“He was too insecure” Njambi on why she dumped second baby daddy

Former RHOK actress Njambi left many with questions after revealing she’d finally walked out on her second baby daddy 2 years since they had their first child together. Back then, Nelson Njemwa was like a God sent angel and all along he seemed like her answered prayer; but little did Njambi know what awaits her ahead.

Njambi actress

Well, speaking to Word Is just recently – the former actress finally opened up in depth explaining why she had to leave her relationship of 6 years after 5 years of living together. And according to her – Nelson Njemwa was an insecure man who was trying to control her life simply because of his insecurities.

If I remember well – a few months after she just had her second baby, the actress hinted about being in a toxic relationship; and the reason many didn’t pay attention is because she still went back – maybe because he apologized and promised to change.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Obsessive partner

Speaking about this for the first time, Njambi told Word Is the reason she announced the relationship is because she wanted everyone stuck in the same position to know moving on is possible – no matter how many times you’re tempted to go back.

I tried to protect his image for a very long time. I think the moment I hinted about being in a troubled relationship caused an alarm on my social media and so, I wanted to just let people know it was over.


About his insecurities – well she claims the fella would block all her male friends and was always keeping up with her moves…which is actually creepy if you ask me.

He blocked my male friends and every time questioning me about all my whereabouts. And it drained me mentally.

Judging from what says – I can’t help but feel there’s more to it. But again, until Nelson shares his side of the story…I guess we will keep speculating.

Njambi’s baby daddy reacts after actress branded him a violent man

Mambo ni mengi masaa nayo ndio machache. While Azimio moves to Supreme Court, the rest us are playing family court on social media with everyone breaking up; and baby daddies insisting on making deadbeat dad a thing.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Anyway, incase you missed out on last weeks article on former TRHK actress Njambi relationship woos – then allow me. Okay, from what she told fans on social media is that she left her man after years of putting up with his violent behavior and abuse.

Although she admits walking away was one of the hardest things she had to do…in the end she chose herself and her two kids hence the breakup.

Boyfriend shares his side of story

With everyone pointing fingers at the guy for allegedly beating the actress and putting her through a lot; Nelson Njemwa- the baby daddy seemed to have a different story from that of his baby mama.

As seen on a post shared on his pages, he shared a post talking about ‘not being enough despite trying to be everything’ for the person you love. Although he didn’t say anything about the breakup with Njambi….I’m sure he used the post shared below to explain himself.

However you have to remember mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu….and this is the second time we have them breaking up on social media alafu kidogo kidogo new couple goals photos surface online.

Actress Njambi changes tune days after exposing husband for cheating

It’s always best to leave lovers alone when they argue; this is because they often end back together (some) and in this case, actress Njambi and husband Nelson are back together despite bitter expose.

Well, right before Christmas Njambi went on to reveal that she had received information claiming her husband Nelson had been cheating. According to the QnA posts shared on her IG stories; this information came from unnamed ladies who had proof that the guy had been rolling around in his x6 with a certain chick.

And just like that, the actress decided to expose her man; but come to think of it – for Njambi to publicly share such posts means all was not well at home, right? But hey, we can’t judge them since all couples fight at some point in life and I bet they have been there more than once.

Back together

unfortunately this time around, Njambi ended up washing her dirty linen on Instagram and as usual, the internet never forgets.

Anyway knowing the damage she may have caused; Njambi and her man recently came out to prove their haters wrong. Turns out that despite what blogs and people are saying these two continue to stick together.

The husband through Instagram wrote;

mnavyo thani ndivyo kumbe sihivo

Njambi and husbae


Siri ni kukaa ngumu! After 1st baby daddy cheated, actress Njambi goes through the same fate with her latest boyfriend! 

Actress Njambi did not have a merry Christmas after finding out that husband has been cheating on her. The couple who made headlines a few months ago seem to be facing relationship issues sparked by a few ladies sending DM’s to Njambi; as they expose her man for cheating.

As seen on the secreenshots shared by Njambi a few days ago; the ladies who reached out to her confirmed that the boyfriend cum baby daddy has been rolling around with them in his X6.

Well since she could recognize her man’s (Nelson) car, Njambi’s reaction was a sarcastic one; but reading in between the lines one could tell that her man cheating left her feeling some type of way. In one post she laughed off at the idea of leaving him by saying;

we eh!! Mmesema 2021 niingie nikiwa single?

Moves back home

Although she has not yet deleted his photos from her page; nor has he deleted hers, this confirms that there is hope in working out their issues.

Probably this is because women from generation prefer holding on to their marriages; even when they are aware about their partners having multiple partners outside.

Well, Size 8 did it publicity and now Njambi is doing it too.



TRHK’s actress Njambi shows off her incredible post baby body Two weeks after giving birth

After welcoming her son about two weeks ago, actress Njambi has gone ahead to share new photos parading her postpartum body on her Instagram.

Judging from the photos shared on her Instagram page, we can definitely confirm that Njambi stunned her followers with her new look which showed off her post-baby curves.


Well, being a celebrity mum the mother of two also definitely made sure to make a statement with how fast she lost her – especially since many women struggle to shed off their baby fat.

Njambi’s post baby body

Njambi’s son

Through her Instagram stories the lass also introduced her baby boy for the first time – but like most celebrities she did not unveil his face since he is still quite young.

Anyway check out the photo below.

Njambi’s son

TRHK’s Actress Njambi welcomes a healthy bouncing baby boy

Actress Njambi who is popularly known for her role on The Real House-helps of Kawangware is the latest mum in town.

The lass this past weekend welcomed her second born after weeks of waiting for him! Earlier last week the lady had complained about her baby being over due but now he is finally here.


Through her Instagram page, Njambi narrated her experience saying that this was one of the most experiences she has ever faced in her life.

12 hours of labor

As usual labor pain was not a walk in the park but through it all, Njambi could not trade this new feeling for anything else!


12 hours of labor but it was worth it…. He’s finally here ????????????????????????????????????????….. We thank God….. @julie_njoki and my sis in law Cynthia thank you for being there hiyo journey yote….. Drama yote mmeona poleni….. @midhillhospital thank you for the amazing services…. And being patient, nimesumbua sana but Sister Mercy, Doctor Charles and Sister Edna…. Thank you….. You guys are God send ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

’Come out already!’ TRHK’s Actress Njambi tells her unborn baby

Pregnancy might look easy but trust me it’s not and I guess this is why Njambi is ready to evict her baby from her womb!

The actress who is currently waiting for baby number 2 to arrive has gone ahead to reveal that she is now ready to have her baby.


Judging from her post, we might as well as assume that the baby decided to stay inside her womb longer than expected – but since this is normal amongst most women; Njambi will have to hold on a bit longer.

Ready for baby number 2

In her latest post Njambi who is popularly known for her role on TV series The real house helps of Kawangare went on to share a new photo which she captioned;

Thinking of when am going to pop????????????????????????…. Feels like Niko day 1million ????????????……

Well by just looking at the photo below, let’s just say that she has a few more days remaining before baby number 2 arrives!


Baby Number 2! TRHK’s Njambi flaunts her grown baby bump during her lit baby shower

Actress Njambi who is popularly known for her role on ‘The Real Housewives of Kawangware’ is pregnant with baby number 2!

The actress confirmed the pregnancy rumors with a few maternity photos leaving her fans excited. Just like most celebrities who prefer keeping their privates lives on the low, Njambi has been ‘hiding’ her pregnancy until just recently.

In a well detailed post shared by the actress, Njambi opened up about struggling with depression and a miscarriage she suffered back in 2018 – surprising many.


Throwback to a few weeks ago…. Took this photo when I was 36weeks …. Can’t believe we’re at 40weeks????????????????(feels like an eternity though) …… .

Long post alert ????????

First of all I was not hiding the fact that I had a baby onthe way, I wanted to confirm the well being of the baby before I announced it on social media. Am due anyday from yesterday ????????????…. Am so excited btw ….. .

So, about this photo, I wanted an illustration of what I had gone through last year. The darkness I was living in because of a severe depression, I previously had a miscarriage and that also gave me the anxiety of sharing this news of this pregnancy.


Dealing with a Miscarriage

Njambi went on to open up about her miscarriage that might have been caused by all the stress she was going through especially now that she was jobless and desperate.

When we got pregnant on November 2017, we were not ready… I remember after the miscarriage on April 2018 everyone told us that everything happened for a reason. We didn’t quite understand that it wasn’t the right time for us…. We both had unsolved issues and alot of baggages at the time. But Lord knows how hard losing that baby was, we were not only heart broken but our relationship got broken too. We made stupid decisions last year because we didn’t know how to handle the pain together, we made stupid decisions that we still regret. And it felt like when our baby died, she went with all our blessings. That was the time TRHK went on a long break, and after that no doors were opening, no opportunity was coming our way. I felt like I was being punished, like God had forgetten about us. I was jobless, stressed, dying inside and lonely.

Rainbow baby on the way

Despite all the hardships Njambi and her husband have learnt to pick themselves up and moved on with their lives!

But look at God, the beginning of this year we were blessed and this time it was the right time. We were ready emotionally, physically mad even spiritually. We had lost our way…. But everyday I keep on saying this is our miracle. It came at the right time with it’s own blessings. Am telling you this Lord is an amazing God. I keep telling people that am a living testimony of what the Lord can do. .
Haya…. To my people thank you for being patient najua mlikuwa mmengoja sana kupost…. Teseni IG kabisa sasa…. Thank you for keeping this onthe DL….. Thank you for the support it really means alot… Watu wakuuliza gender tungoje afike tujue ????????????

Below are a few photos from her lit baby shower.