Milestone: How Does it Feel to Buy and Drive your First Car?

A man buying their first car is a milestone that feels straight out of this world. Do not for a moment equate that to bourgeois issues like a man’s first love or kiss.

The first time you get in your car. How does it smell? You run your fingers through the textures. Leather? Fabric?

You start it – let it idle for a few minutes as you bask in pure awe that you finally got to own one.

Then, you drive it. You go fast. You go over the speed limit the very first time. You make the engine roar with unnecessary raves – and think “Wow! I can’t believe this is happening!”

Content Creators Njugush and wife Celestine pose with a newly acquired Matatu van. (Photo: Njugush)

You spend hours sitting in that car, chatting up friends.

Any chance you get to reverse, you subconsciously become your father: Ignore the mirrors, drape your hand over the front passenger seat as you reverse…. It is an awesome feeling!

At home, while in parking – you cannot sit still. You go to the window to check it out every five minutes, like: Is it actually there or is this just a dream? Is THAT really my car?

It is there, and yes – that’s your car! It is an overwhelming feeling. Finally, you get the feeling of the gods having smiled upon you.

Biko Zulu writes:

It’s a big thing, your first car. My first car was a Toyota E100, 1300 CC, or something like that.
I was 27. It was a basic car with a basic shape designed by a Japanese fellow called Akihiko Saito with a Ph.D. in Engineering.

I thought I would never fall in love with another car again. It was white and faster than light. I don’t recall if the AC worked or not. I know the brakes did, and that’s all the expectation you had of your car; could you stop when you needed to stop? The back left door had a problem, couldn’t open from the outside.

I had to lean all the way, between the front seats, to open it. It felt grown up to do that. It felt grown up to do something I saw my dad do when I was a child; hold the passenger seat as I reversed looking back.

It was just me and my old Toyota E100 with about 200 million kilometers on it. But what a beauty that carried beauties. Man, the memories!

In nine out of ten times, it is an uphill task achieving that first milestone.

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Why cowards on Twitter have smoke for Njugush but not politicians

Njugush is the latest celebrity in a long line of celebrities who are being blamed for what their clients have done or continue to do. The client in question is one of the biggest banks in East and Central Africa, Equity Bank, who are being accused of samal practices by their customers.

Njugush celebrates wife’s 30th birthday in style, thanks her for remaining loyal

This has left me wondering why Kenyans can to hold influencers and celebrities to a stricter more awkward than we hold our politicians and leaders. One has to wonder why the comedian is being held to the fire in a way we do not do with people who are responsible for the development of our nation.

Njugush flaunts newly acquired body

Then again these are Kenyans on Twitter, a platform that has the type of people whom one of my mentors considers the most sanctimonious yet these intelligent of Kenyans using social media. That is why the irony of their complaints about Njugush flies over their heads; they are intellectual cowards.

Njugush unveils old photo from back when he was a chick magnet, describes himself as ‘What ladies want’

You see the bank is being accused of one thing or the other and they have tapped into the comedian to help them with their PR and do some damage control. He has no influence over their work culture nor corporate ethics. Yet they seem to be upset that he is simply earning a living from his hustle as though he was the one that personally inflicted the harm that they are suffering from.

Blessed Njugush listed among the 2020 100 Most Influential Young Africans

Njugush is currently being bashed for refusing to turn them down as a client as though he does their customers some sort of due diligence and oversight on a corporate level. The guy is a comedian, he makes jokes and funny video clips. He’s also a satirist he cannot be held responsible for what happens when customers go to the company and relate with a bank.

Njugush looking to become the next East African fashion mogul

One has to wonder where all this energy dissipated when it comes to holding duly-elected officials accountable for how they run counties constituencies and wards. Where is this wrath for the politicians who are responsible for the increased inflation height access and runaway corruption? And that is why Kenya will never develop as a nation if these same buffoons continue to clean today’s self-righteous attitudes but cower away from holding elected officials feet to the fire.

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Njugush looking to become the next East African fashion mogul

Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda have announced that they have set up their own clothing brand called Be Knit. It was launched back in 2021 and their family features heavily in every aspect of the brand, from designing the clothes to marketing the brand.

The Betty Kyallo blueprint to making money

It is actually really cute to see them also incorporate their wee baby into the mix. But aside from that, this is actually big business as he is looking to cash in on his celebrity status but there are several things I would wish to see him do to secure his bag beyond this period in time when his star is at its zenith.

You see, Njuguna needs to understand that there are two main business strategies he can use to permeate the Kenyan market and all have different risks and rewards but ultimately his goals will determine which path he takes.

Khaligraph’s secret source of multi-millions

He could potentially stick to keeping his products (which by the way are awesome) on an online store where people will have to order for themselves and he handles the delivery once the transaction is reflected on his end.

This would mean that he would have to create an online store (really a website) that he and his wife directly handle and respond to clients’ orders directly. This strategy minimizes his overheads significantly as he can run the business from the comfort of his home. So Njugush could also continue to churn out content even as he sells his clothing line.

Wahu making millions from your luscious locks

That would also mean that he has to handle the online marketing of the brand and engage with clients’ responses as well as seek to convert on the fence online shoppers into actual clients by living where the conversation is at.

Or he could go the more traditional route and partner with a supermarket or retailer. What this allows him to do is to sell directly to customers while they are doing their monthly or weekly grocery shopping or by marketing the brand to window shoppers.

The only thing with this approach is that Njugush and his wife would have to partner with the retail giants and they would definitely want a cut of the profits. As a result, the cost of the products would increase.

While these are the two conventional methods of selling clothing brands, he could also opt for an amalgamation of the two. Depending on his negotiating skills, he could have his clothing brand, Be Knit carried by all leading retail stores aswell as sell them directly to the clients. But with such deals, the devil is in the detail and his power to make such deals is entirely dependent on whether or not he has a silver tongue.

But that is a very good problem to have. And hopefully, he can grow his business to the point he diversifies the clothes he has on offer from sweaters to cardigans and much, much more. And if you, like Njugush are a business that is looking to establish itself online then one of the headaches you will face is payment processing of online transactions.

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Njugush is a genius for starting YouTube channel for his kid

Comedian Njugush recently, together with his wife Celestine Ndunda, announced that they have set up a YouTube account for their child and while to most people this seems like nonsense, I am here to celebrate this genius idea!

Comedian Njugush Reveals What Inspired Him To Start His Own Show

You see, while it is common for African and especially Kenyan celebrities to set up social media accounts for their infant and toddler children, those are usually mere vanity projects that are used to boast about the fact the parents are celebrities.

Njugush with Celestine and their son

And Njugush might have been clued in on this fact by someone at Google or perhaps he just stumbled on the idea… But whatever the case, brilliance is still brilliance even when someone steps into it like a pile of faeces.

Comedian Njugush And Wakavinye Speak On Why They Opened A YouTube Channel For 3 Year Old Son

Some of the people who make the most money when it comes to YouTube content creation, then you will notice that the highest earners are often video game players and children’s content done by children.

Njugush with his family have set up a YouTube channel for their son

So if they can get this right, Njugush could legitimately see his child become a multi-millionaire and that is no exaggeration. Why? Because if his son’s content hits the mark, think “Baby Shark” levels of success… And to add to this, the fact that children never fast-forward the ads and you can see how this would be a goldmine. I have a nephew and niece who have shown me this from how they consume content on their tablets.

Take notes: Njugush’s wife reveals what led to her sudden excess weight gain

Njugush would doubtless already have done enough research to know that YouTube changed its monetization principles with regards to child-friendly videos but once they are certified as being genuinely age-appropriate content then trust me when I say the child will find his way to paying his own school fees.

Like father like son? Njugush with son

The avenues open for them include:

Comedian Njugush is the real ambassador of body positivity

  1. selling kid-friendly merchandise
  2. brand sponsorships (and we all know how easy it is to sell to kids)
  3. Google ad

And the greatest thing about all this is that Njugush’s son would be the first shark in a “blue ocean”. Because there are a precious few other children in this space. We need to give this man his bouquet while he is still alive to smell and appreciate them because this idea is brilliant.

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Comedian Njugush is the real ambassador of body positivity

Njugush is the real image of body positivity and we should all emulate his example. Hear me out. You see, he has for the longest time been a skinny runt who looked like he weighed thirty-two kilograms when wet from a thunderstorm that drenched his heavy woollen sweater and wearing boots.

Before and after photos of Njugush 20 years apart spark wild reactions

Njugush isn’t one to buy the nonsense interpretation of the term “body positivity” which usually gives an excuse to women who refuse to actually take care of their bodies and view them positively, instead shovelling toxins and junk into them and then celebrating the resultant obesity and legitimate health scares occasioned by knowing about lifestyle diseases.

Njugush chilling with his son

Rather than make an excuse for himself to eat an unhealthy mix of toxic food in the attempt to “dirty bulk”, he has gone into the gym and has actually begun to put in the work to get a body he can be truly proud of. A body that he would have chiselled away from the marble he had to begin with.

Comedian Njugush and Betty Kyallo listed among 100 most influential young Africans of 2020

You see, for men, being skinny is just as bad as it is for women who are fat. They get a lot of jokes made at their expense and if the truth is told, a lot of skinny lads start developing a self-deprecating sense of humour. And when you think about it, almost every man who hits the gym t work on their physique usually boasts an improved state of mental health aswell as boosted confidence aside from the fact their immune system enjoys the boost too.

Comedian Blessed Njugush taking care of his body

When you look across the landmass that is Africa then across the pond that separates us from America, we can look at Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle. Like Njugush, these men were unsatisfied with what they saw in the mirror every morning they’d wake up and check it out and rather than buy implants, they put in the work and are now truly proud of their bodies.

Mtawezana? Njugush’s wife’s weight loss journey finally paying off (Photos)

All we can do from this side is cheer on Njugush and tell him to keep at it. Eventually, he will be proud of his physique and he will be an example to his children and wife, leading from the fore and showing that he values hard work and discipline. So anyone who truly claims to stand for body-positivity needs to look at the example that is Njugush and not these feminists and pseudo-intellectuals who claim they are standing for anything other than toxic consumption and over-indulgence.

Njugush with son

More power and more life to Njugush.

Sandra “Silprosa” Adacha: Finally, we get to see what true body positivity is

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Njugush: We were so broke we used a fridge given as gift during our wedding as cupboard because we had no food 

Comedian Njugush has revisited his tough journey to stardom after he left Real Househelps of Kawangware show.

Speaking in an interview, Njugush said they had to endure a lot as he pushed to make a name in the industry.

“I had just left the Real Househelps of Kawangware show. I had no idea what to do. We got broke. We had been given a fridge during our wedding and we were using as a cupboard because we had no food to put in it. We were jobless, and we came up with this idea to record some funny videos and post them on our social media platforms.” he said.

Lost hope

He added that there was a bit of hope when someone offered to pay them for their funny videos but everything later came crashing down after the deal was canceled before even picking off.

“Someone offered to pay us for a series of videos. I could not believe that I could actually get paid to do that. So I sold my 32-inch TV for sh15,000, hired a camera, borrowed a laptop, learned editing online and shot the videos, only for the person to say that the client was no longer interested. I was crushed.

“We realised that if one person was willing to pay, even if the money was not paid, we could make some money out of it from other people.”

“While our days of struggling are a distant memory, I have this niggling fear of failure. That is what drives me. The thought of someone in future coming and asking, ‘what happened? You used to be so successful!”

Nyashisnki, Njugush honoured by YouTube for amassing followers 

Rapper Nyashinksi and comedian Njugush were among those honored by YouTube during it’s awards which were held yesterday.

The two creatives, together with Real House helps of Kawangware, Africha Movies, and KTN News, were presented with the Silver Play Button by Google.


The Silver Play Button Award is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other awards include the Gold and Diamond Creator Award presented for 1 million subscribers and 10 million subscribers respectively.

“Because of you, today YouTube presented me with this silver plaque for reaching 100,000 subscribers. Thank you all for subscribing to my channel, this one is for you ? also, big congrats to the other recipients on attaining this milestone in content creation.” said Nyashinski on social media.

Njugush missed the event because he’s currently on vacation with his family in Dubai.

The awards seek to celebrate creativity and talent across the continent including those with the most subscribers. It’s in its second year now.

Comedian Njugush steps into the music world after first collabo with Fena Gitu

Comedian Njugush has officially joined the music industry now after being featured in Fena Gitu’s latest song dubbed “Sijaskia Vibaya.”

Sijaskia Vibaya is a phrase mostly used by Njugush which loosely translated to mean “I’ve not felt bad”.

Fena’s inspiration

The new jam is about how Fena got rejected by some artists as an upcoming artists but never took it to heart but promise herself to work even harder.

“Nimeshinda nikiomba Khali collabo miaka mingi yeye ananiambia bado, Hata Sijaskia vibaya. Akanishow rudi studio, pata ka doo before you call dons to be in your video. Sijaskia vibaya. Nikamshow you just give me one year, I will be rocking shows from the front to the rear, you gonna wish you gave me that chance, utalia utaniomba lift in my private lia. Enyewe nilikuwa nimeskia vibaya. Siku hizi mi ndo nanyimana collabo nimepanda bei, wacha waskie vibaya,” Sings Fena Gitu.

The song was produced by Magix Enga while the video was done by Enos Olik.

Watch the video below:

Njugush: My wife stole me from another woman

Comedian Njugush has opened up meeting with his wife while in college. The comedian, who is working with his wife Celestine Ndinda now to ensure Kenyans are entertained by their funny clips, said that he was eyeing her best friend before they started out.

In a Parents Magazine interview, the celebrity couple recalled their accidental first time encounter that led to the marriage.

“Her friend was to give me her number but the phone went off and she used Celestine’s number to reach me…mimi naye nani,” said Njugush.


Njugush and Ndinda are blessed with a son now. He told the magazine that he texted Ndinda goodnight and that’s how everything started off.

“He texted me goodnight and I asked him if I should say the goodnight to my friend,” said Celestine. “He said no and told me the message is meant for me and that is how it all started,” she added.

The two have been together for almost five years and got married in 2016.

Njugush sends lovely message to wife as she turns 27

Comedian Njugush has been in one relationship ever since in campus. That lady, Celestine Ndinda, is now the mother of his child and the two have been working together to make Kenyans laugh on social media.

Ndinda has now celebrated her 27th birthday which makes it the first time she’s celebrating her birthday has mother.

Here’s what Njugush said:

Happy birthday to me…this one is quite emotional….. turning 27 and mama theirs surprised me with this cake….for me it took me way back , 6 years ago when she wanted to surprise me with a proper cake,” he said.

“Small problem though, she couldn’t afford one… she went ahead and surprised me with a cupcake, she had borrowed money, 80 kshs to buy 2 cupcakes….pesa yake iliishia hapo so ata candle hakukua, aliwasha mti ya kiberiti nikablow.”

Njugush and wife


“So when Leo she surprised me na this proper cake you can see what happened to the napkins!!!!! Thanking God for all the blessings for the last 26, I’m forever humbled and great full to God……..Asante @celestinendindaI wish tungeanza life when I was one though!!! THERE IS GOD,” he said.

He is back! Funny man Njugush returns to our screens in popular local TV drama

After he called it quits on Real House-helps of Kawangware…word has it that Njugush is now returning to our screens after popular actress Catherine Kamau shared a photo of the comedian on set.

This comes a few months after he opted to come up with short funny videos for his Instagram, as he waited for a better offer.

But it looks like his prayers were answered as he is now part of local TV drama Sue and Johnnie which was created by Catherine Kamau and her team.

From Catherine Kamau’s caption, we can indeed confirm that Njugush is now part of the growing show and if he continues to bring his A game, the comedian might as well steal the show thanks to his irresistible jokes.

If you had missed the guy then worry no more! Below is a photo of Njugush and the rest of the crew on set.