Still in mourning, late Charles Ouda’s best friend Nick Ndeda is stepping back from activities

Even weeks after the cremation of Charles Ouda, actor Nick Ndeda remains deeply affected by the sudden loss of his best friend, Charlie. The actor recently opened up about his ongoing struggle to come to terms with Charlie’s death, which occurred on February 3.

In a social media post, Nick expressed his sadness and ongoing grief, revealing that he is not currently in the mood for socializing or attending events. He requested people to respect his decision and allow him to navigate his emotions in his own time.

Nick shared that his grief process involves meditation, introspection, and a period of isolation. He clarified that he is not experiencing depression but is going through a phase of sadness. Despite the challenges, he conveyed optimism by stating, “But we gon be alright.”

Nick Ndeda confirms breakup with Betty Kyallo, but says ‘they are still good friends’

I want to say that this beautiful romantic relationship between Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo was somehow one sided.

I mean, fans could tell from how Betty Kyallo kept hyping the relationship by posting couple goal photos and of course documenting their getaways; while boyfriend on the other hand – well, he was just there to be seen.

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Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Well this could have probably been caused by Nick Ndeda’s low key kinda lifestyle; but common – even boring boyfriends try to be affectionate, right? But again, kuna vitu huwezi force kwa hii life.

Confirms breakup but friend zones Betty

Anyway as the swahili kilicho na mwanzo hakikosi mwisho – we have finally confirmed that Nick Ndeda are no longer an item. This was revealed by Nick himself while speaking on an interview with popular tabloid where he said;

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We’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out.

As if ‘figuring things out’ wasn’t enough Nick Ndeda revealed that both him and Betty Kyallo  continue to remain good friends; but judging from how the former News anchor reacted looks like Berry  isn’t interested with friendship but love. I mean, doesn’t he know she’s getting older?

Anyway just to prove he is still in talking terms with Betty Kyallo, Nick Ndeda said;

We are still good friends

Kiss FM’s Nick Ndeda calls it quits – after 9 years at Radio Africa

Nick Ndeda who has for years entertained many through his show on Kiss FM has finally hang his boots; after close to 9 years at Radio Africa.

Being one with many talents, Nick Ndeda has not graced the entertainment industry through his radio gigs; but also through movies as he is also known for his acting career.

However after exploring his talents well and doing what he loves most; Nick has now decided to call it quits from Kiss as he is now done with this part/season of his life.

Former Kiss FM host, Nick Ndeda

Does this count as a farewell KISS? ????Seasons come and go, and my season with Radio Africa Group has come to and end. I had a rocking 7 years at @1055xfm and another dope 2 more at @kiss100kenya ???? I met the coolest people, made friends, family and memories. That’s what life and its seasons are about.

Vote of thanks to fans

Having created a supportive listening family through his radio shows; Nick Ndeda also went on to thank fans for always running in and keeping up with his show.

The handsome Nick Ndeda

Despite many fans feeling disappointed by this announcement; Nick says this is part of his growth – as he will be able to make new friends as well as explore different opportunities now that he has free time on his hands.

To conclude this post, Ndeda wrote:

Thanks to everyone who always tuned in. Your energy and time was never taken for granted. ???????????????????????? So, no sadness, no tears, only excitement because now it means we are about to start a new experience, make new friends, family and memories! Onwards. Peace in the Middle East and everywhere else in between! ✌????#RadioPresenter #Radio #ThanksForTheMemories