Nameless vs Nick Ndeda: Vasectomy reaction

Nameless has intimated that he is interested in undergoing a vasectomy. He did so via a Facebook post that came off as a joke but anyone who understands humour knows there’s always more than a modicum of truth in jest. The way Kenyans responded was rather surprising, no one called him out for wanting to get snipped unlike what we saw when celebrated cuck, Nick Ndeda revealed he had been snipped.

Nameless Set To Undergo Vasectomy, Weeks After Welcoming 3rd Born

At the time of the thespian’s revelation, it came out as he was going through a breakup and divorce from the feminist he had pedestalized and we all congregated to laugh at him for what we assumed was a decision he made to appease his wife. He has since revealed that he chose to have the procedure done on himself without any outside influence but this was something a lot of people still side-eye him about.

Well, what Bout Nameless? Why is his decision different? Frist because we can tell that whether in jest or not, he is the one who came to it independently. Perhaps out of the realisation that he risked siring a fourth, fifth and eventually seventh daughter or perhaps because he realised the health implications this would have on his wife, Wahu. But whatever the reason, he came to it independently.

Nameless, his daughters and the question of legacy

Add to this the fact that his wife hasn’t publicly humiliated him and given us a reason to think this is an outward manifestation of his lack of masculinity. That part I think is the most important aspect of all this. The decision doesn’t seem to be some sort of Freudian slip confirming a long held doubt as to who wore the pants in their household. That was undoubtedly the case with Nick Ndeda.

But the chief reason is the fact that he already has children. Granted, they are all daughter but he has done what he can to secure his legacy and leave his genetic footprint on the earth. His name might eventually be forgotten (unless his daughters and their children marry feminists and other invertebrate men) but he put in the effort to actualise what it is that we as human beings, as an animal and as a species are wired to do.

Nameless responds to fan who asked him to look for a son, days after he welcomed 3rd born daughter

Nick Ndeda seems to have given up long before trying. But there might be a psychological reason he has done so. Not many of you know he had a brother named Saliva Vic. And my mentor told me of him and the fact that his dearly departed brother had sired a lot of children out of wedlock. This in and of itself added to the fact that there is a rumour that his father too factored into the decision might be his attempt to balance his familial karma or something that he has convinced himself.


Ultimately, Nameless and Nick Ndeda are two men who have arrived at the same conclusion but through following different paths and while I am not going to cast judgement and say who I think was right or wrong (I don’t think anyone was right or wrong), I do think there is a logical reason as to why people internalised their decision and reacted differently.

Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

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Why celebs getting a vasectomy has become all the rage

All your favourite celebrities are talking about undergoing vasectomies. Well, that is a bit of a stretch but you know what I mean. Your favourite celebrities have either outright claimed they are about to secure a vasectomy or their wives have suggested vasectomies for them.

‘He Should Do A Vasectomy’- Pregnant Diana Marua Tells Bahati (Video)

These characters include Bien and Bahati but even more are stoking the fanfare flames around this rather interesting method of family planning. Why is that? I have never been one to chalk things up to coincidences simply so let’s take a step back and try to see the bigger picture.

When we take a look at what is happening on the international stage, we know that Roe vs Wade was repelled. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is essentially the law that allowed abortions in America.

Why DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda vasectomy made headlines

As a result, your favourite feminists are up in arms acting like that affects us. At the end of the day, abortions aren’t legal in Kenya but that doesn’t us from procuring them. But feminists have never been the type to let simple logic come in the way of an opportunity to virtue signal so male feminists have started declaring they will undergo vasectomies inorder to “protect their wives”.

On the other hand, we have women who know they domineer over their husbands. These women also know that they no longer want their husband’s seed. So what do they do? They subtly suggest a vasectomy as a family planning compromise. And their husbands are either too dense to pick up on the subtle manipulation or are so henpecked, that they don’t know the difference.

Bien and his vasectomy will be a disaster

And so the idea is implanted into these men’s minds. But for some reason unbeknownst to them, it doesn’t sit easy. Their lizard brains are rejecting the idea of getting their nads snipped. But they need to prove to everyone they are virtuous so what do they do? They do what Bien did, they come out to tell the world and their adoring fans that they are getting vasectomies and they phrase it in such a way it seems noble. After all, misery loves company.

DJ Moz and Dj soxxy
DJ Moz and Dj soxxy

Think about it, when Bien tells us what he and his wife have decided to do to his gonads, a medical procedure that should, by all means, be private, he is proselytizing so he can convince you he is a virtuous husband and that you too should browbeat your man into accepting this nonsense.

Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

However, the truth is, a woman who is truly in love with her man, a woman who truly respects her man would never suggest to him that he essentially castrate himself. Ultimately, we evolved to view a man’s nads as a measure of his masculinity and with good reason.
While a vasectomy could potentially mess about with that apparatus as they have been shown to elevate men’s longterm risk of prostate cancer.

“Our results indirectly support the hypothesis that there is an elevated risk of prostate cancer among men who underwent vasectomy 20 or more years previously.”

Or how about this finding from another study:

“…men who had undergone vasectomy less than 20 years earlier not only had a higher dihydrotestosterone level than age-matched controls (1.46 vs. 1.22 nmol/l; p 0.01) but had a lower testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio.”


So why would a woman willingly attempt to put a man she respects through this risk? That is a woman who doesn’t respect her man as I had earlier asserted. And we can look at a pattern beginning to form right before our eyes; an open marriage (if the partner’s celebrity crush happens to be in town), falling into your wife’s frame and finally a vasectomy. But perhaps we aren’t ready yet to drink that cup of coffee.



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We were right about Mulamwah and Nick Ndeda

Remember when we told you what we did about Nick Ndeda, Betty Kyallo’s ex and Mulamwah’s situation with Sonnie? No? Come on, you know that I know that you know we were right. Hold on, let me kick it back from the start.

Nick Ndeda confirms breakup with Betty Kyallo, but says ‘they are still good friends’

We here at Ghafla had told you that Nick Ndeda had broken up with Betty Kyallo and we diagnosed the issues that are leading Betty Kyallo down the path of consistently being “down bad”. We also looked at Sonnie and Mulamwah’s breakup and suggested the reason that led them down this path of being down bad.

Betty Kyallo and boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

With Nick Ndeda, we promised Betty Kyallo that the same way her relationship had started is the exact same way it would end. We also went on to suggest that perhaps Sonnie’s child is not Mulamwah which is us stating that she had stepped out on the comedian. We were right on both accounts.

Mulamwah hints ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie had ‘someone on the side’

In the case of Betty Kyallo’s ex, he walked out of his marriage and the two began canoodling in secrecy before they finally were forced into the limelight. However, he walked away with the dub. He collected the win in this situation. Why? He was able to get more eyeballs on his podcast aswell as attention to his legal practice.

Mulamwah, Carol Sonnie
Mulamwah with Carol Sonnie in happier days for the pair

What about Sonnie’s ex? Well, he too walked away with a win. He got to understand female nature aswell as watching his now single mother ex stumble around trying to defend herself from allegations she had cheated.

The baby question: Quick math betrays Mulamwah and Sonnie’s breakup

What lies in the future for Nick Ndeda? Well, nothing really. He will continue to keep doing his podcast and practicing law. However, he will now see his social media presence peter out into a crawl because let’s face it, we were only really interested in him because of his lady.


And as for Mulamwah, he is going to keep growing from strength to strength because we knew him for who he is before we started finding out about his then girlfriend. He will continue to focus on his business (he runs several bodabodas) and will doubtless add more business feathers to his cap.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

As for the two women, well, Betty Kyallo has become just another notch on yet another man’s bed. Now she will move on to the next one and the trend will continue unabated. I do not see a traditional relationship nor marriage in her skies. She has a child so I would advise her to focus on raising her and also focus on her career.

Mulamwah, Sonnie
Mulamwah’s ex Sonnie when she was pregnant

As for Sonnie, I guarantee she will eventually fade into obscurity because she is not known for her content and was simply known for being Mulamwah’s woman. I mean, sure she has a huge social media following but she will eventually bore them because a lot of them were only interested in her relationship. And now that she is a single mother (she’s still very beautiful and young though), I would advise her to settle down with the first serious simp who attempts to walk her down the aisle. But I guarantee you she will instead pop back up chasing the fame dragon by dating more and more celebrities.

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Kamba curse? Why Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli’s relationships always fail

Right off the bat, allow me to admit that the title was tongue-in-cheek. In discussing Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli’s failed relationships, there will be nothing about a Kamba curse. This is first and foremost because ethnicity has no bearing on an individual’s personality and secondly because I am not a superstitious lout who puts any thought towards curses and other nonsense.

Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

That said, the two media personalities have a lot in common including their ethnicity. But what really binds them together is the fact that they are both modern women. As a result of this fact, they have both been married and failed at that. They are both now single mothers and both have had a string of ill-fated relationships that have not just ended in heartbreak but often times public scandal to boot.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo had announced that she was dating a city lawyer by the name of Nick Ndeda and the internets went wild. Every single, over 30, career driven woman was elated at the news. It meant that there was hope yet for her. The same thing happened when the Nairobian, Standard Group’s tabloid ran stories about Lillian Muli dating Jared Nevaton, a shadowy businessman. These two women were held up as examples of there being love at the end of the tunnel.

Nasty Break-Up? Nick Ndeda Unfollows Betty Kyallo As She Deletes Their Photos On Instagram

The two ladies are clearly capable of finding love or it’s cheap imitation. So if they can attract men, why can’t they seem to keep any of these men? Well, there is no single answer to that question but rather a series of interesting answers. Let’s get right into the whys and the wherefores.

#1. Both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli are boss babes

Forget what your favourite vapid feminist influencer tells you, no man wants to date let alone marry a boss babe. Why? Because for some reason, this makes women insufferable. No man wants to have to deal with a woman who believes herself to be in competition with him. Sure, we want a woman who has the business savvy to run their enterprises or to pursue their career but the minute I have to start competing with you in the house then I want out. Men want women who will give them peace.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Proverbs 27:15
A constant dripping on a day of steady rain
And a contentious woman are alike;

#2. They are famous so men want to be associated with them

When they were younger, men saw them as trophies. The cherry ontop of their successful careers or businesses. Now that they are older, men still consider a romp with them as somewhat of an achievement. They figure that sleeping with such famous celebrities is worth more than your average bedpost notch. And as a result, their DMs will forever more be flooded by thirsty men looking for that cheap thrill till their sixties.

Lillian Muli Complaining About Dating Rich Men Is Nonsense

#3. They conflate sexual desire with relationship desire

Back to the second point; just because a man desires you sexually doesn’t mean he desires a relationship wit you. This is sadly a lesson very few women in Nairobi seem to fully grasp. Simply because you have many men in your DMs doesn’t mean any one of them would jump at the opportunity to wife you up. And getting the two conflated is the reason why Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli have had such unfulfilling and shortlived relationships. I guarantee you that they already rue not cherishing their first marriages enough. I mean, sure, a lot of men want to take them on exotic destination vacations but that is only for as long as they excite their hormones. Once that novelty is worn out, its back to the streets for the two bitter media darlings.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

#4. Buggage

Do you think that having been in loving relationships and failing at them doesn’t make a person jaded? And don’t you think jaded individuals carry that attitude like a chip on their shoulder into the next relationship? The two divorces between the pair is buggage enough. No man wants to be compared to their woman’s past lovers. And no man wants to have to deal with famous men in his woman’s list of lovers.
And seeing how they both aired out their former partners and the fathers of their children, which man would be willing to risk such publicly played out drama? No man worth his salt, that’s who.

Lillian Muli needs to stop giving dating advice and focus on herself

#5. They are single mothers

I mean, show me a single man worth his salt who would choose to take on another man’s children. Any man who knows he has options with women would not. And that is even when they have children of their own because life is simply not fair. No man wants to play part time dad to Denis Okari’s now Jared Nevaton’s child. So both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli find themselves hamstrung by this fact.

I am sure there are plenty of reasons more but these are the ones that jumped me at a cursory glance. Feel free to add more or debate with yourself on whether or not I am wrong.

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The audacity: Betty Kyallo’s show teaches you about how to get and keep a man

I was gobsmacked to learn that Betty Kyallo has a new show meant to teach women how to win and keep their men. Let that sink in and try not to laugh. No, the show is not a comedy and it is not satirical. it is an unironic shitpost taken to the very next level.

Nasty Break-Up? Nick Ndeda Unfollows Betty Kyallo As She Deletes Their Photos On Instagram

Seriously though, some TV executives and producers sat down and brainstormed about a new show that they felt would not only be entertaining but one that would also be a value addition to their audience’s lives and settled on giving her a show about the one aspect of her life that is a failure? make it make sense.

To start off, this new Betty Kyallo show is a terrible idea because it is merely an attempt at recycling talent rather than actually trying to find and establish fresh new talent, a mistake Kenyan and indeed, clearly, African legacy media companies make. That is why the young generation of YouTubers have come through and complete;ly blown past the older media personaities who boast a larger audience.

Betty Kyallo called out for jumping from one man to another, she responds

As I had mentioned previously, I am unclear as to whether this show is meant to be a comedy or an extension of a shitpostYaani we have all seen Betty Kyallo struggle with being a wife. She failed at that when she allegedly stepped out on her man for a certain Coastal Sultan. Then there have been the other abortive relationships that have either been short-lived (one night stands that played out too long?) or were just a blend of personalities that had nothing to offer each other (certainly because one was even married at the onset of the relationship).

Her most recent relationship is one that is beginning to look like it is going to put Betty Kyallo to shame because after everyone mocked it, the haters are once more vindicated as it looks like her and Nick Ndeda are no longer an item. Who would have thunk it?

Betty Kyallo’s weightloss journey: Women need to stop lying to each other

Let us use the analogy of the fisherman. If I want to learn about fishing, for starters, I wouldn’t be asking the fish now would I? I say this because men gatekeep relationships just as women gatekeep sex. I cannot ask a woman how to get chosen because every man’s criteria is different and they determine who they get into relationships with. Simply put, whether or not a woman wants a relationship with a man, she cannot force him into one any more than a man can force himself on a woman. And clearly, Betty Kyallo has failed at the entire relationship thing.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Let us use a second analogy. I will not ask the guard dog at the house that keeps being raided and robbed how to be a good guard dog. What am I supposed to learn from its failures at being a guard dog? I do not need a negative role model. The best part about this analogy is the understanding that dogs play different roles. Some dogs aren’t meant to be guard dogs, they are meant to be pampered companions for people who have no need for a guard dog. Equally, our dear host with the most has shown us that she is not wife material but she too can play a role… Catch my drift?

Actor Lenana Kariba Confirms He Once Dated Betty Kyallo (Screenshot)

And there is nothing wrong with that except when we take it into the context of her show on DSTV about how to be a wife, mother and guide to finding the wy to a man’s heart. Like the pieces on a chess set, everyone needs to play their position and know their role. If you are a jump off, it is more authentic and pleasant for you to teach me how to be a jump off instead of trying to tell me how to be something else. But who am I to even dream of stopping Betty Kyallo from getting her bag? She has found executives and TV producers gullible enough to not realise just how ironic this endeavour is and they have backed her up with their wallets. She would have to be a fool not to take them for all their worth.

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Betty Kyallo is right about her worst enemy

Betty Kyallo recently opened up about her worst enemy and I have to say that she was 100% right about everything she spoke about.

‘Most Times Women Are Fuelers Of Hate Against Other Women’- Betty Kyallo

This all started with a comment on one of her posts which was made by a fan who was wondering why alot of women on social media reserve their worst attacks for female celebrities like her and Akothee.

And she responded by saying that this was true. Simply put, she too has had experiences that made her realize that women are their own worst enemies.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

So what does this mean? Exactly that: women do not like seeing other women prosper. And it is a perfectly logical outcome to expect.

Betty Kyallo

Why? Because people envy those that mirror them and their situations. That is why women envy women -competition anxiety makes it such that we want to compete intragender.

Couple Goals! Never seen before photos of Betty Kyallo and hunk boyfriend, Nick Ndeda together

Betty Kyallo has known the experiences of being attacked by her female fans for alot of her decisions and whether good or bad, there are always haters.

Betty Kyallo

Betty is a human being with positive and negative aspects of her being. This is what makes her exciting to follow. She has some wins but scandals too.

Why your sister is excited about Betty Kyallo’s relationship

However, alot of her followers aren’t her fans. They are haters who have a strong sense of schadenfreude. People want to see Betty Kyallo fall.

Betty Kyallo

To a huge degree, she makes it easy for them to satisfy this emotion. She is always fumbling her love life after making it our business so why wouldn’t negative energy vampires congregate around her?

Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

But what is interesting is that most of these types of people are female -when on a female celebrity’s page.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo really does need to shut up about certain aspects of her life. She needs to learn to keep her men private. Because this is the one area in which she has failed miserably and as a result, she is always going to be lampooned.

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The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has found a new man who is more than willing to celebrate her and declare his love for her ion Nick Ndeda and while we re happy for her, there are some issues that keep popping up.

Meet hot wife to Betty Kyallo’s new boyfriend, Nick Ndeda (Photos)

For starters, Nick Ndeda is reportedly still married or should we be talking about separated from his wife -who is hot- which makes us realise Ms Kyallo has a type -and they all have a wedding band.

Betty Kyallo

Then there is the fact that a video has surfaced on the interwebs that features her enjoying the company of a man who is rumoured to be a notorious playboy.

Couple Goals! Never seen before photos of Betty Kyallo and hunk boyfriend, Nick Ndeda together

And this raised the question in my mind as to how exactly Betty Kyallo’s new man benefits from owning and claiming a woman who has as checkered a past as hers.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo massive gain weight

Why would a man who by all impressions is a successful city lawyer decide to date a woman as old as Betty Kyallo (she is in her 30s) and one who has as littered a past as hers is.

You Are Loving & Responsible- Betty Kyallo Pens Adorable Birthday Message To Her New Bae Nick Ndeda

And the only reason that comes to my mind for a man to date her is for her elevated status. If Nick Ndeda wants to elevate his popularity for his lay practice, then he has succeeded at that.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunting curves while on holiday in Uganda

Betty Kyallo is a very popular celebrity fixture in Kenya and everyone is digging up as much information as they can get about her new man. That is the only real benefit he can get.

Aww! Betty Kyallo And Her New Bae Nick Ndeda Wend Their Way On A Sleek Getaway To Celebrate Birthday (Video)

It gets even better if he is looking to vie for political office. Why? Because Kenyan voters do not engage their brains while at the ballot box and we merely vote for whomever pops up in our minds.

Betty Kyallo

That is a great reason for Nick Ndeda to date Betty Kyallo. Because at the end of the day, no one takes their relationship seriously. And there are great reason why this is the situation they face:

Betty Kyallo Exuberant After Being Ranked Number 8 Among The Most Influential Women In Africa

For starters, Betty Kyallo seems to be a proponent of free love. Literally one month ago while she was in Uganda, a video has surfaced showing the world she was there with a man who probably sponsored for the holiday. And no man is happy to date a woman constantly linked to other men -unless he doesn’t respect himself.

Add to this the fact that if he ever wants to start a family with her a geriatric pregnancy looms and you can understand why I am of the opinion the cons outweigh the cons.

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Why DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda vasectomy made headlines

DJ Moz came out to show solidarity to his fellow celebrity, Nick Ndeda by also revealing that he had a vasectomy done and it has captured the attention of many a Kenyan man and woman.

Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

You see, word about Nick Ndeda’s failed 7-year relationship went round and was met with the additional information that he had undergone a vasectomy. Given his pathetic co-dependent body language in the break-up video, we all made the assumption that he had undergone the procedure for him -well, that and the fact that in a previous video he actually said that he did so to protect his wife from the pains and tribulations of childbirth.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda got a vasectomy

DJ Moz seems to be the only Kenyan man who did not laugh and mock Bwana Ndeda and now we know why.

Andrew Kibe readily provides a solution to Diamond’s ever-growing lineage

But why does this procedure capture the attention of every man in the nation? I would wager it has something to do with the fact that it is the younger cousin of castration and the fact that two celebs, Nick Ndeda and DJ Moz actually chose this option instead of using condoms or practising coitus interrupts…

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda and his common law wife Muthoni

And while shocking, it is understandable that DJ Moz would opt for the final solution to birth control as he already has children. With Bwana Ndeda’s case, everything is different and it screams in the face of what Africans believe about children.

Nick Ndeda And Wife Muthoni Go Their Separate Ways (Video)

You see, we are still a shithole continent. That means that anything from famine to disease could actually wipe out a family of 5. Or maybe if you’re urban then we should be discussing crime or road accidents.

DJ Moz and Dj soxxy
DJ Moz and Dj soxxy

And this is just one of the reasons why people are in awe about the decision DJ Moz and Nick Ndeda would opt for such a final birth control method. Add to this the African understanding that children are a form of social welfare in a country where old people have few options in way of social security.

Dj Moz and his lovely wife welcome a bouncing baby boy

Also, there is the familial pressure that often becomes worse with each passing year that goes by and there are no children in site or even on the horizon. How does Nick Ndeda deal with it? These are just a few questions we always have at the back of our minds when we hear that a man with no children has oted for a vasectomy.

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Vasectomies and heartbreaks: Nick Ndeda proves that simps only get contempt

Nick Ndeda and his wife have announced that they are no longer a couple. Why they decided to do so publicly is beyond me. Whatever happened to celebrities dealing with certain aspects of their lives privately?

Nick Ndeda And Wife Muthoni Go Their Separate Ways (Video)

You see, absolutely no one would have noticed if either he or his wife (soon to be ex-wife) just slinked off into the sunset and continued to live their lives privately. Why? For starters absolutely no one even knows who Muthoni is beyond her being his wife. She is not a celebrity, she is a narcissist who thinks we are interested in her beyond her being Nick Ndeda’s wife.

And to make matters worse, Nick Ndeda decided to let us into his marriage which was littered with insanely humiliating information. For example, the fact that he is a simp who cannot vet his partners worth a damn.

Kiss FM’s Nick Ndeda calls it quits – after 9 years at Radio Africa

You see, when he speaks about her, it becomes quickly apparent that even in their marriage she was all about her and her pleasures. Even their break up video featured a lot of “me, me, me, me, me” talk because that is literally her focus even as a wife.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda and his wife announced the end of their marriage

And for you, my brother, this relationship is an example of just how garbage being a simp truly is. Why? Because Nick Ndeda did everything to try and please his wife. When she wanted to move to somewhere more peaceful, he followed her lead and moved to Limuru -he works in Westlands. That decision made no sense given his daily.

Think about it, he works in Westlands and has other hustles in Nairobi and he decided to sacrifice his time by moving to Limuru… However, the one sacrifice that says a lot about just how big a simp Nick Ndeda is, was the fact that in a previous interview he revealed he underwent a vasectomy to avoid putting Muthoni through the rigours of childbirth.

Nick Ndeda
Nick Ndeda

Allow that to sink in. The man’s locus was so far removed from himself that he underwent a permanent birth control method simply to attempt to save his wife from having to endure childbirth or having to use temporary methods of birth control.

What that means in the grand scheme of things is that Nick Ndeda cannot change his mind about having children. Now that his marriage is in the toilet, were he to move on and fall in love with a woman who wants children, were they to then progress their relationship to the point of marriage, he cannot give her children of his own -so she would have to seek another man’s sperm to reproduce.

Nick Ndeda

Meanwhile, on the flipside, if Muthoni meets a more dominant man, not a doormat, tomorrow, she can actually get children by him and keep enjoying her life. Indeed, men who simp and break their backs for the expressed pleasure of women will have their backs broken and then they will be dumped.

Nick Ndeda’s ancestors are tossing and turning in their graves. He is a waste of all their struggle to survive.

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