Nicah the Queen responds to fans worried she’s going to expire before she gets married

Gospel singer Nicah The Queen has assured her fans that she still has plenty of time to find the proper mate. To drive home her point, she disclosed her birth year.
After two failed engagements, Nicah-born Veronica Wanja addressed fans’ concerns about her age and chances of finding a decent mate in an Instagram post, shortly after declaring that she and her fiancé DJ Slahver had broken up amicably.

“Kwani how old do you guys think I am? I’m 28 turning 29 in Dec….so chill I still have time to settle! I gave birth to my firstborn when I was below 20…I was 19 years old when Ofweneke married me and he was 22🙄🙄,”

Nevertheless, sceptics refused to believe it, claiming they needed documentation from her identity card rather than her passport photo. Her followers questioned the initial announcement of her split, claiming she sought to make headlines before releasing a single.

The two lovers’ romance did not last the distance; they had only became engaged in May 2023.

Nicah the Queen shows us how most Kenyan women view Amber Ray

Nicah the Queen and Amber Ray are currently engaged in one of the more entertaining beef we have seen between two female celebrities. And what is so dope about their drama is the fact that they are both offering us a great look at the world of women and the inner psyche of the same but with nuance.

Nicah the Queen hits back hard at Amber Ray, reminds her why Jimal chose his family over her

On the one hand, we have the gospel singer who has attempted to fashion herself according to the schema of the Madonna and then we have the socialite who has owned the mental schema of the heaux. And both are unapologetic about which side they stand on.

Nicah the Queen

Interestingly enough, in the case of Nicah, in her youth, she used to work a job that many associate with loose morals. And that job was being a barmaid. And she herself admits that she was almost sucked into the world of prostitution because that is what happens to most barmaids in rural Kenyan bars.

“He left because of your laziness” Amber Ray to Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife, Nicah

Then we have Amber Ray, a woman who has always embraced being an urban heaux but was also associated with the prostitution profession by an Edgar Obare exposè that also involved her late best friend, Empresal, a rumoured former madam.

Amber Ray

So how is it they have come to stand on two very different mental points of origin? Well, that’s because Nicah understands true hardship and is aware that she probably doesn’t have the skills to support herself without the support of financial support of a man. Meanwhile, Amber Ray is confident that she can always get foolish men who will willingly support her lifestyle. Men like Jimal Roho Safe and other such simps.

Nicah the Queen And Amber Ray Roast Each Other In Nasty Online Scuffle (Screenshots)

However, the real reason why they are at odds is that one is clearly fearful of the other while she is envious of her counterpart. Nicah lives in fear that Jezebels such as Amber Ray will take away their husbands. Amber on her part is envious of what Nicah has managed to find for herself, a man and stable family life.

Amber Ray

Think about it. Our gospel nightingale knows good men are in short supply. This experience comes from trying with different men and realising that most only wanted her for her body. She had very little to offer a top tier man. She is a single mother of 3, and one of her children’s fathers is a top tier man in the form of Dr Ofweneke. She knows that while she has the type of body and looks that many African men worship, most of them simply want their turn with her then move on.

Why Nicah the Queen’s video offended feminists

Amber Ray is bitter. It would be easy to say that unlike her contemporary, she has not come to the realisation yet. It would be easy to make the excuse that she believes that all the men she is able to get (but not keep) are always going to be available to her. But that is not the case. She has been married to Zaheer Jhanda. She was married to Jimal Roho Safi. She knows she wants to be married but she has come to accept that no man sees her as a serious option for a wife.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

So what is she supposed to do after realizing she doesn’t have a chance in hell of being made an honest wife by a top tier man? Her only option is to despise the very notion of marriage. And that is where she finds herself.

“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

The fight is not done yet but what Amber Ray needs to understand is that what she is seeing in Nicah’s behaviour is exactly how most Kenyan women view her. They see her not only as a threat but as being a lesser woman. And that is drawn from our societal evolution… Women who cannot lock down the commitment of a man are considered as having failed at life. And before you get your feminist aunty to come after me, you need to understand why this is the view. It is because our biological imperative like with any other creature on earth is procreation. However, women evolved to demand resources from their potential mates.

Nicah the Queen
Gospel singer Nicah the Queen

So a woman who cannot get that is seen as having failed. And Nicah knows that this makes her dangerous. Because she is still trying to lock down that commitment and it doesn’t matter to Amber Ray if she gets it from your husband.

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Why Nicah the Queen’s video offended feminists

Nicah the Queen decided to share a video of herself watching the feet of her man and that set the internets (those damnable interwebs) ablaze. How dare she do anything for the expressed pleasure of her man especially if she derives no direct benefit from doing so?

“It can never be me” Hilarious reactions to Nicah The Queen’s video washing boyfriend’s legs

What sought of lesson is she trying to impart in our young, impressionable daughters? How dare she do anything selfless? And all those screams came from unmarried, unhappy, feminist windbags who cannot stand to see a man or a woman happily in their relationship.


You see, to any feminist, Nicah the Queen’s actions are not just anathema but straight up treachery to the feminist cause and should be condemned in the strongest possible way. But… Here’s the problem with their attitudes and sentiment to what she did; they do not have and have not had real male companions for quite some time. And we aren’t going to count spineless male feminists who have been proven to be nothing short of truly insidious.

“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

Anyway, from what I can see happened, Nicah innocently decided to wash her man’s feet. He was relaxing and she wanted to take that relaxation to the next level. Perhaps her love language is doing acts of affection. If that is the case, there is nothing wrong with that. But a lot of selfish, bitter feminists feel that their way of doing things is best. And what is that way? Doing nothing that will give their man pleasure in their never-ending war against the patriarchy.

Nicah the Queen

Why is their reaction noteworthy for us normal human beings? Because we need to investigate the root to understand why the fruits are so bitter. And that is what we are here for because it will help you understand why you must never listen to a self-admitted feminist about life and love.

Nicah the Queen Regrets Losing Dr Ofweneke

Nicah the Queen is a woman with a man. Despite the fact she has three children, she has still managed to get herself a man who is by all accounts doing well in his profession of choice. But what about her contemporary single mothers? They are still stuck in the cycle of looking for love and not realising that their attitude is the reason for their extended singlehood.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

They are morose and unwelcoming, they are always sulking and want to flagellate a man for the sins of his predecessors. As a result, they only ever attract the type of men who hunt for wounded and broken women: predators. The type of men who strike fast and hard and then melt into the night once they have sated their carnal curiosity. The woman is left feeling cheated as she had probably build castles in the sky and now she is left clutching at straws.

And Nicah reminds them of this. When they see her, they see all the chances they might have had but missed out on while they were young and chasing after exciting men. Now they are stuck with a child or three who they feel impede their quest to finally find a loving man. Meanwhile, this woman is showing off the type of activities they wish they could do for a man -any man.

Nicah the Queen with her man holding her from the back

This angers them to no end and because they cannot go after her man, they instead focus their vexation at the gospel artist who is well known and has had some famously catastrophic relationships. How can fate favour one to the extent that they are allowed a do-over while other “more deserving” women are denied the same?

But I can only hope that Nicah sees through the hate these Medusas spew her way and actually continues to nurture her relationship with her man. Aslong as he continues to prove himself worthy.

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Nicah the Queen Regrets Losing Dr Ofweneke

Nicah the Queen walked out on Dr Ofweneke a few years back and the split utterly devastated him. When he next surfaced publicly, it was at a Koroga festival instalment and he was as drunk as a skunk, completely beyond the point of reason.

Isn’t he a staunch Christian? Dr Ofweneke caught on camera drunk as a skunk at the Koroga Festival

Back then, it seemed like she had won. She was flourishing and a lot of men were looking to slide into her DMs and have a share in the spoils. And she made sure to flaunt that fact. Remember when she was dating a man of Nigerian extraction? She made a whole meal of that relationship.

Nicah the Queen

Meanwhile, Dr Ofweneke chose to silently rebuild. He stopped talking about his social life and instead threw himself into building his career. He sought out mentors like Jalas and then doubled down on building his legacy.

Nicah the Queen laughs off at her failed marriage with ex husband, Dr Ofweneke

Then all of a sudden he announced that he and his lady, a woman by the name Christine Tenderess, were expecting a baby together. That was when we saw a change in his exes behaviour online. She began doing the most for attention. She would share thirst traps under the guise of inviting members of the general public to her church.

Nicah the Queen

All this while, Dr Ofweneke is focused on his career and his new family. And they did indeed receive the blessing of a bundle of joy. He is living his best life. And indeed, all this joy is manifesting itself in his career.

Why Nicah is missing Dr Ofweneke and has struggled to replace him

And now he is engaged. Indeed, he wants to make an honest woman of his sweetheart. In the meantime, Nicah is no longer able to date balanced men. She only seems to attract men who want short, fun stints with her. And it isn’t hard to see why. She is a single mother of 3. Which self-respecting high-value man wants to saddle himself with 3 children?

Nicah the Queen celebrates ex husband on his engagement to Christine

And that is why she regrets losing Ofweneke. We can also tell this from how her narrative has changed. She has gone from being the angry victim of her narrative who grants more interviews about her relationship than her career. These days when she talks about him, it is to praise the man and father he is. The reason for this is her regrets.

“Yes I still love my ex!” Nicah the Queen confesses

While she was younger, Nicah the Queen was growing in options. Maybe not options for happily ever after but options nonetheless. Now she has to face the truth that she might have lost the best thing she had -Dr Ofweneke. And she has to see that very man get a do-over. That must pack a punch.

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Why is Nicah being body shamed for her god-given assets?

Nicah the Queen is being dragged, mainly by women for a video she shot in which she was featured inviting people to her church. The fact she was inviting people to her church isn’t the issue, rather the fact that the video featured her curvaceous body.

Dr.Ofweneke finally addresses rumours that he beat up ex-wife Niccah The Queen

Nicah who was previously married to comedian Dr Ofweneke before she left the marriage under the cloud of claims of infidelity and domestic violence has stayed true to her gospel roots and is still heavily involved in church.

So it really should come as no surprise to anyone that she would try to “win souls to Christ” by inviting them to her place of worship. And so a video was shot and we were enthralled by her large derriere. But what is wrong with her using this god-given asset to win souls over to God?

“It will end in marriage” Weezdom’s girlfriend claps back at haters poking their noses in her relationship

You see, Nicah is simply a creation of God. And she was not luridly dressed. She was in a blouse and a skirt. What did people expect of her? For her to be in a buibui? And she is aware that she is indeed aware of how ridiculous and contrived the outrage is so she has simply acknowledged that regardless of what she wears, she would still have a buxom buttock that sways.

Nicah back when she was still with Ofweneke

And if the people grumbling are indeed Christians, they would do well to remember that Jesus himself hang out with prostitutes. And I say this to simply say that they should be more focused on how to keep the men tempted to come to their church and convert them to having a closer relationship with God.

Weezdom finally talks about his relationship with Dr Ofweneke’s baby mama

Nicah’s is a case of “come for the booty, stay for the word” and indeed, even a trap needs bait. Given the imperialistic nature of Christianity, they need to view this as a war and sometimes in war, a misdirection is an important tool. This would allow them to adapt and thrive because let’s face it, with Covid-19, the attendance numbers in alot of churches has nosedived to the point of straight-up bombing.

Nicah the Queen
Gospel singer Nicah the Queen

And the idea that women are the ones leading the body-shaming brigade against Nicah is very troubling especially because one would think they would pay the call for female solidarity more than lip service. Plus it shows that they have a problem with something as simple as beauty -why else would they be leading the outrage?

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen forced to delete her lustful bikini photo

Anyway, what do I know? I am just a simple man who always looks for simple solutions.

Nicah the Queen
Nicah was heavily criticized by women

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Gospel singer Nicah the Queen leaves no room for imagination with her bikini photos

Gospel singer and mother of two Nicah the Queen has definitely been giving team mafisi a reason to hit her DM thanks to her lustful photos.

Of late, the lady has been parading her body on Instagram and this time around she is seen wearing swimsuits – which only cover her privates leaving everything else out in the open.

Well, her latest photos and videos have now left her fans questioning whether she is indeed a gospel artist or an attention seeker.

Thirstful photos

Well, this is not the first time the lady is parading her curves on social media however this time around Nicah did not pull down her posts despite being bashed by fans.

Below are just a few photos shared by the gospel artist on her Instagram page.


“I’m now ready to remarry,” Nicah The Queen shouts years after Ofweneke broke her heart 

Gospel musician Nicah The Queen has come out to reveal that she’s ready to settle down and give marriage a second chance after her failed first tryout.

The singer who was married to comedian Dr. Owfeneke said that she’s ready to use the lessons she got from her first failed relationship now that she has healed.

‘I thank God for all the heartbreaks I have experienced, for all the pain and rejection I have faced but guess what, I still want to love and be under someone, I still want to look up to and follow someones footsteps. I still want to submit and be someone’s wife. I still want to pray for someone and love them without condition. I still want to be someone’s best friend and hide their nakedness,” she wrote.

Moving on

Nicah accused Ofweneke of domestic violence while he accused her of being promiscuous. Since then Nicah has never really moved on though he has been linked to different men.

”One day I’ll build my own house, I will love and honour my husband, he will call me blessed so are my kids. I can’t wait and Papa God knows that’s my heart desires,” she added.

I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice -Nicah opens up on depression, stress 

Dr Owfeneke ex-wife, Nicah the Queen, has opened up on the rough path she has been through in life so far.

According to the gospel singer, she disclosed that at one point, someone she loved left her without notice. She also said she has experienced rejection, heartbreak, and being judged.

“How am I holding up? How am I feeling whole again? How did my broken heart heal? How did I get my confidence back? How am I hoping again? How’s my faith growing day by day?? How?? Just how?” she said. 

“Been rejected, judged and felt like am not enough. I have cried myself to sleep most of the nights, I have wished death on myself, I have been hurt by someone I loved and left me without notice, I have had to be strong and a superhero for my girls.”


Nicah, who is a mother of two, said that despite all this, she has managed to stand on her feet and fight depression. She wanted fans to know that depression is real and people should spread awareness.

“Heartbreaks are real, depression is real, reality is painful and life is never fair but at the end of the day God has the final say. I AM A MIRACLE!!! GOD HELD ME AND NOW AM A TESTIMONY. Don’t give up on yourself…. you are raising again and this time round you’ll shock many.” she said. 

Dr.Ofweneke finally addresses rumours that he beat up ex-wife Niccah The Queen

It has been a rumor that has been doing rounds now for almost two years: Did comedian Dr. Ofweneke beat up his wife Niccah The Queen to almost a pulp?

The comedian, during the Trend Show, finally addressed the issue saying that he didn’t do it despite the allegations.

“NO,” said the comedian after Amina Abdi asked him if he attacked his wife.

“So many things can be labeled on you. And they might not be true. Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and i apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father, I had my faults.”

nicah the queen

Time to be a better man

He went on:

“After my divorce I said i’m gonna take some time off to better myself as a man. Not because i wasn’t a better man but because I was left so curious on where did i go wrong as a man.

“I went into doing a lot of research. I was so keen in knowing what to do being you. One of the things i came to find out is that people get into marriage expecting someone else to make you happy.”


“The next woman coming to my life better know she’s not coming to make me happy. She’s coming as a cream to the cake because the cake is already prepared. I’m whole.make yourself happy before somebody else.”