Noti Flow and girlfriend let fans in on their bedroom matters, here’s why they are addicted to each other

Noti Flow and girlfriend, King Alami are back after their short split – and from the look of things – it’s only sparks and happiness for the couple.

This was confirmed by a new post shared by King Alami talking about how amazing her girlfriend is when it comes to bedroom skills. Okay, not quite sure whether the information is relevant – but truth is, King Alami insnt ready to shut up about how good Noti Flow is – when it comes to satisfying her.

From the post, Alami made it known that in every session they have…she c*ms at least 7 times and I am here wondering….whaaat…weh wacha!

Not that I think it’s impossible but come on….they must be some using you know boosters? Considering how much Noti Flow likes to smoke marijuana.

When ur girl makes you c*m ????????????7times ????

Can you relate?

Noti Flow and Alami drama

Well, as you already know – Noti Flow and girlfriend have been sharing details of their relationship and private lives to on social media pages – and despite being in their late 20’s they prefer acting like teenagers online.

Anyway since this also helps put food on their tables – I guess it’s only fair if they kept entertaining their fans. And now that they’re sharing details from their spiced up sex life – I wanna bet that pretty soon, they might just film it to make extra Kaching now that life is getting more expensive. No?