Watch: Benzema and Noti Flow fuel dating rumors further

Benzema and Noti Flow have sparked dating rumors the more after the two were spotted locking lips during a recent InstaLive.

Benzema, a member of the popular Ochungulo family and Noti Flow, sparked dating rumors around end of April with a suggestive video of the two getting ratchety.

He captioned:

@notiflow love of my life ????????????

During a recent InstaLive session with fellow Ochungulo family members, Benzema and Noti Flow born Natalie Florence, were seen getting naughty in bed.

Blatantly blushing at the sight of each other and at times softly locking lips on camera. The two seemed too deep in love to even hide it.

And when together, at least in the same room, none of them seems to be able to keep their hands to themselves.

Rappers, Benzema and Noti Flow

Fellow Ochungulo family members dared the duo to share a moment, something they declined to do but appeared to be on the verge of.

From her end, Noti gushed over Benzema for being not just good in bed, but for being a cook who can feed her ‘lazy a$$’.

I like me a nigah that can cook for my lazy ass ????

Speculated lovers, Benzema and Noti Flow

She warned:

If you don’t fight for what you want don’t cry for what you lose .


No lie, the duo has been spotted together on numerous occasions and fans can only speculate.

Late April 2020, fans were left presuming that Noti had moved on with the Gengetone artist after ditching his controversial ex, Colonel Mustafa.

A pair swiftly dancing to a song on the background with a caption that explains Benzema’s undying love for the petite lass..was but the start of a love story.

Thereafter, the lovebirds shared a video cracking each other’s ribs with the chief inspector captioning:

@notiflow ????????????????

Videos of the two in compromising positions, can only explain a love yearning to be let free.

Suggestive romantic videos, naughty captions, physical touch and locked lips, what else could we be asking for?

Probably just a confirmation from the two that what’s going on is real.

Meanwhile, be the judge:

Noti Fow changes tune, claims to have ditched Mustafa over sugar mummy

Kenyan female rapper, Noti Flow has now turned tables, claiming she actually ditched Colonel Mustafa for cheating with an older woman.

Outrightly contradicting earlier claims of having dumped Mustafa for being gay.  In a recent interview with Radio Citizen, the lass revealed Mustafa played her with a sugar mummy.

I left him because of this woman who I realized was an old woman. She was calling, texting and even video called. I got pissed because I never even used to video call him but this woman did.

The consistency between Colonel and this older woman irked her nerves to the point she could not hang on any longer.

So I answered his phone one day and we talked with the lady but she hanged up. I then checked messages, I was disappointed. They had been seeing each other.

The socialite then resorted to being violent after the discovery, before the two rappers parted ways.

Ex-lovers, Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Noti additionally admitted to having taken Mustafa´s Instagram account in her own name.

Well, there you have it.

¨But he´s single and I am single, you never know,¨ Noti Flow dating Colonel Mustafa again?

Just last week, Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa gave highlights of the two having a good time together, on social media.

Noti flow and Colonel Mustafa

Noti flow and Colonel Mustafa have been in an on and off relationship.

Word on the street is that the two might be back together.

Relationship or not?

During an interview with Mpasho, the female rapper chuckled a lot but when asked to clarify on the two being in a relationship, she had this to say:

We had issues before, so right now we are just friends apart from the romance but time will tell.

The couple before breaking up

Credit: nairobiwire

Noti Flow was asked whether she saw a romantic future with Colonel Mustafa:

Seriously it is too early to tell.

You know when we broke up he became a different person maybe because he was hurt or something.

She further clarified that the meet-up between the two was just because they were friends.

For now we are just friends.

Female rapper, Noti Flow

Photo courtesy

However, Noti Flow explained what having the two get back together, would entail:

Right now if he has changed person or the person I would want, then I wouldn´t mind, but I really don´t know.

Female rapper, Noti flow

Photo courtesy

Although, she is patient, and says time will tell.

And I will just let everything flow but heś single and I am single, you never know.

That was the closing remark of the female rapper.

On a different route, Noti was asked if the two would mind doing a collabo together:

If I am going to work with him, I want it to come organically, as a surprise.

In the future, we might, you know that we are both artistes.