Gospel singer Nicah the Queen tempts team Mafisi with half-naked pics showing thunder thighs and wasp-like waist (Photos)

Nicah The Queen is in the gospel industry but can sure leave team mafasi tempted than the devil does to them.

The singer, who was married to comedian Dr Ofweneke, was recently on IG to wreak havoc with some bikini photos. We all know how the mother of two is blessed when it comes to having a curvy body.


She didn’t hold back from flaunting it on social media where she posted two photos wearing a bikini.

The photos are a sure double-tap but some fans apparently were not happy with them.

She later deleted the photos maybe because of some backlash from her fans who urged her not to be posting half-naked photos because she’s a Christian.

Here are the photos:



Nicah: Never knew taking an innocent photo will result to all these stories

Nicah The Queen, Dr Ofweneke’s ex-wife, was recently embroiled is some nasty drama after word started circulating that she’s bedding Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

Harmonize, who was in Kenya a few days ago and even proclaimed he’s single, was photographed with Nicah making fans conclude that he’s cheating.

Caught lying

Nicah has come out to shoot down the allegations and explain everything to her fans, denying that she bedded the popular Wasafu singer after lying she has never met him.

She said, “I owe all my fans the truth and an apology for all those who support my ministry…
1.I have never been into a relatioship with Harmonize.
2.I’m not PREGNANT.
3.We took this photo sometime last year at the studio.I have never met him again ever since.
I don’t know where all these stories came from and it has affected me in a big way.My apologies to all those who support and listen to my music.Never knew taking an innocent photo will result to all this stories.God bless you all.”

After dumping her fiance, renown gospel singer shows off her incredible hips in new photos

Dr Ofweneke’s ex fiance has been ‘killing’ her fans with her figure that she lately parades on her social media. However, we cannot blame her as she is now a single mother trying to make ends meet for her two children and has no restrictions as to what she can step out in.

Nicah has lately been showing off what her mama gave her and from the comments left under her photos, the lady is driving many crazy. For the past few days she has been posting photos looking all stunning in tights and high waist pants that cannot conceal her figure.

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The singer now joins the likes of Grace Msalame who suddenly gained weight after giving birth. She is however not complaining as her ‘fats’ are going to the right places…something very few lady’s experience with their bodies.

Anyway, Nicah is currently a single mother after she called off her ‘engagement’ with Comedian Dr Ofweneke citing domestic violence. We are however not sure of what occurred between the two as their are rumours claiming that Nicah was involved with other men when she was still dating the comedian.

As we wait for Dr Ofweneke to reveal the truth, checkout photos of his ex fiance below:

Ofweneke's ex, Nicah
Ofweneke’s ex, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama