Nick Odhiambo and wife mourn 3 day old son, Kyeon

There is nothing worse than losing a child you’ve carried to full term. As parents you get attached to the little one even before meeting them; and I can only imagine how bad it feels to hold a child you prayed for while growing in your womb only to lose them after 36 hours.

Well, Nick Odhiambo and his significant other are currently in mourning after the losing 3 day old, Kyeon. A precious soul that gifted to them only to lose him days after.

The pain must be immense that is judging from a touch post shared by the Radio Maisha presenter; where he mourned his baby boy saying;

What a short lived joy!
Born Friday 25th June- 28th June 2021…been celebrating you and giving mom space to heal Then am told you were buried yesterday..and just seen your new home! #RiPSoN I have cried my eyes out asking why? Lil’Kyeon Loudly crying face

Nick Odhiambo mourns 3 day old son

Mungai Mbaya and girlfriend in mourning

The sad news comes barely days after Tyler Mbaya (Baha Machachari) and girlfriend lost their month old son, lyric.

The young couple announced the sad news through Mo Aisha’s (the mum) page where she wrote;

I’m literally shaking typing this because I’m still in shock. I can’t believe my baby is gone and I’m never going to see him. He fought so hard to stay with us but he was in too much pain,he decided it was time for him to rest. I’ve decided to show his face today because so many people loved him without even knowing him or how he looked like. He is the most handsome and beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. He was such a happy and peaceful baby and I’m so glad I got to meet and know him for that one month.

The bereaved mother went on to add;

Mungai Munga and girlfriend in mourning

He turned a month old today but he couldn’t go any further. I had so many plans for him and it really hurts that I’ll never get to see them through with him. I can’t believe my son is gone😭😭😭 Yaani I’m still in shock and denial,I even feel like vomiting my guts out. I’ve never dealt with loss in my life before and this hits home so bad.


Keff Joinange wishes his voice twin Jeff Koinange a quick recovery (Video)

Nick Odhiambo, popularly addressed as Keff Joinange is sure good at what he does, you’d actually think he is the better version of Jeff Koinange.

Anyway, after recently testing positive for Covid-19, Jeff was forced to take a step back, self-isolate and spend time off our screens until he is recovered.

Seasoned TV journalist, Jeff Koinange

His brother from a different mother, Nick Odhiambo has now taken the opportunity to comfort a dear Jeff, same tone of voice but this time with several issues to get addressed.

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In a viral video, Nick started off (I need you to imagine this in Jeff’s actual tone of voice and accent):

Folks, I need you to listen keenly to what Mutahi Kagwe has to say, the other day he said “You can gerrit, I can gerrit”, and now, Jeff just got it! It’s serious folks!

Revered radio personality, Nick Odhiambo

Nick went on to hint that Jeff’s attitude to Covid-19 measures might be what made him vulnerable to the virus.

Maintain social distance, pull your mask, up to your mouth, sanitize and wash your hands. Speaking of which, I’ve never seen Jeff Koinange wash his hands! Bro, we need to have a chat about that. Could that be how you got the Covid?

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Citizen TV journalist, Jeff Koinange

Coming back to level ground, Nick perfectly wrapped up, reassuring his brother that things will be alright. know what, I believe you gonna pull through, yes indeed I do! Somebody, join me in saying, “Oh My!”

The Radio Maisha presenter however clarified to concerned fans that he’s personally been well, unlike his voice twin, Jeff.

Have a good one:


Popular radio presenter lands in trouble after attacking LGBT community

Everyone is free to express their opinion – what they think or feel about something, at least in Kenya. However, it becomes an abuse when you cross boundaries around sensitive topics like race, gender, sexuality, religion…just to mention a few.

The introduction or open revelation of the LGBT community globally received both criticism and love in equal measure from around the globe.

LGBT community

Stemming from cultural values to religious beliefs to one´s origin and tradition that have a different perspective of the new sexuality.

However, in as much as governments, community elders, religious leaders and opinion shapers have drawn the line when it comes to acceptance of the LGBT community, it is not something you publicly condemn.

Case in point

Kenyan renowned radio presenter, Nick Odhiambo is having it rough from netizens over his harsh comments regards the new sexual orientation.

Seasoned radio personality, Nick Odhiambo

It was something as simple as a statement about retired American basketball professional, Magic Johnson´s son who is gay, stating that he would disown his own son, were he to come home dressed like a lady.

According to him, there was nothing as painful as a parent who duly inculcated certain values, beliefs and practices in their child only to later see them trash it all away.

there is nothing as painful as raising a son who decides he wants to be your daughter instead! the Magic is missing in Johnsons eyes

Nick Odhiambo´s post

It just did not add up for him!


Hardly did he know that his comment hard hit hard among his Insta family, some in support, others brutally condemning him for being insensitive.

Fans did not understand just how the Radio Maisha presenter had the audacity to fire back at the new sexuality group with zero apologies to make.

Radio Maisha presenter, Nick Odhiambo

Plus, fans felt he needed to accept his child as he is because well, they tried their best and if that is the space his child feels best to be in, then let him be.

Kenyan media personality Ciku Muiruri articulated that if her daughter were to decide to become a man tomorrow, she would wholly accept her.

If @madame_gachoka decided to become a man tomorrow I’d love her the same. Probably even more, for being brave enough to live her truth. People need to let their kids be. Whether career, spouse choice, orientation or whatever. Let them be. And love them regardless. 💜💜💜

Former radio presenter Ciku Muiruri

Additionally urging the seasoned radio personality to stop his ignorance, wake up and accept today´s reality as it is because he can just do nothing about it.

The least Nick could have done was just support his son. Simple! but that wasn´t just his kind of vibe, I guess?

Radio presenter, Nick Odhiambo

Others advised him to be careful what path he treads on and not be quick to judge because in as much as he can throw stones at other people´s children now, he never knows what the future holds for his child.

Check out the comments below:


Radio Maisha presenter Nick Odhiambo grieves the death of his unborn baby

Nick Omondi was expecting another child in 2019 but unfortunately the unexpected happened and his sweetheart lost the unborn baby.

The Radio Maisha presenter took to social media to mourn the death of his unborn baby. He revealed how he was eagerly waiting for the birth of his child only for death to rob him of that privilege.

“The countdown to your birthday cut short…. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball !!!..but it is what it is..lil’ J’lani R.I.P.. My son didn’t make it to see this beautiful world,” wrote Nick Odhiambo.

Same fate

Nick is among at least three celebrities who lost their unborn babies in the past six or so months. In September 2018 DJ Creme and his wife Denise lost their unborn child, the DJ’s wife was six months pregnant when she suffered a miscarriage.

Three months later in December, Size and her husband DJ Mo also lost their unborn child. The celebrity couple was expecting their second child together when Size 8 suffered a miscarriage.





Nick Odhiambo: I shaved my 7-year-old dreadlocks after I almost contracted HIV/AIDS

Nick Odhiambo shaved his dreadlocks sometimes in October 2017. The Radio Maisha presenter had earlier announced that he would be shaving the dreadlocks for a worthy cause – breast cancer awareness.

Nick had grown his dreadlocks for seven long years, he checked into Susan Kaittany’s Posh Palace on October 25th to get his trademark locks cut.

Nick Odhiambo getting a haircut at Posh Palace
Nick Odhiambo getting a haircut at Posh Palace
HIV scare

Apparently breast cancer awareness was not the real reason that pushed Nick to cut his dreadlocks, HIV/AIDS scare was the real reason.

In an interview with Kalekye Mumo, Nick revealed that he turned his life around because he nearly contracted HIV after messing around with a woman who was infected.

“I was messing around with this chic then after messing around for some time I found out that she has got HIV. Weh! Weh! Eeh! I went to the hospital I did all those tests and I said ‘God to give me another chance I will never let you down. Let me change my life,” said Nick.

Nick Odhiambo and Kalekye Mumo
Nick Odhiambo and Kalekye Mumo

Nick decided to change everything around him including his own appearance after testing negative for HIV, he promised God he will change his ways and live according to his will.

“Everything just started happening, I changed houses, changed girlfriends, the only thing I had remained was the job and the look. So I got a job at a Swahili station and as things were going on I just had to get rid of the look. That’s how the look changed,” Nick explained.





Nick Odhiambo shows off his beautiful daughter(photos)

Radio bigwig Nick Odhiambo has been in the media business for more than a decade now. The presenter has been in a few relationship dramas with his spouse but never has he posted his daughter from that relationship.

Odhiambo was accused of beating his wife several times a thing that almost ruined his radio career. The two divorced later after that.

Now, the Radio Maisha presenter has now introduced her daughter to the online community and she’s one beautiful gem.

It’s safe to say that she looks like her dad.

Here are the photos:


7 hilarious photos of Nick Odhiambo without his signature dreadlocks

Nick Odhiambo looks totally outrageous without the dreadlocks on his head. The popular radio presenter decided to cut his dreadlocks in a move that left many people speechless.

Nick became a celeb while he was still working at Classic FM. We have always seen Nick with a well maintained dreadlocks for as far as anyone can remember.

Nick Odhiambo with his signature dreadlocks

Nick moved to Radio Maisha to replace Jalango and a few months later he decides to shave his dreadlocks. Netizens were left in awe when the Radio Maisha presenter announced that he was planning to cut his dreadlocks.

Nick gets new look at Posh palace

The Radio Maisha presenter went to Betty Kyallo’s Posh Palace Hair Studio & Spa to cut his locks. Nick had kept the dreadlocks for 7 long years before he decided to cut them over the past weekend.

See Nick’s new look in the photos below:




Larry Asego quits Classic FM three months after his co-host left the station

Is it a coincidence or something ‘unknown’ happened… Larry Asego quits his job on Classic FM three months after his co-host Nick Odhiambo left!

Nick left Classic FM after working there for a decade, he landed a lucrative deal at Radio Maisha to replace Jalango who joined Hot 96 FM.

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Larry Asego (left) and Nick Odhiambo

Well, Larry Asego has also quit Classic FM after 10 years of service. Larry and Nick used to host a show dubbed LarryNickandFriends show on Classic 105.

“I’ll ever be grateful to @Classic105Kenya and @Kiss100kenya  Always leave a smile on someone’s face whenever you can,” Larry Asego tweeted.

It’s not clear whether Nick is heading to a different radio station or he has opted to retire from radio altogether.



Classic 105 presenter Nick Odhiambo aka Professor Bamba calls it quits after 10 years on radio

Nick Odhiambo popularly known as Professor Jackton J. Omollo aka Professor Bamba has finally left Classic 105 FM after 10 years of service.

Rumors has it that Nick Odhiambo is heading to Radio Maisha to replace Jalango who recently moved to Hot 96 to host Hot Breakfast alongside Jeff Koinange.

Nick, who has been hosting a show dubbed LarryNickandFriends show on Classic 105, broke news of his departure on social media.

Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo

“10 years and 6months is a really long time .Today is our last LarryNickandFriends [email protected]” Nick Odhiambo wrote.

Nick’s former co-host, Larry Asego, wished him well in his endeavors.

“Wishing my brother all the best as he takes the next set of challenges. Uko tu sawaaaa Take care of him when he gets there. Ok now let’s go get a drink hizi usoftii tuwache,” wrote Larry Asego.

Professor Bamba was thrown a farewell party before he left Classic 105 for good.