¨For the first time since I got back, my menses have no pain¨ Endowarrior, Njambi Koikai rejoices

It has been a pretty long, exhausting journey and a gruelling battle for a dear Njambi Koikai following her endometriosis condition.

Fortunately, it came to an end and 2020 is shinning the bright sun rays in her life and she can´t thank God enough.

Sending a word of encouragement to fellow Endowarriors and all battling with something in their lives, the bubbly Rastafarian narrated her recovery journey.


Up on Instagram, an enlivened Njambi revealed:

I’m still on medication. For the first time since I’ve got back, i got a period with no pain but minimal discomfort. Yaani I’ve been sitting trying to see if my body is lying to me, nope. My period was not painful but a very heavy flow. That is a huge milestone for me.

Seems like a dream to her, having to lead a normal life, yet still proud to call herself a complete woman.



I follow my doctor’s advise and i can see alot of changes in my body. I’m able to gig for more than an hour even though my lungs are on the mend. I thank God. I’ve been patient for years to see these days.

As she concluded, the media personality admitted that she is still on the path to recovery and still on medication but so far, she remains grateful.

I’m also grateful that my uterus is mobilising, organising and strategising itself out of pain haki???????????????????????????? Don’t give up my endosisters and Adenowarriors.


Why I always wear a face mask – Njambi Koikai clears the air

Endo warrior, Njambi Koikai has been donning a ´face mask´ ever since she started her battle with endometriosis.

Something unfamiliar with her Kenyan audience who have been pestering her with questions about the mask that ´never´ leaves her nose region.

In a bid to settle the dust on this, the media personality explained that first, she ¨PROUDLY¨ wears the mask¨ associating the advise to someone really close to her.


Having been discharged from the hospital bed does not mean she has fully recovered. She therefore has to take due care of her lungs until they are at optimum level.

And to prevent the lungs from collapsing, she sticks to her face mask.

However, she confirms that she has made great progress ever since her discharge and she remains grateful to God for this.

That was pure hell on earth.
I also bear my scars PROUDLY.



Njambi notes that she is just one out of many, especially challenged women who might even be going through much worse.

I do receive hundreds of messages from women everyday in regards to Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, fibroids and other menstrual related conditions/ illnesses.
I’ve also been thinking about women with disabilities who are also battling Endometriosis and i cannot even begin to imagine what they’re dealing with.

Therefore she calls upon all victims of the condition for a date and some good vibes.

Let’s keep talking about this until our voices are heard. I’ll be hosting 20 endowarriors for lunch in December and I’m looking forward to that. Just good food, live music and stories. We need some good vibes.

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai writes to US doctors in long moving post

Endo Warrior, Njambi Koikai hasn´t had it easy from her condition but remains thankful and now affirms her journey to recovery has kicked off.


In a long revealing post, the Kenyan personality reveals the massive and continued support given to her by the US doctors and therapists.

Njambi´s Thoracic Endometriosis condition was one of the worst ever seen and local treatment might not have confirmed her survival.


She therefore had to seek further treatment from specialists that has been seeing her spend millions on her treatment though positively responding to.

The reggae queen shares her story hoping that it will leave a mark in the lives of many for she believes she is a walking miracle.


Right from literally losing grip to gradually regaining her sense of touch in to seeing the Lord´s goodness as she proudly breathes again.

She is a bubbly media personality and her sense of humor even during her worst of times, is pretty admirable.


Njambi jests:

Mentally i feel like i can run with Eliud Kipchoge lol hata kama nitakimbia 20 metres????????????????

I believe i can conquer all my mind sets to do now.

However, she does not forget to remind her local and International family of supporters to keep praying for her so that she emerges Strong, as she pens:


The love

Fans storm her page and lovingly express:

God above everything ????????
Thankyou for being amazingly STRONG! Mungu atatimiza Jahmz! ????????????


God is great


Fight on Allah will see you through




Count alot on my prayers as usual ????????????.And your outfit is wonderful ????????and you also look stronger in that picture ????????

Jahmby youve been an inspiration to me all the way…jah bless… I love you
Empress divine
Mommy uko fiti,unapendeza pia u encourage those who wants to give up,battling a disease mpaka upigishe chini ivo means God is good
Amen. Our God of restoration will restore you fully
My sister big hart God is good all the time keep going big up strong bless you c u soon blessed

Be a pillar to the brave warrior whether in prayers or funding.


May she emerge victorious!