Video of Njambi Koikai’s massive body transformation after years of battling endometriosis lights up the Internet

Endo warrior, Njambi Koikai returned to Kenya mid last year from the US, where she had been receiving treatment, looking quite skinny and week but barely months later, her body has massively adjusted and she looks adorable.

The Reggae fanatic decided to treat fans to a cute video of her working out and keeping her body in shape, attesting her journey to her mom’s traditional porridge recipe that has seen her slowly get back to her former state.

Thoracic Endometriosis Survivor, Njambi Koikai

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Having enrolled into coaching sessions with one of her trainers locally, Njambi looked pretty excited, vibrant, strong, so beautiful in her tights and sleeveless top that if you had indeed watched her journey, you’d admit it is indeed a miracle.

Her crop top allowed room for her visibly well-chiseled abs, her pants hinting she had added some fair weight, a true testament that her progress is beautiful and the future promising.

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Interestingly enough, Njambi wasn’t even indulging in lots of carbs or junk foods, she was in fact doing uji every single day and sticking to her routine workouts.

Jahmby Koikai slowly getting back to shape

The media personality battled the condition secretly for 19 years and spent close to 2 years in the US for treatment before flying back into Kenya on August 28, 2019 and her journey has since be transformational.

Blessed to have maintained her natural mtaani accent despite the years overseas, Njambi lit up the internet, so warm, so free, so energetic and so happy at life, doing it by her rules.

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Njambi Koikai narrates horrifying moment her gum got cut off and teeth plucked out to help curb endometriosis

Talk of menstrual health and only those who have been in the thick of it know how much of a blessing it is for one to go through their menstrual periods effortlessly.

Kenyan media personality, Njambi Koikai has lived to tell of a past that saw her spend years on the hospital bed, as she fought a grueling battle with the hostile endometriosis condition.

One she survived and one that earned her the title ´Endo Warrior´. The reggae enthusiast has revealed that having periods meant, she would loose buckets of blood for every attempt she made to brush her teeth after a meal.

Kenyan reggae queen, Njambi Koikai

This would see her cheeks bulge to the outside making one think she had put in too much food in her mouth, than she can chew.

The battle

Sharing a photo of herself back ion 2018, while she was receiving treatment in the US, the radio presenter recalled how she had to have part of her gum cut out while she was a teenager.

Ever since I started menstruating, I’ve had countless problems with my teeth and gums. My teeth and gums would bleed heavily everytime I brushed them during my period. In my teenage years, I had part of my gum cut out and 4 teeth removed.

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai

This compelled her to wear braces for a good 5 years. Only for the issue to haunt her once again while in the US and after consultation, it emerged that she had high levels of oestrogen in her gums.

The effect gave her 8 cavities of which she seeks to have filled by her dentists but with the current COVID-19 situation, Njambi´s appointments have become a toll order.

I saw an orthodontist surgeon who told me I had very high levels of oestrogen in my gums. They removed 4 other teeth and cut my gum again. He also found out that the oestrogen was damaging my teeth. I have 8 cavities due to this. So in the coming weeks I will be going to visit my dentists to fill these cavities and other recommended procedures. (This Covid19 season is not the easiest though with appointments and all)

Kenyan media personality, Njambi Koikai

Further urging female fans to keep track of any body changes and always seek medical attention when something is amiss.

Look out for these signs and seek medical attention. Do not ignore. Endometriosis is a full body disease.

All in all, she confirmed that she is doing well and getting better, while receiving a couple of medical procedures that will see her through recovery successfully.

Njambi Koikai

¨Endometriosis is a full body disease and should be treated with a multi-disciplinary approach,¨ she articulated.

¨For the first time since I got back, my menses have no pain¨ Endowarrior, Njambi Koikai rejoices

It has been a pretty long, exhausting journey and a gruelling battle for a dear Njambi Koikai following her endometriosis condition.

Fortunately, it came to an end and 2020 is shinning the bright sun rays in her life and she can´t thank God enough.

Sending a word of encouragement to fellow Endowarriors and all battling with something in their lives, the bubbly Rastafarian narrated her recovery journey.

Up on Instagram, an enlivened Njambi revealed:

I’m still on medication. For the first time since I’ve got back, i got a period with no pain but minimal discomfort. Yaani I’ve been sitting trying to see if my body is lying to me, nope. My period was not painful but a very heavy flow. That is a huge milestone for me.

Seems like a dream to her, having to lead a normal life, yet still proud to call herself a complete woman.


I follow my doctor’s advise and i can see alot of changes in my body. I’m able to gig for more than an hour even though my lungs are on the mend. I thank God. I’ve been patient for years to see these days.

As she concluded, the media personality admitted that she is still on the path to recovery and still on medication but so far, she remains grateful.

I’m also grateful that my uterus is mobilising, organising and strategising itself out of pain haki???????????????????????????? Don’t give up my endosisters and Adenowarriors.


Jahmby Koikai to finally come home after almost two years abroad 

Presenter Jahmby Koikai is finally returning home after spending months in the US getting treatment.

On social media, Koikai posted a video playing a Sauti Sol’s “Kuliko Jana” saying it helped her stay optimistic during her treatment.

”Hey fam, been unwell. We recorded this a few weeks ago. All I can say is thank you and God bless you all abundantly. Nairobi see you soon. Kuliko Jana has pushed me through this journey. God bless you all,” she captioned the video. 


In another post, she asked Kenyans to share what has changed back at home since she has been away for so long.

Njambi has been battling endometriosis for the past 19 years.

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai writes to US doctors in long moving post

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai hasn´t had it easy from her condition but remains thankful and now affirms her journey to recovery has kicked off.

In a long revealing post, the Kenyan personality reveals the massive and continued support given to her by the US doctors and therapists.

Njambi´s Thoracic Endometriosis condition was one of the worst ever seen and local treatment might not have confirmed her survival.

She therefore had to seek further treatment from specialists that has been seeing her spend millions on her treatment though positively responding to.

The reggae queen shares her story hoping that it will leave a mark in the lives of many for she believes she is a walking miracle.

Right from literally losing grip to gradually regaining her sense of touch in to seeing the Lord´s goodness as she proudly breathes again.

She is a bubbly media personality and her sense of humor even during her worst of times, is pretty admirable.

Njambi jests:

Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres????????????????

I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now.

However, she does not forget to remind her local and International family of supporters to keep praying for her so that she emerges Strong, as she pens:

The love

Fans storm her page and lovingly express:

God above everything ????????
Thankyou for being amazingly STRONG! Mungu atatimiza Jahmz! ????????????


God is great


Fight on Allah will see you through




Count alot on my prayers as usual ????????????.And your outfit is wonderful ????????and you also look stronger in that picture ????????

Jahmby youve been an inspiration to me all the way…jah bless… I love you
Empress divine
Mommy uko fiti,unapendeza pia u encourage those who wants to give up,battling a disease mpaka upigishe chini ivo means God is good
Amen. Our God of restoration will restore you fully
My sister big hart God is good all the time keep going big up strong bless you c u soon blessed

Be a pillar to the brave warrior whether in prayers or funding.

May she emerge victorious!

¨I shall finish STRONG¨ EndoWarrior Njambi Koikai overwhelmed by enormous tribute reggae set made in memory of their good times

EndoWarrior, Njambi Koikai is thrilled to have been honored at this year´s Jazz Festival by Safaricom after a small tribute reggae set was done for her.

The Jazz Festival is an event the brave personality has never let slip off her hands.

And she attributes it all to her family and band, Nairobi Horns.

She shares nothing but love and gratitude for the overwhelming support accorded to her through her life journey.

The Kenyan reggae queen reminisces memories of the good times they shared as a band.

Furthermore, she can´t wait to do it all over again, not forgetting her supportive fans.

There might have been times where she was not in good health, but surrounded by her band, she would quickly spring back to life and savor the moment.

¨Endometriosis is wicked¨ Njambi Koikai strongly condemns her condition

We must admit, Njambi Koikai is one of the bravest female warriors of all time, in Kenya´s history.

The media personality has been battling endometriosis for a long time now and it has not been an easy job  for her.

Media Personality, Njambi Koikai

Credit: SDE

She was however, been on the war-front, advocating for and educating females around the world about her condition.

Endometriosis best explained; is an often painful disorder in which the tissue that makes up the uterine lining – the endometrium – is present on other organs inside one´s body.

It is a condition, especially associated with menstruation, that causes pelvic pain and at times, leads to infertility.

This saw her lungs collapse, every time she was on her periods; one of every 4 weeks.

Njambi Koikai

The month of March is World Endometriosis awareness month and Koikai has not stopped educating and creating awareness, by sharing her journey.

The condition has seen her go into surgery, 16 times, counting.

A day like today, in March, 2018, The endometriosis warrior underwent her 12th surgery, in the USA, as she hopes to get completely well and off the hands of the cruel monster.

Her ordeal

So on a day like this last year, 19th March 2018, one of my doctors said to me;

¨Njambi we found more water between your lungs and ribs.

Now our main challenge is that you already have 3 tubes.

We will have to insert this other tube in your back or breast.¨

Njambi Koikai

I said to the doctor;

¨Insert it through my breast, cos going through my back will be painful and I won´t be able to lie on my back¨

…so I was wheeled to surgery and I came out looking like this.

I was so confused.

I kept saying to myself, yaani periods ndio zinanifanyia napitia hii noma yote haki..

Nimekuwa nikiambia God daily aniponye and no more surgeries.

The brave Njambi reminiscences.

Njambi Koikai

She further condemned:

Endometriosis is wicked.

I was in diapers for so long.

Thankfully, I never developed bedsores.

Njambi Koikai with the sister

My mum and sis cleaned me up proper.

As one of the worst cases of endometriosis, I´d like to keep sharing, educating and informing the masses.

This disease is consuming us by the minute, worse still is the misdiagnosis we have to deal with.

The botched surgeries and all.

Na kwetu myumbani, maze hata ustake jaribu kuimagine ile noma madame wanapitia.

So fight for the women.

Help us get a cure.

Help women.

Njambi Koikai strongly advocated.







Njambi Koikai mourns mother exactly 3 years since passing on after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4

Mummy…It´s 3 years on.

Never thought time would fly past us like this.

Setember 2015, is still quite vivid and livid for me.

Njambi Koikai recalls, marking precisely 3 years since her mother passed on, diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.

I had been having weird chest pains and a very dry cough for close to two months and my grandma had some debilitating stomach pain.

Njambi Koikai

Photo Courtesy

Njambi, who is currently battling endometriosis, is celebrating her mother´s death anniversary, filled with love as she recalls:

My sister and I were raised by grandma and mom who we all fondly called mummy and never shosho, my mom is mom.

She narrates how they enjoyed spending time with the grandmother and her mom, back then, with her sister.

Mummy was diagnosed with ulcers.

A few weeks later we found out she had pancreatic cancer stage 4.

She later passed away on March 18, 2016.

Njambi revealed in her post, that her mum passed on after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer, at its late stages.

I was told that I had to go for surgery that night due to a collapsed lung which the doctor thought was due to my underweight issues.

Njambi has since her diagnosis with endometriosis, struggled through with the disease.

Many at times, individuals are misdiagnosed as having ulcers, yet they have stomach cancer.

Points to note

Njambi gives further insight on stomach cancer:

  1. After getting CT and MRI scans, a biopsy should be carried out to determine the stage of the cancer or tumor.
  2. Stomach cancers cause blockages in the bile duct and one may require surgery to clear it up.
  3. By the time one is done with step 1 and 2, an oncologist should help either start radiation or chemotherapy.  Mummy was too old for radiation, plus her cancer was at an advanced stage.
  4. For chemotherapy, please do your research on the intravenous chemotherapy or tablet chemotherapy. This is not  a very easy process for any patient. We had tablet / oral chemotherapy for mummy. It was too strong for her.
  5. Morphine is the only painkiller that can ease cancer pain. It´s not an over the counter drug. You must have a prescription.

Njambi Koikai  finished up:

Rest well mummy.

We miss you so much❤❤

Koikai´s battle with endometriosis has not been a walk in the park as she has been through a load of challenges.

Her lungs collapsed, every time she was on her periods. That counts down to one of every four weeks.

She has been through 16 surgeries, counting. The last which she underwent just recently.

And Njambi is still undergoing her treatment in the USA.

Have her in your dear prayers.


Njambi Koikai was rushed to hospital for 16th surgery on her birthday

Media personality Njambi has revealed that she was taken to hospital for another surgery on her birthday.

The NTV presenter said that it was her 16th surgery as she continues to undergo medication. Njambi flew to the USA for treatment in March 2018.

On instagram, Njambi said that she’s really thankful she underwent the surgery which was done to her lungs.

“Hey fam. So on the eve of my birthday, i was rushed to the Emergency. Found leaks in the chest area, right lung area that immediately called for surgery. I just got out of the operating room. It went well. Now in the recovery ward. We thank God for His mercy, love and grace. So i have a tube draining out. Thank God it’s just one tube, that’s gone through my right breast, uchungu noma ajaab but haina noma. I’ve had several before.I’m in praise mode thanking God. He’s been great to me. Just a minor setback…you know the comeback is loading?❤❤❤,” she posted. 

Pills vs injections

The update comes just a day after she posted how she prefers injections to pills.

“Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m just here trying to swallow pills without breaking them in half or crushing them to a pulp…. the worst being capsules. You can’t break or crush them. They’ve burst in my mouth a couple of times????
My entire life struggle has been swallowing pills, i prefer injections. I met someone who chews a banana then swallows their medication…yaani just like that…no water, no juice….nothing.
I stan people who just swallow their medication in seconds without 20 litres of water like some of us…. anybody shares this struggle?” she posted. 

Jahmby: It’s my birthday and I’m just here trying to swallow pills without breaking them in half

Former radio presenter and the Trend host Jahmby Koikai has really fought hard since she was diagnosed with Endometriosis.

Jahmby is still appealing for help to finish up her hospital bill after being admitted in hospital for more than 10 months. Njambi is recovering impressively, she revealed that she is now gaining weight. She only weighed 36 kilos in February last year when she left for US for treatment.

Pills vs Injections

Now that she’s turning a year older, Nyambi took to instagram to share that she prefers taking injections than pills.

“Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m just here trying to swallow pills without breaking them in half or crushing them to a pulp…. the worst being capsules. You can’t break or crush them. They’ve burst in my mouth a couple of times????” she posted. 

The media personality went on to share other cases of patients struggling will pills and finding it easy with injections.

“My entire life struggle has been swallowing pills, i prefer injections. I met someone who chews a banana then swallows their medication…yaani just like that…no water, no juice….nothing. I stan people who just swallow their medication in seconds without 20 litres of water like some of us…. anybody shares this struggle?”

8 months in US hospital and years of pain! Njambi Koikai feted for medical bravery

Before she left Kenya for US for treatment, Njambi Koikai had already undergone 12 surgeries. She had been misdiagnosed for 19 years before doctors knew for sure she was suffering from endometriosis.

She first noticed the condition when she was 13 during her menstrual circle that caused her pain. Since then extreme pain is what characterized Njambi’s periods.

Njambi has documented her struggle with endometriosis on her posts on social media. How her lungs collapsed everything she got her periods, how she lost a boyfriend due to painful sex, she has said it all.

On February 22nd 2018, Njambi traveled to US after well-wishers raised money for her to seek treatment there. Since February to date, Njambi has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Atlanta.

Medical bravery

Even in US, Njambi still had to undergo multiple surgeries before her condition finally improved months later after admission. Njambi has now been feted for her resilience, she was awarded Atlanta Presidential Mashujaa Award for Medical Bravery.

“I’ve fought a battle that is inexplicable. I’ve continuously shared about it. Today I want to thank the following people.Almighty God. You have been so gracious. You have been good to me. God loves me,” wrote Njambi in part upon receiving the award.


“I was so unwell but she made me laugh” Njambi Koikai forces a smile after singer Kaz and other Kenyans pay her a visit at the hospital in US

Njambi Koikai has been in hospital in Atlanta, US since February this year. Last week she had had a minor setback in her treatment but a visit from Kenyans lifted her spirit.

“Last week was tumultuous. It was painful, rough and a minor setback to my healing process. In the midst of it all, these two ladies came to visit me. We shared great vibes, laughs and experiences. I learnt that if you have 5 women in a room, it is highly likely that 4 of those women are suffering from reproductive health issues,” wrote Njambi Koikai in part.

Njambi with some of the people who visited her in hospital
Njambi with some of the people who visited her in hospital

“It’s a new week and I’m ready to recover all I’ve lost in the last week. I’ve lost two kilos and mental vibrancy. Here’s to a new week. God is truly gracious. His everlasting love keeps me going.”

Kaz, you inspire me

Singer Karen Lucas famously known as Kaz also visited Njambi at the hospital. The former Trend panelist reveals that Kaz greatly inspired her when she visited her.

Njambi Koikai and Kaz
Njambi Koikai and Kaz

Got a surprise visit from this beautiful queen the other day. I was so unwell but she made me laugh. She reminded the power of resilience. My mom listened keenly to her and later told me that is one strong girl. Not many know your story. @karenkazlucas you inspired both mom and i. We love you. Happy birthday and thank you for being a part of this journey. I’m finishing super strong.
We are now at Kshs. 2.8m
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

Cyprian Nyakundi calls on boy child to stop donating towards Njambi Koikai’s treatment

Media personality Njambi Koikai has been admitted at a hospital in Atlanta, America for the past seven months. The former Trend panelist left Kenya for US to receive treatment for Thoracic Endometriosis – a condition which caused her lungs to collapse regularly.

Njambi’s treatment wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Kenyans who raised money for her treatment. She still needs Kenyans to donate to her to offset the hospital bill and therapy costs.

Cyprian Nyakundi is however calling on men to stop donating towards Njambi’s treatment. The self proclaimed boy child president claims Njambi has double standard.


Nyakundi’s plea to the boy child comes after Njambi clashed with Andrew Kibe who lashed at Kenyan woman in a controversial video.

Also: Njambi Koikai lashes out at NRG radio presenter Andrew Kibe

Nyakundi is also calling on the boy child to boycott other feminists including Zawadi Nyongo and Anyiko Owoko.

As men, let’s prepare to boycott the pages of rabid feminists who are reporting posts by male opinionists. You can also block them too. Start with Zawadi Nyongo. Her sexual-frustrations are evident with her anger towards men. Also boycott Anyiko PR Agency. She collaborates with the likes of Sauti Sol. If Sauti Sol continue working with her, boycott them too! Men, please stop donating towards the hospital fund of Jambhi Koikai. Stop henceforth! This Chic’s double-standards are nauseating. So you want Kenyan Internet to just sing your tune? Fuck off!

Njambi Koikai lashes out at NRG radio presenter Andrew Kibe

Njambi Koikai has clashed with Andrew Kibe after a controversial video that of the NRG radio presenter went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons.

In the video, Andrew Kibe is seen lashing out at Kenyan women calling them dogs. The presenter savagely blasts women stating that they are ugly when they are not humble.

Stop objectifying woman

Njambi Koikai quickly fired back at Andrew Kibe saying that he was rude, vulgar, ill-mannered etc. She further called on the NRG radio presenter to stop objectifying women.

“I’m raging mad. I’ve been unwell and I stumbled on this crap. Trash. Firstly, a woman’s body belongs to her. The day you stop objectifying women’ is the day you will have sense, decency and some manhood. yOU TALk ABOUT PERIODS LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT women go through during this process. You literally abuse us. You are now calling us dogs as well as our grandmothers. You are the biggest disgrace to men ever. You are vulgar, crass, crude, MANNER LESS, heartless, shameless, plain mean. This guy is even on a radio show. He is on a breakfast show. Now last I checked, media’s role is to offer edutainment. Inform and teach the masses, entertain the masses. Women are now being Insulted and called dogs In order to gain ratings. It’s sad. It’s crude. It’s shameful,” wrote Njambi in one post.

She also revealed that she had reached out to relevant people to see to it that Andrew Kibe is punished for the misogynistic comment.

I reached out to the necessary people who are in charge. They’ve heard me and we await to see if they will do something about it. Sexism and misogny should not be allowed. We have to stand for the truth in our society and call out the wrong elements.
I’ve been unwell for the past few days and to see a man abusing us and objectifying us was petrifying. It’s painful to see the level of abuse. He spoke of periods and a sex position because we are objects. He called us dogs and how independent women are unattractive. We cannot condone this. Hope those i spoke to will do something about it. I know it’s for ratings but we can’t allow this kind of abuse to keep going on.
I’ve just seen someone asking people or rather men not to donate to my medical fund. That’s ok. We can’t support abuse and degradation of women. This is hurting women.This hurt me.Considering the amount of pain I’ve been in and other women suffering in silence. You can call me all sorts of names but that doesn’t change who i am. The ones who truly know me, know me. My instagram page is as active as an energizer battery. You can troll us. Spread the rumors. Make fun of my condition and my fundraising process. It’s not an issue but we are not going to tolerate anymore abuse and insults.
Also attack me if you must but not my friends. They commented on my post so don’t drag my people into this.


Njambi Koikai: I’m so happy with my progress. I was only 36kgs when I came to America for treatment

Media personality Njambi Koikai has been admitted at a hospital in Atlanta, America for the past seven months. The former Trend panelist left Kenya for US to receive treatment for Thoracic Endometriosis – a condition which caused her lungs to collapse regularly.

Njambi is recovering impressively, she revealed that she is now gaining weight. She only weighed 36 kilos in February when she left for US.

“Hey fam,yaani to be honest, I still marvel at why I’m alive. There’s a beautiful purpose as to why I’ve suffered so much. There’s a reason why I’ve been rejected, abused and dealt with a chronic disease. I’m not bitter at all. All these things have made me such a beautiful woman who’s evolving each day. I’m so happy with my progress. I was only 36kgs when i came to America for treatment. We had tried everything at home. Never been a good eater and that made the condition worse. I’ve been eating well and gradually adding weight until what the doctor recommended,” wrote Njambi.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai
Still needs your help

Njambi’s treatment wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Kenyans who raised money for her treatment. She still needs Kes 2.9 million to offset the hospital bill and therapy costs.

Hey fam. Finishing strong.
Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs 2.9m to offset the hospital bill and therapy costs.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804.
$Lucy Karuri
In the for section kindly put Njambi Endofund





“If you can’t cheer the fact that I’m alive, I’m sad for you” Njambi Koikai responds to Facebook group discussing her health and fundraising

Njambi Koikai has had to deal with critics since she first made public appeal to help her raise money for her treatment abroad.

Even some of Njambi’s relatives came out to claim that she was using money raised for her to put up flats on the land belonging to her grandmother.

Also read: “Her aunt tells me she only needs 2M, 8M they will use to build flats” Family wrangles rock Njambi Koikai’s fundraising

Njambi however has been very open about her condition, she updates her fans on social media about the slightest test that’s carried on her.

Even so, some people still questions Njambi’s health and fundraising. The popular TV presenter was forced to respond to a Facebook group that was questioning her sincerity.

Nothing to hide

Njambi explained in detail her condition and how she ended up asking for a fundraiser to undergo treatment in Atlanta, America.

I’ve just seen a group on facebook discussing my health and my fundraising. Well i begin by stating this. You go misdiagnosed for 19years. You undergo more than 12 surgeries. You lose your job. While you’re at it, your grandma who raised you has pancreatic cancer stage 4. There’s only one person working with an income helping the entire family. She couldn’t manage it alone. The entertainment company you run is out of business.You step out and still hustle while you’re sick. You have no medical insurance. After every hospital admission in Nairobi, comes a bill of 300k. You later find out what the problem is. You arm yourself with all the knowledge and information. You embark on a journey to find doctors who can treat you. You get to America and the surgery is done. You develop more complications. The American healthcare system is nothing close to our system at home. The bills are crazy. I’m recovering greatly and if that is something that makes anyone doubt my fight, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry and sad that anyone would think I’m here taking advantage of people. I’m relearning everything. My body was reset to factory settings. It’s so sad that people still have so much to say. I’ve laid my life bare for the whole world to see sometimes against the wishes of my family because i want to LIVE. I’VE FOUGHT TO LIVE. I’M FIGHTING SO THAT OTHER WOMEN WILL NEVER HAVE TO FUNDRAISE AND GO THROUGH THIS FRUSTRATION. I’VE REBELLED AGAINST WHAT DOCTORS TOLD ME AT HOME. GOD’S BEEN WITH ME. I’VE HEARD LOADS SAID ABOUT ME. I WON’T STOP UNTIL I’M 100% RECOVERED. NOBODY WANTS TO BE IN MY SITUATION.
IT’S PLAIN WRONG. This is an old pic.

“Our mummy was senile when she left this earth” Njambi Koikai narrates painful death of the woman who raised her

Njambi Koikai lost her grandmother whom she used to refer to as “mum” because she was the one who raised her. Njambi’s grandma died sometimes in March 2016.

Njambi’s grandmother succumbed to pancreatic cancer, the radio presenter had  just been discharged from surgery only to go home and find out that the cancer had spread to her granny’s brain.

“I lost my grandma to pancreatic cancer in 2016. I had just been discharged from surgery and i remember going home in stitches and found out that the cancer had spread to her brain. Our mummy was senile when she left this earth. The most devastating day of my life. In the midst of everything we have gone through as a family, we are all grieving. Most of my friends had met mummy. She raised all of us and mum was our big sister.The late Achieng Abura once shared about the tragedy that hit their family and how it changed and divided them. My grandma was a martriach. She was our glue and when she left we were all left to wonder how and who will be the glue,” wrote Njambi in part.

Njambi Koikai's grandmother
Njambi Koikai’s grandmother
Fight for my mum and sister

Njambi says she is strong in her fight against endometriosis because she knows her grandma is proud of how she has fought a disease that she saw ravage her even as she was dying.  She is also fighting for her mother and sister because she wants to see them happy.

I think my mum is the strongest woman on earth. Her mother had pancreatic cancer stage 4 while i was in hospital undergoing surgeries for a condition we knew nothing about. She’s had to take care of us and take care of herself. I write in tears and i tell God whatever it is, i will fight for my mum and my sister. I will finish strong because i need them to be happy and smile. I want to give my mom and my sis the best. I will finish strong because i know my grandma is proud of how I’ve fought a disease that she saw ravage me even as she was dying. We miss mummy dearly. Every single day. To all the people who’ve had to deal with grief, understand this. It just doesn’t go away and no amount of words can ever console or comfort grief but time.
I’m finishing strong. I’m fighting every day. Thank you for standing with this girl Jahmby Koikai. Thank you for your support. Kindly help me finish strong to raise Kshs 3.4 million to cover the hospital bill and therapy costs.
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804
Lucy Karuri
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Jahmby puts Kenyans on check: I’m not cursed, Don’t come to my DM with these suggestions 

Presenter Jahmby Koikai has been forced to address a few misconceptions that Kenyans have been having regarding her sickness.

Jahmby, who is suffering from Endometriosis, has been giving step by step treatment process and progress to her fans who contributed a huge chunk of her hospital bill abroad where she’s being treated.



The host, however, decided to address a few rumors spreading around regarding her state telling Kenyans to stopping hitting her Instagram inbox with solution messages that are based on these false words.

Here’s what she said:

“Hey fam let’s make a few things clear. My DM has been filled with some of these peeps of late.
Please don’t come in my DM
1. ‘advising me about my hair’, ‘it’s not acceptable and i should shave’
2. Asking me to visit pastors and prophets for healing and altogether absconding my treatment and therapies
3. Asking me to carry out rituals and how ishould visit the elders 
4. I’m not cursed.
Just accept me. Accept the fact that I’ve broken barriers by speaking about menstruation. A taboo topic. Accept that I’m in the fight to make sure our women get the best reproductive healthcare.
My hair ain’t got nothing to do with this. I think my brain, my heart, my uterus and my love for God does.

“This is a milestone for all women that we shall be silent no more. Reproductive health issues are affecting all of us rich and poor. Educated and alternatively educated. Married and single. We as women are fighting with biological functions. If you understand that, then you will know that this is about the millions of women fighting for freedom from pain.


“I’ve no idea why someone would want to be in my situation” Njambi Koikai stressed by impersonator

Njambi Koikai has been through too much already, some heartless person impersonating her should be the least of her worries right now.

Njambi is in need of Kes 4.8 million for hospital bill and therapy. She developed multiple complications after the main surgery thus needs the money for therapy and hospital bill.

Whereas Njambi is worrying about raising the money, some malicious person has opened a pseudo Instagram account perhaps to con unsuspecting Kenyans.

 Help me report it

Njambi is appealing to Kenyans to be cautious about someone impersonating her. The former radio presenter raised alarm saying the fake account was lifting content from her real account to confuse people.

“Hey fam please help me report this fake account impersonating me. @jahmby_koikai. This is A FAKE ACCOUNT, my official handle has no underscore. I have no idea why someone would want to be in this situation. Whoever you are just stop copy pasting and lifting pictures off my page. Help me report it tafadhali and beware of people sharing my content out there. This whole medical situation will come to an end soon. I will overcome and get back on my feet. Kindly report this @jahmby_koikai impersonator. This was created 8 hours ago. Shame on the person who did this. Now they’ve gone ahead and made it private. We shall still report it. They have now changed the handle to @mummahjahmbykoikai,” wrote Njambi Koikai.


“My country people please help me” Njambi Koikai appeals for help to settle hospital bill 

Njambi Koikai has been admitted at an American hospital since February 2018. The former Trend panelist traveled to US to seek treatment for endometriosis.

She developed multiple complications after the main surgery. Njambi is currently undergoing therapy, she needs money for the therapy and to settle pending hospital bills.

“This has not been an easy journey for me. I developed complications right after the main surgery that saw me undergo a few other surgeries with all the tubes. I’m tube free now. I’m undergoing therapy. I’m still fundraising to pay off the pending hospital bill and therapy,” wrote Njambi in part.

4.8 million

Njambi appeals for Kes 4.8 million for hospital bill and therapy. She sent a humble plea to leaders and Kenyans in general to help her raise the money.

Njambi Koikai recuperating in hospital
Njambi Koikai recuperating in hospital

“We had a Mugithi night last weekend and we raised Kshs.200,000. I’m in need of Kshs. 4.8m.My country people please help me tag the following people, kindly asking one more time. It never hurt to try?
Please help me tag @ukenyatta @deputypresidentkenya @odingaraila @he.babuowino @esthermpassaris @joho_001 @jsakaja @nanawanjikugecaga @kanze_dena @teamd2d
Please add anyone else I’ve forgotten?

Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804
In the for section kindly put ‘Njambi Endofund’

Njambi Koikai narrates how painful sex cost her boyfriends

Njambi Koikai is still recuperating at an American hospital where she has undergone several procedures to cure endometriosis. The former NTV host left Kenya for Atlanta, US sometimes in February.

Njambi has been suffering from endometriosis for years. The condition made her lungs collapse every month during her periods. She also experienced painful menstruation.

She recently talked about her condition in an interview with BBC. Njambi says endometriosis has even made her relationships to end.

Boyfriends run away

The former NTV host says her partners could not understand her condition. She says she lost boyfriends because of painful sex caused by endometriosis.

“Yes, yes because the pain is so much I don’t even want to go through it. And to find somebody who understands that and someone who is willing to live with you through that pain is hard. You know having to see you go through pain every single month is crazy,” said Njambi Koikai.




“I was dumped because of this pain” Njambi Koikai recounts how period pain ravaged her life for 19 years

Njambi Koikai traveled to US sometimes in February to receive treatment. She was suffering Endometriosis – a condition that made her lungs collapse every time she received her periods.

The radio presenter has responded well to treatment, she is however in need of Kes 5 million to pay for the pending hospital bill and cost of therapy.

Njambi recently took to social media to narrate how Endometriosis ravaged her life for the past 19 years. She reveals that it all started when she was only 13.

“As a little girl, i had big dreams. I was a geeky brainy child. Never did i think that life has it’s own twists and turns. I got my first period at 13. I’d catch the KBS to Ambassadeur and head to school. On this day though, i felt a certain sharp pain in my abdomen. Then i started sweating and you all know how those KBS buses would be so packed in the morning…i felt like I’d just been dropped in the middle of Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, the Sahara Desert and a little mix of Mombasa with Wajir. Joto mwenda. I turned back and went home. Long story short, I’d started my period. That pain never left my body for the last 19years,” wrote Njambi in part.

Lost opportunities
Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Njambi says the condition robbed her of a normal life and numerous opportunities. She says that she was even dumped because of the period pains she experienced.

“Endometriosis ravaged me from the onset of my period. I learnt to live with it. I learnt to work with it. I learnt to scream and enjoy myself on radio and when i couldn’t work I’d call in sick. I learnt to chin up and read the news on tv with it. I learnt to live with pain. Pain has been a part of me for so long. I’ve lost great opportunities because of this pain. I was dumped because of this pain and i ended up in some crazy relationships. I’ve been receiving treatment and the healing process has not been easy. Endometriosis ravaged my body. There’s healing. There’s hope. We are overcoming. I’m moving over into a new realm of normalcy and I’m ready for it. My prayer is that God will bless me with all the strength to help other women battling Endometriosis. It’s been one heck of a journey but i don’t regret it. These are the lessons I’m carrying forward. God’s faithfulness, grit, endurance, tenacity, faith, hope, truth, love and justice. Jer 29:11. My heart is now being monitored due to a thickening on the outside layer caused by Endometriosis. I’ve dealt with crazy heart rates over the years so I’m now seeing a cardiologist with my other 2 doctors,” Njambi narrated.

Njambi still needs your help to  pay for the pending hospital bill and cost of therapy. You can send your contributions to:
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund

“Zi sijatoa tint” Njambi Koikai explains the sudden change of her skin color

Njambi Koikai refutes claims she has brighten up her dark skin. The former Trend panelist is still in America where she has been receiving treatment for endometriosis.

Njambi has greatly improved since she arrived in America three months ago. She confirmed that for the first time in a long time she felt no pain during her period.

Also read: “I’ve never experienced a painless period since i was 13. God is truly gracious” Joy as Njambi Koikai finally responds to treatment

Skin lightening?

The three months she has spent at the hospital in Atlanta has made her skin ‘lighten’. Njambi joked that it was the water in America that has changed her skin color.

“Yesterday’s therapy was painful. Today is a better day though quite rainy. Anyway najua watu wanadhani nimetoa tint. Zi sijatoa tint. Sasa home kuna scam mingi sana zinaendelea but ile scam kubwa kabisa ni ya maji. Maze maji ya kanjo badala ifanye ngozi zetu zikuwe smooth nikutupararisha tu. Ukioga wewe na sandpaper mnakaa siblings. Niligundua kumbe mi ni mweupe ni vile maji ya mtaani iko na kasoro kiasi hahhhahahaha. Maji ya huku ni kama imeongezwa kafair and lovely kwa umbali????

“Anyway today is a busy hospital day and I’m tired. I just wanna eat and sleep but we have to fight for wellness and completely beat this thing, God is great.
Now fundraising for Kshs. 5million
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund,” wrote Njambi.




“I’ve never experienced a painless period since i was 13. God is truly gracious” Joy as Njambi Koikai finally responds to treatment

Njambi Koikai has been receiving treatment at an American hospital for the last three months. The former Trend panelist was suffering from Thoracic Endometriosis – a condition which caused her lungs to collapse regularly during her menses.

Njambi left for Atlanta, United States on February 22nd 2018 to seek treatment for her condition. For the past months things were not looking good for her.

Also read: Keep on fighting girl! Heartbreaking photos of Njambi Koikai in US hospital with several tubes inserted in her chest

Njambi Koikai during her early days in hospital
Njambi Koikai during her early days in hospital
Painless menstruation

Well, Njambi is finally responding to treatment. She confirmed that for the first time in a long time she felt no pain during her period.

“I love how my body is responding to treatment and therapy even though sometimes it may be painful and uncomfortable. Good news is i was on my period last week. I did not take any painkillers for my period or burn myself with a hot water bottle. My flow was not heavy either. I’ve never experienced a painless period since i was 13. God is truly gracious and placed me in the hands of the best doctors. My lungs did not collapse either. It felt abnormal. It felt so different to have a normal period. No injections for period pain,” wrote Njambi in part.

Njambi says she is sharing her experience to encourage more women to visit gynaecologists. Some women are still apprehensive about going to the hospital to inquire about their reproductive health.

A jovial Njambi Koikai after responding to treatment
A jovial Njambi Koikai after responding to treatment

“I’m writing this because many ladies are hitting my inbox with loads of questions and the main concern is fear. Fear to see a gynaecologist and get the bad news. Do not fear. Ignorance is not bliss. Please see a proper gynaecologist who will be able to assist you. I urge all of you sisters to make that step if you’ve been suffering from painful periods. There’s help and i believe we are going to make strides in women’s reproductive health care. I’m aware of the financial struggle that many of us are in. I’m also aware of the shortage of gynaecologists in our country. As i focus on healing, i think about you my sisters and what we can do to avoid another situation like mine.
For most of you who ask, my gynaecologist is Dr. Prafull Patel at Aga Khan Doctor’s Hospital Plaza 1st floor office number 0723121356. Do not be fear,” wrote Njambi.

Njambi still needs your help to offset her hospital bills. Please check the information below and help her where you can:

We are now at Kshs. 5.1m
Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
For the international fam kindly see the gofundme link on my bio
For the US fam cashapp is 678-478-7804
Lucy Karuri
In the for section put “Njambi Endofund”




Keep on fighting girl! Heartbreaking photos of Njambi Koikai in US hospital with several tubes inserted in her chest

Njambi Koikai has been admitted at a US hospital for over two weeks now. The former Trend panelist is putting on a spirited fight as she continues to undergo medical procedures.

She reveals that she has been in severe pain following the procedures. Doctors have successfully removed the endometriosis in her uterus, bowel area and ovaries but her lungs still remain a major challenge.

Njambi underwent 12 lung surgeries back at home that literally messed her lungs. She revealed that doctors in US told her she was only supposed to undergo a maximum of two lung surgeries.

“Been in hospital for over two weeks now. I had 4 chest tubes inserted and needed a walker to go to the bathroom and for physiotherapy. I will not describe the pain because i lack words that aptly fit what I’ve been through. So the endometriosis in my uterus, bowel area and ovaries was completely removed. The biggest challenge has been my lungs. The endometriosis had spread so much and the scar tissue plus the placement of wrong chest tubes back at home created this mess. My cardiothoracic surgeon here cannot believe all what had been to my chest and right lung area,” wrote Njambi in part.


Njambi says she keeps on fighting because of prayers from people. She says she is now able to walk on her own breathe easy, talk and laugh.

“God has been so great. Your prayers are reaching God’s ears, heart, soul and mind. He sees and hears all. Thank you for all your prayers, love and support. We all focusing on healing and therapy. So the last two weeks have been filled with agony, pain, tears and more tears. But we serve a living God. 3 chest tubes were removed 2 days ago and i only have one small one left. I’m now able to walk on my own. Breathe easy. Talk and laugh etc.
I’m able to sit up, colour my books, listen to music as i thank God for every little thing He has done in my life. Your prayers, love and support are so welcome. God has blessed us with so many people who are taking care of us even when they shouldn’t. God is awesome.”

Njambi still needs your help with the medical bills. Send your contributions to:

Paybill Number is 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
CashApp for diaspora fam is
Patricia Taylor
Phone number: 848-250-2704
Handle: $Kerubo19
On the For section: put “NJAMBI ENDO FUND”




“Stop spreading lies about me” Njambi Koikai lashes out at Jalango’s baby mama Cheptoek Boyo

Njambi Koikai has called out Jalango’s baby mama for spreading lies about her. The former Trend panelist totally lost her cool after Cheptoek Boyo misinformed people about her progress.

Njambi has always updated the public on the progress concerning her medical condition. The public raised money for her to travel to US for the surgery and as such Njambi feels she owes the public explanation on her progress and everything concerning her situation.

Njambi felt offended when Cheptoek Boyo misinformed the public about her progress. Jalango’s baby mama claimed Njambi had already been discharged from the hospital in US after a successful surgery in her article on the Standard.

Njambi hasn’t undergone the surgery yet, she still has to undergo pre-operation procedures before surgeons can operate on her.

Cheptoek you are just lazy
Cheptoek Boyo

The former Trend panelist lashed out at Chetoek on her post on IG. She says that Chetoek is so lazy she can’t even read her posts on IG and share the correct information.

“She was just lazy to read my caption and decided that my surgical procedure in the States has already been done yet this was in Nairobi. You’re even so lazy to read my caption that you have lifted where I’ve said “Atlanta, here i come”. Avenue Hospital is in Parklands Nairobi. Surgery in Atlanta is slated for next week while i do some pre-operation procedures.

“Please share the correct info. If you need any info from me I’m an email, DM away rather than spreading falsehoods and really displaying your ignorance as well as lack of intelligence in this job.

“As a trained broadcaster, i believe you and your editor should be extremely responsible for spreading falsehoods. You’re the people messing up the name of broadcasting and journalism because of your laziness.
Do it for the love and not for the likes. @cheptoekboyo please verify your information before submission and not just writing for rave reviews and creating unnecessary buzz for your “buzz” paper,” Njambi ranted.