we do a wedding it won’t be like something very big. It will be of about 20 – 30 people. Thoes that are really close to us

Fed up with men?

Barely a month after her confession on being Slahver’s wife and Nicah says it’s over. Just like that. All she could tell fans is that both her and ex bae had talked about it and decided to go separate ways. Wait why? I thought we’re all in this relationship together?

Anyway with their breakup publicized, Nicah isn’t planning on wasting more time looking for a male partner. Well, at least this is what her latest post implied judging from what she wrote.

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Can a born again Christian be a lesbian? Ama na overthink ?????????????

This time around it appears she wants to try some wild fun with the ladies and her target must be Makena Njeri who she also mentioned on the post.

Si mninyang’anye simu aki kabla nitext makena aniambie mimi si type Yake???????????? #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

Okay…having had 2 marriages fail – just like that...without notice… can we really blame Nicah the Queen for wanting to switch to females? They say life’s too short. So live.

Officially off the market! Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife, Nicah the Queen finally remarried

After being shamed for being a lazy woman who can’t keep a man, looks like Nicah is just about to shock Amber Ray with details of her upcoming wedding to Slahver.

Nicah catering to husband, Slahver

Oh yes, from what we understand is that Nicah just a found a husband in the popular DJ and the love being mutual – these two have now opted for a long term relationship, marriage.

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The Jesus girl who is also popularly known for being Dr Ofweneke’s wife has shared details of her relationship with Slahver saying they might have a wedding to officiate their union. However so far, Slahver has paid off dowry – which means Nicah is traditionally considered as his wife.

We are in the process of officiating our marriage. We have done the traditional process. I have paid dowry and so on

Possible wedding?

Although Nicah isn’t sure about a white wedding, the Christian socialite says that she wouldn’t really hold a big wedding; maybe just one that would see close friends and family attend.

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Nicah the Queen

 Even if we do a wedding, it won’t be like something very big. It will be of about 20-30 people. Those that are really close to us.

And just to prove her point, the lady says during her ruracio – not many were aware of the event and as you can see, it went all smooth with no objections or scandals from anyone.

Even when we did the ruracio and all, a lot of people didn’t know.


Nicah the Queen finally reveals what caused split from ex husband, Dr Ofweneke

Many have been wondering why Dr Ofweneke dumped his ex wife and baby mama Nicah the Queen for his new wife, Michelle right? Well finally we have the answer from Nicah herself; just days after Amber Ray revealed that laziness is what cost Nicah her marriage.

Well, while many continue to speculate like Amber herself – turns out that toxic differences in the marriage is what pushed Ofweneke and ex wife apart. At least this is what Nicah said during a recent interview, where she talked about her past relationship.

According to Jesus Girl, having misunderstandings every now and then proved that they had outgrown their love; and instead of getting better it just got worse hence had to part ways for the sake of their daughters. Speaking about this, the mother of three said;

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

We fell out. People fall in and they get to a point where one has outgrown the other and you find that there is now the peace of happiness because of the conflict between the two of you.

Still friends despite breakup

Of course there are those who wouldn’t understand what she means by differences – so allow me to speculate….maybe physical and verbal fights towards each other? Maybe.

Anyway with her relationship to Ofweneke dead and gone – the two remain friends and have to coparent for the sake of their kids. A while back, Nicah explained her new found relationship with Ofweneke saying;

Co parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind. To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. drofweneke we have done well!

But again this has also been made possible by their new partners Christine who is Ofweneke’s new wife and Slahver who is engaged to Nicah.

Nicah the Queen shares tips to successfully coparent with an ex

Having to raise a child with an ex needs a lot of patience and…prayers. And although y’all don’t have to be best friends after the breakup – truth is as parents you’ll need to work as a collaborative team for the sake of the child.

Well, Gospel singer Nicah the Queen who is Dr Ofweneke’s ex has opened up about coparenting with comedian – and from what she says – looks like this was the best decision she ever made.

Nicah talked about this through her gram where she shared photos from her daughter’s graduation and among the people on the photo is ex Dr Ofweneke who remains a good friend despite breakup. Captioning the new photos, the mother of two wrote;

Co parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind. To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. drofweneke we have done well!

Supportive spouses

Another secret of coparenting is having supportive spouses who are sometimes caught in between coparenting parents; but through their patience, understanding and advice – coparenting becomes a success.

For this reason Nicah thanked her boyfriend Slahver Deejay and Dr Ofweneke’s current wife Christine saying;

Congratulations Debbie on your graduation we are super proud of you. Thank you to our amazing and loving spouses @slahverdeejay and @christinetenderess for making it easier and always supporting us. Cheers to us! #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

“It can never be me” Hilarious reactions to Nicah The Queen’s video washing boyfriend’s legs

What’s the one thing that you’re girlfriend has ever done for you to think or feel…damn I’m loved or rather, ladies what have you ever done for your man to feel appreciated…and I’m not talking about the wallet, belt or handkerchief gifts! Trust me, your man can already afford that.

Nicah the Queen

Anyway… just in case you didn’t know how to appreciate the man you’re with – ‘gospel‘ singer Nicah the Queen has decided to share one tip that keep her men (well of course apart from Ofweneke) running back to her.

According to her latest post, pampering a man is one of those things that will have your bae feeling important. She goes on to prove her point by scrubbing his feet, massaging them while advising her followers.


Netizens not about that life

However from the comment section, looks like most Nairobi women are done carrying their men like small babies. Most disagreed with her theory while others hyped her to continue playing housewife to a man she’s ‘just’ living with.

Come on, it can’t be that bad right? Ama kila mtu ajipange? Anyway…. men, if your woman hasn’t been pampering you, then she must be among the it can never be me lot. And here are her friends talking.

“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

So looks like a few people here and there were  aware of Willy Paul and Diana Marua’s fling but chose to keep quiet after Bahati wifed her.

I say this because so far Weezdom has been dragged into the matter and now Nicah the Queen says both her; and ex husband, Dr Ofweneke met Pozee while he visited Diana Marua in her Syokimau apartment a few years back. So meaning, there are more who know of this story.

Nicah the Queen

However according to Nicah the Queen, she feels like Diana Marua may have exaggerated her story after claiming Willy Paul tried to rape her.

This is because at the time Pozee had picked her from Greatwall phase 1 they passed by Phase 2 to say hi to Ofweneke; and Diana who was on the Co drivers seat did not seem uneasy or in any danger – in fact she was singing to a song playing in the car.

Weezdom clinches hard on ¨Nicah the Queen¨

Nicah the Queen opens up

In a detailed video shared by Nicah, the mother of two defends Willy Paul against the allegations made by Diana Marua; saying the lady was too comfortable around the singer at the time  – for her to accuse him of rape.

Judging from her tone it’s obvious to see that Nicah is on Pozee’s side as she insists on the importance of being truthful. Well maybe things may have changed after they left the greatwall residence; but again, could Diana be regretting her one night stand with Willy Paul hence the whole drama? Who knows!

Nicah the Queen’s message to ex husband, Dr Ofweneke after proposing marriage to new lover

Comedian Dr Ofweneke will soon be off the market after he proposed to his lover, Christine: who doubles up as his baby mama and best friends.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

The two lovers have been dating for close to 3 years now and after learning each other well – seems like they are ready to settle down as married couple and we love it.

Dr Ofweneke with wife, Christine

For the first time Dr Ofweneke brought out his romantic side to play; as he pulled a surprise birthday party – which was also part of his engagement plan; leaving his lady quite impressed.

Congratulatory messages in order

Well, with everyone congratulating the two on their engagement; comedian Dr Ofweneke’s first and ex wife Nicah the Queen has also joined the bandwagon as she also sent out a message to the couple.

Unlike many expected, turns out that Nicah is actually happy for her baby daddy and his new lady for having found genuine love in each other. For that reason, she went on to celebrate the two on their engagement with a special message where she wrote;

Nicah the Queen celebrates ex husband on his engagement to Christine

My insta family help me in congratulating drofweneke and @christinetenderess on their engagement. The girls and I are super happy for both of you…

On the same post, Nicah made it known that she is in good terms with Christine; as she thanked her for being a great step mum to her daughters. Nicah went on to conclude her post by saying;

Mama E I want to take this opportunity to thank you for always being a great mom to Faith and Debbie, they love and appreciate you. ???? #Jesusgurl

Nicah the Queen laughs off at her failed marriage with ex husband, Dr Ofweneke

Nicah the Queen has always been controversial despite the fact that she refers to herself as Jesus Gurl; however  her lifestyle says something totally different – but who I’m i to judge?

Anyway, after maintaining a low profile weeks after her big booty church advertisement; looks like Nicah is back to making news once again; and this time around the lady is here to talk about her past life.

Well, a few days ago Nicah shared a screenshot from a newspaper copy; that featured both her and ex husband Dr Ofweneke to which she captioned;


Hii time mungejaribu kutuambia tutaachana tu tungewaita haters! Sasa ona hakuna mtu ako na mwingine hapa!

Laughs off at lies told

On the same post, she went on to talk about some of the promises; she had been told by ex husband Ofweneke who doubles up as her baby daddy. And boy – men can really lie when they see you’re in love with them.

According to Nicah, her ex back then not only promised the world; but assured her that their love was going to last for eternity. She wrote;

Dr Ofweneke with baby mama, Nicah the Queen an two kids

Wangu kwanza alikuwa ananiambia hawezi ishi bila mimi.. saa hii namwona tu bado anapumua huko nje!???????????????? #Jesusgurl

Well…judging from the newspaper it is true that none of the couples featured is still together; but si ni life? 

Not quite sure why Nicah decided to pick on the exes featured on the newspaper; but truth is – after Ofweneke left – Nicah became a savage! And fans cannot get enough of her street vibe.

“Kurudiana na yeye hapana” Nicah the Queen denies wanting ex, Dr Ofweneke back

Nicah the Queen has been making headlines thanks to her big booty but truth is; fans love it and can’t wait to see another video from the lady.

After years of living life like most Nairobi girls; Nicah recently decided to change her ways; and is now believed to be investing as a minister of the word. So far we she refers to herself as Jesus Gurl – but something about her mode of dressing seems to speak otherwise.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

Away from that, just the other day – Nicah opened about her life, church; and ex husband Dr Ofweneke while on an interview with Massawe Jappani. For the first time we got to learn a few unknown details about their former relationship; and whether or not she has since moved on.

Moved on for the better

Judging from what the gospel singer, socialite cum minister of the word said; it’s obvious to see that coparenting has been really easy for her and the comedian.

Unlike other couples – these two are focused on giving their daughters a healthy home despite the family being blended. Speaking about her ex, Nicah not only admitted to missing her ex man; but made it known that they are just friends. She said;

I miss the moments, I would say we created good memories. He was my best friend, we used to talk and even if love fails, if you people were best friends, you still care for each other as friends…

For those claiming that she wants to get back with the comedian, Nicah went on to address this saying;

there are moments na sio ile ya kumumiss ati yakutaka kurudiana na yeye hapana.

“Even if I wear a sack, my bum will still jiggle” says Jesus gurl, Nicah the Queen

Nicah the Queen who is popularly known as comedian Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife and of course singer Weezdom friends with benefit; has been leaving fans with wild thoughts on social media all thanks to her body.

The lass left many talking this past weekend following a video she shared inviting fans and friends to her new church. However what triggered is the fact that the video shows her walking away; and boy did her mama bless her generously.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

While others concentrated on the flawless glowing skin; her haters decided to use her ‘strength’ against her – but little did they know that Jesus Girl is saved for real. Anyway addressing the many claims and insults, Nicah through her IG went on to write;

Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church…I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking I don’t think it would have blown out of proportion. I love God and that will never change.

Deal with it

From her statement, it appears that Ofweneke’s ex wife is aware that she was blessed with big assets: and even if she tried to hide them – it wouldn’t work.

So for those calling her out for skimpy outfits and tight dresses, Nicah has this to tell you.

Nicah the Queen

My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD. #JESUSGURL

And there you have it!

Wueh! Comedian Dr Ofweneke’s wife accused of using big booty video to lure people to church

Comedian Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife has been trending for days thanks to a video she shared on Sunday; inviting her followers to come join her church – but fans feel that she may have been seducing them.

This is probably because of the walk she did at the end of the video where her big booty can be seen swinging from left to right; up and down – all in the name of attracting more flock to her church.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

As expected their are those who can’t help for another Sunday to come; while others condemned the lady for using nothing spiritual – but flesh to market the house of God.

Nicah the Queen speaks

Having come across the controversial posts pointing fingers and condemning her for big gifts God gave her; Ofweneke’s ex wife issued a statement saying;

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

Apparently am trending for the video I did last Sunday inviting you guys to church…I did an innocent video and walked an innocent walk. If it was a petite person walking I don’t think it would have blown out of proportion. I love God and that will never change. My body should never at one point describe my religion nor my love for christ and even if I wear a sack my bum will still jiggle. I welcome you to our church CHRIST EMBASSY ALONG SHIMO LA TEWA ROAD. #JESUSGURL

Nicah the Queen

Well, I guess this is what we call good PR; and although Nicah continues to be trolled, as fans – don’t you think she has you where she wanted you to be? Smart.

Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife steps out looking hotter than ever now that she is single (Photos)

Let no one ever lie to you that looks don’t matter cause they do! There’s nothing worse than ex downgrading after a break up; but Kenyan men are always thirsty for loaded women meaning looks doesn’t really matter to them.

Dr Ofweneke however found a beautiful woman after walking out on ex wife Nicah the Queen. Looking at both ladies, it’s clear to see that the comedian has taste; but of course his ex wife is more fashionable judging from the photos shared on her gram.

Just the other day Nicah left most of her male fans sending DM’s and lusting over her well curved figure; as she stepped out in blue biker shorts with a matching shirt. From the comments left by fans on the post; it’s no secret that Nicah’s body reminds many of a Bugatti or rather a Maserati thanks to it’s sleek view.

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Jesus girl looking hotter than before

Although some may say this fire outfit is provocative; truth is, she has nothing to loose but gain at the end of the end of the day especially with her wealthy followers.

Judging also from her latest posts it’s also clear to see that Nicah is aging gracefully and as the years go by her beauty continues to get refined. Below are the few photos shared by the lady as seen on her IG page.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever
Ofweneke’s ex wife

Where should gospel musicians draw the line?

Kush Tracey’s recent release with Kristoff and Yvonne Darcq dubbed Bash has elicited mixed reactions and left many wondering whether she’s still a gospel musician.

Earlier this year, the Ndulu hitmaker announced that she had seen the light and she has been releasing songs that glorify the man above until recently when she chose a different path.

Her outfits have also raised eyebrows. According to her critics, Kush Tracey’s recent dress code doesn’t reflect someone who is saved.

She’s not alone. Other gospel singers such as Nicah The Queen have also been faulted for their seductive dressing which many claim does not glorify God.

On the other hand, the likes of Willy Paul are often put on the spot for releasing songs that have little or nothing to do with spreading the word.

Others have previously been criticized for indulging in alcohol and/or drugs, visiting places that are not ‘holy’ such as clubs and sleeping around.

The actions of local gospel musicians makes anyone wonder whether there is a line that they can’t cross i.e. how far they are willing to go.

Ideally, they are supposed to lead their lives in a certain way so that people who look up to them desire to be like them but they don’t do that.

You would not be wrong if you said that modern-day gospel musicians are leading people away from the Lord instead of calling them to Him.

Looking at their lifestyles, you’ll realize they are just in it for the money. Nothing more. They just want to be known as gospel artists but there is nothing about their music that shows that they are saved.

It’s about time they realize that their actions don’t just reflect on them but also on the faith. They should not make Christianity look like a joke. Enough said.