Nicholas Kioko Offers Home Tour Despite His House Being Compared To A Police Station

YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and his wife Wambo Ashley recently shared a video tour of their new home in Kioko’s rural village. The cozy abode features two bedrooms and pops of vibrant colors like orange, black, and white.

Some viewers compared the color scheme to a police station, but Kioko remained unfazed by the online criticism. In a recent interview, he confidently defended his home, emphasizing that cultural significance trumps outside opinions.

“It didn’t bother me,” Kioko said. “Those who speak negatively can build their own houses. I don’t have time for them. They’re either unhappy with their own lives or sent by competitors to spread negativity.”

Kioko takes pride in his home, which reflects his Wakamba heritage. He explained the cultural tradition of bringing a deceased person’s coffin inside the house before burial, highlighting the importance of homeownership in his community.

“I’m proud of it,” Kioko said. “In Wakamba culture, a man must build a house. When you die, your coffin is brought inside your house first. So building a home is a top priority.”

While acknowledging his wife’s sensitivity to negative comments, Kioko assures her that online opinions hold little weight compared to the value of their home.

Nicholas Kioko Explains Hardships Of Raising Twins

Well-known content creator Nicholas Kioko, recently gave a personal glimpse into the joys and challenges of raising his twin sons, Roman and Rommy, in an interview with Oga Obinna.

Kioko described parenthood with twins as a rollercoaster of hectic yet rewarding moments, presenting unique joys and difficulties. He highlighted the twins’ synchronization โ€“ often napping, crying, and even falling ill in tandem.

Despite their undeniable similarities, the young boys display individual personalities. One, a more eager eater, contrasts with the other, who may struggle with mealtimes. Additionally, one emerges as the more active sibling, guiding his brother in activities like using electronics.

Kioko expressed his love and pride for his sons in a recent Instagram post celebrating their first birthday.

He wrote,

“Happy first birthday to our mono mono boys! You guys brought joy in our lives. Youโ€™ve made us proud. May your bond remain strong, filled with twice the love, joy, and laughter.”

Kioko and his partner, Ashley Wambo, welcomed their twin sons in February 2023. As they continue to navigate parenthood, Kioko’s openness about his experiences offers a relatable and heartwarming perspective on raising twins.

Nicholas Kioko Reveals Why He’s Hesitant To Impregnate His Wife Ashley Wambo Again

In a recent interview, content creator and YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and his wife Ashley Wambo shared some insights into their marriage.

Kioko revealed that when he first met his wife, he wanted her to quit her job and stay at home. He struggled to understand why she would not want to do this, despite his vision for their future.

He also shared that they are hesitant to have more children, as they are afraid of having twins again, as happened with their first pregnancy. Kioko explained that the cost of living is high, and they are worried about being able to afford to raise another set of twins.

“We are scared of getting pregnant because if we do, we are afraid that we will have twins again, and raising them is difficult. The saying that a child comes with their own plate is a scam,” he said.

Kioko also admitted that his wife was single for three years before they got married, and that she had no one hitting on her during that time.

The interview provides a glimpse into the couple’s life together and the challenges they face. It also highlights the importance of communication and compromise in a marriage.

Nicholas Kioko & His Girlfriend Wambo Ashley Introduce Their Twin Boys To The World (Photo)

Kenyan YouTuber Nicholas Kioko and his girlfriend Wambo Ashley have introduced their twin boys, Romans Reigns and Rommy Leo, to the world.

The happy parents took to social media to share pictures of their adorable newborns, who were born in February this year.

“Twins are a blessing from God. Theyโ€™re also pretty amazing. Meet our twins finally @rom_twins,” Kioko wrote.

Kioko and Wambo announced that they were expecting twins in December 2022. They said that they were excited to share their journey with their fans.

The couple also debuted in the music industry in December 2022 with the single “You,” where they talk about how they intend to love each other.

Social media users have been quick to heap praises on the adorable twins, with many calling them “double the smiles” and “double the love.”

Kioko and Wambo are no doubt enjoying their new role as parents, and we wish them all the best with their twins.

Top 5 gender reveals ever done in Kenya

LOL, yes, gender reveals have become so much of a thing that we now have to make a list of the top 5 ones that have happened. Here we go:


Vera and Brown Mauzo

Beachside party with a limousine entrance and a chopper doing the reveal itself

Amber Ray and Ken Rapudo

Entry with a chopper, elaborate settings, but Ken’s other children were looking neglected while Amber was thriving. That was shameful

Wajesus Family

Giant poolside party with fireworks and all

Bahati and Diana B

Nicholas Kioko and Wambo

Pretty basic but all the influencers showed up which made it a big deal

Nicholas Kioko’s song is proof as to why Kenyan music can not make it past our borders

Nicholas Kioko and girlfriend Wambow Ashley are expecting their first child together and yes – this is just one of the many blessings these two have received this year.

So far, we understand the guy is ranked among the most successful content creators in the country and looking at his journey – indeed Nicholas has put in work to get where he is today.

Nicholas Kioko

Well apart from that, looks like Nicholas Kioko has been keeping a hidden talent which he recently exposed by realising his first song featuring his girlfriend; and judging from how netizens reacted….mmmmh let us just say – music isnt for everybody but again, it’s a business with good money when you have a godfather.

Kenyan musicians

Get this….we are not saying Nicholas Kioko can’t sing or his music is basic….but all we are saying is that he could have done better now that kenyans are asking for new unique content…ie Sauti Sol’s Lil Mama or even Bahati’s vernacular songs.

I mean, with the way other artists have been trying to keep up with artists from other countries, maybe….just maybe…we would have expected Nicholas Kioko to borrow a thing or two. How else are we to compete or have radio stations playing local music and not Tz or Nigerian music?

Maybe i am wrong but judging from some of the comments left under the music video…i want to believe that I am not the only one who feels Kioko would have done better.

Well, the quality of the video is however impressive.