Gospel singer Nicah the Queen tempts team Mafisi with half-naked pics showing thunder thighs and wasp-like waist (Photos)

Nicah The Queen is in the gospel industry but can sure leave team mafasi tempted than the devil does to them.

The singer, who was married to comedian Dr Ofweneke, was recently on IG to wreak havoc with some bikini photos. We all know how the mother of two is blessed when it comes to having a curvy body.


She didn’t hold back from flaunting it on social media where she posted two photos wearing a bikini.

The photos are a sure double-tap but some fans apparently were not happy with them.

She later deleted the photos maybe because of some backlash from her fans who urged her not to be posting half-naked photos because she’s a Christian.

Here are the photos:



¨May my God give me strength¨ Nicah the Queen confesses her struggle with $ex addiction

Popular gospel beauty, Nicah the Queen opens up about her addiction to $ex.

The singer-songwriter reveals she is not perfect, confessing that despite exhibiting a high profile, she does struggle with issues.


This time round, she tells fans how she missed being a prostitute by a whisker.

Despite being a Christian, Nicah discloses her addiction to $ex, citing that she is no different.

And in a bid to encourage others, she writes:

I´m no scared of sharing my testimony, my calling ain´t for the perfect but for the stained…..

I will repeat it over and over again, confidently without the fear of being judged!

I am who I am because of what I went through….

I´m here to give hope to those young laddies struggling with $ex addiction, abortion, single mamas, prostitutes and many more,

and teaching those in school the benefits of abstinence and dangers of having a ´sponsor´ to better their lives……

May my God give me strength.


In the past, she has spoken up about her tough upbringing.

The ´Ushuhuda´ singer was raised by a single dad after her mum abandoned her and her little siblings.


Additionally having more on her plate than she could handle, after getting pregnant aged 15 with the man responsible, a 26 year old taking off like he had never met her.

She had to take the bull by the horns and face the consequences of life choices as they came.